The 9 Best Trail Running Poles of 2022

Trail Running Pole – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trail running poles are a safe support for those who venture to run and compete between mountain trails, rough terrain or intricate slopes, to reduce the impact and have stability in each step. For trail runners, experts or beginners, there are a wide variety of options. Among the best is the Glymnis Aluminum model. They are two folding poles in 5 segments, light and resistant, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, with handles covered in EVA foam. The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork is another reliable alternative, as it has three sections and a quick and secure adjustment system, with a cork handle.

The 9 Best Trail Running Poles – Opinions 2022

To practice trail running, hiking or trekking, it is best to have the right equipment and an important part of this is the poles. If you do not yet have them but need to acquire them, it would be prudent to choose equipment of guaranteed quality, as it is not a choice that should be made at random. Below, we list some of the proposals that have been classified among the best trail running poles.

Collapsible trail running poles 

1. Glymnis Hiking Poles 

Constructed of a 7075 aluminum alloy, which makes them resistant, but at the same time very light to transport and use, these poles from the manufacturer Glymnis are one of the most recommended options for those who aspire to find the best trail running pole on the market. They are two pieces that, when folded into 5 parts, have a size of 36 cm each. 

This pair of collapsible trail running poles is suitable for hikers and beginners. The pieces have handles covered with EVA foam, which makes it easy to hold them softly and comfortably and, in addition, protects the hands from the cold during the winter, while absorbing moisture and sweat during the summer.

They come in a practical pack made up of 12 pieces, including boot tips for hard surfaces, rubber tips, baskets for sand, mud and snow, as well as a bag to carry these instruments. 

Although this could be considered the best trail running pole of the moment, it would be convenient to certify it through its pros and cons


Construction: It is made of aluminum, which makes it extra strong, resistant and able to withstand pressure and impacts.

Size: It is reduced to a size that makes it easy to transport it comfortably inside a backpack.

Adjustable: It can be adjusted from 1.10 to 1.30 m, according to the size of the person who wears it.

Versatile: It includes accessories that allow it to be adapted to different types of terrain, such as sand, cement, snow, etc.


Folding: The quick folding system could be somewhat complicated at first.

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2. Unigear Folding Hiking Pole 

If you are looking for folding trail running poles, the Unigear brand offers a model that might interest you because, in addition, it is offered as the best value for money trail running pole, as it is one of the cheapest. It is made of a composition of 7075-T6 aluminum in its lower part and carbon fiber in the upper segments, materials that make it light and resistant against impacts. 

In addition, it has an ergonomically designed and extended EVA foam handle that adapts to the shape of the hand and provides greater grip, while providing comfort and absorbing moisture, to keep the hand free of sweat during use. in rooms with warm temperatures.

It has a design that makes it foldable into 5 segments, so its length, between 1.15 and 1.35 m, can be reduced to 37 cm, a size that makes it easy to carry inside a backpack. Likewise, the piece adjusts according to the height of the person.

Although this cane is one of the cheapest, there are several reasons that make it a feasible alternative. To know more about it, we present its pros and cons.


Accessories: It includes some necessary accessories to adapt to different terrains, such as snow, sand or rocks. 

Benefits: Its use helps improve circulation, reduce impact, maintain balance and increase safety. 

Security: It has a locking mechanism that allows you to quickly secure the length.

Multipurpose: It is suitable for mountaineering marches, excursions, walks or hiking.


Weight: This pair of poles could be a little heavier, due to its construction.

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3. Taococo Folding Hiking Pole 

Taococo presents a model recommended as one of the best trail running poles of 2022, as it is made up of two pieces, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, an element that makes it ultralight and, at the same time, capable of providing greater resistance to impacts, compared to other types of materials.  

Its maximum length is 1.35 m. However, the poles can be folded into several parts and reduced in size up to 40 cm. In addition, it is possible to adjust their length so that they adapt to people of different sizes, through a practical and safe system, to quickly reduce or extend them. 

This pair of folding trail running poles has ergonomic handles, covered with high-density EVA foam, that adapt to the shape and size of the hands, absorb moisture and provide a secure grip. The stands also have adjustable straps that make it easy to hold them in the right position.

Many manufacturers compete to be the best brand of trail running poles, and Taococo is among them. Here, the pros and cons of this proposal.


Stability: Its tungsten steel tip makes the pole suitable for providing good support and grip on different types of terrain.

Efficiency: Reduces the impact on the knees and ankles, which allows improving balance and efficiency.

Lock: It has a security mechanism that makes it easy to lock it by extending its size.

Usage: It is suitable for rocky terrain, snow, asphalt, sand, forest and mud.


Adjustment: The length can be adjusted only in one of its sections. 

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Black Diamond trail running poles 

4. Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Hiking Pole

If you prefer Black Diamond trail running poles, you may be interested in knowing the advantages offered by this model for women with three segments, whose useful length is from 1 to 1.40 m. Likewise, it has 100% natural cork handles, which form an ergonomic grip angle, designed to offer more relief and comfort to the wrist.

This pair of poles could be an appropriate option if you don’t know which is the best trail running pole, as they are also equipped with Flicklock system closures, to adjust their height quickly and effectively between 65 cm and 1.25 m. They include accessories carbon, compatible with its interchangeable tip. 

They are made from 7075 aluminum, which provides strength. Their grips have an EVA foam extension, which favors grip at different heights, and makes them suitable for facing various uneven terrain, while favoring the absorption of moisture and sweat.

If you don’t know which trail running pole to buy, knowing what this option has for and against would be helpful in making a decision.


Design: It has a thin and light design, intended to offer balance, support and resistance.

Adjustment: The adjustment system can be used in a practical and fast way.

Grip: Incorporates natural cork handles, with an EVA foam extension and straps to provide a more secure grip.

Weight: Both poles weigh 512g, which is lightweight and easy to carry and handle.


Cushioning: They do not have a cushioning system to reduce unexpected impacts.

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5. Black Diamond Trail Back Poles

Among the catalog of Black Diamond trail running poles, there are models designed to adapt to different demands and levels of training. On this occasion, the renowned brand specialized in mountaineering and climbing articles proposes a model for men, whose minimum length is 63.5 cm and extends up to 1.40 m. 

The model incorporates two pieces made of aluminum, which makes it light and resistant. They are Nordic walking poles, equipped with an integrated damping system to prevent vibrations. They feature padded loop handles that optimize grip and keep the area free of moisture while maintaining stability by reducing movement.

In addition, they incorporate an adjustment mechanism known as Flick Lock, which allows its three segments to be adjusted, to adapt them to the required height. They are designed to adapt to different surfaces, as they incorporate additional accessories with carbon tips, such as snow and trekking plates. 

If you think this may be a good option, you should also analyze the points that this model has for and against.


Pros: It measures 1.40 m, but it can be divided into three segments to adapt it to the required size.

Grips: It has handles with ergonomic straps, which mold to the hands and provide comfort, while avoiding chafing.

Utility: Includes some plates to adapt the poles to different types of terrain.

Fastening: It has a fastening and adjustment system that is activated quickly and easily.


Application: It has been considered that they are more suitable poles for trekking than for trail running.

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Leki trail running poles 

6. Leki Unisex Adults Micro Trail Pro Trailrunning Poles

Another interesting option is the one offered by the Leki trail running poles, Unisex style, available in 5 different sizes that, in turn, can be adjusted to suit the height of the person who uses them. They are light and comfortable to handle and transport, since their weight generally does not exceed 400 g.

They are appropriate poles for walking on simple, rocky trails, climbing or trail running and walking on different types of terrain. They have a folding system, which can be divided into three segments and quickly adjusted. They offer sufficient stability, as they have the ability to reduce vibrations.

They are designed to provide optimal support, since, in addition to their padded grips, they have straps that make it easier to keep the wrists in a proper position, which helps improve the hitting technique on various surfaces.

Reviewing the positive and negative aspects of this model would be useful to assess whether this would be an appropriate option.


Resistance: It is made of carbon, an element that makes it more resistant and durable, but light at the same time.

Handle: It has a grip system that provides comfort and stability, and is reinforced with straps that optimize the movement technique.

Versatility: The poles are suitable for traversing different types of terrain.

Foldable: Its length is reduced to adjust to different heights, store it and transport it.


Straps: The size of the straps varies according to the height of the cane and may not be adequate for each case.

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7. Leki Vario XS Poles

Those looking for small or children’s Leki trail running poles could evaluate this alternative. It is a children’s model equipped with adjustable safety straps, whose minimum length is 80 cm and, when extended, reaches 1.10 m in length. 

They are two poles made of HTS 5.5 aluminum, whose total weight is around 240 grams, being a light range that makes it easier to handle and load them more comfortably. The children’s trail running poles are equipped with a practical external lever closure mechanism, which allows them to be adjusted easily and effectively, to secure the size and extend it as children grow. 

In folded mode, its size is reduced to only 67 cm, which makes it easy to store and transport. Its design is appropriate to start practicing this sport from an early age. They have a strap that allows them to be held and supported more safely. 

If this product has caught your attention, we advise you to take a look at its pros and cons, to determine if it would be suitable.


Lock: It has a safe and effective locking system, which increases confidence.

Length: It can be adjusted between 80 cm and 1.10 m, to adapt it according to the size of the children.

Use: It has a steel tip that guarantees support and fastening on various ground surfaces. 

Construction: The material that composes it is recognized for providing stability, resistance and durability, which lengthens its useful life.


Size: This children’s model is available in a single adaptable size, so it is not possible to choose between sizes.

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carbon trail running poles 


8. Atacama Carbon Hiking Poles 

There are those who have reasons to prefer carbon trail running poles. If you are one of them, the manufacturer Atacama offers a model made of 100% carbon, a stronger and more resistant material that does not affect the volume of the piece, since it only weighs 220 g, which makes it ultralight and comfortable to use. since it avoids the fatigue of the arms during long excursions. 

In addition, it has the ability to absorb impacts and thus protect the joints. It has a quick adjustment mechanism, which makes it easy to adjust the length of the pole between 63 cm and 1.35 m in just seconds. Its closing mechanism is made of aluminum, a safer material that prevents the pole from slipping.

In addition to this, it has adjustable, fleece-covered hand straps and cork handles that mold to the shape of the hand and provide comfort, while absorbing moisture and sweat.

The description of this product could be better complemented if its positive and negative points are consulted, summarized here.


Uses: It can be used during any season and on various terrains, as it includes accessories and tungsten carbide tips that adapt to ice, asphalt or snow. 

Straps: Incorporates comfortable and breathable fleece-lined hand straps. 

Shock absorber: It can reduce the impact of shock and protect joints.

Adjustable: It has a simple and quick closing mechanism that makes it easy to adjust the length.


Fixed: It is an adjustable but not collapsible trail running pole, which could make it difficult to store and transport.

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9. Aonijie Folding Hiking Poles

Another feasible alternative for those looking for carbon trail running poles is the one presented by the Aonijie brand. It is a model that includes two poles, whose manufacture is made of 7075 – T6 aluminum in the lower part, which makes it resistant and strong against impacts. 

For its part, the upper segments are made of carbon fiber, which gives them rigidity and reduces vibrations. They feature a collapsible design that can be divided into 4 segments and reduced in size to just 32cm, making it easy to slip into a backpack for convenient portability. 

They come in two sizes. One of 1.10 m, useful for those who measure between 1.55 to 1.70 m, and one of 1.20 m, suitable for people with height between 1.70 and 1.85 m. In addition, its length can be adjusted. They incorporate EVA foam grips that cover a larger part of each pole, whose ergonomic shape adapts to the grip of the hands. 

The characteristics of this product could define it as a viable option, but its pros and cons will determine the purchase decision.


Length: There are sizes of 1.10 m and 1.20 m and can be adjusted by an external locking mechanism.

Non- slip: It has extended EVA foam grips, which absorb sweat and provide a comfortable grip.

Design: It is light, resistant and foldable in 4 parts, which makes it practical and portable.

Manufacturing: Its structure combines carbon fiber and aluminum, materials that provide durability, lightness and stability.


Muddy terrain: You may lose confidence on some unstable terrain such as mud.

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Accessories for trekking pole

Trail running pole holder

Salomon Custom Quiver SS17

To keep these instruments well protected and safe during their transfer, it would be convenient to have a trail running pole holder. This is an advantage that can be taken advantage of by the manufacturer Salomon, as it offers a case made of resistant material with a padded back.

These types of trekking pole accessories have a practical hook-grip design, which is compatible to attach to most S/LAB Sense backpacks. The pole holder has a fastening cord, which allows to distribute the load to offer greater stability. In addition, its large opening makes it easy to access the pole and store it again, quickly, without having to remove the backpack. 

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Shopping guide

If you are looking for a trail running pole, it is likely that you have already evaluated some options, but, before choosing, it is convenient that you consider if the option could be the most pertinent because, in addition to choosing one that has the indicated height other factors need to be considered. Therefore, we suggest that you evaluate this guide to buy the best trail running pole.


When choosing a trail running pole, the first thing you think about is being able to find one with the ideal size, depending on the size of the person who is going to use it. To do this, it would suffice to make a comparison of trail running poles, to evaluate the different alternatives and the respective sizes available.

These canes come in sizes that may be suitable for people of different heights, as some are adjustable. However, it should also be considered in what type of activities or under what conditions they are going to be used, because, in the event that they are required only to challenge slopes, then it could be useful to choose one size less than usual.

If, on the other hand, the trail running pole will be used on all types of terrain and slopes, it would be prudent to apply a simple formula, which consists of multiplying the height by 0.68, removing the decimal and rounding the tens to the nearest number.


One of the most asked questions when looking for this type of equipment is how much does a trail running pole cost? The answer could be closely related to the quality of the materials that make up its structure. The most common and most frequently used are carbon and aluminum, although there are also those that combine these two materials.

Carbon poles tend to cost more, but they are also lighter than aluminum poles, which could make them easier to transport and handle. The aluminum ones, on the other hand, have a somewhat lower cost and can be very resistant to bumps, dents and low-temperature environments, which makes them more durable. Lightweight, collapsible poles are most comfortable, but if weight isn’t an issue, there are aluminum options that offer quality and fit every budget.


Among the products offered by the different manufacturers dedicated to the design and production of implements and equipment for adventure sports, there are models of trail running poles with an innovative design, aimed at making the development of this physical activity easier and helping to increase performance..

Thus, you can get canes that fit each person, activity and need. Among the most used today, the folding ones stand out, capable of reducing their size to facilitate their transfer and storage. There are also adjustable options in three and up to 5 sections, with easy-to-use locking closure, to quickly secure the length during the route. 

Also, most have ergonomic cork or EVA foam handles, non-slip materials that provide comfort and a better grip. Some are also equipped with straps to ensure the correct position of the wrist on the cane.


Trail running poles can be useful for many other disciplines related to mountaineering and hiking, so the use of some particular models can be applied to different practices and types of terrain. However, it is also likely to find poles more suitable for some activities than for others, as well as for different types of mountain runners, beginners or experts.

Therefore, before choosing a good and cheap cane, it would be advisable to make sure that you will be able to use it for the activity and terrain on which you usually run. 


To choose a trail running pole that ensures optimal performance and, at the same time, is comfortable to handle, it is important to certify that it has resistant tips, plates, baskets for the lower part and other accessories, capable of traversing the different surfaces of ground and provide support, support and stability.

Likewise, it should be ensured that it has padded handles, which provide comfort, good grip, absorption of sweat and humidity, accompanied by wrist straps and, in particular, that it has the capacity to withstand the pressure exerted on this area. 

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use trail running poles?

To start using trail running poles, it is necessary to become familiar with the equipment, to know each of its parts, its operation and to get used to the locking mechanism that it incorporates, in order to use it quickly and effectively during the route. 

Its length should be adjusted, according to the size of the person or the type of slope they face. To use a cane correctly on flat surfaces, both experts and manufacturers advise holding it with your forearm, at a 90° angle to the cane. Also, the rest of the arm should be held parallel to the body. 

The leash should remain snug on the hand, so that the strap fits inside the wrist, and the cane should be held so that both its handle and the main part of the leash can be grasped. This strap should be slightly tight, to help balance the weight of your hand on the cane.

Q2: When to use poles in trail running?

It is advisable to use poles in trail running when the type of path requires a greater impulse from the body, whether the person is moving on flat terrain or through very steep slopes, because, with the poles, it helps to propel the arms up and forward to increase speed. 

In addition, it is also advisable to use them when going downhill, since these types of poles have the ability to reduce the impact on the knees, legs, ankles and feet. They can also be used when the type of terrain is not very well known, to determine with this instrument how thick the snow can be, the depth of a well or to check if you are going to step on quicksand.   

In the same way, they are useful when moving between terrains that are difficult to pass or access, such as when crossing rivers, passing over mud or between paths with a lot of vegetation, because, in these cases, the canes serve as support to maintain balance, which favors avoiding this type of terrain in a faster and safer way. 

Q3: How to choose the size of trail running poles? 

The size of the trail running poles should be chosen according to the height of the person. However, their size can also be chosen depending on the use that they are going to be given, as well as the type of activity and terrain. 

To know the exact measurement of the cane that should be chosen, the height of the person must be multiplied by 0.68. Given that most canes are designed with sections of 5 cm each, the result obtained must be rounded to the closest measurement to a multiple of 5. That is, in the event that a person measures 1.81 m, the result of the multiplication would be 121.27. Thus, the closest cane size to this measure would be 1.20 m.

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