The 9 Best Snow Boots for Women of 2022

Women’s Snow Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

During the winter it is important to have warm footwear and especially with good traction, but for women it is also necessary that it is fashionable. Therefore, when choosing women’s snow boots, the design and appearance must be evaluated, in addition to the materials. An example of this can be the Polar High Boot model whose synthetic material and inner lining keep the feet and legs very warm. For its part, another suitable model is the Polar Boot Ankle Boots with an urban and casual appearance, but which protects from the cold due to the fleece lining inside.

The 9 Best Snow Boots for Women – Opinions 2022

For this winter you can look fashionable without sacrificing your comfort. That is why we present our selection with the best snow boots for women, attractive and functional designs to walk with style and safety in the snow. 

1. Polar Women Snow High Padded Boot

When looking for the best snow boots for women, it is inevitable to think of an attractive design that allows you to keep your feet warm, to complement a nice outfit during winter days. 

These characteristics predominate in these Polar footwear, black high-top boots made of a combination of leather and synthetic fabric, which favor resistance to water and provide thermal insulation. Also standing out for being one of the cheapest.

Likewise, the inner lining is also warm and soft. As for the grip, the sole of this shoe is made of rubber and offers efficient traction on snow, wet floors and with traces of ice. 

As for the closure system, the laces arranged on the cuff allow for a good fit, especially for those with thin calves. Now, with regard to size, there are those who recommend asking for a larger number than what you normally wear due to the thickness of the lining. 

About this model, we can highlight several pros and cons that we observe in its characteristics. Here we summarize them.


Coat: The internal lining of synthetic sheepskin and the fabric on the shaft increase the thermal insulation of the boot.

Sole: The efficient traction of these boots is determined by the rubber sole that favors stability when walking in the snow.

Fit: These boots fit well and adjust easily, no matter how thick your calf is, thanks to the sturdy laces.

Measurement table: The manufacturer shows a measurement table to choose the appropriate size in the different measurement systems.


Impermeability: Although the boots are resistant to the passage of water, it cannot be said that they are totally waterproof. 

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2. Polar Boot Woman Lining Snow

If you are one of the women who balance comfort and style, these Polar Boot ankle boots may be appropriate for you.

Its urban design is very sophisticated, ideal to complement a casual look, without compromising comfort. To meet their thermal objective, they have a plush lining inside that keeps your feet warm. 

Regarding the sole, it is made of rubber and provides an efficient grip on wet floors, rainy days and walks in the snow. On the other hand, its mid-low shaft provides good protection to the ankle area, thus avoiding sprains if you lose your balance when walking in the snow. 

As for the size, its size fits well for most users, which is why many think that it is one of the best snow boots for women of 2022, considering all its virtues. 

Now we show you the positive and negative aspects of this product to help you make a smart purchase. 


Finishes: The boots have good finishes at the junction of the sole and the foot, demonstrating strength and durability. 

Upper: The mid-low upper covers a little above the ankle, being waterproof in this area and keeping the extremity protected.

Laces: The lace-up adjustment system makes it easy to put on the shoe, tightening as necessary, depending on the circumference of the leg.


Sole: The white colored sole gets dirty easily, which can affect the appearance of the boots. 

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3. Geox D Kaula B Abx C

For Geox it is important to offer maximum comfort and protection against climatic factors in its footwear models, which is why it can be considered the best brand of snow boots for women.

In the case of the Kaula Abx model, we have warm and waterproof boots that offer efficient breathability to keep your feet warm but comfortable, especially during long walks.

The sole stands out for being made of EVA, offering a high level of flexibility, while being light. The flat heel is 4.5 cm high and offers an ergonomic foot position, increasing stability. 

There are different technologies patented by Geox in these boots, such as Amphibiox, a membrane that provides protection against rain, snow and mud. For this reason, it is a shoe designed for outdoor activities.

We can point out some pros and cons of this model that can help you decide whether to buy it or not. 


Technology: The Amphibiox waterproof membrane provides high resistance to water in this shoe, so it can be used outdoors, in the rain and walking in the snow with peace of mind.

Sole: This is the Geox sole with a breathable, flexible and cushioning design that allows you to step safely on different types of terrain.

Style: The boots have a contemporary design that combines different textures on the outside, increasing its appeal for use in the city or in the mountains.


Price: It is an expensive shoe, but taking into account all its benefits, it can be said that it is worth it. 

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4. Hitmars Women Winter Snow Boots

To look good and walk comfortably in the snow you don’t need to spend a lot of money. An example of this is this shoe from Hitmars, whose affordable value makes it the best value for money women’s snow boots. Now let’s discuss its features.

First, we see a synthetic leather construction. Secondly, the ankle boot or low-top format that covers the ankle stands out and, thirdly, it has a fleece lining that keeps the feet warm.

These boots have a classic but current design, so they can be combined with different looks, being appropriate for an urban, rural or mountain style. In this way, you get a versatile shoe that you can choose in different colors. In addition, the rubber sole and studs provide a good grip on wet floors, so they are beautiful and functional boots for winter. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product, we invite you to take a look at its most outstanding positive and negative aspects.


Warm design: They are short cane boots, with a classic style and easy to combine for use in the city or in the mountains, since they have a shearling-type lining that keeps the feet warm.

Variety: This model is available in multiple colors, being able to choose one or several pairs to combine with your different outfits.

Laces: The adjustment is made through the laces for a firm hold, according to the width of your leg. 


Width: The boots are a bit loose, so there could be room in the instep and wrinkles.

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5. Mishansha Snow Boots Men Women Non-slip

If you are still searching for the best women’s snow boots of the moment, it is worth reviewing the qualities of this unisex model from Mishansha: they are winter boots, made of high-quality synthetic leather and with a very soft fur lining to keep your feet warm.

The design of the sole in these boots stands out for the structure of grooves in the toe and heel, while in the center it has profiles that favor traction and its non-slip capacity. Being made of TPR rubber, they are light and flexible at low temperatures. 

On the other hand, the anti-collision toe cap subtracts strength from impacts, protecting your foot during outdoor walks, while the height of the liner keeps the ankle protected to avoid sprains and bad steps. 

Below we show you a summary of the pros and cons that stand out in this shoe.


Properties: The design of these boots is waterproof, resistant to wear and with a warm lining, as it has a double leather lining with reinforced seams.

Mobility: Inside the boots there is enough space for you to move your fingers comfortably, while the foot perspires efficiently.

Traction: The TPR outsole, with different grooves throughout, provides better traction on wet floors and in low-rain conditions. 


Size: These boots fit large, so you should be careful to ask for your usual number or a smaller one, checking the size table offered by the manufacturer. 

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6. Moon Boot Nylon Unisex Snow Boots 140044

As far as style is concerned, the Moon Boot has set the trend in winter fashion, since its appearance in the 70s, now these snow boots have been reinvented to adapt to current times, without losing fidelity to the original design. 

Its external waterproof nylon construction determines its resistance to the passage of water, while the interior is lined with thermal padding, which isolates low temperatures and keeps the feet cool, but above all, warm.

It should be noted that the thermoplastic rubber sole combined with natural rubber also insulates the cold efficiently, also offering a good grip to walk safely through the snow. 

If you don’t know which women’s snow boots to buy, you may like this model, as it is the most popular footwear of the moment, used by influencers and celebrities. 

But, if you have any doubts, we invite you to read our summary of pros and cons.


Colors: This shoe is available in various colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality and that is easy to combine. 

Waterproof: The nylon construction prevents the passage of cold, water or ice, making it suitable for walking in the snow for hours, going to the mountains, etc.

Padding: The foam padding keeps the calf and feet warm, without affecting breathability. 


Opinions: Opinions about the size of boots vary from one user to another, so you should check with the seller about the number to choose.

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7. Crocs Women’s Snow Boots

In the category of cheap snow boots we find this model from the well-known brand Crocs. It is a loose shoe, which does not have laces and combines synthetic material on the foot with a waterproof fabric upper.

Its heel is flat and the sole provides efficient traction to prevent slipping on snow or wet floors. As for the fit, you should know that the fabric part has elastic elements that adapt to the thickness of the calf to maintain a firm hold and prevent the entry of water, snow and cold. 

In this way, the feet are kept insulated and at a pleasant temperature, as it also has a thin fleece lining inside. As for colors, this model is available in black, navy blue, pomegranate red, espresso brown and burgundy.

If you liked these boots, you can expand your opinion about them with our list of pros and cons that will help you in your decision. 


Comfort: The width of the shoe is loose and allows you to wear thick socks to complement the thermal insulation, allowing you to walk comfortably.

Adjustment: The upper part does not have laces, instead, it has several elastics that allow it to be adjusted on the leg.

Style: These boots are simple, their style adapts to urban or country use and you can choose them in various colors.


Instep: The instep of the boots is a bit narrow. However, the size fits well as it happens with other models of the brand.

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8. Gioseppo 46486 Women’s Snow Boots

Australian-style snow boots never go out of style and their concept is renewed each year with attractive colors and different prints, without compromising thermal insulation to keep your feet protected. 

This is what Gioseppo boots offer, a very comfortable leather shoe, with a soft lining and a simple design that is still attractive, as it is casual and easy to combine with your winter outfits for the city.

Its low mid-cut provides protection for the ankle and part of the calf. For its part, the synthetic sole maintains a good grip on different floors. Both of these features are what many women prioritize in their snow boots. 

Another aspect to highlight in this footwear is the sheepskin on the instep, which provides greater visibility, but also protection against the cold.

Now we invite you to know some positive and negative aspects that stand out in this model.


Brand: Gioseppo is a brand distinguished by the quality of its footwear. For this reason, this model is made with outstanding materials to offer resistance and comfort. 

Style: The Australian style of this shoe has a very attractive touch for urban use, highlighting the instep with synthetic sheepskin.

Laces: The adjustment of the boots is done with the elastic laces on the instep quickly and keeping the shoe securely fastened.


Wedge: The 4 cm internal wedge is removable, but it is uncomfortable to wear the boots without it.

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9. Columbia Women’s Meadows Omni-Heat Low Boot

There are so many products on the market that it is not easy to recognize which are the best snow boots for women, but the qualities of this Columbia model are close to the highest quality standards when it comes to winter shoes.

To begin with, we highlight the synthetic leather material with reinforced stitching on its exterior, combining textures for added appeal. Next, the height of the shaft stands out, which keeps the ankle protected and favors firm footing on uneven and slippery floors, being an ideal shoe for outdoor activities in the snow.

On the other hand, there is the inner lining of wool that keeps the feet warm, at the same time that it regulates perspiration. The tongue, for its part, has a synthetic fur lining that is functional to prevent the passage of cold and adds style to the design of the boots. 

The different technologies used in this shoe increase its versatility and we mention some of them in the following pros and cons section.


Cushioning: The Techlite midsole offers greater comfort because it is light, allowing good cushioning and energy return with each step. 

Traction: The rubber sole has Omni-Grip technology, so it offers efficient traction on floors with several centimeters of snow.

Insulation: These boots withstand sub-zero temperatures, keeping your feet warm thanks to reflective technology, an Omni-Heat 3D lining that insulates the cold efficiently. 


Price: As expected, the price of this shoe is high, but the quality and brand support more than compensate for the investment. 

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Shopping guide

By reading our guide to buying the best snow boots for women, you will learn the most important aspects to choose comfortable, resistant and attractive footwear to look great this winter. 

Materials and coating

During snowfall it is important to wear appropriate and waterproof footwear, because in contact with the snow it filters in the form of water and moistens the feet. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the materials with which the shoes have been made. Thus, in any comparison of snow boots for women, we suggest you prioritize models made with genuine or synthetic leather, as well as combinations of waterproof fabrics.

In this sense, the reinforced seams will prevent water from penetrating, being just as efficient on rainy days, thus increasing the versatility of the boots.

On the other hand, the thermal insulation inside the shoe is just as important to keep your feet warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. That is why many models have a fleece or synthetic sheepskin lining inside, with plush textiles also being a widely used material in these shoes. In this regard, it is important to note that the feet must be kept warm, but not suffocated, therefore, the lining must favor the perspiration of the feet to maintain comfort during use and prolonged walks. 

boots height

As in other types of boots, women’s snow shoes are also available in different heights, offering more or less protection, depending on your needs.

High-top boots are ideal for prolonged outings in the snow, as they offer complete coverage of the leg, completely isolating it from the cold. For their part, mid-calf boots are more comfortable and easier to put on, providing greater protection to the ankle and covering half of the calf from the cold. This model is also suitable for urban use or mountain walks.

On the other hand, low-cut boots or ankle boots provide greater flexibility to walk comfortably in the city, but offer thermal insulation only to the foot, so you should complement their use with leggings or pantyhose for winter. 


To walk in the snow with stability, it is necessary to have footwear with good traction, therefore, snow boots need to have rubber, rubber or EVA soles, and a stud design to offer a good grip on snow, wet or slippery floors. 

On this aspect, some brands have specialized in patented technologies of non-slip and high-traction soles, ideal for hiking in very snowy conditions, being equally useful for urban routes. Likewise, the flat heel design is prioritized to maintain good stability if the feet are at ground level.

If you are wondering how much one of these boots costs, you do not have to worry, as there are many well-known brands that sell good and cheap boots with high-quality non-slip soles and a thermal treatment that completely isolates the cold. 


The most used adjustment system in snow boots is lacing, being suitable for tightening or loosening depending on the circumference of the leg, the use of thick socks, etc.

Other models replace the laces with elastics on the shank that favor removal of the boot, however this system can stretch over time and lose effectiveness. 

Depending on the style of the boots, there are also some models that use zippers or buttons, but their thermal insulation may be less efficient, so their use is not suitable for spending a long time outdoors in snowfall.

Sizes and price 

The issue of size is one of the aspects that can cloud the success of buying winter boots online, since it is normal to have doubts about whether they will fit well or not. First of all, most vendors and manufacturers have a measurement table that shows you the sizes in the different measurement systems, including the length of the foot in centimeters to verify that it corresponds to the indicated sizes.

Secondly, you should consider that in winter you are going to wear thicker socks than usual, so it would be convenient to have the boots one size larger than usual, to obtain better mobility and comfort when wearing the shoes. 

Now, regarding the price, there is a fairly wide range, suitable for all budgets, from the most limited to the loosest; and the factors that affect this variation are those related to the type of thermal insulation, traction technologies and, of course, the brand of footwear. By searching for the best products in this category you will be able to find the one that suits your needs and budget.

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