The 9 Best Portable Washing Machines of 2022

Portable Washing Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A solution to avoid having to wash clothes by hand is portable washing machines, especially when we do not have enough space to install a conventional model or when it is a student flat. In addition, thanks to their portability and compact design, they are very useful when we go camping or on vacation. One of the best-selling models on the web is the Adler AD 8051, a practical and versatile mini electric washing machine, with a spin function and a 15-min cycle. Another recommended alternative is the Navaris 48623.01, an efficient model with manual operation, which you can comfortably carry on your outdoor adventures.

The 9 Best Portable Washing Machines – Opinions 2022

We have prepared a comparison with 9 of the best portable washing machines on the market in order to present their most outstanding aspects, in this way you can evaluate the model of your choice. The idea is that you acquire a product that perfectly fits your expectations and washing needs.

mini portable washing machine

1. Adler AD 8051 Top Load Rotary Portable Washer

This mini portable washing machine from Adler is one of the cheapest and highest-selling models you can find on the market. It is a compact, light and electrically operated washing machine. For this, it could be the best value for money portable washing machine on our list.

It has security systems that protect it against short circuits and overheating; In turn, it integrates a child lock. Likewise, it is made with an unbreakable plastic casing that gives you resistance. It also has two automatic programs with a timer of up to 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning.

Likewise, it is a washing machine that has a capacity of 3 kilos for washing and 1 kilo for spinning. In addition, its dimensions and size make it ideal for small apartments and to take on a trip.

It is one of the most efficient, compact and practical mini washing machines. Next, a summary of its most outstanding characteristics.



Dimensions: Its dimensions are 36 x 37 x 53 cm and its weight is 5 kilos, which makes it easy to transport.

Accessories: To facilitate the user experience, it includes the feeding tube and the hose for its respective drainage.

Savings: It saves water and energy, since its washing cycle is 15 minutes.


Voltage: It is a washing machine that works with 220V current, so you should consider this aspect if you need to use it outside the home.

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manual portable washing machine

2. Navaris Mini Portable Manual Washer and Dryer

A manual portable washing machine could be the best option to always have your clothes clean, regardless of where you are. In this sense, this model stands out among the best portable washing machines of 2022 since it does not need a power outlet for its operation. Reason why you can easily use it on your outdoor adventures or in your caravan.

It is a product that requires manual means for its start-up. To do this, its design includes a comfortable crank at the top, with which you can turn dirty clothes with a minimum of effort.

Likewise, its bucket-shaped structure allows you to wash up to 2 kilos of clothes, enough to cover the needs of one person. Also, it has a drum for washing and a basket for spinning. In addition, it has suction cups that favor stability on smooth surfaces.

It is a recommended model to take on a trip, thanks to the portability of its design and its manual mechanism. Learn more about this washing machine.


Kit: With the purchase you will receive a drum with two pieces for the washing, a drum for the spin, a crank for its manual mechanism and a hose for the drain.

2 in 1: It is a portable washing machine that allows you to wash and spin, you will only have to replace one drum with another.

Measurements: It has a compact size of 34.5 x 34.4 x 34.3 cm, an aspect that favors its use outside the home.


Stability: Its stability could be compromised depending on the surface where you put it.

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portable washing machine without electricity

3. Khomo Gear Clothes Washing Machine Laundry and Dryer

If you are one of the people who enjoys camping without giving up the comfort of having clean clothes, this portable washing machine without electricity could be your best ally. It is an ecological model that works without the need to use cables, since it is specially designed to be used manually. Therefore, in addition to saving energy, you also save water and benefit the environment.

It has a 2-in-1 design that allows you to wash and spin. To do this, it has a washing drum and a large basket for squeezing. It also has two practical cranks: one with a rotating movement to wash and another that turns clockwise for spinning. In addition, to facilitate your user experience, it has a base equipped with suction cups that provide extra stability during use.

If you are looking for the cheapest portable washing machines on the market, this manual model could meet your expectations.


Utility: You can use it in country houses, motorhomes, camping and also in homes or in small flats.

Ecological: Thanks to its mechanical operation it does not consume energy and given its compact size, it uses less water and detergent.

Stability: Its design offers a base with suction cups that adhere to surfaces, which provides greater stability.


Difficult stains: If your garments have difficult stains, the most advisable thing is to carry out a previous cleaning treatment of the fabrics to achieve their total elimination.

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Portable washing machine with spin

4. TecTake Combination Mini Portable Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

This portable washing machine with spin could be an efficient alternative to have clean clothes available in a short time; especially if you need an automatic machine that takes up little space in your home. For this, it offers you dimensions of 65 x 40 x 75 cm and its weight is 14.5 kilos.

It is a saving model that works with a washing power of 200 watts and uses 120 watts for spinning; a much lower energy consumption than that offered by a traditional washing machine.

It could be the best portable washing machine, since it has a design that integrates two chambers: one for washing and one for squeezing. In this way, you will be able to wash your clothes comfortably and without any effort, since in addition to being automatic it also gives you a capacity of up to 4.5 kilos.

Below, you can read the highlights of this portable washing machine, in order to help you make a purchase decision.


Design: It is a practical washing machine that has two chambers: to wash and to spin the clothes separately.

Capacity: Its washing capacity supports up to 4.5 kilos and can remove water from up to 3.5 kilos of clothes.

Timer: It includes a timer among its automatic functions, which allows you to select the time according to the garments.


Use of spin: For optimal operation of the drying chamber, it is advisable not to overload it, distribute and compact the clothes properly.

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portable washing machine for camping

5. Oneconcept DB003 mini washing machine for Camping 2kg

If you are looking for a portable washing machine for camping that you can easily carry every time you travel or camp outdoors, this Oneconcept model could meet your expectations. It is a product with a weight of only 10.2 kilos, measures 57 x 58 x 35 cm and side handles, so its transfer will not be a problem.

It is a model that works with electricity. However, it is economical and ecological; as it favors low energy and water consumption. It also has a two-chamber design and a washing capacity of 2 kilos; Enough for one person’s dirty laundry.

Likewise, it offers a practical cord wrap that maintains order and facilitates its portability. In turn, it has a fabric selector and timer; so it takes care of your clothes efficiently.

Oneconcept could be the best portable washing machine brand, given the quality and variety of its products. We invite you to evaluate one of their best models.


Timer: Its automatic mechanism integrates two timers; one of up to 15 minutes to wash and another of up to 5 minutes to spin the clothes.

Programs: In order to take care of your clothes, it has two programs designed for delicate and normal garments.

Cover: Thanks to its design that includes a transparent cover, you can see the washing process.


User manual: The user manual in Spanish is missing. However, it is a washing machine that offers intuitive operation.

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Other products

6. Easymaxx 07475200125 Portable Washing Machine Top Load Rotating

This portable washing machine could be the most suitable for the washing needs of students, singles or for a person who temporarily lives in a studio and does not want to spend extra money on laundry. Likewise, it is appropriate for travelers and campers, since it is a compact and easily portable model.

It is a mini washing machine that works with electricity and has a format similar to that of a bucket. It has a structure made of transparent and unbreakable plastic, capable of withstanding hot water up to 60°C.

It also has a non-slip base and offers you a capacity to wash 3 kilos of clothes, which makes it efficient for one person’s dirty clothes. In addition, its automatic operation integrates a timer for washing and another for spinning, with maximum times of 15 and 5 minutes respectively.

If you need to wash clothes at home or outside of it, but you don’t know which portable washing machine to buy; you could consider this model.


Materials: It is a washing machine made of resistant plastic, with a transparent drum that indicates the appropriate water level.

Double function: You can use the chamber both to wash and to squeeze, you just have to use their respective accessories.

Drainage: Its structure includes a practical drainage hose that facilitates its emptying.



Plug: At the time of purchase you must take into account that this device has a plug designed with a format for the European Union.

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7. Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine TG23 Top Load Double Drum

If you are looking for the best portable washing machine, this model might interest you. Think Gizmos has designed this electric washing machine in order to meet the washing requirements of small families or couples; as well as thinking about the little space that some homes offer and even, it is an excellent option to wash clothes in a motorhome.

It is a washing machine that offers an efficient functional design. It has a double drum, to wash and squeeze the garments separately. Likewise, it admits a maximum load of 3.6 kilos in its washing chamber and up to 2 kg in its spin basket.

It also has a timer for each function, which you can adjust according to the dirt and type of clothes. In addition, at the time of washing you can select one of its two programs: soft or normal.

It is a portable washing machine that could be the solution to your laundry needs. Next, know its pros and cons.


Lint filter: Thanks to this included accessory, all the threads and lint are trapped inside.

Kit: With the purchase of the portable washing machine, you will also receive a useful user manual in Spanish, a lint filter, drain tube and hose for filling.

Configuration: It is a washing machine provided with a panel with three buttons, which offer you easy configuration.



Cost: If you are looking for a cheaper product, you could take into account other available options.

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8. Oneconcept Ecowash Pico Garden Edition Mini Portable Washing Machine

When it comes to washing a small amount of clothes, but you don’t want to do it manually; A modern portable washing machine with electric operation could be an excellent option to keep your clothes always clean and without the need to spend extra money on laundry.

Oneconcept presents us with a powerful mini washing machine that gives you good cleaning results. To do this, its motor offers 380 watts in its washing function and 135 watts in its squeezing function. Likewise, it has a highly resistant plastic casing; which you can choose from several available colors.

It is a model of washing machine that is appropriate to take on vacation, camping or for small apartments; since its dimensions are 44 cm deep and 35 cm in diameter. In addition, it has a practical carrying handle and only weighs 5 kg.

Given its functional design, this might just be the best portable washing machine out there right now. For more details, learn about its strengths and possible drawbacks.


Capacity: It is an efficient model that offers you a capacity of 3.5 kilos; for both washing and spinning.

Timer: It has a control button with which you can adjust the time; for washing from 0 to 10 min and for squeezing from 0 to 3 min.

Design: It is a washing machine with a modern design and available in various colors to choose from.



Power outlet: If you go camping, it is necessary for it to work that you have a power outlet at hand.

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9. RDFlame Small Travel Washer with Spin for Camping

If you need to get a portable washing machine that squeezes your clothes after washing and that adapts to the availability of space in your home; this model could be the most suitable. You can comfortably put it in a bathroom, on a small terrace or balcony; since it only needs an electrical connection.

It is a washing machine made of high quality ABS plastic; which gives you resistance to shock. It is small, manageable and has non-slip feet to ensure stability during washing. On the other hand, it is a machine that offers you intuitive handling; To do this, it has two rotary buttons with which you can adjust the washing and drying time.

As soon as it is filled, you do not need plumbing work; since you can easily do it using buckets of water and for draining, it has a practical hose.

It is a practical and functional model that you can use in vacation homes or in student flats. Learn more about this product.


Intuitive: It is a washing machine with intuitive handling, since it only has two buttons to adjust the washing and squeezing time.

Strong and lightweight: It is made of high-strength ABS plastic and its light weight makes it ideal to take on vacation.

Savings: Thanks to its low energy and water consumption, you will be saving with each wash.



Larger loads: It is a model that only supports a maximum load of 3 kilos, an aspect to take into account for larger loads.

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Shopping guide

Compared to the large conventional washing machines that consume more electricity, water and take up more space; handy portable washers offer a great efficient alternative to laundry hassles. The variety of models offered by the market is very wide, so we have prepared the following guide to buy the best portable washing machine. Here we present the most outstanding aspects that you should consider before making your purchase.

Types and operation

There are two types of portable washing machines according to their operation: manual and automatic. Choosing one or another model will directly affect how much the washing machine in question costs.

Starting with manual washing machines, they are those that integrate a mechanical system into their structure that allows you to activate them using your own strength. This mechanism can be a pedal or a crank, with which you can rotate the load of clothes inside it without much effort.

The great advantage of these washing machines is that they do not need electricity or complicated installations, which is why they turn out to be the recommended models to take on a trip or camping. They are also cheaper than their electric counterparts.

On the other hand, we have the automatic models. They are those similar to traditional washing machines, only they have a compact size. As it works with electricity you will not have to make any effort, which facilitates the task of washing. However, to use it outside the home it is essential that you have an electrical connection for its start-up.

Likewise, you should analyze the functions offered by these models. Some include several wash cycles and a spin system; a highly valued option when looking to squeeze clothes easily. Likewise, it is important to consider that these devices consume less energy than their larger counterparts; so you won’t have to worry about consuming too much electricity.

In this context, in the market you can easily find a good and cheap portable washing machine that not only helps you with laundry, but also saves resources; both water and energy.


One of the most important aspects to take into account, when you make your comparison of portable washing machines, is the capacity offered by the model. In this sense, for your purchase to be a good investment, it is essential that you consider the number of garments that you wash frequently; the idea is that you acquire a washing machine that fits your needs and your budget.

There are portable washing machines designed to be used by a small family; These are models that offer a load capacity of 6 or 7 kilos. Likewise, we have other washing machines that have a smaller capacity; so they are appropriate for a person or a couple. They are those that have a maximum load that can range between approximately 1 and 4.5 kilos of dirty clothes.


These products are characterized by their compact size and light weight, which allows you to put them in any available space. The best brands have manufactured them with these qualities to favor portability at the same time; since it will not be a problem to move the washing machine from one place to another, even if you want to take it on your vacation.

In relation to distribution, automatic portable washing machines offer a design that integrates one or two chambers; for washing and for spinning. In these cases, they usually offer a larger size than those with a single drum.

The models with manual operation, on the other hand, are designed with a single chamber where different accessories are incorporated, either to wash or spin (depending on the task). In addition, they have a structure similar to that of a bucket.

When choosing one of these products, it is advisable that you look at the stability they offer. For this, it is convenient that the appliance has feet or suction cups that keep it firmly on the floor during the washing process.

Water supply and installation

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the mode of water supply. In this sense, most portable washing machines have input and output systems that make it easy to use them on any tap. However, other models do not have these connections; so you will have to fill them with a bucket.

In any case, they are products that offer easy installation; since they do not require a fixed water connection or plumbing work for their respective drainage or filling. Therefore, you can put them near a sink or a sink without any problem.

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