The 9 Best Travel Bags of 2022

Travel Bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


When we plan a trip, we put all the accessories that we might need on our journey at hand, being necessary to have a travel bag, which serves as a complement to comfortably organize everything that we will take. Thinking about it, we found the AmazonBasics ZH1704076F model, a wheeled bag made of polyester and ripstop, to avoid tears due to use, with a large size of 88 cm and a capacity of 113 liters. Another interesting option that you might like is the Bagzy 30L-Pink. A large bag that you can carry on your shoulder, perfect for a weekend trip and that is also foldable.

The 9 Best Travel Bags – Opinions 2022

If you are planning a destination to travel, whether for pleasure or work, it will be easier for you to prepare your luggage if you have a travel bag that suits your needs. For this reason, we gave ourselves the task of making a list with products that have been cataloged by many users as the 9 best travel bags of 2022, to avoid setbacks during your journey.

Travel bag with wheels 

1. AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Backpack 

You might find this AmazonBasics alternative interesting, because it’s a travel bag on wheels. This will allow you to travel comfortably and without problems, thanks to the fact that its upper part is made with a 100% polyester fabric, while the sides and base are made with a ripstop fabric, being highly resistant to tearing.

It has a vertically telescopic handle and aligned wheels that facilitate smooth mobility. In addition, it incorporates several main and front compartments, so you can store your luggage in an organized way, adding a zipper closure system for greater security.

Regarding its dimensions, we can comment that this model has a size of 88 cm and has a capacity of 113.1 liters, which is considered convenient for a trip of several days.

Remember that the best travel bag of the moment must be comfortable, resistant and spacious. That is why we recommend you to know the advantages of this AmazonBasics model.


Construction: Its construction combines polyester fabrics on the upper part, as well as 1680 denier ripstop on the sides and base, being highly resistant and durable.  

Wheels: Additionally, this model has two skate wheels that facilitate its movement. 

Handles: It incorporates a telescopic handle that facilitates its transfer, as well as a removable handle to carry it on the shoulder or cross body.


Weight: Remember that this empty suitcase has an approximate weight of 5.4 kilograms, a detail that you must consider in the baggage limits.

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Women’s travel bag 

2. Bagzy Foldable Large Travel Bag 

If you are a woman, you know that when packing a travel suitcase we have many things to take, such as: dresses, jeans, shoes, accessories, makeup, iron or hair dryer, among other objects. So, it never hurts to have a women’s travel bag that facilitates the storage of our things quickly and comfortably.

In this context, we present you the Bagzy 30L-Pink model, a large and spacious shoulder bag, suitable to be used as luggage for weekends, as a handbag or to carry your gym accessories. It comes in a pretty shade of pink and has a 30 liter capacity.

In addition to the above, it is completely foldable, and can become a small 22 x 15 cm bag, which could be an alternative as an additional suitcase if you want to avoid excess baggage or to store your gifts.

For those people who do not want to spend a lot of money, we have one of the cheapest travel bags in our selection. Here are its main pros and cons.


Waterproof: It is made of Oxford fabric, which is highly waterproof and resistant.

Closure: It has a good quality and durable metal zipper, which keeps everything inside the bag.

Lightweight:   This empty bag weighs only 240 grams and has a capacity of approximately 30 litres.


Thin: Remember that the material used to make this bag is quite thin, so it is not recommended to carry delicate objects inside. 

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men’s travel bag 

3. Nubily Men’s Gym Sports Bag

The Nubily brand men’s travel bag is designed primarily as a sports accessory, as it features a main zippered compartment and two large pockets, suitable for properly organizing all your travel items safely.

It also has two front pockets to store your headphones; two side pockets designed, to store shoes and smaller items; as well as a waterproof pocket on the inside, to store wet clothes or cold drinks.

Regarding its construction, we can point out that this bag has been made with high-quality polyester material, incorporating a spacious structure with dimensions of 54 x 28 x 26 cm and a capacity of 40 liters. Also, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which provides added carrying comfort.

Many users consider this to be the best travel bag, considering that it is lightweight and designed for the male audience. Learn a little more about this model.


Capacity: This sports bag has a capacity of 40 liters, enough to take your accessories to the gym.

Base: Includes a protective base capable of reducing friction between the ground and the sports bag, protecting its interior.

Zipper: It incorporates a good quality zipper to close the bag and keep your belongings safe.


Color: This model is only available in black or in a combination of blue with gray, but they are neutral colors for men.

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Samsonite travel bag 

4. Samsonite Paradiver Light Wheeled Duffle Bag 

When we look for travel bags we find a wide variety of products designed to meet the needs of different people. In this sense, many love bags with wheels, because they provide comfort when moving luggage from one place to another, without having to carry the weight of the suitcase. 

In the case of the Samsonite travel bag, it should be mentioned that it incorporates practical wheels for its transfer and modernized features that add elegance to its aesthetics, such as the ergonomic handle on the top for easy grip and its sporty colors, which they make it very conspicuous. 

As for its construction, we highlight that the structure of this suitcase is made of polyurethane covered with 600 x 600 denier polyester fabric, which guarantees its resistance and durability, being ergonomically light and quite flexible. 

If you have trouble deciding which is the best travel bag, we recommend this beautiful Samsonite model. Review its advantages and disadvantages here.


Capacity: Its large capacity allows it to hold up to 121.5 liters, making it a perfect suitcase for long trips.

Wheels: It incorporates two wheels that facilitate the transfer of the suitcase, in case you have to go through large airports.

Measurements: Its measurements of 79 x 44 x 31 centimeters and the flexibility of the material allow you to store various outfits and accessories without problems.


Straps: It does not have straps to use it as a backpack, but it includes a vertical telescopic handle for handling.

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baby travel bag 

5. Freesoo Set 5 kits Mommy Bag for Baby

Babies also need to have their travel bag, so that we can carry everything they need during the trip. That is why we recommend the Freesoo brand baby travel bag, because it is a 5-piece kit that includes a large travel bag, a medium one, a bottle holder, a changing mat and a lunch bag. 

The material used to make these pieces is waterproof and can be easily washed. In addition, they are easy to carry bags, because they have an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as handles to hold them by hand.

As for its dimensions, we can highlight that the largest bag measures 41 x 32 x 19 cm, while the small one measures 31 x 28 x 13 cm. 

This kit is another of the cheap travel bag alternatives, so we think it’s a good investment for you. Here are its main benefits.


5 in 1: This set includes a large bag, a small bag, a bottle holder, a changing mat and a lunch bag.

Space: The small bag of this model can be stored in the large one, to save more space and carry the necessary accessories for your little one.

Washable: The manufacturing material of this model is waterproof, so you can easily clean it.


Changing table: The size of the changing table is useful for the newborn baby, but when it is a little larger, it is not very functional.

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weekend travel bag 

6. EverVanz Large Canvas Travel Bag

To go for a walk on a weekend we do not need a large travel bag, an overnight model is sufficient. So, searching among several products, we found this EverVanz brand weekend travel bag, with a vintage design and decorative leather touches that make it very attractive.

Its construction has been made with premium quality canvas material, highly resistant, soft and light. With handmade stitches and rivets on the bottom. It can be used by both men and women, because its style is classic and informal.

In addition, it incorporates a shoulder strap and handles fastened with a resistant copper metal, aspects that give the design robustness. Its dimensions are 55 cm high, 37 cm long and 26 cm wide, so it can be used as hand luggage on planes. 

If you still have doubts about which travel bag to buy, this model can be a great alternative. Know its pros and cons.


Colors: This model comes in various colors, among which you can choose black, red, military green or yellow.

Multi-purpose: It is a perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway, for business trips or for daily use.

Capacity: Thanks to its large capacity, this bag can serve as hand luggage.


Bottom: Because it is made of cloth, its bottom is not rigid, but this does not represent a major inconvenience, since the suitcase fully fulfills its function.

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Travel bag Pepe Jeans 

7. Pepe Jeans Pepe Jeans Molly gray travel bag

This Pepe Jeans travel bag belongs to the brand’s Molly collection, which includes backpacks and pencil cases in three different colours. These accessories must be purchased separately, but they are very useful for organizing school accessories or for taking personal effects anywhere.

In the case of this 6283261 model, we highlight its dimensions of 42 cm long, 34 cm high and 15 cm wide, being very versatile for a weekend trip, to wear gym clothes or for daily use..

As for its construction, we can mention that it is made of top quality polyester and incorporates interior pockets and a front zippered pocket, so you can better organize your accessories. In addition, it comes in blue, pink or gray.

Pepe Jeans is recognized worldwide for its designs and quality. For this reason, many consider it to be the best brand of travel bags on the market. Next, learn about the advantages of one of its models.


Material: The 6283261 travel bag is made of 100% polyester fabric, making it highly durable and resistant.

Closure: It incorporates a system with zippers that facilitate the opening and closing of this travel bag.

Capacity: Its approximate capacity is 21 liters, thanks to its dimensions of 42 x 34 x 15 cm.


Accessories: If you want to complete the Molly collection of this brand, you must buy the other accessories separately, which represents an additional expense.

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Children’s travel bag

8. Mickey Race Front 3D Duffel Bag

If you want a children’s travel bag, this Disney Mickey Race model might interest you, as the character stands out from the front thanks to the 3D effect incorporated into the design, being quite attractive to children.

Additionally, this travel bag is quite reasonably priced, given its versatility and functionality, which is why many consider it to be the best value for money travel bag that we can find on the market.

On the other hand, we highlight that it is made of polyester and has dimensions of 45 x 26 x 20 cm, being very useful for wearing clothes during children’s sports activities or for traveling.

It also incorporates a strap and some handles, to make it easier to carry it, both on the shoulder, crossbody or in the hand.

So that your children also enjoy their trip, we recommend this practical bag with a 3D effect to store their luggage. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Design: It is a blue travel bag with a 3D design of Mickey Mouse, which protrudes from the front to offer greater appeal.

Size: Its measurements of 45 x 26 x 20 cm are suitable for storing the child’s things on a weekend trip.

Construction: It is made of top quality polyester, which guarantees its durability and resistance.


Adjustable: Keep in mind that the shoulder strap is not adjustable, so if the child is still small, they could get entangled with it.

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North Face travel bag 

9. The North Face Base Camp Duffel Backpack Unisex Adult

If you need a small bag, such as hand luggage, this model T93ETQZU3 from The North Face brand could be what you are looking for, because its measurements are 11.5 cm long, 11.5 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep. high are suitable for this type of accessories.

It has alpine cut handles, suitable for the shoulders, which are adjustable and removable. This quality gives you a more ergonomic fit, with minimal twisting, and allows you to carry the bag like a classic backpack. In addition, it includes fully padded side handles to carry as a handbag.

In addition to this, it has an opening and flap in D with a zipper, for easy handling when storing your things. It also incorporates a main compartment, an internal zippered mesh pocket and an external one to provide more organization options.

Next, we invite you to know the advantages offered by this North Face travel bag, so you can decide if it is the appropriate option you are looking for.


Unisex: The unisex design of this model and its striking colors mean that this bag can be used by both sexes.

Waterproof: Its construction is robust, in a waterproof material, with reinforcement rivets and double stitching.

Backpack: It has padded handles designed so that you can carry the bag as a backpack, as well as side handles for the hand.


Strap: Unlike previous models, the Base Camp Duffel does not have a shoulder strap that allows it to be worn over the shoulder.

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Shopping guide 

Having a travel bag, which serves to comfortably organize all your personal items that you will need when traveling, is a great advantage. But, acquiring a suitcase that adapts to the needs of each user can be somewhat complicated. For this reason, we recommend you review our guide to buying the best travel bag, because in it we give you some important advice on aspects and characteristics that you should consider when making this investment. 


When you get ready to make a comparison of travel bags, you can see that there is a wide variety of models on the market that adapt to all tastes. There are large, medium, small, wheeled, suitcase-type bags, with straps or with handles. They are also made with different materials that give them robustness, hardness and resistance. But in addition to this, travel bags can be classified into family models, for athletes or executive type.

Depending on the model you choose, its special characteristics could significantly influence how much a travel bag costs, so it is advisable not to look so much at the price, but at the frequency of use that you plan to give it, so that it can be used for future trips.


Although your objective is to acquire a good and economical bag to travel, the chosen model must offer all the necessary comforts to transport your personal belongings to your destination. So, it is important that the bag offers different compartments, adequately supports the weight and can guarantee that your accessories will be safe inside, because it provides good cushioning to possible bumps. 

clothing material

Another important aspect to evaluate in this travel accessory is the material used to make the bag. In general, you can find travel bags on the market made of different fabrics, such as polyester, ripstop, canvas, denim, among others.

There are also the traveling bags made with polyurethane, or those that are made of some plastic material. But keep in mind that, regardless of the type of material, it is essential that the bag is resistant to shocks and movements during transfers on your travel routes.

On the other hand, it verifies that the closing systems are adequate. These could be zippers, with velcro, snaps or fastening tapes.

handles or straps

Finding a travel bag that is practical and comfortable when moving it from one place to another depends on the built-in grip system. There are models that you can carry as a backpack, because they have handles that you can attach to your back. Other models incorporate an adjustable strap that is placed on the shoulder, which allows you to carry the bag as a crossbody or hanging on your body. 

Similarly, there are models that include handles so you can carry the bag in your hand. As well as those bags that have wheels and a vertical telescopic handle, which provide great practicality because you only have to take it by the handle to carry it, which makes the weight of your luggage almost imperceptible.

size and design

Another fundamental characteristic to take into account when you go to buy a bag to travel is the size, since a bag that you will use to enjoy a weekend at the beach is not the same as using a bag for a long trip for vacations or another reason.

In this context, you should consider the type of trip you plan to undertake to get the perfect size bag that allows you to carry everything you will need during your stay.

On the other hand, we have the design that can suit your style. There are classic models of bags with a vintage style, elegant and sober, as well as those with fun colors, figures, stripes, flowers, cartoons, which meet the expectations of each user.

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