The 9 Best Skechers Sneakers of 2022

Skechers Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Skechers footwear has earned a well-deserved worldwide fame that has lasted for more than two decades, as the prestigious American brand has established itself as a benchmark for quality and diversity, offering a wide range of shoes for men, women and children. Among the favorite options, the Skechers Graceful-Get Connected stand out, with a design intended for women, available in various sizes and colors, with a flat heel, with laces and an upper cover made of fabric. For men, a favorable option is the Skechers Flex Advantage 2.0, sneakers made of canvas, fabric and a flat synthetic sole, which come in three colors and assorted sizes.



The 9 Best Skechers Sneakers – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for Skechers sneakers, there are several models that you can find, but although they all enjoy the quality and guarantee that the renowned brand reflects in all its articles, you may be interested in knowing the proposals that have been revealed so far as the best sneakers Skechers. Below, we present a distinguished selection of these sports shoes to find the most suitable option. 

Women’s Skechers Shoes


1. Skechers Women’s Graceful-Get Connected Sneaker 

As the best Skechers sneakers on the market, the Graceful – Get Connected model, reference 12615, is presented. It is an ideal sports shoe to walk comfortably throughout the day. This pair of Skechers sneakers for women has flat soles made of EVA, a material that provides relief with each step and prevents fatigue when walking.

A fabric with reinforced seams and overlay details forms the upper part of these lace-up sneakers. Heel height measures 075”. In addition, this model has Memory Foam insoles, made of a foam that makes these shoes more comfortable to wear, while favoring the absorption of sweat.

This model is available in 7 different colors, so anyone who likes them can choose the tone that most identifies them. In addition, they are presented in sizes ranging from 35 to 42. 

Although these are offered as the best Skechers sneakers of the moment, there are some pros and cons that would be worth considering when evaluating all the alternatives.


Design: They exhibit an athletic and simple design, appropriate to combine with both sports and casual clothing.

Variety: Offered in 7 different colors, with assorted sizes for women of different ages and sizes.

Comfort: They are light and have Memory Foam insoles, which increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

Versatility: They are suitable for daily use and for running or sports.


Sizes: They can be larger than other conventional sizes. 

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Skechers Shoes for Men 

2. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage 2.0-Dayshow Sneaker

Among the collection of sports models from the wide catalog of alternatives offered by Skechers, a proposal stands out that is also included among the best Skechers sneakers of 2022. It is the Flex Advantage 2.0-Dayshow model, a pair of Skechers sneakers for men, with a flat sole, made of synthetic material.

Its external part has a fabric cover, which closes and adjusts to the shape of the foot, by holding its laces. For its part, its interior and much of its design are made of canvas. 

They are designed to provide relief and comfort when walking and using them daily, since their sole is soft, with light components, and they also incorporate Memory Foam insoles, which creates the sensation of stepping on a very soft surface. These shoes come in various sizes, ranging from 39 to 47.5. Also, this model can be obtained in blue, black or gray.

When it comes to the best brand of sneakers, Skechers stands out for its quality and extensive experience. Here, some pros and cons of this model.


Comfort: They are comfortable and light shoes. Therefore, they are appropriate for jobs that require many hours of standing.

Style: Their casual and sporty style makes them ideal to combine with different looks and wear them on a daily basis.

Sizes: Depending on the color, there are several sizes available, from 39 to 47.5.

Grip: The sole provides security and good grip on surfaces. 


Use: They may not be very suitable for running, but for daily walking.

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Girls’ Skechers Shoes 

3. Skechers Glimmer Kicks-Glitter N’ Glow Trainers

If you ‘re looking for a girl’s style, the Glimmer Kicks-Glitter N’ Glow could be a viable alternative. In addition, they stand out as cheap and quality Skechers sneakers, since they are sporty, but with a casual style, having an upper cover made of synthetic material, where shiny and glamorous details are shown in delicate shades of purple and striking applications, combined with blue. They have a synthetic sole and a 1” low heel. 

Likewise, they incorporate a pair of elastic laces that adjust more easily. These girls’ Skechers shoes are considered comfortable as they provide a smooth walk. They also have lights on the sides that turn on and off. These slippers are available in various sizes and colors, so there’s a pair for every girl.

To determine if this option might be appropriate, it is worth taking a look at some of its pros and cons.


Striking: They exhibit a beautiful cover, where striking colors, lights and brightness stand out.

Adjustment: Its elastic laces allow for a faster, easier and safer adjustment.

Sizes: The model is offered in several sizes, suitable for girls and adolescents.

Comfortable: Like all Skechers shoes, its design molds comfortably to the foot.


Details: It is not recommended to use them daily, as their decorations and striking details could come off faster.

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Skechers Men’s Trainers 

4. Skechers Men’s Summits 52811 Sneaker 

The Summits 52811 model is presented as a suitable option for those looking for Skechers sneakers for men. It is available in black, with various sizes, for youth and adults that fit from 39 to 47.5. 

These sneakers have a classic, casual and sporty design, with a sole and lining made of synthetic material, plus a mesh fabric cover. They are ideal for daily use and training. Its design exhibits discreet stitching details, with synthetic overlays in the heel and instep area. In addition, they have Bungee laces and could be the right answer if there are doubts about which are the best Skechers shoes.

The footwear incorporates memory foam insoles, while in the front part of the instep panel it has an elastic fabric that favors sliding the foot into the shoe. In addition, it has a light and flexible midsole, capable of absorbing impacts. 

To have greater security when deciding which Skechers shoes to buy, we suggest you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal.


Breathable: Its mesh fabric promotes breathability and keeps your feet comfortable.

Cushioning: It incorporates a midsole that acts as a shock absorber to contain the force of the impacts in each step.

Flexibility: Its design adjusts to the shape of the foot and provides rest and comfort.

Soles: Its flexible traction soles facilitate free mobility in any physical activity.


Size: They can be smaller than normal, so it is recommended to consult the exact measurements by size.

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Skechers sneakers for women white 

5. Skechers D’Lites Fresh Start 11931 Women’s Trainers

The D’Lites Fresh Start 11931-WSL are white Skechers sneakers for women, ideal for daily use when walking, during long working hours and for casual wear, since their sporty, traditional and striking color and design can be used to combine with any type of clothing, be it a dress or pants, and show off a unique and original style.

They are designed to offer maximum comfort, resistance and durability, since they have an outer cover made of leather, a material that can be more resistant to daily use and other factors. This pair of sneakers also combines fabric and leather in its internal composition. 

The model has a rubber sole and a flat heel, which rises to a height of 5.5 cm. These lace-up sneakers are suitable for women of different ages and sizes, as their sizes range from 35 to 41.

Those who have been interested in these shoes could complement the information presented by also consulting their pros and cons.


Versatile: They can be combined with any outfit and are suitable for walking or daily use.

Durability: Its structure is made up of leather and other materials that provide quality, resistance and durability.

Height: Its heel raises the height of the person a few centimeters.

Comfortable: Despite being robust, they are light and feel comfortable at all times.


Last: They may fit larger than usual footwear, so it is recommended to check the exact measurements before choosing.

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Skechers light up sneakers 

6. Skechers Boys’ Energy Lights-Elate Hi-Top Trainers

Skechers light up shoes are a fun and appropriate option for boys. This group includes the Energy Lights-Elate model, flat-heeled sneakers with a synthetic sole and laces, made of leather on the outside and fabric coverings, materials that make them comfortable and resistant. 

Its design is classic and simple. However, they have a particularity that makes them distinguishable and striking, and that is that each sole incorporates lights that can be activated so that they flash intermittently in various colors or remain fixed. To enjoy this novelty, the Energy Lights-Elate shoes include a cable that charges their battery.

It is a shoe suitable for both girls and boys, since the model is presented in black and white, while it has several sizes, suitable for different ages and foot sizes, which can be chosen between the number 27 to 39,5.

If you liked what you’ve seen of these shoes so far, be sure to analyze their pros and cons.


Manufacturing: They are made of leather, a material that makes them more resistant and durable.

Colorful: They have lights that turn on in various colors, which makes them more striking.

Unisex: The colors of this model can be appropriate for both girls and boys.

Variable: They can be used with the lights on, flashing, fixed or without them. 


Lights: The lights may start to fail after a while of use.

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Skechers sneakers for women black 

7. Skechers Women’s Bobs Squad-Tough Talk Sneaker

The Bobs Squad-Tough Talk are a possible alternative for those who want to buy comfortable Skechers shoes, whether for daily use, walking, running or playing sports on any type of terrain. They feature laces, a flat heel and an upper cover made of knit fabric, with overlay details made of synthetic material.

These can be indicated if you are looking for black Skechers sneakers for women, although there are also them in other colors, with varied sizes. They are modern, sporty and casual. In addition, the soft material with which they are made makes them cool, so they can be convenient to use during the summer, spring and even other times.

Inside, they have viscoelastic foam insoles that, together with the flexible sole that they incorporate, make them feel much more comfortable and pleasant, so they would be ideal for daily use, even during long hours of work standing up.

There are several advantages that can be seen in these Skechers shoes, but to learn more about them, we suggest analyzing their pros and cons.


Variety: They are available in various sizes and colors, so there is a pair for every taste and size.

Flexible: They are soft, smooth and flexible, which provides greater comfort to the foot to use them for hours.

Safety: Their rubber soles have grooves and markings that optimize their grip on some surfaces.

Fabric: The material that makes up its cover provides greater freshness and comfort.


Numbers: Some numbers may not match your regularly worn size.

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Skechers walking shoes 

8. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Sneaker

Among the Skechers sneakers for women without laces, the Go Walk Joy 124089 stand out, a model with a rubber sole and low heel, which is appropriate for casual dressing, walking, working or daily use, so they could be described as Skechers walking shoes. In addition, they mold properly to the shape of the foot, which makes it easy to move and walk freely, comfortably and without fatigue. 

They are quite light, their sole is flexible and they provide optimal support on surfaces. Their outer fabric makes them fresh and breathable, which increases well-being when using them. 

This model comes in 6 assorted colors and different sizes, so you can choose according to your preference. Likewise, it is the most recommended option for those who are looking for the best value for money Skechers shoes. 

Although these are some of the cheapest Skechers shoes, they maintain the quality of the brand. Here, more of its advantages and disadvantages.


Practical: Being laceless, they can be put on and taken off more easily.

Use: They are appropriate for everyday use, either for walking or going to work.

Size: Each size generally matches the number that is usually worn, so it reduces the margin of error in the fit.

Fresh: They mold to the foot and provide comfort, while feeling fresh, due to the fabric used in the front area.


Stiffness: They may not be very flexible in the heel area, so they could be difficult to fit on people with wide feet.

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Skechers memory foam sneakers for women 

9. Skechers Women’s Summits-New World Sneaker

The prestigious American brand has models that fit all tastes, styles and pockets. Its large collection includes cheap Skechers women’s shoes, among these is the Summits-New World 12997 model. 

These Skechers Memory Foam sneakers for women have a fabric lining, a rubber sole and a flat heel. In addition, their outer part is made of canvas, they are adjusted by means of laces, while their width is classified as M. 

Like all the models that make up the Skechers shoe line, this shoe is designed to guarantee relief and comfort with each step, as it gently adapts to the anatomy of the foot and creates a feeling of relaxation. They are light pieces and help keep the foot free of perspiration. They are available in 6 colors and their sizes range from 35 to 42.

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the Summits-New World shoes could be a way to check if they would be the most suitable.


Mouldable: They have Memory Foam insoles, which adapt to the shape of the foot and provide comfort.

Colors: Comes in various women’s sizes and comes in 6 different attractive colors.

Sizes: Most available sizes fit the normal size of each person.

Resistance: They are made of a composition of materials that provide resistance, durability and facilitate cleaning.


Sole: They are not slip resistant. However, its sole provides good grip and stability.

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Shopping guide

Skechers has established itself as one of the leading brands in the design and manufacture of sports and casual footwear, creating numerous styles of sneakers that represent comfort, beauty and quality. If you want to get some new sneakers, but you don’t know how to choose them, we invite you to analyze the following guide to buy the best Skechers sneakers, where we indicate the aspects that you should consider when deciding.


Size is one of the main characteristics when choosing shoes. It is important to select a model whose size best fits the shape of the foot but, at the same time, gives you some freedom of movement and allows you to enjoy the comfortable feeling that you expect when wearing Skechers shoes.

One of the advantages offered by the famous American brand is that, for each model, there is a wide variety of sizes, for men, women and children, so it is always possible to get the right one, depending on age and size. 

However, the number available may not always coincide with the usual size, so in some cases it would be necessary to measure the length of the foot and compare it with the measurement in centimeters indicated in the reference tables of the models of interest and So choose the size that is closest to you.


To choose the type of footwear that best suits your needs, it would be convenient to make a comparison of Skechers shoes to assess which advantages are really useful, depending on what you are looking for. 

To do this, it would be prudent to think about the expected use and, based on this, choose a type of footwear that provides the best benefit and has the ability to resist and adapt to the routine. Among the varied inventory offered by Skechers, there are sports-style proposals, with models indicated for going to the gym, training for a sport, walking or running.

All models stand out for providing relief, rest and comfort. Among them, there are some that, although they retain their sporty design, can be used casually, with any type of clothing, for day-to-day use, and some could even be used for work, when standing for many hours is required.


The manufacturing materials are a fundamental characteristic to consider, if you want to have shoes that guarantee comfort, resistance and durability. Although Skechers sneakers are characterized by being quality footwear, not all proposals have the same composition of materials, as this is something that could vary depending on the model and the use for which they are designed.

In addition, their price may also be subject to the type of material with which they have been made, so, to estimate how much Skechers shoes cost and calculate their resistance capacity, you have to know what they are made of.

There are some models whose top cover is made of leather, canvas, fabric, knit or mesh. There are also them with fabric coverings, synthetic inserts and EVA rubber soles, flexible and some with non-slip properties, while others incorporate viscoelastic or Memory Foam insoles. Each of these materials provides resistance, but they can make the structure have a greater or lesser degree of hardness, ventilation and traction on the ground.


Among the proposals, you could be lucky enough to get good and cheap Skechers shoes. This would be a great advantage, but it is also important that you can choose a design that appeals to you and suits your tastes so that you can end up making a successful purchase. Among the options for men and women, there are classic models and others that are sporty, casual, more modern and striking.

There are flat heels and some for women are more centimeters high. If you are concerned about the fit, you can also choose models that close with laces, fixed or elastic, that do not need to be tied and there are also models without them. For the little ones, there are bright, colorful, fun and innovative alternatives, as some models have colored lights and a charging cable.

sole and fit

The sole is another important factor to take into account when choosing Skechers shoes. It is important that this guarantees a good grip and stability on the type of ground on which they are usually walked and where they are planned to be used. In addition, it should be flexible enough to provide comfort and be able to withstand constant use without wearing down. 

It is also necessary to look for a model that molds smoothly to the foot and ensure that its inner insole can provide well-being, prevent fatigue and does not deform with footsteps.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to clean Skechers shoes?

The cleaning method of Skechers shoes can vary depending on the model and the type of material with which they are made. If they are leather shoes, which could be in contact with moisture, it would be advisable to apply a protector against stains and rain, and use a spray or cream to clean them. Machine wash is not recommended.

Non-leather ones can be washed in cold water, on the gentlest cycle of the machine, in a garment bag and allowed to air dry. Memory Foam slippers can also be machine washed in cold water for at least 30 minutes. These require 10 to 12 hours in the air to ensure the complete drying of their insoles. 

Q2: How do Skechers shoes fit?

The majority of Skechers shoe models generally coincide with the size that each person normally wears. Also, some numbers offer half sizes. However, there may be some models that are larger or smaller than normal, as their design could be wide or narrow, so it would be necessary to order a larger or smaller number.

In any case, to get the right size, the most convenient thing would be to measure the length of the foot, from the heel to the longest toe and add 0.5 cm, to compare with the size in cm of the shoes and find the correct size, which can be presented in American (USA), United Kingdom (UK), European or Spanish (EUR) numbering.

Q3: Where are Skechers shoes made?

The North American brand is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, United States. However, this company, recognized worldwide, has several facilities that are responsible for the manufacture of its different styles of footwear in other countries. Some of these factories are located in Mexico, China, Brazil and Romania.

Q4: How to wash Skechers sneakers with lights?

Skechers sneakers with lights require more special care when washing them, as this procedure could compromise their function. In general, it is not recommended to machine wash or immerse the shoes in water, but use a clean, soft cloth, soap and warm water to clean each of its parts. After finishing the process, it is recommended to let them air dry for a few hours.

Q5: How to combine Skechers sneakers?

Current fashion exhibits sneakers as a trend, so it is increasingly common to see this type of footwear combined with any outfit, whether or not it is sporty, as they can be worn with different styles. The important thing is to choose an outfit whose color matches some of the shades of the Skechers shoes. 

The combination of these sneakers also depends on the tastes and look preferences of each user, so each one could set their own style. These would go well with styles that range from classic and casual, with pants, blouse or shirt, to urban, sporty or rocker, as they can be worn with joggers, jeans and even skirts and dresses.

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