The 9 Best Softshell Jackets of 2022

Softshell Jacket – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Softshell jackets are garments made to repel water, but they are not completely waterproof. In addition, they help keep the body warm during winter days. The cutting line of this type of clothing is usually varied and, depending on the manufacturer, can be aimed at a female, male or child target. For example, those looking for a men’s softshell jacket with detailed finishes, pockets and a removable hood, might be interested in the Columbia Cascade Ridge II model, which hugs the body for greater comfort. But, if you want a softshell jacket for women, the recommendation would be Geographical Norway D-GNDJe003-24, made with resistant fabrics and a cut adapted to the female silhouette.

The 9 Best Softshell Jackets – Opinions 2022

Selecting a model of softshell jackets does not have to be a messy task, since it is only necessary to verify some details and contrast them with our needs for use. Here, nine models of softshell jackets, rated as the best of this year.

Men’s softshell jacket

1. Columbia Men’s Cascade Ridge II Softshell Jacket

Commented as the best softshell jacket, this garment with the Columbia quality seal stands out, made with blue polyester fabric. It is a warm material, but breathable at the same time, resistant to wear and tear caused by use and can be machine or manually washed. 

In addition, said textile has been provided with a special technology known as Omni Shield, which is responsible for repelling dirt and moisture, so the person will have a better user experience.

To provide practicality, this men’s softshell jacket has an easy-to-open front zipper, an adjustable waist by means of a rubber band arranged in said area, and a removable hood, ideal for rainy days of the year. 

Likewise, there are the pair of side pockets and a third on the chest, designed so that the person can always have any small object at hand. All these compartments have their respective zipper for greater security.

This garment is recommended as the best softshell jacket of the moment, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know below.


Pockets: Its side pockets and the one in the front area allow you to keep small objects close at hand.

Hood: Thanks to the integrated hood it is possible to protect yourself from unexpected precipitation.

Textile: The polyester textile used offers wear resistance and a pleasant touch.

Omni Shield Technology: The technology applied to the textile effectively repels dirt and moisture, for a better user experience.


Seams: There are those who comment that the seams in the waist area could be more robust.

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2. Free Soldier Waterproof Softshell Jacket for Men Military Tactical

This is a men’s softshell jacket that can be used in any outdoor activity, as it has been made with a high quality fabric, which not only resists dust, moisture and scratches, but also provides warmth and comfort.. All this, thanks to the exterior in polyester fabric with spandex and interior with fleece lining. Also, a special lining that repels moisture and dirt stands out in the garment.

On the other hand, there is the roomy hood with a 3D border design that, by covering the head, prevents both wind and snow from entering the interior of the jacket. In addition, a series of pockets are incorporated on the shoulders, chest, forearm, arm and back. All of them with their respective zippers or velcro, to transport the mobile phone, keys, pens, wallet, credentials, bank cards, among other small objects, safely.

If you want a softshell jacket that you can incorporate into any outdoor activity, check out the pros and cons of this model right away.


Insulation: The built-in fleece lining is responsible for retaining body heat for greater comfort on cold days.

Hood: Its 3D edge prevents the free passage of wind and snow inside the jacket.

Perspiration: The underarm ventilation system is adequate to maintain the interior freshness.

Practicality: The series of built-in pockets allow you to safely transport the small items you want to keep close at hand.


Adjustment systems: The velcro on the cuffs could fray with constant handling.

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Women’s Softshell Jacket

3. Geographical Norway Women’s Softshell Jacket

With the women’s Softshell jacket you will be able to go out to the countryside or walk around the city with total comfort, since this garment provides warmth, repels water and wind. In addition, its cut line adapts to the female silhouette.

To make the jacket, polyester fiber with elastane was used, at 96 and 4% respectively, while the inner lining is completely made of polyester textile. With the use of these fabrics, it is possible to offer a high level of resistance to deterioration, adequate breathability and a pleasant touch.

On the other hand, it is worth commenting on the elastic bands integrated into the waist area, which allow the jacket to be adjusted. Also, there is the pair of side pockets and a third on the chest, arranged to place any small object in them. In addition, the garment has an easy-to-open front zipper and a removable hood, in case of unexpected precipitation.

This is a softshell jacket aimed at the female target, whose design with a high neck and a slim fit adapts to different anatomies.


Practicality: The built-in pockets allow you to always have small items close at hand.

Adaptability: It is possible to adjust the waist of the jacket with the help of the elastic band arranged in that area.

Textile: The combination of elastane and polyester give the garment resistance and comfort.

Versatility: You can remove the hood whenever you want, since its design is removable.


Thermal insulation: The level of warmth offered by the garment could be a bit low in extreme cold environments.

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4. Trespass Bela II Women’s Softshell Jacket

For many Trespass fans, this garment could be the best value for money Softshell jacket. Its design has a stylized cut line, which frames the woman’s silhouette without sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement.

Regarding the construction, polyester fabric provided with a special treatment was used to cut the wind, offer breathability and impermeability. Likewise, the garment has a high neck with a chin protector, together with a removable and adjustable hood by means of a cord. For their part, the long sleeves incorporate Velcro straps on the cuffs, allowing the width of said area to be adapted, according to the taste and need of each person.

To offer a better user experience, this women’s Softshell jacket has a front pocket and two side pockets, where you can keep your hands warm or carry any belongings you want to keep close by safely, as they incorporate a zipper.

If you are looking for cheap softshell jackets, to use in sports activities or for your daily activities around the city, here you can learn more about this model.


Technology: The Tres-Tex treatment cuts the wind, offers breathability and waterproofing.

Storage sections: Its three zippered pockets allow you to transport small items without fear of losing them.

Design: You will be able to enhance your figure with this jacket, due to its stylized cut.

Adjustment: You can adjust the cuffs, waist and hood, for greater comfort.


Size: It is recommended to select a size above the one used, since the cut pattern is a bit narrow.

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Boys’ softshell jacket

5. Mountain Warehouse Exodus Softshell Jacket for Boys Breathable

This is a recommended garment among the best softshell jackets of 2022, which children can use daily to move around the city, as well as for outdoor activities.

The jacket was made with a combination of polyester and elastane, at 93 and 7% respectively. In this way, the textile offers resistance and flexibility inside, while, on the inside, the fleece lining provides warmth and a pleasant touch. Likewise, the product stands out for repelling water and protecting from blizzards.

Among other aspects, this softshell jacket for boys incorporates a couple of side pockets to place a mobile phone, a sandwich or any other small object. In addition, the hood is spacious and adapts to the natural shape of the head, while the front zipper is easy to open and incorporates a protector at the top, to avoid hurting the chin.

Mountain Warehouse could be the best brand of softshell jackets and, precisely, this garment is a sign of the quality that positions the manufacturer. Next, its pros and cons.


Thermal insulation: The integrated fleece lining enhances the warmth of the body.

Washing: You can save time when washing the garment, because it is suitable for the machine.

Protector: A special section is incorporated in the upper area of ​​the front zipper, which protects the chin.

Comfort: The pair of side pockets allow you to keep your hands warm or store small items.


Waterproof level: Although the jacket repels water, you should keep in mind that it is not completely waterproof.

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6. CMP Softshell Jacket With Fixed Hood

This is a softshell jacket for boys commented as one of the cheapest in this selection of recommended products. Its design has a youthful cut line, which is complemented by a series of well-crafted finishes, on a 100% polyester fabric, specially treated to provide waterproofing, without sacrificing proper breathability.

The garment has a high neck that prevents the passage of air inside, as well as an easy-to-handle front zipper with its respective protector in the upper area, which protects the person’s chin from rubbing against said closure piece.

There is also the pair of zippered side pockets, which are used to warm your hands or carry your keys, wallet, mobile phone or any small object. For its part, the hood with a spacious format and anatomical cut adapts to the natural shape of the head to protect it from rain and wind.

This is a softshell jacket with a youthful design, made of high quality polyester fabric. Next, know its positive aspects and other less flattering ones.


Clima Protect: Its Clima Protect technology provides waterproofing, releases interior moisture and cuts the wind current.

Storage Sections: Keeping any small items close at hand is possible due to the pair of zippered side pockets.

Comfort: The zipper incorporates an upper protector so as not to hurt the chin.

Adjustment: The elastic incorporated in the cuffs allows this area to adjust correctly to the wrist.


Adaptability: The possibility of removing the hood of the jacket is missing.

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Girl’s softshell jacket

7. Icepeak Kappeln Jr Softshell Jacket Girls

This is a product that, thanks to its manufacturing and design quality, could answer the question of which is the best softshell jacket. It is a garment that combines 6% elastane fabric, which provides flexibility and softness to the fabric, while the remaining 94% is polyester, providing resistance and impermeability. For its part, the fleece-lined interior is responsible for maintaining the warmth and comfort of the person.

This softshell jacket for girls has a cut line that slims the body without sacrificing comfort, as it remains a loose garment. The neck is high and the hood is roomy, so it covers the area of ​​the ears correctly. Thus, the air, the breeze or the snow will not enter the interior of the jacket. In addition, there is the pair of zippered side pockets, to carry small items.

Deciding which softshell jacket to buy will not be a difficult task after reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Closing system: Thanks to the handles incorporated in the zippers, you will get a quick opening.

Adaptability: Its cuffs with elastic rubber improve the fit to the wrist area, according to the person’s anatomy.

Protection against water: Unexpected precipitation will not be a problem, since the garment is waterproof.

Insulation: A fleece-type lining is incorporated that provides warmth to the garment.


Adjustment: Unlike other models, this jacket does not incorporate adjustment at the waist level.

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8. Killtec Fallyna Jr Hooded Softshell Jacket Girls

This softshell jacket for girls has managed to stand out in the market due to its attractive and discreet design with blue floral prints. The garment was made with 100% polyester fabric and, in turn, laminated with polyurethane, so it is a textile with a high level of resistance and waterproof.

The cut pattern of the jacket is loose, in order not to limit the mobility of the person. In addition, the side pockets have been provided with zippers, so that the objects placed in these compartments can be transported safely and without fear of losing them.

On the other hand, there is the high collar of the jacket and the spacious hood with fleece lining, designed to keep you warm for longer, especially on days when the cold is more intense. Also, it is worth mentioning the front zipper for quick handling.

Get to know the positive and less flattering details of this softshell jacket, aimed at the child target.


Waterproof: Thanks to the polyurethane laminate, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside.

Design: You will enjoy a discreet floral print, which gives the garment a distinctive touch.

Storage: The pair of zippered side pockets help keep any small object close at hand without risk of loss.

Protection: Its fleece-lined hood provides greater warmth on cold days.


Colour: The presentation of the product is in blue, so if another tone is desired, the model may not be suitable.

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North Face Softshell Jacket

9. The North Face Canyonlands Soft Shell Jacket coat

The North Face softshell jacket is a model aimed at the male target, whose construction has been made with robust fleece, which allows the garment to provide warmth and comfort when worn. In addition, this design is suitable for keeping warm during cold days or when going for a walk or jog, conserving the acquired body heat for longer.

Regarding the design, the cut line of the jacket is a bit loose and the high collar adapts to the person’s chin, so that the cold current does not enter easily. 

For its part, the finishes in the cuts and seams, both internal and external, were carefully elaborated with the purpose of enhancing the manufacturing quality of the product. Also, it is worth commenting on the pair of side pockets and a third on the chest. All of them with zippers for easy handling, which will prevent the loss of objects stored in these compartments.

With this softshell jacket men will be able to stay warm and comfortable. Next, the details of interest of said product.


Distribution: In the integrated pockets you can have your mobile, keys or wallet close at hand. 

Superior fit: Its high neck adapts to the chin, reducing the passage of cold air inside.

Comfort: The fleece of the jacket offers extra softness to the touch and, therefore, a better user experience.

Attention to detail: Well-crafted finishes highlight the quality of the product.


Thermal insulation: The level of warmth could be insufficient in very cold environments, but you can combine the jacket with other garments.

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Shopping guide

To make a successful purchase, it is necessary to carefully verify the main quality indicators present in the product, associated with the raw material for manufacturing, design, among other aspects. Next, we present a guide to buying the best softshell jacket, which we hope will help you in the correct selection of the garment.

manufacturing fabric

The fabric with which the garment has been manufactured is an issue that must be evaluated in any comparison of softshell jackets, because depending on the density and quality of said fibers, it will be the resistance, durability, warmth, flexibility and breathability offered by the product.. In fact, manufacturers often carry out detailed analyzes about the composition of the fabrics to be used, in order to offer users garments that are really capable of meeting their needs and improving their performance.

For example, polyester is one of the most used textiles in the industry for softshell jackets, because it is a robust, light fiber that does not wrinkle easily. Likewise, there are brands that combine polyester with a low percentage of elastane or spandex, which add flexibility and softness, making the garment less rigid.

For its part, the fleece-type fabric is an almost obligatory part of these garments, since it is incorporated as a lining in the hood area or throughout the jacket. In this way, body heat is retained for longer and, therefore, the person will be warmer and more comfortable.


The impermeability of a softshell jacket is a positive aspect that should not be neglected, since normally this type of garment is used for outdoor activities during the cold season of the year and we do not know when precipitation may occur.

Therefore, it does not matter that it is a softshell jacket positioned in the market as good and economical, if it has not been provided with any treatment that prevents the passage of moisture into the interior, then the purchase may not be the most appropriate. In this sense, brands usually incorporate a polyurethane laminate into the fabric of their garments, which does not alter the texture of the fabric, but does provide it with a high level of impermeability. 

Likewise, there is the Omni Shield technology that, although it does not make the fabric 100% waterproof, prevents the penetration of any moderate amount of liquid, whether due to a drizzle or an unexpected spill. In addition, this technique enhances the rapid drying of the textile and, in turn, repels dirt.

Similarly, there are other treatments or combinations of materials, whose porosity is so low as to restrict the passage of moisture into the interior of the jacket, but still provides the conditions to allow proper perspiration.


Pockets are a fundamental part of every softshell jacket and their function can vary, depending on the needs of each of the women, men or children who use the garment. Still, it’s an extra touch that could very likely influence how much the product costs.

Regarding its functionality, during a very cold day, the compartments arranged on the sides of the garment are the perfect ally to warm your hands while you walk. Likewise, a third is added to this pair of pockets in the chest area of ​​the jacket, on the shoulders or back of the garment.

All of them are ideal for storing keys, a wallet, identification credentials, bank cards, a mobile device, a pen, a knife, a compass, among other small objects that you want to have close at hand. Of course, the number of pockets will depend on the cut pattern designated by the manufacturer to the product design.

washing method

Softshell jackets are generally used for outdoor sports activities, so they tend to get dirty very easily. In this sense, the ideal is that the washing method is quick and simple, as well as its drying.

For this reason, when acquiring these garments, it should be tried as much as possible that the textile is suitable for being incorporated into the washing machine, since in this way significant time is saved, by not having to carry out the task manually.

Always remember to check the manufacturing label and corroborate this information, along with other information of interest such as the type of detergent, washing cycle, water temperature, etc. Thus, you will be able to avoid the deterioration of the fabric.

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