The 9 Best Munich Shoes of 2022

Munich Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When you go for a walk, exercise or play some kind of sport, you should use some shoes that can provide you with the quality, strength and durability you need to withstand continuous use. In this way, we present some models among which the Munich Gresca Kid 03 S stands out, a pair of shoes with a lace closure system, a very nice and attractive design, as well as a construction with materials such as synthetic leather. For its part, the Munich Osaka 390 model   is available from size 35 to 46, while its structure is made of metallic navy blue synthetic leather.




The 9 Best Munich Shoes – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for some Munich shoes, then you will be able to find the information you need about some models, which for some users could be the best on the market because they are comfortable, ergonomic, flexible and durable products, capable of providing you with the quality, resistance and cushioning you need at home step.

Boy’s Munich sneakers

1. Munich Gresca Kid 03 S Unisex Kids Trainers

If you are looking for the best value for money Munich slippers for the little one of the house, this model could be your ideal option, since it stands out among many for offering a nice design, attractive color and resistant materials in its structure.

These Munich shoes for boys have a lace closure system, which will allow your child to adjust them as much as he wants to prevent them from slipping off his feet while he is running or playing.

As for its design, this is very attractive due to the color found in the structure of the shoes, which is a very striking intense blue. Likewise, we are talking about a product that is made of highly resistant and durable materials to provide a long useful life.

In short, the lining is fabric, while the outer material of the shoes is synthetic leather, to provide the user with a premium quality. For their part, the soles of the Munich gresca shoes are made of synthetic rubber, while the different types of nylon present in the structure give the product more flexibility.

During the search for good shoes, it will always be necessary to look at each of the details that the model that you like the most has to offer. Thus, we present some characteristics of the Munich Gresca 03 S below.


Materials: These shoes are made of resistant and durable materials such as fabric, synthetic leather and flexible rubber, therefore, they could offer you a long useful life.

Design: It is an attractive design that any child could like, especially because of the color that it has in its structure, which is an intense blue.

Closure system: The closure system present in this model is made up of laces, which means that your child will be able to adjust the shoes as much as he wants.


Color: These shoes are only available in blue, that is, you will not have the opportunity to choose the tone that you like the most.

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Women’s Munich sneakers

2. Munich Osaka 390 Women’s Trainers

In the search for good Munich Osaka shoes, you should take into account different characteristics that will help you decide on the best ones and that are capable of satisfying your needs.

It should be noted that this model has a very attractive design and that it can attract attention due to its structure made of metallic navy blue synthetic leather. Likewise, its style is incomparable as it has a combination with embossed fabric of exactly the same color but adding to it some details in black patent leather.

For their part, these women’s Munich sneakers incorporate a sole made of rubber, which also has a nice design as it is navy blue but accompanied by a tasteful white wedge. Likewise, as for its closure system, this occurs through laces that will be easy to manipulate, so that you can adjust them as much as you want without any inconvenience.

It is very important to mention the fact that you can find them in different sizes, which vary from number 35 to number 46, so that you can decide on those that are most comfortable for you.

Munich shoes stand out among many for having different qualities that make them special and different from the rest. In this way, we invite you to learn a little about the Munich Osaka 390 model.


Design: These sneakers have a very nice and striking design thanks to the structure made of metallic navy blue synthetic leather and the black patent leather details.

Sizes: The shoes are available in different sizes ranging from number 35 to number 46 so you can choose the right one for you. 

Durability: The sole is made of resistant and durable rubber in navy blue and accompanied by a wedge in white, to offer a long useful life.


Color: To mention a possible inconvenience about this model, the presence of additional colors is missing to choose the one you like the most among all.

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Munich futsal shoes

3. Munich Gresca 02 Men’s Soccer Cleats

If you want to buy Munich shoes that adapt to your day-to-day life and even allow you to use them during your soccer practices, then you should look among so many options for those that have the appropriate materials to withstand intense use.

In this sense, we could say that the Gresca 02 model is suitable for meeting each of your needs as it is a product made of quality materials and, above all, resistant to the constant use it could receive, since its exterior is made of synthetic material, while the lining is fabric, ideal for your feet to breathe a little, thus avoiding those bad odors and allowing them to always be fresh.

Also, the sole is made of synthetic rubber. In this way, it is a material that adjusts to the needs to provide more comfortable steps, by cushioning each of your steps while you run through the playing area. It is also important to mention that the closure system of these Munich futsal shoes is by means of laces.

The choice of quality Munich sneakers has a lot to do with each of the details that a particular model can offer you, therefore, do not overlook any feature.


Composition: These shoes have a structure made up of synthetic material in its structure and fabric in its lining, which is a resistant and fresh model.

Sole: The sole is made of synthetic rubber, which can provide you with good cushioning before each step while practicing soccer.

Use: It should be noted that these shoes have been designed to be used during your soccer practices, so that you can do them comfortably and in the best way.


Unisex: These shoes are not unisex, therefore, if you are a woman and you are looking for a model that is suitable for your soccer activities, you will have to look at another option.

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Munich sneakers for men

4. Munich Osaka 394 Navy Shoes for Men

Munich has always offered sports shoes to the general public and over time it has proposed to surprise with modern and innovative models, capable of providing each user with ample use so that they can feel comfortable and safe.

Thus, we present you with an option that could be of interest to you, it is the Osaka 394 model, a pair of sneakers that stands out for its beautiful and attractive design where the protagonism is stolen by the combination of colors that they have in their structure, such as like blue and beige.

For their part, they are made with microfiber and velor leather on the outside, therefore, we are talking about a different style and that you could use whenever you want. Also, the sole present in this model is made of rubber and is red but accompanied by a white wedge.

We cannot forget to mention that these Munich men’s shoes have a lace closure system, which makes them look great and also allows the user to adjust the shoe as much as they want.


Manufacturing: the structure of these shoes is made of microfiber and velor leather, which makes this model very beautiful, attractive and comfortable.

Sole: The sole of this model is made of rubber and is available in red but accompanied by a white wedge that gives it style and makes it stand out.

Design: The design of this model is innovative and is available in navy blue with beige decorations, being easy to combine.


Size: It is advisable to take into account the size table offered by the manufacturer to choose the one indicated for you among all, thus avoiding any type of inconvenience.

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Munich Massana sneakers

5. Munich Massana Sky 331 Woman Shoes

Until today, the Munich brand has designed a wide variety of sneakers, including some special ones for use by ladies, with very striking designs that are really worth it, since they can even be used to dress casually..

Such is the case of this option that we will present to you below, it is the Munich Massana Sky 331, a pair of sneakers that have black sequins as a decorative detail in their structure, which adds shine to their appearance. In addition, these also give it a different texture than the conventional one.

It should be noted that in terms of its manufacture, the lining is made of leather, and in addition to the sequins it also has some beige details that make it combinable with various types of clothing.

Now, if we talk about the soles of these Munich Massana shoes, it is important to mention the fact that they are made of rubber, while the midsole is wide, which helps you gain a little more height.

If you are looking for an appropriate shoe to use whenever you want, you should consider certain characteristics when choosing, which will allow you to verify how comfortable and durable it could be.


Structure: As for the structure of the shoes, they have black sequins in addition to some beige details that make them look very pretty.

Manufacturing: According to its manufacturer, the outer material of these shoes is leather, therefore, they could be more resistant than you imagine.

Sole: The sole of these shoes is made of durable rubber, while the midsole is high, which is an advantage for those women of short stature. 


Color: Since the entire edge of the midsole is available in white, it is important that you consider that it will tend to get dirty very quickly, so you must provide it with constant cleaning. 

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Munich g3 sneakers

6. Munich G-3 Jeans 955 Unisex Adult Trainers

If you want to buy the best Munich shoes, you should consider each of the details that a specific model has to offer you, so that you can verify if it is what you are really looking for.

In this sense, we present the Munich g3 shoes, a shoe that stands out not only for its design, being this very attractive to the eyes of anyone. It can also be considered versatile, since it is a fusion of a sports shoe and a casual shoe, while on the other hand, the manufacturing materials present in its structure make it a resistant model.

This model is made up of synthetic accompanied by aged leather that gives it considerably good durability depending also on the care you give to the shoes. Likewise, these have an X-lite sole while the midsole is made of Phylon, which means a very good level of flexibility, at the same time that you enjoy adequate shock absorption when walking and running.

Munich could be considered the best sneaker brand, for offering the general public different options that could well cover their day-to-day needs without complications.


Design: The design of these shoes is very attractive, since it is a model that has a fusion between casual shoes and sports shoes, so you can use it whenever you want.

Manufacturing: The shoes are made of synthetic material and aged leather that provide durability and quality. 

Sole: This model is equipped with X-lite soles and Phylon midsoles, therefore, its level of adsorption flexibility is good.


Sizes: These shoes have a large last, therefore, pay close attention to the size you will order to avoid inconveniences.

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Munich paddle tennis shoes


7. Munich Pad 2 14 Padel Sneakers for Men

If you are looking for the best Munich shoes, let us introduce you to the Pad 2 14 Padel model, a shoe that has been manufactured with players with an intermediate or even professional level of experience in mind, since they are the ones who are always looking to buy shoes with the best latest in technology to be able to move agilely on the field of play.

It should be noted that this product could provide you with a very good level of grip thanks to the technology that it integrates into its sole, this being the double spike Grip. Likewise, as for the midsole, it incorporates a material called X-lite that will allow you to enjoy an appropriate level of lightness, as well as extra cushioning right at the heel, this is due to the anti-shock insert.

If we talk about the manufacture of these Padel Munich shoes, we must mention that the outer material is completely synthetic, while the lining is made of fabric. On the other hand, each shoe has a TPU reinforcement on the arch to give you more stability.

These could be the best Munich shoes of the moment, since they are made with quality materials and have technologies that make them more comfortable and appropriate for practicing sports.


Use: These shoes are aimed at intermediate or professional level players, since they have some technologies that make them very comfortable.

Technology: This model includes a technology called Double Spike Grip that is found on the sole of the shoes and is characterized by offering a good level of grip.

Midsole: The midsole is made up of a material called X-lite that gives the shoes lightness to avoid fatigue during practice.


Color: This model is only available in white, so it could easily get dirty after each use. That being the case, take into account said drawback before the election.

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Girl’s Munich sneakers 

8. Munich G-3 Kid Profit 14 Trainers for Girls

Among so many cheap models are these Munich girls’ shoes, a product that could attract the attention of the little one of the house starting with the combination of colors available in its structure, where black, pink and white stand out.

Likewise, we are talking about a model that could be used during those game days on indoor courts, as well as on abrasive terrain without any inconvenience. In addition, its design is very nice and it has a lace-up closure system, which will allow the user to adjust them as much as they want.

It should be noted that the shoes are made of perforated synthetic material, while the tongue has nylon and the sole is made of resistant and durable rubber, which means cheap Munich shoes that can provide you with a long lifespan.

These are the cheapest sneakers on our list of recommendations, therefore, we invite you to learn a little about each of the characteristics that make them up.


Colors: The shoes have a nice combination of colors in their structure, where black, white and pink stand out.

Design: They have a very nice design, and your little girl will be able to use the shoes on abrasive terrain as well as indoors without any problem.

Composition: These shoes are made of perforated synthetic material, while the soles are made of rubber, therefore, they could give your girl a long useful life.


Use: These slippers are only designed for the use of the little ones in the house due to their design. In this way, if you are looking for a model for children, you should look at another option.

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Munich Sapporo Shoes 

9. Munich Sapporo 8350036

Among the best Munich sneakers of 2022 we find the Sapporo model with a nice design available in yellow with some details in navy blue.

These Munich Sapporo sneakers are made of really good and resistant materials, which is why many consider the Munich brand to be synonymous with quality in innovative and durable products, even when they receive constant use.

To describe them, we will say that their upper structure has been made with synthetic leather, while the sole is made of white phylon and accompanied by a white midsole, but with a black EVA rubber base, for greater comfort and cushioning with each step.

Likewise, it is also a pair of shoes with a lace-up closure system, so you will always have the opportunity to adjust them as much as you prefer and without any inconvenience.

If you want to know which Munich shoes to buy, you should take into account details that have to do with the design and the type of manufacture of the model that you like the most to achieve a good choice.


Design: These sneakers have a modern and beautiful design that could be combined with different clothes. Likewise, its structure is yellow with details in navy blue.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing material of these shoes is resistant and durable, made up of a structure with synthetic leather, phylon sole and EVA rubber midsole.

Closing system: It should be noted that the closing system of these shoes is by means of laces so that you can adjust them to your feet as much as you want.


Width: The width of these shoes is a bit pronounced, therefore, for those with thin feet, this may not be the best option.

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Shopping guide

An essential part of the accessories that you can have in your wardrobe are the slippers. This type of footwear is characterized by being very comfortable and combining with casual outfits. Now, if you are an athletic person who enjoys exercising and keeping fit, you will more likely seek to get one that meets your needs. Below you can learn a little more about how to choose the ones that best meet your expectations in our guide to buying the best Munich sneakers. 


Before making a comparison of Munich shoes, you should first consider details that have to do with the manufacturing material, so that you can verify how resistant and durable it could be before each use and, of course, with the passage of time. So that you can avoid additional expenses in the future.

It should be noted that you should always consider different characteristics in order to acquire a product that is comfortable while you use it, since it will be useless to buy cheap but poor quality shoes.

The materials that are commonly used are synthetic fibers or leather for its outer lining and fabric for its inner cover, but the combinations can be broader. That being the case, you should even consider what time of year you are in, since if you plan to wear them in summer, the shoes should be made of materials that allow your feet to always be cool and dry. Unlike the winter season, where the model to choose should be suitable for keeping your feet warm, preventing the cold from penetrating easily.

In a few words, we recommend that you not pay much attention to how much the pair of sneakers that most attracts your attention costs, but to the variety of materials that can make up its structure, to provide you with a durable and quality product.


The choice of shoes is not only carried out by the manufacturing material they have or the type of sole they include to provide you with good footsteps, but also by the design that is present in their structure. That being the case, do not overlook this detail, since you must like the shoes so that you can use them comfortably whenever you like.

Thus, depending on the brand, some models usually have the logo that identifies them on some of their sides, a detail that generally gives each shoe an attractive touch depending on the color combination that also exists in its structure.

In the case of the Munich brand, there are even some options that stand out among many for having sequins as part of their decoration, and that many women tend to notice. 


Regardless of the shoes you want to buy, you should take into account what type of sole they include, so you can make sure you choose those that provide a good level of cushioning with each step.

In this sense, it is not only about how good and cheap they can be, but also that they can provide you with a good grip, depending on the use you are going to give them. For example, some models of the Munich brand are designed for the use of those professional and semi-professional soccer players, therefore, the soles are accompanied by appropriate technology, to ensure that the user enjoys a good movement in the area of play.

On the other hand, sometimes it is not only about the grip but about the resistance that the shoes can offer you before each use, and this will depend a lot on the material that has been used at the time of their manufacture. Generally, these are made of rubber or rubber and sometimes some have the necessary technology to take care of your feet from those uncomfortable footprints and that over time only cause ailments and bad times.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use Munich shoes?

If you are wondering how to use Munich shoes, let us tell you that it is a very easy task to carry out, as long as you know how to combine each model with the type of clothing you wear, since the shoes of this brand exist in different models to every occasion. In this way, when using some you will have to choose suitable socks, which allow you to keep your feet fresh at all times. Likewise, depending on the closure system they include, it will be essential that you can adjust them correctly, to avoid any inconvenience whether you are running or walking.

Q2: How do the Munich shoes fit?

The Munich brand has its own size chart in which you can find the right one for you, as long as you follow some simple steps that different experts recommend to carry out in order to make a good choice. In this sense, you would have to place your foot on the ground and perpendicular to the wall and then measure with a straight line from the heel to the longest toe. Once you have the total centimeters that your foot measures, you will be able to choose a size taking into account that Munich has footwear for the whole family, that is, from the smallest of the house to adults.

Q3: How to combine Munich sneakers?

If you want to combine your Munich sneakers with the different clothes you have, you only have to take into account the model you have at your disposal, since the brand offers casual and sporty types. If you go to the gym, the most appropriate thing will be to use your 100% sporty Munich and suitable to function properly in conjunction with your most comfortable clothes, so that you can generate movements more easily. Now, if you go out to a park or a shopping center, match your shoes to the type of clothing you are going to wear considering the colors, so that you maintain a uniform and pleasant style.

Q4: How to tie the laces of the Munich shoes?

This task is simple to carry out, everything will depend on the type of closure that the shoes include, either by laces or Velcro. This being the case, you will only have to carry out the lacing that you learn to do as a child, having previously adjusted each shoe to your foot to avoid inconveniences. 

Now, if the model you have purchased has Velcro straps, you will simply have to adhere the upper strap to the lower strap available on the structure of each shoe and that’s it.

Q5: How to know if a Munich shoe is fake?

The Munich shoes have the brand logo in their structure, as well as the name on some occasions, when they are false these two details do not usually have such a perfect finish as those offered by Munich. For its part, both the style and the color are not always the same, therefore, its manufacturer recommends going to the official Munich website and verifying certain features depending on the model you want to buy. Another very important feature has to do with the manufacturing materials, these are always of good quality and it shows at first sight.

Q6: How to clean Munich shoes?

The type of cleaning that you can provide to your Munich sneakers will have a lot to do with the type of material that they have in their structure, since not all of them are suitable for washing in the washing machine or resist being rubbed vigorously with a washing brush. In this sense, the models made of suede are quite delicate, therefore, you should not wash them with plenty of water and less so in the machine.

If it is dust or small stains, you can clean its surface with a special suede brush, which is made up of soft bristles, or it could also be more practical to use an eraser, since it works the same way. If your Munich footwear is made of fabric, you could submerge it in water mixed with soap, and then rub it with a soft bristle brush until you manage to remove all the dirt present in its structure. Once clean, you just have to rinse each shoe with plenty of water and that’s it.

Q7: Where are Munich shoes made?

The Munich brand is Spanish and its headquarters are in Capellades, a province of Barcelona, ​​while the production plant is in Vilanova.

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