The 9 Best Prebiotics of 2022

Prebiotic – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Good digestion does not only depend on eating healthy, clean and well-prepared food. It is also related to maintaining a healthy balance in the intestinal flora, which can easily be damaged by antibiotic treatments or specific conditions. If you want an effective product to improve intestinal transit, the Vegavero Inulin Plus formula stands out, a mixture of inulin, organic agave, calcium and magnesium. The Healthy Fusion Regufibra Plus prebiotic may also be a good purchase option, since it contains inulin and aloe vera, helping to eliminate occasional constipation, while strengthening the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the intestine.

The 9 Best Prebiotics – Opinions 2022

The market has multiple purchase options when it comes to prebiotics, but we have made a selection that includes only the 9 most outstanding products due to their quality and benefits. Get to know them in the next section.

1. Vegavero Inulin Powder From Organic Prebiotic Agave Without Additives

Vegavero is a brand that has been standing out in the field of supplements for several years due to its quality. That is why it is not uncommon for its formula to be considered among the best prebiotics of 2022. Its product is made up of organic agave juice, inulin, calcium and magnesium. For this reason, it not only benefits the intestinal flora, but also contributes to strengthening the immune system, bone structure and assimilation of mineral salts necessary for the body. In addition, its satiating effect helps in diets to lose weight.

As for its presentation, the container has 450 grams of product, so you could have enough for 90 days of treatment, following the manufacturer’s suggestion of eating 5 grams each day. This amount will give you around 4,000 mg of inulin to feed the intestinal flora and has good bioavailability.

Vegavero could become the best brand of prebiotics with this product. Learn more about Inulin Plus in our pros and cons section.


Feeling of satiety: It can promote weight loss due to its satiating effect, which prevents you from eating more calories than necessary.

Origin: Because it is a formula free of foods of animal origin, vegans can ingest it without inconvenience.

Quantity: You will have enough prebiotic for a 3-month treatment, avoiding frequent purchases.


Taste: Some people may not rate the taste of this prebiotic positively. However, it is subtle enough to be tolerated.

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2. Healthy Fusion Prebiotic with Aloe Vera and Inulin 10 Billion CFU

Aloe vera is known for its multiple cosmetic benefits; but also because it helps intestinal transit. That is why it is an ingredient that is added to the formulas of some prebiotics, to make them more effective in their function of relieving digestive problems.

This is the case of the Regufibra Plus product, a formula that also includes inulin. Therefore, it could well be considered the best prebiotic on the market, since it feeds the microbacterial flora and has a purifying effect on the body.

On the other hand, because it comes in the form of tablets, it is very easy to have the necessary dose on hand; and you do not need to make preparations to be able to ingest the product, which is practical for many users. In addition, it is one of the cheapest prebiotics in our selection, while its quantity of 60 tablets can last you for a couple of months of treatment.

In order for you to decide if this is the right supplement that could favor your digestive health, we present a summary of Regufibra Plus characteristics that could be useful to you.


Aloe vera: This food has shown good results in relieving transitory disorders of the digestive system, which is why it is considered an effective product.

Anti-constipation: By including acíbar juice, it can accelerate intestinal transit and prevent constipation.

Practicality: Because it is tablets, it is a practical presentation to take with you, even if you go on a trip.


Acíbar: This food has laxative effects in some people. So you should be aware of the effects of the prebiotic and adjust the dose according to your digestive sensitivity.

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3. Enzymedica Prebiotics Superfoods Apple Drink Mix

If you don’t know what the best prebiotic is and you find it difficult to take tablets, then a product that can be added to drinks, such as the one presented by the Enzymedica brand, may be best for you. It is a powder with a pleasant apple flavor, which you can mix without much problem with a little water and drink it daily to improve your intestinal health.

As for its effectiveness, you don’t have to worry, it is a product that adds a large number of foods with prebiotic qualities, so you can be sure that you will be able to contribute to the healthy development of your intestinal microbial flora.

Regarding its presentation and dose, you only have to mix a teaspoon of the product in each dose and the container has enough powder for you to prepare 30 doses, being enough for a month of treatment.

The best prebiotic of the moment is the one that adapts to your needs and expectations. Let’s analyze more of this product so you can decide if it is what you are looking for.


Formula: Its special selection of ingredients with prebiotic qualities make this an effective product to stimulate the increase of intestinal flora.

Flavor: It is a prebiotic that has obtained good opinions due to its pleasant flavor of natural origin.

Easy preparation: You only have to mix a teaspoon in a glass and mix to obtain a pleasant drink.


Allergens: If you are sensitive to any food, you should review the list of ingredients in detail, as it is extensive.

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4. Puresweet High Quality Non-GMO Inulin Prebiotic Fiber Powder

A good product to improve your intestinal health does not have to cost you too much, that is what the Puresweet brand shows us, which offers us the best value for money prebiotic in this list.

Its container includes one kilogram of soluble powder with a high content of inulin, making it an affective prebiotic that you can have at home. In addition, due to its sweet flavor, it can be used as a mild and pleasant sweetener in your daily preparations, being compatible to add to infusions and even desserts.

For greater practicality and freshness, the bag containing the powder has an airtight seal that helps preserve the product. On the other hand, its low calorie content also favors those who want to lose weight, but who at the same time want to benefit their intestinal health.

Now we invite you to review more characteristics of this prebiotic, which is one of the cheapest and can add a sweet touch to your diet without adding too many calories.


Taste: Its sweet and neutral flavor can go very well with different foods, to facilitate its intake.

Prebiotic efficacy: It is made from inulin, a convenient ingredient that promotes the growth of intestinal flora.

Low in calories: It can help in weight loss diets without having to suppress the sweet taste in your food.


Sweetness level: May not be as sweet as regular sugar, but still effective as a sweetener.

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5. Bimuno Prebiotic powder 30 sachets

Poor intestinal flora, as a result of antibacterial treatments, can trigger uncomfortable episodes of diarrhoea. For a rapid recolonization of the intestine with beneficial bacteria and to alleviate this type of disorder, bismunum is very effective. It is a trans-galactooligosaccharide type prebiotic and the Bimuno brand offers us an easy way to ingest it.

The presentation consists of 30 practical sachets, so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake. You simply have to pour the content into your favorite drink or over food and that’s it.

Another reason why many users recommend it, when wondering which is the best prebiotic, is that changes in digestion can be seen in a short period of time. In fact, the manufacturer indicates that by using it, you could experience favorable differences in your body in just 7 days.

If at this point you do not know which prebiotic to buy, we recommend that you review in detail what this product has to offer.


Dose: You do not have to measure the recommended amount of product for each shot on your own, so it is practical.

Efficacy: It is a fast-acting prebiotic, so you could notice changes in your digestive system in a few days.

Practicality: You can take the dose to ingest with you, due to its convenient presentation in envelopes.


Restrictions: Bismunum is not recommended in people who have restricted potassium intake. In such a case, another prebiotic should be sought.

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6. EMO Body Prebiotic Fermented Rice Bran

Although prebiotics are very useful for increasing the bacterial flora of the intestine, it is sometimes necessary to also ingest probiotics, in order to accelerate the recolonization process. Thinking about this situation, the EMO organik brand offers us a product made from fermented rice bran, which also combines strains of bacteria for both a prebiotic and probiotic effect.

Due to this combination it can help cleanse the intestine and improve the body’s immune response. In this sense, there are approximately 100 different strains that you will receive in each shot, so that in a short time you will begin to notice positive changes in your digestion.

In addition, you will also receive an important nutritional contribution, since it is a product that naturally contains vitamins B, A and E, as well as amino acids and minerals. As for its presentation, it is a resealable package with 250 grams of product, which could be enough for several days of treatment.

Below we invite you to read a summary of the highlights of this complete prebiotic and probiotic formula.


Benefits: Given its combination of nutrients and its prebiotic fiber, it is a product that nourishes, while helping to improve digestive health.

Usage: You can sprinkle the powder on your food or add it to your favorite beverage for easy intake.

Athletes: Thanks to its gamma oryzanol content, it promotes the development of muscle mass and accelerates recovery after intense routines.


Duration: Suggesting a dose of approximately 10 grams per day, the contents of the package will be enough for only 25 days.

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7. N2 Natural Nutrition Gut Probiotics & Prebiotics 40 Billion

A product that can be very useful in the treatment of digestive disorders is the one presented to us by the N2 brand, known in the market for the quality of its formulas and choice of ingredients.

Specifically, Probiotics+prebiotics is a formulation that combines beneficial bacteria and the correct food so that they can survive in the intestine. That is why it is considered effective in the rapid recovery of the intestinal flora.

Another attractive aspect of this supplement is that it is offered in the form of capsules free of gluten and lactose; but in addition, they have been made with chlorophyll, which is also known for its detoxifying effect on the body. On the other hand, you should know that the manufacture of this product complies with strict quality standards and its ingredients are free of transgenics, to give an additional benefit to your health.

Before purchasing any prebiotic, you should review its advantages and possible disadvantages.


Double effect: By combining both probiotics and prebiotics, it can be more effective in the process of reestablishing the intestinal flora after ingesting antibiotic treatments, for example.

Treatment duration: The product consists of 60 capsules that will be enough for you to try the product for a month and evaluate its results.

Bioavailability: The design of its capsules helps its active ingredients reach the most suitable place in the intestine.


Size: The capsule may be difficult for some people to swallow, as it is a bit large.

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8. Flowbiotic Kids Probiotic and Prebiotic 20 sachets

Not only adults can have digestive problems due to insufficient intestinal flora. Also children, due to various circumstances, may need reinforcement in this regard; and the product offered by the Flowbiotic brand is specially designed for them.

In relation to its ingredients, it is considered effective thanks to its double effect, both prebiotic and probiotic. In this sense, it includes lactobacilli and bifidobacteria such as B. lactis and B. breve; Likewise, it provides rye fiber and fructooligosaccharides that promote the healthy development of the intestinal microbiota.

To avoid the rejection of the little ones, its presentation has a pleasant melon flavor. But, on the other hand, it is also considered practical for parents, since it is a powder that is easy to dissolve in water and the box includes 20 sachets prepared with the recommended daily dose.

If your little one suffers from abdominal distension and their intestinal transit is slow, you can help them with this product designed especially for children.


Constipation: The product naturally accelerates intestinal transit and its movements, facilitating the expulsion of feces to avoid this uncomfortable condition in infants.

Preparation: Its presentation in envelopes facilitates the dosage and avoids errors in the consumption of the product.

Taste: Thanks to its rich melon flavor, it is easier for children to accept the product and drink it with pleasure.


Gluten: Children who are susceptible to this ingredient should continue to look for another prebiotic option.

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9. Vital Concept Balance Probiotic and Prebiotic 11 Strains

There are many benefits that come from having a healthy gut microbiota. Among them we can mention the correct assimilation of certain nutrients, the strengthening of the immune system and the easy elimination of feces. However, if for some reason you notice that your digestive balance has deteriorated, you can turn to products like Balance, which in addition to providing adequate food for the bacteria in the intestine, also increases their population.

In this order of ideas, this formula has been designed with strains of 11 types, among which we can mention lactobacillus rhamnosus, casei, plantarum and salivarius. For its part, in terms of its prebiotic action, this is given by including inulin from chicory and agave, which are two very effective forms. On the other hand, the presentation of the product is in vegetable capsules and its container contains 60 units, which respecting the dose of 2 daily will be enough for a month of treatment.

Let’s analyze more qualities of this Vital Concept brand product, so you can determine if it is the one for you.


Double function: You can recover your intestinal flora effectively, thanks to its prebiotic and probiotic effect.

Gluten-free: People with celiac disease can take this supplement without restrictions.

Packaging: Its opaque bottle helps prevent the deterioration of the components when exposed to light.


Sensitivity to the formula: In rare cases, the recommended dose of two capsules may have to be reduced while the body adjusts to the treatment.

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Shopping guide

In our diet we should not only include foods that the body can assimilate. We must also add some elements that do not necessarily nourish us, but are the food of beneficial microorganisms that contribute to our health. Here is a guide to buying the best prebiotic, with which we hope you will have more useful information to choose the right product from the wide range on the market.

Type of prebiotics

Our large intestine is responsible for assimilating a large part of the nutrients from food. That is not new. What has become an important medical discovery in recent years is the fact that this component of the digestive system needs some very specific non-digestible substances to preserve its natural microbiota. For this reason, there is currently a great interest in favoring diets that contribute to increasing the population of bacteria in the intestine and the intake of prebiotics is promoted for this purpose.

Although there are several types of prebiotics, the best known are 5: Oligofructose, inulin, oligosaccharides from breast milk, lactulose and galacto-oligosaccharides. Perhaps the most common and easily acquired form is oligofructose, as it is naturally present in many foods such as honey, wheat, garlic, and more. But, it can also be synthesized using sucrose.

For its part, inulin is a type of carbohydrate abundant in many fruits and vegetables. One of its advantages is that it does not have a perceptible flavor and is an ingredient commonly used to give food texture.

As for the prebiotics derived from dairy products, these are also abundant and we can find them in some types of cheese and fermented milk preparations. These substances are known as receptors for some pathogens; Thanks to them, diseases in the body can be avoided.

Presentation and quantity of product

When making a comparison of prebiotics you will be able to find very diverse presentations, which make their intake and dosage comfortable. For example, you can buy them in the form of powders that are added to drinks or smoothies. This can be very handy for those who find it difficult to swallow capsules or tablets. It is also probably the best way to offer prebiotics to children. On the other hand, you will have the possibility to choose between options with or without flavor.

Prebiotic drinks are another less common, but convenient presentation. These prebiotics in liquid form can be considered handy when you don’t have time to make preparations on your own. However, in this type of supplement you should check that the dose is easy to supply without errors; checking that it includes some type of measuring cup or pipette.

At this same point, you should check the amount of product in each container. It is common for several people in the family group to use prebiotics to improve digestive problems. If this is your case, a container with enough quantity will be convenient so that you do not have to buy a new one so often.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that the effects of prebiotics begin to be noticed in a period of approximately one month. Because of this, it is advisable to provide treatments that last at least this long.

Ingredients and side effects

It must be taken into account that prebiotics are the indicated complement for a healthy diet, but only when the intestinal flora has not been altered by the use of antibiotics or by some other condition. For these specific cases, manufacturers offer combinations in their formulas that have probiotics and prebiotics.

If you’re wondering how much it costs for a combined supplement that has both benefits, that is, both bacteria and the fiber that feeds them, the good news is that there are economically priced products with such a formulation. In this way, it is more likely that the microorganisms will have a more suitable environment to continue living and multiplying in a healthy way.

Now, although it is rare for someone to be allergic to a prebiotic, our recommendation is that you check the list of ingredients in the product of your choice, to make sure that the substance that can cause a reaction is not included.

You should also know that it is normal for a certain degree of intestinal inflammation to occur as a result of starting treatment with prebiotics. This discomfort is transitory and the manufacturers suggest that, if such a condition occurs, the dose to be ingested should be reduced. That is, you can start with a smaller amount than that indicated on the package and increase it over the days, depending on your tolerance, until you reach the amount prescribed by the doctor or the manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are prebiotics for ?

The main function of prebiotics is to feed the colonies of beneficial bacteria that live naturally in the human intestine. These groups of microorganisms can help some substances to be assimilated and can also neutralize germs that are harmful to our health. In the same way, they improve intestinal transit, helping digestion to be carried out correctly and avoiding constipation problems.

For its part, diets to lose weight also benefit from prebiotics, because they can generate a feeling of satiety, a very convenient aspect to avoid the intake of additional calories.

For these reasons, and others that have been discovered with the study of these substances, it is recommended to supplement the diet with foods rich in prebiotics, whether natural or synthesized, so that the intestine maintains its healthy balance and performs its function without inconvenience.

Q2: What foods contain prebiotics ?

There are many foods rich in prebiotics and many of them are cheap and delicious. In addition, they are easy to buy in supermarkets. For example, as chocolate ferments in the gut, it is good food for healthy bacteria. Bananas and apples, on the other hand, are rich in indigestible carbohydrates, such as pectin, which also feed these important colonies.

If you like legumes, and eat them regularly, you can also help maintain the intestinal flora, since they are rich in non-digestible fibers and starches.

Another food that is widely used in culinary preparations and that is rich in inulin is the onion. So now you know, not only does it flavor your dishes, it also benefits your intestinal tract and good digestion.

Adding spinach to your diet is a healthy decision, this vegetable has a chain of sugar called sulfoquivose, which manages to reach the large intestine to feed healthy bacteria. Similarly, foods such as oatmeal, blueberries, garlic and leeks are an important contribution of prebiotics.

Q3: What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics ?

Although the word prebiotic and probiotic seem very similar, we are not talking about the same thing. While probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our gut, prebiotics are the substances that feed those bacteria. As you can guess, it is not enough to eat probiotics in the diet. It is also necessary to feed these organisms to generate the most favorable environment that helps them to survive in the organism, and in this way they can multiply.

Q4: When should prebiotics be taken ?

The most advisable thing is to ingest prebiotics daily, which is really very simple, this will help the bacteria to stay alive in the intestine, performing their beneficial function without inconvenience.

Q5: Which baby foods contain prebiotics ?

In addition to the prebiotics that can be ingested naturally, by adding foods such as oats, apples, flaxseed, chia, blueberries, etc. to the children’s diet; Foods such as infant milk formulas that include prebiotics and other supplements rich in them can also be included.

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