The 9 Best Salomon Shoes of 2022

Salomon Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Salomon shoes have a wide line of designs aimed at children and adults, so when making the selection you will not have any problems, since there is a model for every need. Thus, the ideal is to carefully explore the purchase options. For example, the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX model will provide your feet with the necessary protection to move around in any natural setting or in the city, because they are shoes made of high-quality synthetic textile and rubber. Another good purchase option are the Salomon Alphacross Blast W shoes, made to be used outdoors during any sports practice or for walking in the city.

The 9 Best Salomon Shoes – Opinions 2022

Salomon is a brand with a long history in the market, which offers you a series of shoes with modern, resistant and safe models, which can be used in outdoor sports activities or daily. Next, the details of nine Salomon shoes positioned among the best of this year.

Salomon shoes for men

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Men’s Hiking Shoes

Considered one of the best Salomon shoes, you can find this model in the main lists of sports shoes, thanks to its robust, resistant, modern, safe design and finishes that highlight the high level of product manufacturing.

These are Salomon shoes for men with a stylized cut line, in which lateral reinforcements stand out, which provide stability to the foot, while those in the pointer area protect the toes when impacting against a stone or trunk. In addition, there is the quick-adjust lacing system, designed to adapt the shoe to the natural shape of the foot.

On the other hand, these Salomon X Ultra 3 Gtx sneakers have been provided with a rubber sole, a height of two centimeters and a comfortable flat heel. Likewise, you will have medium depth channels, in the back of the sole, with the purpose of offering a good grip.

Salomon has managed to highlight this model among the best sneakers of the moment, due to its robust, modern and resistant design.


Reinforcements: Reinforcements are incorporated in the toe box, to protect the foot from a slight impact.

Traction: Due to the channels of the sole, you will enjoy adequate traction on any surface.

Waterproof: Thanks to the synthetic fabric, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside.

Strap: The built-in rear strap makes it easy to put on the shoes, without having to use shoehorns.


Last: The last could be a little reduced for some foot sizes and, therefore, the measurements should be checked carefully.

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2. Salomon X Reveal Men’s Hiking Shoes

The Salomon house never ceases to amaze its followers with its products, designed to offer the demands of quality and benefit the health of the feet, since they incorporate a soft touch, quick adjustment, secure closure and an adequate level of both cushioning and comfort. perspiration.

All these characteristics can be evidenced in the present model of Salomon shoes for men, which has been provided with a contagrip-type sole with a robust body, suitable for moving safely on wet or dry surfaces, due to the integrated stud system with different profiles. for better traction.

Similarly, the footwear adds an EVA rubber midsole to its design, which cushions the impact generated when stepping, releasing annoying pressure points on the heel and sole, while the Ortholite foam insole offers a comfortable support surface. for the foot, which is capable of evacuating moisture.

Next, find out the pros and cons of Salomon shoes aimed at the male target and made with resistant materials.


Pointer: You will keep your fingers protected against unexpected impacts, thanks to the reinforcement of the pointer.

Midsole: Its soft rubber midsole is capable of absorbing the impact on the sole when walking.

Insole: You will not have to worry about heat generation due to the insole, since it is made of a breathable material.

Closure: The incorporation of laces to the instep allows a quick adjustment and secure closure.


Inner lining: The inner lining offers a slightly stiff touch, which could cause chafing on the skin.

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Salomon shoes for women

3. Salomon Alphacross Blast W Women’s Trail Running Shoes

This is a shoe designed to offer followers of the brand safety and comfort when moving on any terrain, so you can wear these Salomon shoes for women during an excursion, for running, exercising in the gym or simply for walking along the town.

It is a model made with synthetic materials that provide resistance to wear, an adequate level of perspiration, due to the mesh used, and a padded interior to prevent friction against the skin of the foot. Also, there is the non-slip rubber sole and medium depth channels, integrated to achieve better traction.

In addition, this shoe combines a removable ortholite foam insole and an energy cell-type rubber midsole that, together, manage to cushion the pressure generated when the sole and heel of the foot hit the contact surface with great effectiveness..

Know the advantages and disadvantages of this model with a resistant, light body and modern aesthetics.


Adjustment: You have two rows of laces crossed by a cord, for a quick adjustment of the shoe.

Traction: The channels arranged in the sole provide optimal grip on different surfaces.

Template: The integrated template facilitates the cleaning process, since it can be easily removed.

Use: With these shoes you can do any outdoor sports activity or walk around the city.


Pointer: The pointer area could be a bit narrow, but this will depend on the anatomy of each foot.

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4. Salomon X Mission Women’s Trail Running Shoes

If you are looking for Salomon shoes for women, you might be interested in this model made to adapt to the natural shape of the foot, without generating extra weight, so that performance when running or walking will increase satisfactorily.

The footwear has a Contagrip type sole, which is a rubber that provides good traction on any terrain, whether it is wet or dry. In addition, such material resists abrasion, making it durable. For its part, the outer area in synthetic fabric provides a pleasant touch and adequate perspiration, so that the foot is comfortable throughout the journey.

With regard to the closure method, the manufacturer brand incorporated a Quicklace lacing system into this product, which does not need to be tied like conventional models and, therefore, you will not have to worry about the shoe unexpectedly coming loose while you are on the move.

Here, some of the main details of a Salomon shoe model that has achieved a good position in the market.


Outsole: The built-in rubber outsole provides a high level of traction on wet surfaces.

Closure: You won’t have to worry about the laces coming undone, since you have a practical Quicklace closure system.

Weight: Its light body makes walking easier, since it will not represent an annoying weight for the foot.

Interior: The interior lining provides greater comfort to the foot, preventing chafing.


Waterproofing: You should be careful when wearing these shoes on rainy days, as they are not waterproof.

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Salomon Trail Shoes

5. Salomon Speedcross 4 Men’s Trail Running Shoes

This model is positioned among the best Salomon sneakers of 2022, aimed at the male target, whose design has been designed to provide a light structure that will not affect performance on the ground; with a padded interior that prevents chafing and a high traction sole for wet or dry surfaces.

These Salomon Trail running shoes have a Quicklace lacing system, which allows you to adjust the fit anatomically, without having to constantly tie the strings. In the area of ​​the pointer, a reinforcement made of rubber stands out, which protects the fingers in case of impacting against a stone, trunk or solid object when walking.

In addition, the Contagrip-type flat-heeled sole, which has a robust format and deep studs, provides a secure grip, while the midsole, made of soft rubber, absorbs the energy of the impact generated in each one of the steps. Thus, the foot remains comfortable.

Salomon is recommended as the best brand of sneakers, taking as an example the present model with interesting details.


Quicklace system: You won’t have to worry about stopping to tie the laces, thanks to the Quicklace adjustment system.

Midsole: Its midsole provides cushioning to the foot with each step.

Studs: The series of studs incorporated into the sole offers an adequate level of traction on any terrain.

Pointer: The reinforcement on the pointer protects the fingers from the impacts that may arise.


Stiffness: The shoes might be a little stiff initially, but after a few uses, they fit the foot well.

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6. Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX W Trail Shoes

With these Salomon Xa Pro 3d Gtx shoes you won’t have to worry about unexpected precipitation, spills or puddles of water to go through during the tour, since this is a shoe made with the well-known Gore-Tex membrane. It is a fabric with waterproof properties, which will keep your feet dry without sacrificing the correct perspiration of the skin, due to its porosity that allows free air circulation.

Likewise, it has an adjustment and closure method by means of Quicklace-type laces, which will allow you to leave in the past the messy task of having to constantly tie the strings that go through the instep eyelets. 

For its part, the Sensifit system, arranged on the sides of these Salomon Trail shoes, favors foot stability. In addition, the integrated Contagrip flat heel sole, in conjunction with the series of medium-deep studs, offer an adequate level of traction.

This product has advantages and some less flattering aspects that may be interesting if you are looking for waterproof shoes for women.


Gore-Tex: You won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside, due to its Gore-Tex membrane construction.

Closure: Thanks to the quicklace lacing system, you will get a quick fit and secure closure.

Sole: Its contagrip rubber sole provides stability to the foot and optimal grip on any surface.

Puller: The rear puller makes it easy to put on the shoes.


Wear: The studs built into the sole could wear out quickly from constant impact on the asphalt.

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Salomon Xa Pro 3d Shoes

7. Salomon XA Pro 3D v8 Men’s Trail Running Shoes

With this shoe you could answer the question of which are the best Salomon shoes, since, according to the followers of the brand, this is a product resistant to abrasion, with an anatomical design and an adequate level of cushioning to provide a safe and comfortable ride. comfortable. In addition, this option is valued as one of the cheapest in this list of recommendations.

Its Contagrip-type sole was made of rubber with a robust and light body, so it does not cause discomfort when walking; while the Energy Cell midsole provides light padding, which cushions the energy of the impact produced in each of the steps. 

Also, a series of medium-depth studs stand out in these Salomon Xa Pro 3d shoes, which provide a better grip on different terrains and the 3D Chassis system, arranged on both sides of the shoe to improve stability.

If you still don’t know which Salomon shoes to buy, this model could be of interest to you. Here, more details.


Stability: You will achieve correct foot stability, due to the incorporated 3D Chassis side reinforcements.

Closure: Its Quicklace laces offer a faster and knotless closure.

Midsole: You won’t have to worry about pressure points as the soft rubber midsole absorbs pressure.

Fit: The innovative built-in Sensifit system provides an anatomical fit.


Waterproofing: Because the shoes are not waterproof, you will have to be careful during the tour, so as not to step on deep puddles.

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Salomon Goretex Shoes

8. Salomon Alphacross GTX Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

By acquiring these Salomon Goretex shoes, you will enjoy footwear with a modern cut, detailed finishes, comfortable interior and high traction sole. All in a functional design, suitable for gym workouts, trail running, outdoor walks, or just for everyday use.

For the manufacture of this model, the well-known Gore-Tex membrane was used, which is characterized by having a porosity capable of preventing the passage of moisture, but allowing air to pass freely. Thus, the foot will be dry and fresh. In addition, thanks to the ripstop type fabric used in the instep of the structure, comfort will be greater, because the shoe adapts to the natural shape of the foot.

On the other hand, the Energy Cell EVA midsole stands out, which cushions the impact of footsteps, while the Contagrip sole provides a secure grip on wet surfaces, thanks to the medium-deep studs.

This is a shoe positively valued on the web, whose positive aspects and other less flattering ones you will be able to know immediately.


Gore-tex : The incorporated Gore-tex membrane prevents the passage of water inside without sacrificing breathability.

Midsole: The foot will remain rested at all times, thanks to the soft rubber midsole that absorbs the pressure of impacts.

Adjustment: You can manually adjust the shoes, thanks to the conventional laces integrated into the instep.

Weight: You will be able to improve performance when running or walking, due to the light weight of the shoes.


Template: The attached template might be a bit flimsy, but you can remove it and place a new one.

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Salomon shoes for kids

9. Salomon Speedcross J Unisex Kids Trail Running Shoes

This is a shoe valued as one of the best quality-price Salomon shoes, made with durable materials for safe movement on different terrains, with a breathable interior and anatomical fit, for greater comfort.

In addition, it is noteworthy that these Salomon shoes for children have a Contagrip multipurpose rubber sole, whose robust body is capable of resisting wear and tear and providing an adequate level of traction. 

For its part, the interior area incorporates a die-cut EVA rubber insole, which cushions the energy produced by the weight of the body, when the sole hits the ground. In this way, the foot is given rest.

Also, it is worth mentioning the Quicklace closure system of these Salomon Speedcross 4 shoes, which is more practical compared to conventional strings, since they do not have to be manually adjusted or tied together every time the shoes are put on.

Among the cheapest options in this selection of Salomon shoes, this model stands out, whose details we mention below.


Support: The Sensifit lateral reinforcement system considerably improves foot stability.

Sole: Its multipurpose rubber sole provides a good level of traction and is resistant to wear.

Weight: Thanks to the light weight of the shoe, the child will not feel that he is wearing the shoes.

Insole: The EVA rubber insole provides cushioning and comfort to the soles of the feet.


Laces: The lacing system could be a bit flimsy and therefore should be treated with care.

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Shopping guide

In the following guide to buy the best Salomon shoes, you will find the main quality indicators to evaluate when selecting said product, which will allow you to carry quality footwear with you and capable of satisfying your needs for use.


The level of impermeability of the purchased footwear is an issue that must be evaluated in any comparison of Salomon shoes, since the protection provided to the feet during different outdoor activities will depend on it.

For example, there are models whose exterior is made of synthetic fabric, which, although it does not completely stop the passage of moisture into the interior of the shoes, will prevent the foot from getting completely wet in the event of an unexpected spill.

For their part, other manufacturing brands are committed to incorporating a special lining with a Gore-tex membrane into their designs, which will allow you to move over any puddle or in the rain without inconvenience. This is due to the fact that the aforementioned textile has such a reduced porosity that it does not allow water molecules to penetrate, but it is wide enough for air to flow freely. In this way, it is possible to keep your feet completely dry, without sacrificing perspiration, so they will always be fresh.


When you start looking for your Salomon shoes, surely one of the goals you have set for yourself is that they be good and cheap. However, for this to be possible, you must evaluate the design in detail, avoiding looking only at the aesthetic part of the shoe. Instead, you will have to review more thoroughly, which is the case with the incorporation of a quality template.

In this sense, you will not have problems when selecting a model belonging to the Salomon house purchase catalog, since they usually use insoles made with the well-known Ortholite foam, together with EVA-type rubber.

It is a pair of materials that adapt to the natural shape of the sole and the heel without deforming, offering a pleasant soft touch and cushioning the impact generated when stepping. In this way, it is possible to release the pressure points on the foot for a comfortable ride. In addition, this template is designed to provide a good level of breathability, by quickly evacuating perspiration from the foot.

Likewise, some designs include a preformed format in the area of ​​the arch, which provides a better coupling to the plant, in order to avoid internal slippage when moving.

Adjustment and closure method

The method of adjusting and closing the shoe could vary according to the model of Salomon shoes selected, so you can find designs with conventional laces and others with the modern Quicklace system.

The first of them offers a manual regulation of the width of the mouthpiece of the shoe, for which you only have to pull both ends of the intertwined strings in the holes of the instep. 

Next, if the desired fit is achieved according to the anatomy of the foot, all that remains is to tie these straps to maintain the stability acquired. For its part, the Quicklace system is much simpler, since both the adjustment and the closure offered are faster, because these laces do not need to be tied.

Both methods are completely safe and easy to handle for both children and adults. However, there are some discrepancies between them in terms of the fit generated, which might be more convenient for some people. Also keep in mind that this aspect will likely determine how much the shoe costs.


The sole of footwear is an aspect that is usually evaluated in an ephemeral way, so people do not know with certainty what type of material is used to manufacture said support platform.

In this sense, Salomon shoes are characterized by having a type of Contagrip sole, whose robust body offers a long life, due to its high level of resistance to abrasion, since it is made up of a selection of various types of high-quality rubber. quality. Likewise, this material provides a secure grip on smooth or wet terrain, thanks to its adherent properties.

In addition, it is convenient to review the back of the sole, whose area should incorporate a series of channels or studs with medium depth, so that when stepping on, stability is increased, regardless of the surface on which we find ourselves.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do Salomon shoes fit ?

Generally, Salomon shoes fit correctly on the foot, according to the standard measurements of each number. However, it must be borne in mind that the pointer area of ​​the models belonging to that brand has a slightly adjusted cutting line.

In this sense, when purchasing Salomon shoes, the ideal is to select them half a size above the last used. Of course, this applies only if your feet are wide. Otherwise, you won’t have any problems.

Q2: How to wash Salomon shoes ?

To wash your Salomon shoes you must start by removing the laces and immersing them in a soapy solution for a few minutes, to proceed to rub them and rinse them with fresh water.

Next, take a soft bristle brush and carefully rub it over the entire edge of the sole. In this way, you will remove the accumulated dirt and dust particles. Next, repeat the procedure by applying bleach-free detergent and remove the excess with a damp cloth.

With regard to the outer area, you can use a sponge to remove dirt and not cause any damage to the textile, while for the inner part of the shoe, you can remove the insole and place it outdoors, in order to get rid of any Bad smell.

Q3: How to tie Salomon shoes ?

The method to tie your Salomon shoes will depend on the laces used by the manufacturer for that model. For example, some designs have the practical Quicklace system, which does not require lacing and provides an anatomical fit on the foot. To do this, it is only necessary to pull the small plastic part incorporated into the elastic cord, to immediately adapt the width of the shoe.

On the other hand, other designs have been provided with conventional laces, so you will have to pull both strings simultaneously, until you get the correct coupling of the shoe, and then tie them together.

Q4: Where are Salomon shoes made ?

Initially, the manufacturing process of the Salomon shoe prototypes takes place in the south-east of France, in an alpine town known as Annecy. Next, the entire commercial procedure must be carried out, which is carried out in a French entity. In this way, the product ends up in the hands of Asian subcontractors, to finally be introduced to the market.

Q5: How do I know if my Salomon shoes are original ?

To know if the purchased Salomon shoes are original, it is necessary to first check the position of the labels, since one must be on the tongue and a second on the lateral area near the heel.

Also, the sole of the shoe in the central back part, will have to be identified with a small red triangle in which the word “contagrip” stands out, which is the rubber used by the brand to make the sole.

Finally, if it is a waterproof model, then you will find a label that says “Gore Tex”, that is, the type of membrane used, which prevents the passage of water inside, but allows free circulation of air to maintain a good perspiration.

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