The 9 Best Sweatpants of 2022

Sweatpants – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When dressing for training, comfort is everything. Therefore, it is appropriate to make a prudent choice of sweatpants that will be worn during the activity. These should be anatomical and with an optimized design so that they can be used for long periods. One of these is the Adidas Regista 18 model, which is positioned among the first places of preference for its classic black design, with discreet pockets between the seams. Another model that stands out for offering comfort and technological innovations applied to textiles is the Nike Club 19 CFD, men’s sweatpants with drawstring adjustment and side pockets.



The 9 Best Sweatpants – Opinions 2022

Sweatpants are versatile garments, suitable for both training and everyday outings, and offer comfort during use. Currently, many brands present interesting alternatives, which can lead to confusion about which one to choose. For this reason, you can review the following section in which we explain the characteristics of the models that are positioned among the favorites. 

Adidas sweatpants

1. Adidas Regista 18 Men’s Pant

If you want to look stylish during training, but without compromising on comfort, then you should opt for the best sweatpants for men and this model is positioned as one of the most convenient, thanks to its modern and delicate construction. 

This proposal is available to select between three sizes M, L and XL and has a slim fit style cut, so it adapts to the body properly. In addition, its design is elegant because it is black, with the three stripes that identify its manufacturer on the lower part of the leg, as well as the embroidered logo on the left leg. 

Also, this Adidas sweatpants has a couple of discreet pockets, as they are added between the seams. For a better fit, it has an elastic system with a drawstring at the waist and a zipper on the boot. Its construction is made of polyester and Climalite technology has been added to this material, which ensures breathability.

Some users consider this as the best sweatpants of the moment, which you can corroborate by knowing its pros and cons.


Pockets: It has a couple of discreet pockets to carry personal items.

Design: It has a modern design, available in black with the white stripes that are the Adidas logo.

Construction: The trousers have been made of polyester fabric, making them resistant and comfortable.

Technology: This manufacturer has added Climalite technology to the garment for better perspiration of sweat.


Fabric: Some users state that the fabric is a little thinner than expected, but this does not prevent the pants from fulfilling their main function.

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Nike sweatpants

2. Nike M  CFD FLC TM Club19 Track Pants

Available in 5 sizes to select the one that best fits the user’s build, between S, M, L, XL and XXL, this model is positioned as one of the best sweatpants of 2022 because it has an optimized fit to the body and It is equipped with sports technology, which promotes the athlete’s performance during its use. 

These men’s sweatpants are equipped with the Dri-fit Technology textile innovation, which allows quick drying of sweat, so that the garment does not stick to the athlete’s body, but rather that he can continue comfortably and cool with the training. 

Plus, these Nike Track Pants are made from 100% polyester, a thin, exercise-friendly fabric. Its design is modern and it is available in six combinations, all of them with an elasticated waist and pockets on each side. It also reaches the ankles, giving full coverage.

Nike might be the best brand for sweatpants and the pros and cons of this model can help you determine why.


Design: Its design is practical for sports, it covers up to the ankles and is available in various sizes and colours.

Construction: It is comfortable because it is made of 100% soft and quick-drying polyester.

Technology: DryFit technology has been added to dissipate sweat and keep you cool.

Pockets and adjustment: It has pockets on each side to store valuables, as well as an elastic that facilitates adjustment.


Size: Its design can be tight in the leg area and loose at the waist, so you should check the size.

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Adidas Women’s Tracksuit Bottoms

3. Adidas WE PLN Women’s Track Pants

To answer the question about which is the best sweatpants on the market, this Adidas model could be the one, because it is a soft proposal in contact with the skin, which is also comfortable for training and other conventional activities.. 

These women’s Adidas track pants are made with a mix of textiles that optimize their fit to the body, with a proportion of 52% cotton and 48% recycled polyester, so the fabric is comfortable. 

In addition, it has a narrow cut design and adjusted to the body, so it is multifunctional, because it has an elastic waistband that ends in a drawstring to provide a better fit. It is also available in black, with the logo embroidered in white. It has pockets on each side of the legs and a line that visually helps to stylize the figure.

To those who want to know which sweatpants to buy, we can suggest that they review the pros and cons of this model.


Sizes: According to the texture you can select a size that fits the body appropriately.

Design: It has a feminine design that slims the figure, with an adjustable waistband and drawstring. 

Pockets: To store objects and carry money, this model includes a couple of pockets.

Confection: It is made of a soft fabric, made of cotton and polyester in different quantities.


Size: The size of this model may be a little larger than expected, so it may be better to choose a smaller one.

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Adidas Men’s Tracksuit Bottoms

4. Adidas Core18 PES Men’s Track Pants

Among the most sought-after alternatives in sportswear on the market, these Adidas sweatpants for men are found, which are used to provide comfort during sports training or regular daily activities. 

The model is available in 7 sizes, from XS to 3XL, as well as in blue or black, both with the embroidered logo on the left hip, which identifies the brand, and a white line. Therefore, it is possible to select the one that best suits the texture and tastes. 

In addition, the product has been made of 100% polyester, with a classic and anatomical design that favors comfort. Likewise, it has elastic cuffs that widen towards the ankle, so they do not tighten, but rather allow greater movement in the extremities. Similarly, this model has an elastic waistband, as well as an adjustable drawstring.

If this model has seemed interesting to you, you can analyze its pros and cons to determine if it is what you are looking for. 


Sizes: It is comfortable and, depending on the texture, you can select from seven sizes the one that best fits the body.  

Cut: Its cut is standard and it is available in two colors: black and blue. The design is versatile, for use in training and daily activities.

Construction: It has a delicate construction, made of 100% soft and quick-drying polyester material.

Details: It has an elastic waist and adjustable drawstring, as well as wide pockets and ankle cuffs, which facilitate movement. 


Length: The garment may be a bit long for some people who are short.

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Boy’s sweatpants

5. Name It Nkmsweat Bru Noos Pants for Boys

The manufacturer Name It presents this model that has been made with quality materials, but that stands out for being low cost, so that it can be positioned as one of the favorites.

This brand specializes in clothing for the little ones, so it is not surprising that these boys’ sweatpants have attributes that favor their care and comfort, through a delicate cotton and polyester construction, soft on the skin and practical for different climatic conditions, because it has a plush-style interior.

In addition, this model is equipped with an elastic waist and buttons, which allows the garment to be narrowed or adjusted according to the needs of the texture. Similarly, it is available in various sizes. It also has pockets on each side and is offered in three colors: black, gray and blue, all of them with a standard cut design.

The quality of these sweatpants can be verified with an analysis of its pros and cons, summarized below.


Construction: It has a comfortable construction that combines cotton and polyester, with a fleece-style interior.

Design: Its design is standard, with pockets on each side of the legs to store belongings.

Colours: It is available in three colours, to adapt to sports activities at school, in tones: black, blue and grey.

Fit: It has an optimized fit with elastic and drawstring at the waist. 


Closure: The pockets do not have a zipper closure, so that objects can accidentally come out.

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Nike Men’s Tracksuit Bottoms

6. Nike NSW Club Jggr BB Men’s Track Pants

These Nike men’s sweatpants are a favorite with the user community, because they have an optimized fit to the body that provides comfort during sports activities, since its construction allows the possibility of movement. 

Its design is regular fit cut, so it is not fitted to the body, but the fabric has a natural fall. This is because its construction is soft, thanks to the fact that the manufacturer has used materials such as cotton and polyester, in an estimated proportion of between 80 and 82% cotton and 18 and 20% polyester. 

Likewise, this black proposal is equipped with pockets on each side and the embroidered brand logo. Depending on your needs, you can select a size between XS and XL that best suits your body. Either way, it also features an elastic band and drawstring. 

If this model caught your attention, it is recommended that you take a look at its favorable and negative aspects.


Adjustment: It has an elastic band at the waist, with its respective cord, so that it can be adjusted to the body.

Construction: It has a delicate and soft construction, made with a cotton and polyester-based fabric.

Design: Its cut is regular fit, with pockets on each side and available in elegant black.

Sizes: You can select from six sizes the most convenient for each person’s build.


Dimensions: Its dimensions may be a bit wide for those who usually wear fitted models.

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Joma sweatpants

7. Joma Suez Men’s Pants

If you are looking for a model that is positioned as one of the cheapest without reducing the quality of its construction, then this could be the recommended option for these demands, because it has been designed to be comfortable and provide freedom of movement at a competitive price..

These Joma sweatpants are a standard long style for men, with a regular fit that favors comfort and makes it relevant for daily activities. It’s made of 100% polyester fabric, so it’s soft and lightweight, allowing sweat to dry easily.

According to taste, you can select between four colors, from a striking red or royal blue, to more sober tones such as black and navy blue, all of them with a label that identifies the brand. In addition, it has side pockets and an elastic waist to fit the body.

This model is adequate, but to check if it is suitable for your requirements, we invite you to know its pros and cons.


Colours: According to taste, it is possible to choose one of four colours, from striking to more sober.

Construction: It has a soft construction that has been made in 100% polyester, favorable for sports.

Design: Its cut is regular, with pockets on each side, which make it easy to store objects such as keys.

Adjustment: It has an elastic waist, which helps to adjust the model to the body.


Zippers: Its pockets do not have zippers, so you must be careful that the objects stored inside do not come off.

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White sweatpants

8. Puma Women’s Holiday Pack Track Pants

For those who want women’s sweatpants, Puma presents this model that is positioned as one of the best, because it is soft against the skin and suitable for daily activities, with a waist that facilitates adjustment for greater comfort through a cord.

Its style is fitted to the body, which makes the figure more remarkable and, therefore, it is a convenient alternative for women. Depending on your needs, you can select from the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL the one that best suits your body shape.  

These white sweatpants are made of cotton, a comfortable and favorable textile fiber due to its softness. In addition, it has pockets on each side, frosted stripes that make it more striking, and the Puma logo, which identifies the brand. Likewise, it is available in other colors such as gray, black and purple.

Knowing the attributes of this model, you will surely also want to know more about its positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has a cut design fitted to the body that defines the female figure without being uncomfortable. 

Pockets: To store personal effects, this model incorporates side pockets.

Fit: The fit is optimized to the body, with an elastic waist and drawstring to make it narrower.

Colors: It is available in various colors such as purple, black, white and gray, with frost boot, which make the garment more attractive.


Size: The available sizes can give a little more than what is advertised and, therefore, be large, which should be considered when choosing. 

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Gray sweatpants

9. Amazon Essentials Women’s Fleece Jogger Pant

Amazon Essentials presents this model indicated as the best value for money sweatpants, with a feminine style highlighted by its quality and tight design, with modern touches that adapt to the body in a favorable way to provide comfort and freedom of movement in activities. daily, whether sports or outings.

These gray sweatpants are resistant and soft, because they have been made with adequate and optimized textiles, with a cotton and polyester fabric compound, in proportions of 60% and 40% respectively.

In addition, it is designed for cold days, because it includes a fleece lining, which favors cozy warmth. Similarly, it has an adjustable elastic waist with a drawstring, as well as flexible cuffs, which allow it to remain at ankle height. On the other hand, this model has pockets on each side of the pants, which are used to store small personal items such as money, keys or even a mobile phone.

We have summarized the characteristics of this model of cheaper pants, in a format of pros and cons, so that you can get to know it better. 


Construction: It has a resistant and comfortable construction, made of a cotton and polyester fabric with polar fabric.

Design: Its style is a feminine jogger, available in light gray, which molds to the body to show off the figure.

Additions: Within its additions, it has side pockets and a rear one that make it easy to store personal items.

Adjustment: It incorporates an adjustable waist with elastic and laces for a convenient fit.


Size: Exact dimensions should be reviewed as the cut may be larger than expected for each size.

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Shopping guide

For daily activities and sports, it is best to be equipped with comfortable and training-friendly clothing. This can be obtained with sweatpants. However, not all models may be suitable, so it is necessary to take into account the attributes that denote quality and that we will explain later in this guide to buy the best sweatpants. 


Each dress, whether for sports or outings, has a design that fits the body. Therefore, we observe that in the comparison of sweatpants, the design is an important attribute, since it will make the garment more or less suitable for certain people, activities and comfort levels. 

In this sense, there are designs created for men, women and children. In addition, each of these designs has modalities in relation to the cut and level of adjustment that it presents, as well as the way it adapts to the body. 

Similarly, among the models you can find designs with a zipper closure system on the boot, which allows this part to be widened to be able to adjust and loosen it, in order to provide greater freedom of movement.

Likewise, there are pants that have flexible areas with rubber at the ankle and reach up to it. Each model meets a demand that suits different tastes. Also, in the designs you can find proposals with side pockets, without them or with pockets on the back. These may or may not have a zipper closure.

Fit and size 

Regular Fit and Slim Fit are two of the most common fits in all garments, which are also present in sports pieces such as sweatpants. The difference between them lies in the way they adapt to the body and in the optimization of the fabric to flatter the figure. 

The Regular Fit is a regular fit with a loose fit, while the Slim Fit is more form-fitting but not too tight. Both are comfortable for training, but the selection of one or the other will depend on the tastes of each user.

Also, another factor to consider is size. Most of the proposals present models that range from size XS to XL or 2XL for adults, but they can be smaller or smaller than the standard, so it is necessary to consider the dimensions, in order to avoid inconveniences of changes. 

Construction and colors

A cheap sweatpants is an alternative that should not be passed up, but before making a hasty purchase based only on its cost, it is important to analyze the construction of the garment and its quality. This can be achieved by knowing the materials and fabrics that the manufacturer used to make the piece.

As it is about sportswear, it is common for the fabric to be used by most brands to be polyester or cotton, fresh, comfortable and flexible textiles that provide freedom of movement and usually adjust to the shape of the body. However, there are some options that could be made with a mix of fabrics to create a more resistant and soft fabric, as well as favorable for cold days. 

In addition, these fabrics can be colored, to show the personality and combine with the rest of the garments. The most common are usually blue, black and gray, but you can also find other more striking ones such as red, royal blue, and even white and purple. Some of them may have glitter and stripes, as well as the distinctive logos of each brand. 


If you want to know how much sweatpants cost, it will be necessary to know about the sports technologies applied to the textile material that the manufacturer has incorporated into the garment, since, by having them, their price may rise.

Some brands have patented innovations that improve performance, facilitate breathability and wick sweat to keep you cool during physical activity. This can be achieved through technologies such as Climacool or ClimaLite (each with its own benefits) from the Adidas brand, as well as Nike’s Dry Fit, which guarantees quick and optimized drying for greater comfort during the use of the sports garment. Also, there are some manufacturers that do not incorporate these innovations, but the garments offer a good performance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to wear sweatpants?

The use of sweatpants will depend on the activity you are going to carry out, but one of the indicated moments is when doing sports activities, walks or other simple daily activities that require freedom of movement and comfort. Once the pants are on, they can be worn with regular tops or tank tops and sports tops for women. 

Likewise, for washing, it must be verified if the fabric is suitable for machine washing and observe the temperature level it tolerates. Also, remember that the pants can be a bit loose or tight, but they should always allow you to perform the movements in a comfortable way.

Q2: How to cut sweatpants?

Cutting sweatpants is easy because it’s a soft fabric. However, it is necessary to have sewing technique and knowledge so that the cut is well executed. In the same way, it is necessary that previous measures are taken and special scissors are used.

In addition, it is necessary to know what type of cut you want to make, since in some cases it may be more advisable to hem the boot (double the length of the boot with internal seams) and not cut it. 

In case you want to convert the pants into something shorter, you must take measurements and make the cut at the desired height. After that, it is necessary to make a seam with the machine so that the fabric does not fray.  

Q3: How to wash sweatpants?

The way to wash sweatpants usually varies depending on the garment’s construction materials. However, most of these sports pieces can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, and it is important to use a neutral, non-abrasive detergent. Similarly, it should be avoided to introduce with other types of clothing or the use of a dryer depending on the fabric and the washing instructions.

Q4: How to adjust sweatpants?

Although the best way to achieve a proper fit is to buy the right size and corresponding to each texture, the only way to fit the body exactly is to have it made to measure.

However, manufacturers make standard models in sizes and add adjustment cords to areas of the garment at waist level, which must be pulled at each end so that the pants adapt to the desired size and end with a bow. 

Q5: How to narrow sweatpants?

To obtain this, it is necessary to select an appropriate size, since making alterations to the piece could cause its design and fall to change. Having explained this, to narrow accurately it is necessary to take measurements and make marks with cloth chalk or pins. Then, with the help of a sewing machine, you have to pass the seam through the internal area, which will reduce the size. It should be done first on one side and then on the other.

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