The 9 Best Raincoats of 2022

Raincoat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Protecting yourself from the rain during sports activities or when going for a walk is important to avoid colds and keep both your clothes and your body dry. For this, it is necessary to have a raincoat that isolates the water, the cold and the wind. Currently there are many models available, making it complex to select a design according to the demands. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to establish a comparison between the available alternatives. Within the recommended raincoats, there are two that lead the market preferences. The first model is the Joma Iris, a jacket suitable for the winter or autumn season, due to its insulating characteristics that protect the body from the cold, while allowing adequate internal ventilation and perspiration. In addition, it has a couple of pockets and a zipper closure system. Next, we find the Spiuk Anatomic, a raincoat with wind protection technology, which is recommended for men.



The 9 Best Raincoats – Opinions 2022

For those who wish to acquire a raincoat, they should know that there are many options available, but few are recommended as quality ones. For this reason, before making a hasty purchase, it would be appropriate for you to read the following section, in which we detail the main properties of raincoats that users frequently recommend.

Women’s raincoat

1. Joma Iris Jacket

For those who are looking for the best price-quality rain jacket, this model from the manufacturer Joma may be the right alternative, since it is one of the cheapest that can be obtained today.

Available in various colors, such as blue, green, pink, red and coral, among others, the jacket is suitable for men or women, due to its unisex style and variety of sizes that fit the body.

This model insulates the cold and keeps the body temperature warm because it is equipped with micro-mesh textile technology, which provides adequate breathability and ventilation by letting hot air out and fresh air coming in.

This women’s raincoat is made with highly resistant materials, incorporating polyester in its structure. The design is simple but functional to stop the wind, it has a hood and a high neck. It can be used open or closed, it includes pockets and adjustable cuffs with elastic.

Joma Iris is a raincoat that offers high quality standards, versatility of use and protection against wind and cold. In addition, it has a competitive price, making it one of the cheapest raincoats on the market.


Versatility: This model can be used open or closed, since it has a zipper closure system, allowing both modes.

Technology: The manufacturer has equipped this raincoat with Micro-Mesh textile technology, which provides ventilation for the exit of hot air and the entry of fresh air.

Additions: The model has pockets to keep your hands warm or store some objects, in addition to incorporating a high neck, hood and adjustable cuffs.

Design: The raincoat has a simple unisex style design, available in various colors and sizes.


Size: The model may be a little big, so the sizes do not coincide with the conventional ones.

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men’s raincoat

2. Spiuk Anatomic Windbreaker for Men

If you are looking for the best rain jacket on the market, you might be interested in knowing the properties and attributes of this model from the manufacturer Spiuk. This raincoat has a modern design for men, in a striking color, as it is available in a red tone contrasting with white, but it can be selected from several sizes.

The design is made up of a windproof and water-resistant fabric, as well as insulating against the cold, but allowing fresh air to enter through a pair of ventilation openings.

It has ultralight properties, so it does not imply an annoying weight. It has reflective areas, to provide greater security at night. In addition, this men’s raincoat has elastic side trims on the cuffs, being adjustable.

It is recommended as a model for the winter season or cold summer days, since it can be used open or closed, with a nylon zipper closure.

Spiuk Anatomic is usually considered by many users as the best rain jacket of the moment, since it is made with quality materials, protects from the wind, insulates against the cold and water.


Ventilation: Although it protects from the cold, the raincoat is designed with ventilation channels to allow the constant flow of fresh air and the escape of hot air.

Zipper: You can use this raincoat open or closed, depending on the user’s preference, since it has a resistant nylon zipper closure system.

Design: The raincoat is in a modern unisex style design, suitable for men, equipped with pockets and adjustable cuffs.

Weight: This model has ultra-light properties, being possible to carry it without causing additional annoying weight.


Size: This model is adjusted to size, so it may not fit the conventional size and an additional one must be ordered.

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Raincoat for boy

3. QinMM Waterproof Poncho Raincoat

Those who have a low budget and want to buy a cheap but quality raincoat should consider this model among their purchase alternatives, which has achieved positive comments from the brand’s followers.

It is a raincoat for children made of nylon, which is a synthetic material and free of toxic agents that can cause allergies in the delicate skin of the infant. In addition, it is a robust, waterproof fiber and has a pleasant soft touch.

This yellow raincoat features a fun dinosaur design, a roomy hood with a clear visor, long sleeves, front patch pockets and quick release snaps.

As for its maintenance, the garment is washed manually using mild detergent and plenty of water, so it will not represent a complication. Also, it is important to mention that it incorporates a practical storage bag so that after folding it you can put it in it and transport it easily.

The model offers you a themed design allusive to a dinosaur, which will attract the attention of the little ones and protect them from the rain.


Storage: With the purchase a small storage bag with drawstring closure is incorporated.

Textile: The garment was made of nylon, thus providing resistance, impermeability and comfort.

Design: This is a dinosaur raincoat with sleeves, pockets and front snaps.

Washing: The textile offers a quick manual washing mode.


Size: The cut pattern of the garment is a bit large, so you must be careful when selecting the size.

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Girl’s raincoat

4. PERLETTI Disney Princess Waterproof Poncho

On this occasion, the PERLETTI house presents to the market a raincoat for girls in pink, with fuchsia trim and in the lower right area the image of the Disney princesses Belle, Snow White and Cinderella. This art was made using a long-lasting screen printing process, so the colors do not fade with washing.

The model’s design also incorporates a roomy hood and a total of four front snaps that are easy to open and close. In addition, it does not have sleeves because it is a poncho type.

Regarding the textile, it is worth knowing that it is an EVA type fabric, which is a high-end synthetic material, respectful of the environment, recyclable, soft to the touch, fresh and waterproof. If you are wondering about its measurements, it has been made in a one-size-fits-all format, being a recommended garment to be used in girls with an age range between three and six years.

If you are looking for a raincoat for the little ones in the house, consider purchasing this model inspired by Disney princesses.


Textile: The EVA-type fabric was selected by the manufacturer to make the raincoat, providing durability.

Screen printing: The raincoat has some details made with a full color screen printing technique that will remain despite time.

Design: The garment has a poncho-type cut with a front opening, it does not have sleeves and it has a hood, being an attractive design.

Washing: To maintain hygiene, the piece is washed manually and dried in the open air.


Size: As it is a one-size-fits-all model, you will need to take into consideration the measurements of the garment and contrast it with your little girl’s anomie.

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Motorcycle raincoat

5. HGCX WY Transparent Poncho

This motorcycle raincoat belongs to the HGCX house purchase catalog and is aimed at the female target, being a good alternative to protect yourself from both the rain and the wind during the winter season.

The design of this yellow raincoat for women is long and has a roomy hood, which is complemented by a practical transparent visor for added protection of the eye area. In addition, it incorporates a closure method by means of easy access front snaps.

For the manufacture of the raincoat, EVA fiber was used, a material of synthetic origin that gives the product lightness, resistance, impermeability and an adequate level of perspiration. The best of all is that a textile free of toxic agents, so it respects the environment and is recyclable. Also, this collapsible raincoat is easy to fold and store without taking up much space.

If you are looking for a long, elegant raincoat aimed at the female target, then this model is the one for you.


Design: The raincoat is a single piece, the cut is long and stylized, being easy to put on.

Hood: The hood of the raincoat incorporates a transparent visor for greater protection.

Textile: EVA fiber was used for manufacturing, which stands out for its high level of resistance.

Folding: You can easily fold the raincoat to store it in any space without causing inconvenience.


Smell: It is possible that in the first days you will perceive a slightly intense aroma, but you should not worry, since it is the characteristic smell of the material.

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transparent raincoat

6.Rogelli 004.103.L

If you want to make your choice among the best raincoats of 2022, it would be convenient for you to pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Rogelli, since it is considered by many as an alternative with high standards of quality and resistance.

This model is made with high-end materials, having properties that make it a waterproof and wind-insulating raincoat, keeping the body at a warm temperature.

Its design consists of flexible side panels that provide the entry and exit of air or sweat. It is available in several sizes and is usually recommended for men, due to its classic design that fits the body.

This transparent raincoat is practical to combine with the rest of the outfit due to the color of the textile. It has a high-density zipper closure system and is equipped with a small but functional pocket to store belongings.

There are many manufacturers that provide their models with textile technology and wind and water insulating properties. Rogelli is one of them, which is why it is recognized as the best brand of raincoats today. Here its pros and cons.


Ventilation: The model has flexible panels in its structure that provide adequate air entry and exit.

Design: The raincoat has a functional design, with a small pocket and a zipper closure system.

Resistance: This design is made with high-end materials that prevent the body from coming into contact with the wind or water, since it has a high degree of resistance.

Color: You can select between two colors: yellow and transparent white, so that it can be combined with the rest of the outfit.


Bag: The raincoat does not include a carrying bag, nor a hood to protect the cranial area from rain or wind.

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cycling raincoat

7. Vaude Covero II Men’s Cycling Raincoat

Many users wonder what is the best raincoat today and, although there are many options, you might be interested in this Vaude alternative. This model is recommended for use under the helmet when cycling or running, because its properties are light, since its weight is less than 300 grams.

Its design is a kind of hooded cape to protect the cranial area, allowing viewing through side panels. It is available in various colors: yellow, grey, red, lemon, all of them contrasting with black. The poncho is waterproof, it repels water and wind, isolating moisture from the body. It has been equipped with Eco Finish waterproofing without fluorocarbons.

In addition, this cycling raincoat has an elastic waist belt, adjustable drawstring at the neck, hand loops, a pocket to carry belongings, and reflective elements on the shoulders and back, for greater safety during use at night.

For a model to be eligible, it must have quality indicators that provide protection. If you do not know which raincoat to buy and you are looking for waterproofing among the characteristics, Vaude Covero II has this quality and many others.


Impermeability: The raincoat has been made with polyamide, a material that repels water and wind, protecting the body.

Design: The model has been designed to be practical and functional, hence it has a pocket, reflective elements, adjustable belts, loops for the hands and a hood.

Versatility: The model is recommended to be used in various activities, including cycling, because it has display panels.

Colours: You will be able to select the one that best suits your style from among different colours. The model is available in yellow, red, lemon and gray, combined with a black neutralizer.


Size: The raincoat can be a bit tight and fitted, even short arms for those with long limbs, it is recommended to choose a larger size.

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Nike raincoat

8. Nike Park18 Rain Jacket

If you are one of the people who enjoys practicing sports outdoors, you will have to incorporate a good raincoat into your clothing that protects you from the wind and rain, since as we know, weather changes are usually unpredictable and it is best to be prepared.

This model belongs to the catalog of the famous Nike house, and it is a good purchase alternative that you cannot miss. This is a black jacket with a sporty cut, long sleeves with elastic cuffs, a stand-up collar, a roomy hood and a front zip for quick access.

This raincoat for men’s running has been made using a fabric technique called “ply”, which combines layer upon layer of textile fiber. Likewise, the Dri-Fit technology applied to the polyester textile used stands out. This treatment makes the microfiber repel sweat from the body, keeping you completely cool during your practices or walks wearing the Nike raincoat.

Nike presents us with a waterproof and sweat-wicking jacket, ideal for those who are looking for a raincoat. Read its pros and cons here.


Design: The jacket type design with long sleeves in a black tone and with the brand logo on the chest is attractive.

Textile: The polyester fabric used has a “ply” weaving technique that combines a minimum of four layers of textile fiber.

Technology: Dri-Fit is a technology used by the brand to offer a garment that repels sweat, keeping you dry and fresh.

Hood: Its comfortable hood will help protect you from the rain more completely.


Zipper: Some people comment that the zipper could use a slightly softer closure system for more comfort.

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Adidas raincoat

9. Adidas S1308 Windjacke Wind Breaker Light

The German manufacturer Adidas offers this raincoat model to the market, which is one of the most recommended by users, as it is made with high-end materials that provide durability, quality and resistance.

It is a rain jacket for running with a body-fitting design with a built-in hood, to protect the cranial area from wind and rain, in addition to being equipped with two pockets to carry small belongings such as keys, tickets or money.

It has ultra-light properties and its dimensions can be reduced to carry it in a practical way in a pocket. On the other hand, this Adidas raincoat stands out for being made of moldable polyester that provides comfort to the user and prevents the concentration of sweat, keeping the user dry during any sporting activity.

It has a zipper closure system, so that it can be used open or closed, depending on the needs of the moment and the weather.

Adidas S1308 is a model that has quality standards, for being made with high-end resistant materials, in addition to having an attractive and competitive price. Here are its attributes and possible drawbacks.


Hood: The protection of the cranial area is guaranteed through a hood, which prevents the wind and rain from reaching the head.

Material: Thanks to the fact that it is made of polyester, a waterproof material that can be folded to reduce its size.

Zipper: The model is equipped with a closure system through a resistant zipper, so that it can be worn open or closed.

Weight: Carrying it from one place to another will not be a problem, because it has ultralight properties and its size can be reduced.


Fit: The model is a narrow size, so when selecting a size it must be above the conventional one.

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Guide to buying a raincoat

A raincoat is an essential piece in our wardrobe, as it is a necessary product to protect us from the rain during the winter months. The selection, although it seems a simple process, requires the prior verification of some quality indicators in the different models of your interest, which will help you make a successful purchase. For this reason, we present a practical guide to buying the best raincoat, which will surely be useful to you.

Textile material

When reviewing any comparison of raincoats, you will find that the textile material used to make the garment is one of the main attributes to assess, since the durability, protection and comfort that the product can offer us depends on it.

The quintessential fabric used by the different brands is the synthetic type, because it gives the design the necessary waterproofing to protect us from the rain. However, these fabrics can vary depending on their thickness and level of quality. Manufacturers’ favorites are usually nylon and EVA fibers, which are characterized by being environmentally friendly polymers and therefore free of toxic agents that can cause skin or respiratory allergies due to contact. In addition, they are breathable, fresh and light textiles.

On the other hand, there are the jacket-type raincoats for those who exercise, which are made of polyester with special techniques such as Dri-Fit and Ply, in which several layers of fabric are placed one on top of the other and the fabrics are treated to repel sweat. of the body, keeping you always fresh.


The selected design can directly influence how much the product costs, but you must always keep in mind that the cost of the garment is not a benchmark of quality. There are low-cost models that are very good and others with a high acquisition value with little durability.

As expected, the models of this product are quite varied, so you can find raincoats for babies, children, adolescents and adults. The vast majority of manufacturers implement a standard cut that incorporates a hood, long sleeves, patch pockets and front snaps to open and close. Also, there are two-piece garments, while others attach a transparent visor to protect the eye area from raindrops and wind. Also, poncho-type raincoats that do not have sleeves stand out.

On the other hand, we have a color palette that is quite wide, so you can select between solid or patterned tones. In addition, for the smallest of the house, the manufacturers present a catalog with more color, of thematic type or with serigraphs alluding to their favorite characters.

Storage and transportation

No matter how cheap the raincoat you bought, manufacturers usually include a small storage and transport bag in the purchase package to improve the user experience with respect to handling the product. To make this accessory, they usually use a waterproof textile such as polyester or nylon fabric, the same materials used to make the garment. The format of the bag is rectangular and small, since what is sought is to reduce space when storing it.

The closing method is also important, so in the area of ​​the embouchure you will find a pair of easy-tie cords, which in turn serve as grip strings or else a pair of clasps. However, some bags incorporate a small textile handle so that you can hold the raincoat more practically.


Raincoats are pieces that are in contact with rain and wind, so it is not surprising that they get dirty very easily. For this reason, it is important that when selecting the product you take into consideration what is indicated by the manufacturer to carry out the washing method. Remember that the ideal is that it be a simple task that does not take up your time.

Likewise, you will need to know that raincoats, due to their manufacture in synthetic material, are generally not suitable for being put in the washing machine, since the fabric could deteriorate and subsequently its useful life would be shortened. In this sense, most manufacturers recommend washing the raincoat manually, using a mild detergent and, if you wish, rubbing the surface with a soft-bristled brush to remove any type of deep-rooted dirt.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to remove wrinkles from a plastic raincoat?

Removing wrinkles from a plastic raincoat is easier than you think. Start by placing the garment on a hook and hang it at a height where you can easily access it. Then, turn on a hair dryer and adjust it to the lowest speed, so that you begin to pass it slowly through the entire textile, while sliding your hand to smooth out the wrinkles. To finish, you must activate the hot shower mode of your bathroom and wait for the steam to accumulate. In this way, you will be able to hang the raincoat again, but this time in the bathroom, where you will have to leave it until all the roughness disappears.

Q2: How to wash a raincoat?

When cleaning a raincoat, the first thing we must take into consideration is that this type of garment is made of a synthetic material that is not suitable for being incorporated into the washing machine, since it could easily deteriorate due to the intensity of the washing cycles. device work. In this sense, it would be advisable to wash the textile manually, for which you will need to use a mild detergent to carefully rub the garment and thus remove the dirt. Then, rinse under the tap with plenty of water and let it dry in the open air, avoiding exposing the raincoat directly to the sun’s rays.

Q3: How to fold a raincoat?

The first thing you should do is close the front snaps of the raincoat, lay it out on a flat surface and unwrinkle it a bit. In this way, you can place the hood forward and then you must fold the entire textile in half, but vertically. Then you need to make three more folds. The first of them is that of the sleeves towards one of the sides. Now, make the remaining two folds, which will give you a kind of vertical strip. To finish, it is necessary to fold again from one end to the opposite and store in the corresponding bag.

Q4: How to make a dog raincoat?

When reviewing the web you will find many specialized sites regarding the making of raincoats for your pets, which put at your disposal a series of patterns that will be of great help to you. So select the one that best suits your dog’s measurements and create the mold on a sheet of paper, always remembering to leave at least an extra centimeter for seams after each cut. Then, on a piece of waterproof textile, he spreads out the pattern and proceeds to cut it, to then sew the raincoat with the help of a machine.

Q5: How to remove screen printing from a raincoat?

If you want to remove screen printing from your raincoat, there are some home tricks you can implement, such as mixing turpentine with ammonia and applying it to the area you want to erase. You can also use alcohol with water, yogurt, or hand sanitizer. The important thing is that you let the preparation act for a few minutes, rub carefully with a brush and rinse with warm water, repeating the process a few times to get rid of the screen printing completely.

How to use a raincoat

Raincoats are garments of great importance during the winter season, as they protect us from rain and wind. These types of products are usually varied, so you can find designs aimed at children and adults. Although the useful life of the textile is scheduled to be long, the care we give to it will always influence it. Therefore, it is worth learning how to use a raincoat. Next, we will explain it to you through some simple steps.

Check the instructions on the label

Reading the manufacturing label is a step that should not go unnoticed, since it contains information of interest for the care of the garment, such is the case of the type of textile material in which the raincoat was made, as well as the cleaning products that can be applied for a correct washing method. In the same way, you will learn the best way to dry and unwrinkle the fabric without damaging it.

Carry out the washing process

Like any other item of clothing, it is important to clean the raincoat frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Due to the fact that it is a synthetic material, what is recommended by the manufacturers is to omit the use of the washing machine and carry out the process manually. So you will only have to apply a generous amount of mild detergent on the garment and rub the textile carefully with a soft bristle brush, being necessary to wash with plenty of water to remove all the excesses.

Dry the garment

To dry the raincoat, it is necessary to hang the garment outdoors, but be careful to place it in a place where it is not directly exposed to the sun’s rays. If so, the colors of the textile could be opaque and even the material would be at risk of deteriorating. Also, always keep in mind that you must wait until the garment is completely dry, since m

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