The 9 Best MTB Shoes of 2022

MTB Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

MTB shoes are a key piece to ride your mountain bike safely and without risks. An element that protects your feet and gives you greater confidence by keeping your feet in a protected and quality environment. Something you can achieve with models like the Luck Extreme 3.0 shoes. A quality product that has a carbon sole, reinforced toecap and triple velcro strap for closure, among other elements. In addition, this footwear has been manufactured in Spain and is one of the most outstanding designs on the market. As an alternative for less demanding users, we have the Shimano SH-MT300 model., with lace closure and an appearance more typical of a conventional shoe, although with good quality and safety when rolling. A design that is finished off with the fastening area for the pieces with which to fasten the shoe to the pedal.

The 9 Best MTB Shoes – Opinions 2022

When moving through complex paths on our MTB bike, it is important to have all the accessories that make our route more comfortable and safe. Among these elements, suitable footwear cannot be missing, such as the one you can find in our list of the best MTB shoes of 2022. A comprehensive proposal that ranges from cheap and quality MTB cycling shoes to more expensive and higher quality models. requirement level. So all you have to do is search through our proposals to see which are the best MTB shoes you can buy for your next routes.

MTB cycling shoes

1. Luck Extreme 3.0 MTB Cycling Shoes

If you are looking for a traditional product with good quality, the Luck Extreme 3.0 MTB cycling shoes are an interesting proposal. We are talking about high-quality, traditional-cut footwear, with which it is possible to ride comfortably on the road.

Its structure has a carbon sole, which has a very light weight and maintains high resistance throughout its structure. It is reinforced in the toe area, to stabilize the piece and give it more durability. On the other hand, the shoe has a traditional closure design based on three Velcro straps, with which to better adjust the tension of the shoe according to our preferences.

Regarding the cleats, the location of the adjustment elements on the sole makes it much easier to mount them correctly and roll with the position that best suits you at all times.

Enjoy a quality product with a traditional cut, with which to move comfortably when it comes to doing kilometers on your bike.


Sole: The carbon fiber sole has considerable resistance but also a very light weight.

Reinforcement: The reinforcement on the toecap adds extra durability to the piece when putting on your shoes.

Closure: The velcro closure allows a much more precise and adaptable fit in each area of ​​the foot.

Injected rear area: This additional element gives a better hold to the heel in each pedal stroke you make.

Assembly of the cleats: The design of the sole facilitates both the assembly and the subsequent adjustment of the cleats.


Width: The sizes tend to be small and narrow in width, so it is advisable to choose one more number than usual.

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Shimano MTB Shoes

2. Shimano SH-MT300 Unisex MTB Shoes

Shimano MTB shoes are another of the usual products when it comes to finding the best MTB shoes of the moment. In this case, we have chosen a model that is among the cheapest of the brand, also having a simpler design. We refer to the Shimano SH-MT300 shoes. This model has a design more similar to that of street shoes, although with the necessary adjustments to perform adequately on not too complex terrain.

These less demanding users will appreciate details such as its lace closure, easier to use than the prevailing micrometric system today. For the rest, the product has a one-piece construction with a comfortable and pleasant design, which helps to adequately protect the feet during your routes. That is why we are facing the best value for money MTB shoes of our chosen ones.

Because cheap MTB shoes should not be of poor quality, we are going to learn more about what this Shimano model offers us.


One piece: The construction of the shoe in one piece gives the product more resistance and comfort.

Closure : The lace-up closure is easier to use than current micrometric or boa models.

Off-road : This model can be used comfortably even off the bike, making walking easy.

Noise : The coves have a very low noise level, according to certain comments about it.


Requirement : We are talking about a basic range product, which may fall short for the most demanding users.

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Mavic MTB Shoes

3. Mavic Crossmax Boa 2022 Mountain Bike Shoes

They are Mavic MTB shoes made up of a synthetic microfiber fabric, capable of providing great flexibility for an optimal fit. In addition, they have multiple holes made with laser on the entire surface, which provides optimal ventilation.

On the other hand, they incorporate insoles with OrthoLite technology, which has multiple layers to offer comfort. As for the soles, they have a Contagrip profile, which provides optimal support to prevent slipping on any type of terrain, whether smooth or uneven surfaces.

It is also important to mention that these shoes offer a quick and comfortable adjustment through laces, which increases the practicality of use. As if that were not enough, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and have a black design with the brand’s name on the sides.

If you need a shoe that can be used in different environments, it is worth taking a closer look at the most important aspects of these shoes.


Ventilation: They have multiple holes on the surface to provide better ventilation.

Tongue: They incorporate 3D EVA tongues that adapt to the shape of the feet to promote comfort.

Surface: They are made with synthetic polyurethane and polyester microfibers, which increases resistance to constant use.


Color: They may be less attractive compared to other shoes, since they are only available in black.

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Spiuk MTB Shoes

4. Spiuk Rocca MTB Shoe Unisex Adult

When looking for women’s MTB shoes, it is common that we do not find many models. But luckily we do have at our disposal products with a good variety of sizes, such as the Spiuk Rocca shoes. These unisex shoes are suitable for him and for her, offering in both cases a synthetic and high-resistance cover with which it is easier to roll comfortably.

These Spiuk MTB shoes also have a rubber base with good level studs, also having reinforcements in the heel and toe area, where a protective extension for the fingers is also added. A more classic cut model with velcro closures, in line with cheap MTB shoes on the market, although this does not affect comfort or safety.

Let’s learn more about this model, from what is for some users the best brand of current MTB shoes.


Materials: The product has high-level synthetic materials, with considerable resistance and adaptability.

Breathability : The large mesh areas of the shoe offer greater interior ventilation.

Sizes : It has a unisex design and its size offer starts at 36, so it is suitable for men and women.


Closure: The closure system is based on conventional velcro straps, less precise than the current boa system.

Cleats : The product is not accompanied by the necessary cleats for its assembly, so you must buy them separately.

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Winter MTB shoes

5. ProtectWear Winter Cycling Shoes

When temperatures drop, it is necessary to resort to specific products for cycling. Among them, we have these ProtecWEAR winter MTB shoes, made with high-quality materials and capable of protecting your feet from the cold, but without affecting comfort.

Among these materials we find the PVC of the lid, which prevents cold and humidity from becoming a problem. We will also have a high-cut design, ideal to better fit the shoe on the foot and prevent moisture from entering this area. As for the adjustment, it has four adjustable velcro straps, in order to achieve the appropriate tension in each area of ​​the piece.

Finally, the sole incorporates both the adjustment space for the cleats and the studs, with which to give you greater comfort when pedaling and achieve a better transfer of energy with each pedal stroke.

Avoid cold problems thanks to all the functions offered by these complete winter MTB shoes.


High cuff: This design adds extra protection when riding in winter conditions, with cold and rain.

Interior: Like the exterior, the interior has been designed to better maintain heat and expel the humidity generated during travel.

Velcro closure: The closure includes a fourth velcro strip, to adjust the shoe even better to your liking.


Ability to walk: It is not the most recommended model for walking, according to some comments.

Last: The last can be somewhat narrow for those with wide feet.

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Sidi MTB Shoes

6. Sidi Trace MTB Shoes

Sidi MTB shoes could not be missing from this list of quality products. In this case, we have opted for the Sidi Trace model, which, unlike synthetic-type products, includes an outer leather cover, with which to avoid problems with cold and humidity. In the sole area we find a cover made entirely of nylon with studs in the toe box, heel and instep, to give a more comfortable movement when rolling.

An adjustable comfort through the closure system, which incorporates two velcro straps and a third upper strap with micrometric closure, for a more precise fit at this point. The model includes other details, such as the pleasant comfort of its interior or the additional reinforcement in the toe area, for greater safety.

So that you ride comfortably on any terrain, we leave you more information about what this product can do for you on your routes.


Exterior : The exterior of the shoe is made of leather, compared to models made of other synthetic materials.

Sole : The sole has an integral nylon construction and offers you three groups of strategically located studs.

Interior : The textile interior is very comfortable and avoids chafing problems and other inconveniences on your feet.


Closure: The mixed closure may not be to the taste of all users, especially because of the two included Velcro straps.

Sizes: The sizes tend to be large, which must be taken into account when choosing your specific size.

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Northwave MTB Shoes

7. Giro Rumble VR MTB Mountain Bike Shoes

The well-known brand Giro presents this time MTB shoes with an anatomical design, capable of providing comfort and safety to the feet in each of the pedaling made. Likewise, in this model a series of precise cuts and well-crafted seams stand out throughout the exterior area.

For its part, on the instep you will find two rows of holes intersected by a flat lace, which allow you to adjust the width of the shoes according to the individual needs of the cyclist.

This footwear aimed at the male target offers an adequate level of resistance, flexibility and breathability, thanks to the high-quality raw material used. It is a combination of soft touch aged leather and synthetic mesh.

In addition, a Vibram-type sole is incorporated, which provides a good level of grip on the pedal, as well as on smooth and uneven floors, which improves the performance of the cyclist for the development of their routes.

Here, more details of these MTB shoes, designed to offer ergonomics and comfort to the feet.


Adjustment: You will be able to adjust the footwear according to your anatomy, due to the instep lacing system.

Sole: Its Vibram rubber sole offers a correct grip on the pedal or when getting off the bike.

Perspiration: You won’t have to worry about your feet sweating, since breathable mesh is incorporated.

Cane: You will enjoy greater freedom when moving your ankle, thanks to its low cane cut.


Color: If you want shoes in vibrant tones, you should keep in mind that these shoes are in a discreet color.

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Scott MTB Shoes

8. Scott MTB Comp Boa, Men’s Shoes

Our search for the best MTB shoes on the market today wouldn’t be complete without a Scott MTB shoe. The chosen ones are the Comp Boa model, made with a high-quality rubber sole that is properly attached to the pedals. This material is reinforced with fiberglass, to increase the durability of this area.

In the upper part, we have a 3D nylon fabric, which adequately ventilates the piece, while improving the comfort of the product. An aspect that also contributes to the quality of its interiors, which do not cause chafing or discomfort during use.

Regarding the closure system, it incorporates the most modern micrometric thread, which adapts the tension with a simple wheel. An element that is complemented by a velcro strip, which better maintains tension in the area closest to the instep.

If you are one of those who bet on Scott running shoes, this model interests you.


Sole: The sole has a rubber structure reinforced with fiberglass, to give it greater resistance and durability.

Mesh fabric: This material is ideal to maintain adequate protection and better ventilate the foot.

Interiors: The interiors are very soft and do not cause chafing or discomfort during your routes.


Rope: The cable connection system is somewhat more fragile than in previous models, and must be treated with care.

Tongue: The tongue is thinner than it should be to offer adequate protection to the foot.

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Luck MTB Shoes

9. Luck Master Cycling Shoe

Within the wide range of products offered by this brand, we have the Luck Master MTB shoes. This product stands out for its one-piece construction, which avoids the presence of seams and joints, which can become a problem in the long run.

Regarding its materials, the sole is made of high-resistance carbon and includes reinforcements at the toe and heel. On the other hand, the three velcro strips on the upper part, together with the leather with which the area is made, give the product an additional extra quality. The same goes for the small ventilation holes in this area, so that neither heat nor sweat accumulates inside.

A classic design model with which you only have to be careful to use one size more than you normally use to enjoy great comfort.

Give your feet extra comfort and stiffness thanks to everything that this complete Luck product offers you.


Carbon sole: This material adds extra quality and resistance to the product, also lightening the weight of the shoes.

One-piece construction: This format eliminates seams and adds more resistance to the shoe during use. the slipper

Perforations: The instep perforations allow our feet to be cooler and drier during our route.


Studs : They are not the best option for walking, since they do not include a large number of studs on the surface.

Rigidity : The product has a rigid finish, which you should take into account depending on your own preferences.

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Shopping guide

MTB shoes are a key piece for a safe ride and you don’t have to worry about your feet when doing routes. That is why it is essential to have a quality product adjusted to what you need, so the advice in our guide to buying the best MTB shoes will be of great help to find the ideal product for both your foot and your own preferences.. Let’s see what we have to look at to start shooting.

Choosing the size

The first thing we should consider is the size our feet need. A somewhat complex aspect given that here we cannot look at issues such as the sizes of our conventional shoes. So the first thing you will have to do is take a piece of paper and a tape measure to correctly measure your feet.

For this measurement you will have to place the foot extended on the paper, painting the contour of the fingers once placed flat. To the longest measurement, which is usually the middle fingers, add 0.5 centimeters. This total measurement, from heel to toe, is what you should have as a reference. The half centimeter that we have added is what gives the product the necessary comfort so that the fit is comfortable and not too tight.

From here you must verify with each manufacturer the measurement in centimeters of each of their sizes, since these manufacturers each have a different guide. Luckily, it is easy to find tables on the Internet with the reference of each of them. It is also important to know that there are no equivalences between sizes, so do not take the size of your old shoes as a reference either.

kind of product

Another important aspect of the product is the rigidity of the model and the comfort it offers us when driving. So when looking for good and cheap MTB shoes, we will have to see exactly what we need, especially according to the type of route we do, since each model has a different approach.

In any comparison of MTB shoes we can find products such as the Marathon type. These models are quite rigid and are made of lightweight materials, in order to give you greater efficiency when rolling and moving on any terrain. Features similar to those of the Trail models, also rigid, although in this case with somewhat softer materials such as rubber or resin.

These models have greater adaptability to the terrain and greater comfort, so they do not have as aggressive a design as the Marathon products. Finally, we have the downhill models, which have less adjustment and the most flexible format of the three models that we have proposed, in order to give the rider the ability to perform the maneuvers typical of this type of MTB shooting.

closing system

As the last aspect of our guide, beyond how much the product costs, we are going to take a look at the shoe’s closure system. Today, we don’t have many models of laces, since they could get caught in the chainring area and cause an accident. That is why other alternatives are used, such as the ones we are going to see below.

One of these is Velcro straps, which are part of many budget-priced shoes. A simple system that even allows you to adjust the tension on the foot, depending on how much or how little we tighten this strap. Simpler is the ratchet system, which offers a better grip and is combined with Velcro systems.

Finally, we have the most advanced system of our days which is the boa system. In this case, a high-strength nylon cable is used and it is adjusted by means of a thread, so that the system is similar to that of the adjustment of the rear part of a modern helmet. This allows for high precision in shoe tensioning as well as better performance, as there are no loose straps or other troublesome elements. In addition, the thread is easy to change if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use MTB shoes?

To use MTB shoes correctly, it is necessary to insert the foot and place them correctly on it. A suitable fit that will be easier if we have done our homework when choosing. We will then adjust the straps on the foot, maintaining comfort but also adequate tension during the break-in. We finish the process by placing our feet on the pedals, fitting the cleats correctly to be able to ride safely. Once you finish riding, don’t forget to properly clean your shoes and leave them as good as new for your next route.

Q2: How to fit the cleats on MTB shoes?

To place the coves it is necessary to start by choosing the location. Some recommend in the support area of ​​the metatarsals of the foot, while others prefer to place them closer to the instep. In any case, once the position is chosen, we only have to use an Allen key to tighten the screws that hold the cleats to the shoes. It is key to do the tightening correctly, to avoid problems when driving. Also keep in mind that the adjustment of the cleats is not final, but it must be done according to your preferences, so do not have problems in modifying said position as it is more comfortable for you.

Q3: What are the studs on MTB shoes for?

The studs of the MTB shoes serve to give greater pedaling power when it comes to riding on complicated terrain such as mud and soft ground or when it comes to climbing slopes. In addition, these shoes also give you extra grip when you have to land for any reason on difficult terrain, helping you to better nail your foot when walking.

Q4: How to wash MTB shoes?

To wash the MTB shoes, we start by submerging them in warm water and a little neutral soap, where we will leave them for approximately 30 minutes. Next, we remove the remains of dirt from them with a soft brush, leaving the surface free of mud or other elements. Once we have removed all this dirt, we just have to let them air dry, also filling the interior with newspaper or similar, which absorbs moisture. The process is somewhat slow but takes better care of the shoes than drying in the sun.

Q5: What is power transmission rate in MTB shoes?

The energy transmission index is a parameter directly related to the stiffness of the product when pedalling. In general, the higher the stiffness index of the shoe, the higher the level of energy transmission to the feet, thus avoiding losses of said energy derived from the flexing of the sole. So in MTB shoes we will have more rigid models, which give greater transfer and less control, as well as models that are more flexible and comfortable but transfer that energy to pedaling less well. As a reference, Shimano rates its shoes in up to 12 levels according to their stiffness, with each brand having a table or level of variable stiffness, depending on its approach.

Q6: How to change straps on Mavic MTB shoes?

To change the plastic strips of the Mavic MTB shoes, we will start by disassembling the old assembled parts, the complete disc, using the screwdriver included with the new strips. Once this element has been disassembled, we only have to place the new disk, which includes the corresponding strip, embedding the new piece in the place where the old one was located until we hear a click. Finally, we just have to adjust the piece and the straps to our feet, as necessary.

Q7: What shoes to use for MTB?

In order to enjoy better sensations when riding, it is necessary to opt for specific models for this sport. Among other things, because the complex terrain of MTB is very different from the relatively calm and smooth terrain for a road bike. That is why it is key that the shoes are specific for this practice. Once within the range of these products, it is key to choose quality models, adjustable according to our preferences and that have the necessary comfort to roll without problems.

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