The 9 Best Thermal Shirts of 2022

Thermal T-shirt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Thermal shirts can be used in the world of sports to keep your muscles warm and in everyday life to keep your body warm, since winter is usually harsh. Therefore, you will find a wide variety of models designed to satisfy every need. A good purchase option is Ysabel Mora 430-70002, which has a feminine and unicolor design with high quality finishes. In addition, its plush interior will provide you with softness and warmth. But if what you need is a thermal shirt for children, Joma Brama Classic offers you a traditional cut design in black.

The 9 Best Thermal Shirts – Opinions 2022

Thermal clothing is one of the best allies for the winter season, as well as to keep our muscles warm during our sports practices. Its selection requires time, since all models have different attributes. Next, you will find nine thermal shirts rated as the best.

Thermal shirt for women

1. Ysabel Mora Women’s Thermal Shirt

For many people, this model is the best value for money thermal shirt, which has also been positioned in our list of selected products as one of the cheapest.

It is a thermal shirt for women made with a combination of 8 and 92% elastane and polyester, respectively, which give the garment the necessary elasticity to adapt to the body and correctly retain body heat. In addition, the inside of the shirt has been plush, to provide greater comfort and a thermal sensation on your body.

Regarding the design, we have that the cut of the torso of the shirt is quite stylized and adjusts to the curve of the body, while the sleeves are long and the neck is round. Added to these characteristics is the white color of the textile and the series of well-crafted seams and finishes, which show the high level of quality of the product.

Among the cheapest options is this shirt, aimed at the female target and with a stylized and attractive design. Know its pros and cons.


Fabrics: The combination of polyester and elastane will give you elasticity and resistance in a single garment.

Internal fleece: The inside fleece of the shirt increases the sensation of heating.

Design: This white women’s t-shirt has a curved cut that will frame your silhouette. 

Neck: Its round neck has a slight neckline, which will allow you to combine the garment with any casual outfit.


Size: It is important that you check the measurements of the garment, since the cut patterns could be a little larger than other models.

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2. Medico Long Sleeve Thermal Base Layer for Women

On this occasion, Medico has managed to surprise its followers with this thermal shirt for women, whose sporty design offers a high level of quality with respect to the fabric used for its manufacture, cut and seam finishes.

The garment is completely functional, since you can use it to practice various sports. Aesthetically, the shirt has a stylized torso due to the curved lines of the cut patterns, the sleeves are long and the round neck.

On the other hand, we have the textile material used by the manufacturer, which in this case were elastane and polyester fibers, which provide the garment with correct temperature regulation, breathability, flexibility and comfort thanks to its pleasant touch. In addition, these are easy-to-clean fabrics, which you can put in the washing machine without fear of deterioration, using a temperature not higher than 30 °C.

For those who want a good quality thermal shirt, the invitation is to review the pros and cons of this Medico brand model.


Washing: You can wash the garment in a machine, since the fabrics are robust and resistant.

Fabric: The fibers used give the garment resistance and a better adaptation to the body.

Design: Its gray design with long sleeves and a round neck frame the female figure. 

Sizes: You will find the product from size 34 to 42, so you can use it if you are of medium or robust complexion.


Presentation: If you are looking for a colorful t-shirt, you should know that this product was made in a gray tone.

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Boy’s thermal shirt

3. Joma Brama Classic Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt

Joma is a manufacturer with a marked track record in the sportswear market, whose products usually meet the needs of the most demanding customers, due to the fact that they are manufactured with high quality standards. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the users consider this model as the best thermal shirt.

The garment fits the body as if it were a second skin, due to its traditional cut design, so you will get complete freedom of movement. In addition, the neck of this boy’s thermal shirt is high and the sleeves are long.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize the type of textile used and its contributions to the design. In this sense, we refer to the combination of elastane and polyamide threads at 8 and 92%, which give the garment elasticity, lightness and a good level of breathability.

By acquiring this model you will be carrying with you a recommended product as the best thermal shirt of the moment. Your details below.


Fabrics: You will enjoy a comfortable, flexible and breathable garment, thanks to the combination of polyamide and elastane.

Design: This is a t-shirt aimed at the children’s target, designed with a traditional cut. 

Washing: You can wash the garment in a machine or manually, as you wish.

Neck: The high neck cut helps conserve acquired body heat.


Size: The cut pattern of this shirt may not be as large as that of the standard models, so you should check your measurements. 

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Thermal T-shirt for men

4. Lapasa Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

Rated as one of the best thermal shirts of 2022, you will find this model, positioned among the first places on the shopping lists. This is because it is a garment that offers comfort, warmth and flexibility, as well as a modern design with a round neck and long sleeves.

For the manufacturing process, elastane and polyester were used, which are two fibers capable of retaining the generated body heat, while releasing moisture. In addition, the addition of a fleece lining to this men’s thermal shirt, coupled with the series of smooth seams, prevent friction from irritating the skin.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that said textile can be washed both by hand and in the machine, at a maximum temperature of 30 °C, without fear of fraying, shrinking or suffering any other deterioration. Of course, you should use a bleach-free detergent, which is usually quite aggressive.

Lapasa is a renowned brand that is recommended by many buyers as the best brand for thermal shirts. Here are some of the specifications of your model.


Washing: The garment has been made to be machine washed without fear of deterioration.

Seams: The seams have been finely made to avoid friction against the skin.

Interior: The reverse of the garment in polar fabric provides comfort and heating.

Combing technology: The fibers have been combed to retain heat while releasing moisture.


Thermal capacity: The thermal capacity of the garment may not be very high if you use it during the intense winter season.

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Thermal cycling shirt

5. Gore Bike Wear Base Layer Windstopper Lady Thermo 

To determine which is the best thermal shirt, you don’t necessarily have to look far, as there are many buyers who consider this design from the Gore Bike Wear house to be the answer to that question.

It is a thermal cycling shirt, made of completely synthetic fiber, which combines the well-known Gore Windstopper-type membrane, polyester fabric and elastic textile fibers. The latter is an effective combination of elastane and polypropylene at 8 and 92% respectively. 

Thanks to these materials you will enjoy a light and resistant garment, which will eliminate humidity and conserve the heat generated. In this way, by wearing the shirt, you will protect your body from both the cold and the wind.

The design is stylized, has long sleeves, a round neckline and incorporates internal reinforcements in the area of ​​the shoulders, chest and kidneys for a higher level of heating. In addition, the seams have been carefully worked to avoid friction against the skin.

When asked which thermal shirt to buy, you cannot forget to review the main characteristics of this design for women. Find out the details below.


Internal reinforcements: Reinforced areas in more robust textile are attached, which increases protection against the cold.

Design: This women’s t-shirt has long sleeves, a round neckline and is designed for cycling, as it adapts to the body.

Textile: The combination of synthetic fibers releases moisture and retains heat.  

Seams: The seams have been made with thin thread, to avoid rubbing against the skin.


Size: The cut of the shirt is a bit tight, so if you don’t like the feeling of pressure, you should buy a size above the one used regularly.

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Thermal short-sleeved shirt

6. Abanderado Thermal Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is a short-sleeved thermal shirt for men, made of 100% white winter cotton, a highly resistant vegetable fiber, soft to the touch and capable of offering the necessary perspiration to eliminate moisture. For its part, the inside of the fabric is plush, to provide a better thermal level. In addition, it is an easy-to-clean fabric, since it can be washed in the washing machine without fear of deterioration.

Despite the fact that the design of this unicolor t-shirt is quite simple, the finishes of the interior seams, sleeve folds and neck tapes are of good quality.

On the other hand, we have the issue of selecting the size for which the manufacturer has incorporated a table of measurements. For example, size M or 48 has a height of 1.88 meters and a diameter in the chest area corresponding to 106 centimeters.

If you are looking for a thermal shirt with short sleeves aimed at the male target, check the positive and negative points of this model.


Measurement table: The built-in measurement table allows you to know the height and diameter of the shirt according to the size.

Design: This is a men’s solid color thermal t-shirt made with short sleeves and a crew neck for proper coverage to keep you warm.

Fabric: Its 100% winter cotton composition gives the design greater breathability and heat retention. 

Finishes: The neck tape and sleeves have well-defined finishes that enhance the quality of the product.


Thermal level: Its thermal level could be a little lower compared to other products with long sleeves.

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Thermal running shirt

7. Luanvi Sahara Men’s Thermal Shirt

If you are looking for a thermal shirt for running, you will be interested to know that the manufacturer Luanvi has in its shopping catalog a series of designs that will enhance your performance in cold settings. 

This is the case of this model, which has been made with a combination of polyamide, polyester and elastane synthetic fibres, which allows it to offer a correct adaptation to the body. For this reason, the fabric manages to retain the heat generated by the body, but at the same time extracts the moisture produced by perspiration. 

In addition, it is important to mention that not only the materials help the design to adhere to the torso of different anatomies, but the cut lines are also responsible for it. On the other hand, a series of flatlock-type seams stands out in the area of ​​the sleeves, which consist of a three-thread flat stitch, made on the outside of the garment to avoid chafing.

This men’s thermal shirt has an attractive design with quality finishes. Here are more of its specifications.


Fabric: The combination of synthetic fibers allows the garment to adapt to the body and retain heat without sacrificing breathability.

Seams: The seams on the sleeves will not generate friction on the skin because they are flat.

Design: Its close-fitting design with long sleeves is ideal for running, soccer or cycling.

Washing: The product can be machine washed, since the fabric is sufficiently resistant.


Size: The garment is smaller than other models, so if you usually wear an “S” shirt, you will have to purchase an “M”.  

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Thermal shirt for extreme cold

8. Noble Mount Extreme Cold Thermal Waffle Knit Shirt

This is a product made for those who are looking for a women’s thermal undershirt, since it is a garment capable of keeping you warm all night.

The composition of the fabric consists of a synthetic fiber such as 40% polyester and 60% organic cotton yarns. Both materials are highly resistant and pleasant to the touch. In addition, they have the particularity of retaining body heat, but without sacrificing the correct perspiration process.

The presentation of this thermal shirt for extreme cold is available in a wide palette of solid colors, but the same design line is maintained, consisting of long sleeves and a round neck.

On the other hand, there is the issue of cleaning the garment. To do this, you can use the washing machine, previously programmed in a gentle work cycle in which the water temperature does not exceed 30 °C.

With this thermal shirt you could enjoy warm and comfortable nights. Here are the pros and cons of this model.


Washing: The fabric is durable enough to be machine washed without deteriorating.

Design: This women’s top features a round neckline and long sleeves with lace details for a delicate touch.

Textile: The combination of 40% polyester and 60% cotton manages to retain body heat without accumulating moisture.  

Presentation: The t-shirt was designed in several solid tones so that you can select the one you like the most.


Use: If you need a t-shirt to leave the house, this model is not an option, since it is designed to complement your pajamas.

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Nike thermal shirt

9. Nike Pro Warm Long Sleeve

Nike is an iconic brand in the world of sports, which for decades has made products with the highest quality standards, with the purpose of satisfying the needs of outstanding athletes and average users.

A highly positioned product belonging to their shopping catalog is this Nike thermal shirt, developed with a combination of 17 and 83% elastane and polyester. It is a pair of robust fibers that will efficiently retain body heat, providing you with a comfortable and warm feeling throughout your sports practice. In addition, the garment adapts completely to your body, due to the flexibility of the fabric.

The design of the t-shirt is completely sporty, its sleeves are long, the neck is round and, on the chest area, you will find the brand’s logo. For its part, the seams are flat to avoid discomfort or chafing when in contact with the skin.

With this shirt you can practice any sport without worrying about cooling your muscles, as it retains heat. Learn more details below.


Fabric: Polyamide fiber and elastane provide great elasticity and heat retention.

Design: This is a form-fitting sports t-shirt with long sleeves and a round neckline.

Seams: The flat seams used prevent annoying chafing on the skin.

Washing: Thanks to its high-end fabrics, you can put the shirt in the washing machine without it deteriorating.


Fit: This shirt is cut completely close to the body, which might be unfavorable for those looking for a slightly baggy shirt.

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Shopping guide

To get a thermal shirt that suits our needs, it is important to carefully evaluate a series of specifications associated with its manufacture, which allow us to know the level of quality of the product that we intend to acquire. In this way, we will have the certainty that we are making a successful purchase. Here is a guide to buying the best thermal shirt.

fabric type

Any comparison of thermal shirts must include a detailed analysis of the fabrics used in their manufacture, since at first glance we might think that all fabrics are the same, due to their color or soft touch. However, it is not so. Each brand studies the possible needs of users and, based on this, combines two, three and even four fibers in different proportions. In this way, it makes the product more breathable, flexible or warm, depending on the intended use.

Among the industry’s favorite materials for making thermal shirts are synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polyamide and nylon. This is because its threads are robust and, therefore, provide great resistance to wear. In addition, this type of filaments do not wrinkle, they are light and their appearance is mainly shiny.

Another fiber that cannot be missing from this type of t-shirt is cotton, whose qualities of absorption, breathability and comfort are the perfect complement to synthetic fabrics. In this way, you will get a garment capable of retaining the heat generated by your body, but at the same time releasing moisture, for the enjoyment of a feeling of freshness regardless of the activity you are doing. 


The way a product looks could certainly determine how much it costs. However, the recommendation is to set a maximum budget and, based on it, look for a product that is capable of satisfying our needs. Always keep in mind that what is cheap could be expensive in the long run, so buying a garment simply because it is the cheapest is not one of the best alternatives.

The design is a very important aspect in a thermal shirt, which requires the revision of several aspects apart from the projected aesthetics. In this sense, you will need to know that if the seams are too thick, they could generate annoying chafing on the skin. Therefore, try as much as possible that the textile has flat seams. Similarly, evaluate the size of the sleeves and contrast it with the use you plan to give the garment. Thus, if you are going to use the shirt in summer to exercise, the ideal would be short sleeves, while for winter, the long cut is much more appropriate.


When starting the selection of a thermal shirt, the ideal is that it be good and economical and you will also need the garment to offer a quick and easy cleaning method.

The vast majority of thermal shirts are suitable for machine washing, as manufacturers select robust fabrics and highly resistant synthetic blends. In this sense, you will not cause deterioration to these fibers if you use the appropriate cleaning program. Likewise, it is necessary that you use a bleach-free detergent, because it can be aggressive with the fabric and could gradually tear it or generate lint on the surface.

On the other hand, we have the issue of drying the textile, for which the main brands recommend hanging the shirt outdoors and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight during this process. Otherwise, the colors could fade.


When it comes to selecting a thermal shirt, it is important to take into consideration the size, since the adaptation of the garment to the body will depend on it.

In general, manufacturers incorporate a label into the textile in which, among other information of interest, is the size expressed in letters or numbers. However, basing product selection solely on a standard size could be a mistake, as not all cut patterns are created equal. This means that, if we take two shirts from different brands, both the length and width of the sleeves and torso may vary by a few centimeters.

In this sense, it is best to review the measurement table included by the manufacturer in the purchase package. In this way, you will know exactly the measurements of each of the areas of the product. Thus, it will only remain to contrast these dimensions with your body, which will prevent you from having any type of setbacks when putting on the shirt.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a thermal shirt?

To use a thermal shirt, the first thing you must do is define the utility that you are going to assign it, either for the practice of a specific sport or simply to wear it under your clothes during cold winter days. In this way, you can choose the thermal level of the materials, according to your needs.

On the other hand, you will need to verify the information on the manufacturing label, so that you become familiar with the washing method and keep in mind the care that the textile requires to avoid deterioration. Regarding the placement of the shirt, you will need to wear it directly on the skin and, if you wish, you can wear another garment over it.

Q2: How to wash a thermal shirt?

Washing the thermal shirt is quite simple, since, depending on the type of textile material, you can incorporate it into the washing machine or carry out the cleaning task manually.

In the first case, you must program the device to a soft working mode with a temperature not higher than 30 ° C, because this is recommended to kill mites and bacteria. Also, remember to use a bleach-free detergent and air-dry the garment.

In any case, the ideal would be for you to read the manufacturing label, to know the type of washing prescribed by the manufacturer. Thus, you will avoid the deterioration of the fibers.

Q3: How does a thermal shirt have to fit?

When putting on a thermal shirt, it is important that it adjusts to the shape of your anatomy, since in this way the textile will be able to maintain the sensation of heat generated for longer. In this sense, the ideal is that the garment is somewhat tight to the body. For this reason, you will have to avoid purchasing a product that is too loose as much as possible, because it will reduce the effectiveness of its thermal function.

Q4: What is the best thermal cycling shirt?

It is unfair to say that one thermal cycling shirt is better than another, since each manufacturer uses different designs and materials, which allows us to have a wide list of options to choose from.

To have the best thermal cycling shirt, you need the garment to fit the body, as this improves perspiration, significantly reduces friction and increases your aerodynamic performance, by being able to cut through the air better.

Regarding the selection of sleeves, long designs for winter and short ones for summer are recommended, while the fabrics, regardless of the season, should offer moisture release and body heat retention.

Q5: How to choose the size of a thermal shirt?

The selection of the size of our thermal shirt is a task that should not be done lightly, since each brand uses different cut patterns. This means that, if you are guided only by the size printed on the label, either in number or letter, inconveniences could arise. For this reason, you will have to pay attention and corroborate the information in the table of measurements provided by the manufacturer in the purchase package or on its web portal, which will allow you to compare it with the length and width of your torso, arms and biceps, to the sleeve area.

Q6: Which is better, long or short thermal shirt?

When talking about a long or short thermal shirt, we can refer to the design of its sleeves, as well as the distance between the shoulder and the waist area.

In the first case, everything will depend on the season of the year, since, if you use the garment in winter, long sleeves will be more convenient, while short designs are more recommended for summer. In the same way, when using a short shirt you can incorporate some heaters. Regarding the length of the body of the garment, it is recommended that it be a little long so that, when you bend over, it does not rise.

Q7: How to remove the bad smell from a thermal shirt?

There are many homemade recipes to completely eliminate the odor generated by sweat accumulated in our thermal shirt. One of them is the well-known bicarbonate solution, which you must apply to the garment and let it rest overnight. For its part, wine vinegar diluted in water is another highly effective deodorizer, as are lemon juice and mouthwash. However, the exposure time of these three mixtures is a maximum of 30 minutes on the affected area, since it could deteriorate the fibers.

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