The 9 Best Salomon Boots of 2022

Salomon Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to maximizing performance in sports such as mountaineering, hiking, skiing or any other outdoor discipline, Salomon offers you a wide range of boots that adapt to all needs. One of the most recommended models is the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX, a men’s boot made with a GoreTex membrane, a comfortable insole with OrthoLite technology and a robust mid-cut design. Another successful bet for women could be the Salomon Ellipse Freeze CS WP model, a lightweight sports shoe, designed for the winter months, with a synthetic fur lining and a high-grip sole.

The 9 Best Salomon Boots – Opinions 2022

When you walk long distances in nature, it is essential that the footwear protects your feet and at the same time provides resistance and stability. In order to facilitate your purchase decision, we have prepared a selection of some of the best Salomon boots that could meet your expectations.

Salomon boots for men

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Mens Hiking Boots

The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX boots are a model specially designed to enjoy the outdoors, as they offer maximum comfort for your feet and high performance on all types of terrain. For this, it is a model made with high-end materials that offer a long useful life; such as a sole made with Contagrip technology and an advanced chassis equipped with GoreTex, elements that are present in the best Salomón boots of 2022.

These Salomón boots for men have a sole with two different types of rubber, which offers effective grip. While its chassis has foam padding that provides great comfort during the journey; while keeping your feet away from sweat and moisture. In addition, it offers a lace-up closure that provides a comfortable fit.

Given the wide diversity of models, their high quality and innovation, Salomón could be the best brand of boots. Learn more about one of its featured products.


Comfort: They are comfortable and ideal boots for long walks, thanks to their padded chassis and GoreTex cover.

Grip: They are equipped with a Contagrip sole that provides excellent grip on all types of floors.

Variety: You can choose the right size in a wide variety of sizes and in several neutral colors.



Fit: The boots may be tight at first, but then they fit properly on the foot.

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2. Salomon Quest Prime GTX Men’s Hiking Shoes

These Salomon men’s boots are designed for adventurers who go hiking, trekking or long walks. Their light construction and comfort are their main attributes, since they only weigh 570 g; being the lightest hiking boots in its category. Its comfort is given by its reinforced tongue and its Eva foam midsole, which efficiently cushions each step.

Likewise, it has a rubber toe cap that protects the toes from any blow and a GoreTex membrane that provides breathability and weather protection, so that your feet remain free of moisture. Likewise, its modern design combines a sporty style with the traction of a mountaineering boot.

You can choose this model among several available colors that combine with any sports outfit. Also, to select the right size, the manufacturer offers a size chart.

These could be the best Solomon boots of the moment, since it is a high quality sports shoe. Next, we invite you to read more details about this product.


Locking Eyelet: Features locking eyelets that secure the laces and prevent them from coming loose easily.

Insole: These boots are equipped with insoles with OrthoLite technology, which provides excellent cushioning and comfort.

Lightness: It is one of the lightest boots in its category, making it ideal for long walks.


Size: They are boots that tend to fit small, so you should consider choosing a number larger than the one usually used.

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Salomon boots for women

3. Salomon Ellipse Freeze CS WP Women’s Winter Shoes

Among the Salomon boots for women, this model stands out for its design that combines comfort, warmth and style. They are designed to provide stability and security in the winter season; This is possible thanks to its adherent Contagrip sole, so you can step on slippery and icy floors without risk of falling.

They are also boots equipped with ClimaSalomon Waterproof technology, which keeps your feet always dry. Therefore, you can use them in your day to day and also in your adventures and getaways when you want to enjoy the snow in the mountains.

They are one of the best Solomon boots to face negative temperatures, since they offer a construction that protects the foot from frost. For this reason, they have a padded felt tongue, a synthetic fur lining and their design provides a proper fit to the foot.

We have prepared a selection with some of the main features of these modern Salomon boots, designed for the woman who accepts new challenges every day.


OrthoLite technology: This technology present in its foam insole ensures excellent moisture wicking.

Warmth: They are boots specially designed to withstand winter, so they have felt, synthetic fur and a padded tongue.

ClimaSalomon Waterproof: Thanks to this plus, your feet will always be dry and protected from moisture, even in negative temperatures.


Socks: Boots are likely to be a bit tight if you wear thick socks.

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4. Salomon Authentic LTR GTX W Women’s Hiking Shoes

Salomon boots for women are sports shoes in which the anatomical differences of the female foot have been considered, so they offer a comfortable fit that prevents damage that could be caused after a long walk.

It is a model equipped with a particularly robust and durable insole, thanks to which you can count on excellent cushioning. For this reason, it is designed with a preformed plantar arch, made of Ortholite foam and Eva foam in the heel area.

The upper is made of split leather that resists water, 3D Airmesh elastic mesh that provides optimal breathability and a GoreTex membrane that prevents moisture from entering the interior. On the other hand, it has a high-traction Contagrip sole, made of soft and resistant rubber; which favors grip and prevents wear.

With a state-of-the-art design, these women’s boots could meet your expectations. Here are its strengths and areas for improvement.


GoreTex: The GoreTex membrane, present in this model, gives you great climatic comfort at all times.

Design: They are lightweight hiking boots designed with a classic style that adapts to the most demanding tastes.

Toe and heel: The toe and heel are made of high-quality leather and PU, capable of dealing with mud and bumps.


Laces: The fastening of the laces could be improved, since they tend to untie more than expected.

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Salomon trekking boots for men

5. Salomon Authentic LTR GTX Men’s Hiking Shoes

Trekking is a non-competitive activity where sports and tourism are mixed; It is done on trails and paths in natural environments. To do this, it is necessary to have the right equipment and these Salomon trekking boots for men could be what you are looking for to face any scenario.

It is a sports shoe with waterproof qualities, so you can walk through wet terrain and keep your feet always dry. This is due to its upper made of high-quality leather and the GoreTex membrane, which prevents the passage of water when you walk on wet grass.

Similarly, they have a high-grip sole that favors going up or down trails without the risk of falling. In addition, thanks to its insole with OrthoLite technology, you will have extra comfort and cushioning when walking.

It is one of the most recommended models by adventurers given its qualities. We invite you to know in detail its highlights.


Half-round: These are boots with a half-round design that efficiently supports the ankle, in order to avoid any accident due to twisting when walking.

Contagrip technology: Thanks to this technology, the sole provides optimal grip on different terrains, so you can go up or down the mountain with stability.

Sizes: You can choose the size of your convenience from a wide variety of options.


Vegans: They are boots made of animal leather, so they are not the most suitable for a vegan person.

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Salomon military boots

6. Solomon XA Forces MID GTX Military and Tactical Boot

Military boots or also known as tactical boots, are a type of footwear with special characteristics; since they offer a design of great resistance to extreme situations of cold, heat, impacts and are appropriate for traveling over irregular terrain. For this reason, if you are looking for Salomon military boots, this model could be your best option.

They are boots that offer lightness and sensitivity in the feet, in order to face the most critical scenarios. To do this, they have a sole that combines dynamic comfort and protection. In this sense, they are anti-puncture, anti-slip and anti-static; being recommended for military personnel.

Additionally, its upper part has an anti-debris mesh that offers extra protection. It also has polyurethane-coated leather and a reinforced tongue that prevents the entry of dust or stones. In addition, it has a molded OrthoLite insole.

It is one of the best tactical boots that is worth considering in your comparison of models. Next, analyze its pros and possible cons.


Design: Its discreet design, without reflective stripes and in a sand beige color, could be appropriate for transiting in various environments.

Toecap: It is a model that has a protective toecap that prevents possible damage to the fingers in the event of any blow or impact.

Users: They are tactical boots recommended for military, special forces or police forces.



Variety: In order to meet the needs of various users, the availability of various sizes is missing.

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Salomon Quest Boots

7. Salomon Quest Prime GTX W Women’s Hiking Boots

If you are one of the women who practices hiking, either recreationally or professionally, these Salomon Quest boots are designed to withstand long walks in nature without your feet being hurt. It is a model with a design that includes the Sensifit system, thanks to which it fits correctly to the female foot with safety and comfort.

They are also boots that have a Contagrip sole that integrates a high-performance stud pattern, is resistant to wear and with optimal grip. Likewise, its construction has GoreText waterproof mesh that keeps your feet free of sweat and external moisture.

In addition to all these qualities, it is one of the cheapest options offered by this manufacturer; so they could be considered as the best value for money Salomon boots in their category.

In order to facilitate your purchase decision, we present below a summary of the most relevant characteristics of these women’s boots.


Studded: The Contagrip sole of these boots offers a stud pattern that favors grip on all types of terrain and surfaces.

Lightness: They only weigh 490 grams, which makes them one of the lightest boots in the hiking category.

Cushioning: They offer excellent cushioning, thanks to the padded midsole and the high-tech foam insole.



Colors: It would be appreciated if this model offered a greater variety of colors to choose from.

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Salomon boots with zip

8. Solomon XC Escape Pilot Cross Country Ski Boots

If you are an intermediate or beginner level skier and you do not know which are the best Salomon boots that can improve your performance on the snow, the Escape Pilot could be the most recommended for practicing this winter sport.

They are boots designed to provide great comfort, since they have a wider anatomical last and thermal protection that keep your feet safe from inclement weather.

This model of Salomon boots with central zipper, efficiently protect the laces in order to prevent the entry of water and snow inside. Likewise, they have a lining made of high quality, waterproof and resistant synthetic leather.

On the other hand, they have a sole made of thermoplastic rubber, which optimizes each step in the snow. In addition, it has metal fasteners that favor hooking to the skis.

They are ski boots that combine a comfortable and durable design; so they could be the ones for your adventures in the snow. Learn about its advantages and disadvantages below.


Users: These are sports boots specially designed to meet the needs of beginner and intermediate skiers.

Zipper: They have a central zipper that favors the fit and protects the laces from moisture.

Comfort: Thanks to its looser last and its synthetic leather that provides warmth, it is a shoe that provides extra comfort.



Sizes: These boots are only available in size 40; so if you are looking for another size you could analyze other similar models.

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Salomon boots for boy

9. Salomon Shoes Outward CSWP Unisex Kids Hiking Boots

These Salomon boots for children could be a good purchase, since it is a resistant, light and comfortable model; so your child can go on an excursion and enjoy nature without fear of falling due to a slip. For that reason, it is one of those recommended by parents.

One of its main qualities is the comfort it offers and for this, it has a very soft padded lining with no pressure points; which prevents the formation of blisters. Likewise, it keeps the feet free of moisture thanks to the GoreText membrane.

Likewise, they are made with a rubber sole that provides excellent grip during walks. In addition, they have a reinforced toe cap for better protection of the toes against shocks and their structure provides excellent support to the entire foot.

If you don’t know which Salomon boots to buy for your child, you could consider this model, since they are not only comfortable and resistant, but also one of the cheapest in their category. Learn a little more about this sports shoe.


Fit: They are children’s boots that provide a proper fit, without pressure and without looseness.

Tongue: Thanks to its padded and reinforced tongue, the feet are kept free of dust and stones.

Support: Provides excellent support to the foot, especially in the heel area in order to prevent sprains.



Colors: Since it is a children’s model, it could offer a greater diversity of colors.

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Shopping guide

This guide to buying the best Solomon boots is designed to provide you with the information you need to know about this high-quality product. The idea is that the chosen model adapts perfectly to your feet and to the activities you do outdoors. For this reason, beyond its aesthetics and attractive design, it is essential to bet on boots that resist long hours without your feet being hurt.


Salomon is a brand that was born in the heart of the French Alps in 1947. Georges Salomon, a French entrepreneur driven by his passion for skiing, started his business manufacturing products to maximize the performance of skiers.

For over 70 years, Salomon has been committed to innovating and improving efficiency in mountain sports. This company is currently a world leader in the sports market, offering revolutionary concepts in solutions for hydration, skis, hiking equipment, mountaineering, adventure racing, trail running, clothing and boots.

In this sense, Salomon boots have a design driven by efficiency and performance, in order to provide all public with footwear that optimizes performance on all types of terrain.

Contagrip soles

When choosing boots for hiking, mountaineering or for any other sports activity; The main aspect that you should evaluate is the sole, regardless of how much it costs.

The sole is the base and support of the footwear, so beyond aesthetics, you must bet on safety in each step. For this reason, in your comparison of Salomon boots you will notice that their products have a patented, durable and anti-marking technology; It’s about the Contagrip technology.

Thanks to this advanced technology, Salomon soles are capable of providing adequate performance whether they are used in a rainy or sunny environment or if it is asphalt or rocky terrain. This is possible, since Contagrip fuses in a balanced way the density, the geometry and the components of each sole.

This type of sole has more or less firm areas, depending on where they are placed. They are also intended to provide higher density and more strength in areas that are prone to wear. Likewise, other areas have compounds with lower density, in order to simultaneously provide grip and flexibility when walking.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the unevenness that exists between the toe and the heel. The unevenness is less in boots intended for aggressive terrain and greater when you are going to travel through more level trails. The idea is that you can move safely and without fear of slipping, regardless of the ground you walk on.

On the other hand, the geometry of the studs varies from one model to another. Steep terrain requires a larger lugged outsole to provide protection and grip against sharp rocks and stones. In addition, Salomón has designed the studs with a shape that favors removing mud easily.

Gore-Tex technology

When it comes to outdoor activities where maximum protection and comfort for the feet are required, one of the best options is to choose boots that are made with Gore-Tex technology. In this sense, Salomon has designed the vast majority of his boots with this quality. That is, a material that offers waterproofing and breathability at the same time; so it copes with external moisture and sweat.

Boots made with GoreTex, in addition to providing greater comfort when walking, also provide a safety plus. Because of this, they are able to efficiently channel sweat away from the foot, while preventing water from entering; especially in the cases of puddles and wet grass. In addition, they prevent folds and wrinkles in the instep area, which favors greater comfort.

Design and users

Today Salomon has a wide variety of boots that adapt to the most demanding users and the most diverse climatic conditions. Therefore, you can find boots designed especially for men, women and children; with great availability of sizes and in the appropriate color for all public.

Likewise, this recognized brand has models of low cane, medium cane and high cane; all offer maximum comfort and great protection for the feet. For this reason, you will always find good and cheap boots that suit your personal style. In addition, they are boots that offer a comfortable lace-up closure system that adjusts comfortably to any type of foot.

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