The 9 Best Propolis Capsules of 2022

Propolis Capsules – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Beekeeping seeks to spread the benefits of everything that bees produce without destroying their natural colonies. It is undeniable that the sweet and nutritious characteristics of honey make it one of its most valued products. Increasingly, however, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis are recognized as having great health benefits. With Bee Propolis 180 capsules you have a nutritional supplement based on beneficial propolis for a period of several months. For its part, Fairvital 73806 adds galangin to the concentration to help the body against free radicals.

The 9 Best Propolis Capsules – Opinions 2022

Selecting the best proposal is always complicated when you have so many good options. These are the most outstanding packaged alternatives of one of the best contributions that nature gives us through bees.

1. Bee Propolis Bee Propolis, 1000 mg, 180 capsules

This natural supplement is among the best propolis capsules of 2022. The high concentration of 1000 mg in each of the 180 capsules makes this presentation one of the most convenient, since the suggestion of 1 or 2 daily intakes allows a duration between 3 and 6 months.

The confidence that you will consume natural and purified propolis as the main ingredient is guaranteed by a prestigious and certified manufacturer such as Vivanta. This is a brand that stands out among others as a company that cares and is committed to only offering products that are backed by science.

Therefore, you can trust that this is a natural food supplement made in the UK, the result of strict research and manufacturing under all EU regulations, and that it is also very beneficial for your overall health.

So, if you are looking for the best bee propolis, each of the characteristics of this presentation values ​​your acquisition.


Natural: Its main ingredient is propolis from the hive, so it is a naturally functional supplement.

Concentration: The concentration of 1000 milligrams per capsule of this food supplement is one of the highest.

Quantity: It is a bottle that brings 180 capsules to cover a consumption period of several months.

Confidence: Its manufacturer guarantees to comply with the production procedures required by the EU standard.


Coating: If you are a vegetarian, you should know that each capsule is coated with gelatin made from animals.

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2. Fairvital Propolis 500mg, Propolis Extract

Part of the most striking and valued points of this option is that, in addition to the high purity of propolis in its composition, galangin is added to its formula to enrich its comprehensive action in health well-being.

Added to the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of propolis is the ability of a flavonol such as galangin to protect against harmful free radicals. Both the content and the coating of the capsule have only natural and vegetable components. Your 500mg of propolis converts to the recommended 1000mg as a dose when you take 2 capsules per day.

There are 60 capsules in a bottle with a practical lid that does not screw, but rather raises or lowers, remaining airtight to keep the capsules fresh and protected. Additionally, this German product complies with all food control regulations.

When trying to decide on which propolis capsules to buy, the details of this combination of propolis and galangin could make it the best.


Galangina: With two daily capsules, 30 mg of galangin is ingested, which is an ideal flavonol to delay skin aging.

Bio-healthy: It is a supplement without fructose, gluten, lactose and, in the same way, free of phthalates and genetically modified raw materials.

Guarantee: To increase confidence in the product, Fairvital has it tested regularly by external laboratories.


Composition: The recommended dose reaches a high dosage of propolis and galangin that should not be exceeded.

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3. Obire Propolis plus, 400 mg, 90 capsules

This is one of the best alternatives if you are looking for an all-in-one type of plugin. Although propolis is not the element in the greatest quantity within the formula, its added contribution to the composition will contribute to an organism with a strengthened immune system.

The main component of the product is echinacea. They are 200 mg of a plant that has a recognized positive influence on the prophylaxis of infections in the respiratory tract. The presence of the other ingredients is given with 125 mg of thyme, 60 mg of propolis extract and 15 mg of vitamin C.

There are 90 capsules that, taken in doses of two daily, cover a preventive treatment of a month and a half. Additionally, its amber-colored packaging protects the capsules from exposure to light and is made of environmentally friendly and fully recyclable plastic.

Let’s see how each of the characteristics of this supplement makes it an excellent purchase to prevent the common cold, flu or dry cough.


Formula: It is a special supplement that combines several effective natural products in strengthening the immune system.

Container: It is made of PET and has an impossible-to-lose hinged lid that closes hermetically to protect the content.

Brand: Obire is one of the most competitive Spanish brands in the market with more than 25 years of work.


Concentration: Perhaps, this composition of several elements can be considered to offer very little amount of propolis per capsule.

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4. H4U Propolis with Vitamin C, 100 tablets of 800 mg

If you want to buy health and wellness, then Health 4U products are some of the best alternatives on the market. This is a brand that has a line of great diversity in which there are vitamins, teas, oils, special supplements and many plants and seeds considered to have a positive effect on general health.

Among the best value for money propolis capsules you could get is this food supplement with propolis and vitamin C as main ingredients. In addition, each of its 100 tablets is enriched with Omega 6 to give the body essential fatty acids that make the immune system stronger.

Its chewable presentation allows the tablets to be digested and passed little by little to give relief to the throat, especially when the discomfort of flu and colds begins.

In addition to being one of the cheapest options, it has properties that will help both prevent and treat symptoms.


Composition: It is a supplement of components among which are propolis, vitamin C, echinacea, thyme, honey and lemon powder, among others.

Taste: It has sugar and sweeteners that give a quite acceptable flavor to its chewable tablets.

Natural: It is a one hundred percent natural product that strengthens its action with acids such as gamma-linolenic for cardiovascular protection.


Dose: The dose for effectiveness recommended by the manufacturer of 4 tablets daily makes the amount last not even a month, but only for 25 days.

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5. Soria Natural 30-S Propolis 30 Capsules

For Soria Natural, these are the best propolis capsules to be used as a natural antibiotic. The important presence of this brand in the market is evidenced by a large number of products to prevent the reduction of defenses and, consequently, strengthen the immune system.

There are 30 capsules whose bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and healing properties make the body resistant to infections. Through the transparency of each capsule, it is possible to visualize the concentration in small grains of its active ingredients, including 300 mg of lyophilized extract of propolis.

This product is a true medicinal solution whose natural and vegetable composition makes it suitable for those who are one hundred percent vegetarian. In general, it is useful for everyone who, due to stress or illness, sees their immune system compromised and wants to strengthen it with the healthiest and most beneficial of bees.

Learn more about the product to understand how it prevents ailments and restores health in the most natural way.


Complement: It is ideal to complement the diet and a lifestyle full of activities that demand great physical and mental work.

Treatment: It works very well when symptoms of general and respiratory infections are seen or felt.

Purity: In addition to being bio-healthy, the concentration of its natural active ingredients is free of alcohol and pesticides.


Presentation: If you prefer the storage of medicines in bottles, you must take into account that the presentation format of this product is a box.

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6. Healthy Fusion Propolis Max

The powerful formula present in these 120 tablets has three clear objectives. Its daily intake increases your defenses, fills the tissues with vitality and, in case of health problems, it can act immediately with its antibiotic properties made from natural products.

The antibacterial fight acts together with its ability to reduce inflammation and heal quickly and effectively. Therefore, complying with the suggested dose of three tablets a day will immediately reap the benefits of propolis, honey, lemon, echinacea, thyme and vitamin C for your health.

Similarly, it is important to comply with the recommendation made by the manufacturer. Since its components have been microencapsulated in each tablet, they must be chewed without exceeding the number for optimal assimilation by the body.

Let’s review the reasons why this product is on the list of the best propolis capsules of the moment.


Efficacy: The best plants and the most nutritious and effective bee products have been chosen for its composition.

Quality: The guarantee of a quality product is confirmed and certified by meticulous controls that have earned all the sanitary permits.

Vitality: Pure propolis and honey offer vitality in this formula against the exhaustion of the daily routine.


Flavor: Despite having sweetener, you may feel that its flavor is not very pleasant and it remains in your mouth for a long time.

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7. Nature Essential Propolis 800 mg, 60 tablets

Nature Essential is a brand that seeks to combine innovation, quality, a guarantee of trust and cheap prices in each of its products. All these are reasons why consumers and health professionals have their products among the best options.

These 60 tablets are part of the brand’s line of food supplements that uses standardized dry extracts as a base. In this way, active ingredients with maximum concentration are achieved that do not require the intake of tablets several times a day.

Just one pill a day will be enough to provide your body with a supplement with the best of bee propolis, echinacea and vitamin C. Nature Essential invites its users to change their lives with just one gesture a day to be able to fill the organism and the spirit of full vitality.

In nature there is the essential to make us feel good and this complement demonstrates it with its characteristics.


Supplement: This product uses three important elements to strengthen the immune system: propolis, echinacea and vitamin C.

Natural: Promotes the formation of defenses with extracts and natural fibers free of lactose and any type of allergens.

Container: Its container is convenient to store and its lid is easy to open and close hermetically.


Intestinal discomfort: According to the manufacturer’s observation, the joint consumption of this product and any other fiber-based medication could cause intestinal discomfort.

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8. Sotya propolis chewable comp

For more than 30 years as a manufacturer, Sotya knows, more than ever, the importance of taking care of food requirements and regulations to inspire the confidence of its consumers. This brand combines the technology of its own laboratory with specialized external assistance to generate total credibility in the development of its products.

So the answer to which are the best propolis capsules may be right before your eyes. This fortified supplement will keep your spirits and health in shape to face the daily dynamics. There are 100 chewable tablets that will nourish and benefit your body with the properties of propolis, honey, galangin, thyme, lemon, echinacea and vitamin C.

For efficient processing in your systems, the intake is recommended spread over the day. Between 2 and 4 tablets between meals is the amount needed to get the most out of this healthy formula.

In addition to combining quality and price, the power of this supplement is presented with attractive details.


Taste: The aroma of citrus fruits such as orange and the presence of sweeteners give it a pleasant taste when chewing.

PET: This is the material used for an environmentally friendly container. In addition, it has a screw cap to protect the tablets very well.

Concentration: This fortified supplement offers 800 mg of the best natural composition to maintain active health.


Laxative: Among its warnings, you should keep in mind that if you exceed the suggested dose, there could be laxative effects.

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9. Equisalud Holofit Propolis 180 capsules

The distinctive logo of the Equisalud balance offers with this product an option that aims to achieve the internal balance of physical well-being and spirit of the organism. Its Holofit line has created a food supplement based on plant extracts and natural elements of great power with propolis and echinacea.

There are 180 vegetable-wrapped capsules that contain 210 mg of propolis and 230 mg of powdered echinacea, creating one of the best natural therapy compositions. The preventive and curative properties of propolis at the antibacterial and antifungal level join the prophylactic and adjuvant function of echinacea for respiratory discomfort.

With a recommended dose of 4 to 6 capsules a day, the body will be able to benefit to the maximum for its physical and mental health. Everything will be beneficial, since it is free of dyes and possible allergens.

Equisalud is considered a reference laboratory and, quite possibly, the best brand of propolis capsules in Spain. Here are important pros and cons of this product.


Natural: It is a one hundred percent natural formulation that is also free of gluten, starch and transgenics.

Consumers: It is a complement totally suitable for everyone, including diabetics and vegetarians.

Brand: Its elaboration is in charge of a brand with growing experience since 1989 with recognized products based on medicinal plants.


Price: Without a doubt, a price that is well above the average cost of other good alternatives, making it unaffordable.

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Shopping guide

The idea of ​​this guide to buying the best propolis capsules is to guide you on how to decide which is the most convenient nutritional supplement for you. The compositions, presentations, quantities and quality of bee propolis offered in stores vary in each proposal, so it is important to assess each characteristic properly.


When talking about the purchase to ingest a product that will have a direct impact on your body, you have to take its origin very seriously. When making a comparison of propolis capsules, it is impossible not to be amazed at the large number of brands dedicated to the processing of medicinal plants and the use of elements produced by bees in favor of general well-being.

Without a doubt, it always gives confidence to choose a product from a recognized company with experience in the area of ​​health. It is not the same to use honey or propolis as ingredients in cosmetic products than in supplements or supplements that promise to invigorate the mood and increase defenses.

However, it does not mean that a brand that is not so well known is not capable of offering quality. Therefore, the best advice when evaluating the product that caught your attention is to go to its label and look at where it was made and what it describes as having met the requirements and good manufacturing practices.

For this, it is essential that you locate a purity seal, a note that denies the use of pesticides or genetically modified materials and the certification that confirms compliance with EU food standards. For even greater confidence, there are products that claim to have been tested both in their own and external laboratories.


There are generally three ways you can get propolis. Obviously, depending on the composition, how much the product costs will vary, but also its purpose. You can buy it in the purest, most natural and unprocessed way, combined with other derivatives of the hive such as pollen, royal jelly and honey or in food supplements in which medicinal plants and roots are part of the components.

Usually, just by looking at the composition table, the place where the propolis is located gives you an idea of ​​whether its amount in milligrams makes it the most important ingredient or just a component that contributes its properties to the supplement. It will be up to you to choose the percentage of presence you want of it in your daily diet.

The benefits of propolis plus its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power could be increased with the sweet taste of honey, the vitamins in pollen or the antioxidant property of jelly. It is also very possible to extend its benefits with other products that do not come from bees.

Food supplements are capable of achieving very good results in respiratory conditions, skin aging, inflammation, scarring and increased defenses in general with the combination of propolis with echinacea, thyme, lemon, galangin and vitamin C, among others.


Selecting a good and cheap alternative that inspires you confidence in the brand and that you like all the ingredients of its formula will not be so difficult within the wide range of offers on the market. Perhaps what might take you the most time is deciding on their presentation style.

Whether pure or as a supplement, propolis can be ingested in liquid form or in pill form. If it is liquid, it can come as a syrup or as a concentrated extract in drops to be diluted in water. When talking about pills you also have to choose according to your taste and convenience. On the one hand, you have tablets or capsules to swallow with plenty of water during the day and between meals.

As another option, there are chewables that, according to many users, cause a sensation of relief as they pass little by little through the throat. The chewy characteristic is usually accompanied by fruit flavors or sweeteners to soften the taste that remains on the palate. If they are capsules and you are a vegetarian, check that the wrapper is made with materials of plant origin and not bovine, since the latter is very common.

Finally, whether it is a bottle or a box, look at the number of capsules and calculate the recommended dose. An option of 30 tablets may seem great at first glance, but if the suggestion is to take two daily, it becomes a treatment for only 15 days. So you choose the quantity, presentation and price that you consider most convenient.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use propolis capsules?

If they come in an amber bottle, you may just need to find their storage space, but if you have them in any type of clear container or in exposed blister packs it is very important that they be stored away from heat and intense light.

Depending on the number of suggested shots, it is recommended that you do a routine in hours to avoid forgetting to take them, especially when they are three or more times a day. Unless the specialist indicates otherwise, it is generally suggested to take them between meals.

If you buy the chewable tablets and you don’t like the taste very much, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and try to tolerate them without washing them down with water. Otherwise, it is preferable that you acquire another form of presentation. With proper use, almost immediate results will be seen in its function as a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

Q2: How to take propolis capsules?

Not all bottles or boxes of propolis capsules indicate the same dose on their labels. Taking into account the suggestion of the laboratory that manufactures them is of the utmost importance, since, in order to recommend a certain number of daily tablets, their presence in milligrams in the composition is evaluated.

For example, a capsule with 1000 mg of pure propolis extract may be suggested to be taken once a day. If it is 400 or 500 mg, 2 or 3 daily intakes could be recommended and, if it ranges between 90 and 300 mg, 4 or even more intakes between meals could be indicated.

Q3: Where do propolis capsules come from?

Propolis has nothing to do with the sweetness of honey, however, it also ends up being a product made by bees. Although these insects take the raw material from trees such as pines, chestnuts, hazelnuts, birches, among others, without their saliva and kneading with their wax, their sticky and strong characteristic could not be achieved to cover and protect the hive.

In order to collect it, professional beekeepers place plastic or nylon braided grids on top of the combs of the hives. The bees proceed to cover the holes to protect them from enemies and the cold. After a period of several months, the grids are removed and replaced with clean ones to start over.

To make it easier to remove the propolis from the grid, they put it in a freezer so that it breaks and detaches. From there comes its processing to turn it into tincture or granules and take it to syrup, drops or capsules.

Q4: What contraindications do propolis capsules have?

In general, unless you are known to be allergic to propolis, there are no contraindications or side effects to watch out for. Like any medicine, vitamin or any other product, there could be unwanted reactions when the recommended daily dose is exceeded or there is no rest time in its intake.

For example, dry mouth, intestinal discomfort, and diarrhea have been known when taken in high doses along with daily diets of high-fiber foods.

Q5: Can allergy sufferers take propolis capsules?

Propolis capsules are products for which allergic reactions are very rarely reported. However, it must be taken into account that if you are allergic to bee venom, you could also be allergic to other bee products such as propolis.

On the other hand, it cannot be ignored that when propolis is part of food supplements, it is accompanied by other elements that should be verified as not being possible allergens.

Q6: From what age can propolis capsules be taken?

Despite the fact that each bottle or box has on its label the suggested dose and the warning not to be administered to children and pregnant or lactating women, the recommendation of most manufacturers points to consultation with specialists.

With their knowledge and the medical need of the person, they could indicate modifications that would allow or not the taking of propolis capsules.

Q7: What is the minimum concentration suitable for propolis capsules?

According to the different forms of composition of food supplements, the percentage of propolis present is very varied. There are no concentrations that seem minimal when this product from the hive is combined with medicinal plants and vitamins with beneficial effects on health.

However, a limit is recommended so as not to be exceeded in daily consumption. For example, when it comes to 1000mg capsules containing pure bee propolis, a maximum of two is suggested.

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