The 9 Best Travel Pillows of 2022

Travel Pillow – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you are thinking of going out for pleasure or work, it could be beneficial to carry a travel pillow, especially when the journey is long, since whether it is by plane, train, bus, ship or car, it allows you to travel more comfortably and therefore Arrive more rested at your destination. In this sense, the Power Of Nature PON044-3 stands out in its category by providing convenient support to the spine, improving fatigue in the shoulders and neck; In addition, it is accompanied by accessories that increase comfort. Another recommended model is the Samsonite 121244/1549, which, due to its ergonomics and material, offers comfort.

The 9 Best Travel Pillows – Opinions 2022

Currently, there are different types of travel pillows, which vary by their material, model, size, etc; but choosing the most convenient will depend on the needs of each user. For this reason, we present a comparison of the 9 best travel pillows available on the market, so that you can make a successful purchase.

travel neck pillow

1. Power Of Nature Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This travel neck pillow is designed to offer the user both comfort and support by being soft and breathable. Likewise, it protects the cervical area, since it adjusts to it due to its curvature, thus helping to reduce pressure on the neck and reduce lateral movement of the head.

Regarding its materials, it is made of premium memory foam, which uses slow return technology of approximately 5 seconds. In addition, it comes with a soft cover that is easily removable and washable, which means you can have a clean pillow after every trip.

Regarding its design, it can be indicated that it is ergonomic, since it presents multi-angle protection providing adequate alignment for the spine. Additionally, it has a system to easily adjust the pillow to the size of each user’s neck.

This could be considered the best travel pillow of the moment for being versatile. Therefore, it is convenient for you to know more qualities.


Accessories: Bring a travel bag to store it, earplugs and a sleep mask, for added comfort.

Material: The pillow is made of cotton and polyester, materials that give it breathability and resistance. In addition, a cover made of washable velvet fabric, pleasant to the touch.

Weight: It is a light pillow that does not reach 100 grams, which makes it easier to move.


Size: Due to its dimensions it could be large for some users. But, with the adjustment system on each tip, it can be customized.

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2. Oule GmbH Orthopedic Travel Neck Pillow

This travel cervical pillow has been designed to generate relaxation and relief in the cervical area, thanks to its orthopedic design. For this purpose, it has a rectangular format provided with two curvatures of different heights, so that each user can choose which end to use, according to their rest preferences.

Going deeper into the technical aspects of this model, which is considered among the best travel pillows of 2022, we can mention that it is made up of a thermoactive core of viscoelastic memory foam, so it not only adapts to the body’s anatomy, but also at your temperature.

Similarly, it has a two-layer breathable polyester cover that meets the guidelines of the Ökotex Standard 100 regulation, thus being safe as it is free of dangerous substances. On the other hand, this element allows hygiene to be maintained both inside and outside the pillow.

Below, we have prepared a summary of the most outstanding features, in order to help you with your purchase decision.



Material: Its interior is 100% polyester, it also has a combined polyester and viscose coating that makes it soft to the touch.

Portability: Thanks to its dimensions and low weight it is easy to transport. It is also accompanied by a bag that keeps it away from dirt.

Support: It has two curvatures of different sizes to adapt to the rest requirements of each user.


Colour: Being white, it is easy to dirty. However, its cover is washable.

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Samsonite Travel Pillow

3. Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Memory Foam Pillow + Pouch

The Samsonite travel pillow adapts to the shape of each user’s neck as it is U-shaped. In addition, its interior is made with viscoelastic foam or memory foam, which provides greater well-being by dissipating pressure, making it suitable for break.

If we focus on its texture, we can notice that this travel pillow is soft, which makes it pleasant to the touch. On the other hand, it is available in two attractive colors (black and midnight blue – blue) that make it visually elegant. In addition, it is practical to carry, due to its dimensions, since it measures 29 x 29 x 9 centimeters (width, length and height).

Externally it is made of polyester and polyethylene, with a composition of 50% for each element, generating resistance and durability. For this reason, and due to the quality of the materials that make it up, it could well be considered the best travel pillow.

Below we indicate additional qualities of this travel pillow, so that you can analyze the pros and cons that it has.


Dimensions: Due to its measurements it is easy to carry both in hand luggage and in the suitcase.

Material: The percentage of polyester that it has makes it absorb moisture better, avoiding generating a bad smell, it also makes it resistant.

Pocket: The pillow was made with a pocket that allows it to be folded and thus be able to store it.



Cover: It does not have a removable cover for washing. However, the folding pocket protects it from dirt when moving it.

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4. Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Inflatable Travel Pillow

Currently, there are multiple comfort accessories for people who travel, among them we have this Samsonite travel pillow model. It is an inflatable option and very easy to use, which is very practical to transport it without taking up space.

In relation to its design, it stands out for its outer cover, which is soft to the touch, but at the same time resistant. This quality is due to the fact that it has been made with plastic material and polyester in a proportion of 50% for each element. Thus, it can contain the air without inconvenience.

On the other hand, its size of 36 x 27 x 11 centimeters (length, width and height) is an advantage, since it adapts correctly to the dimensions of an adult and when the air is released it folds and can be stored. In addition, it is a cheap pillow, which offers comfort without costing too much money.

To acquire a product we must know its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we present the qualities offered by this pillow.


Practical: It can be inflated easily and quickly when it is going to be used, making its handling practical.

Size: By releasing the air and returning to its original state, the dimensions are consistent to store it quickly and easily.

Case: The purchase includes a case that could have two functions: store the inflatable pillow and also secure personal items if desired.



Resistance: You need to be careful not to bring it close to sharp objects, or it might break. 

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inflatable travel pillow


5. Journext Inflatable Camping and Travel Pillow

Taking a trip can be exciting and much more so if it is for pleasure. However, it could be a bit inconvenient if you don’t have a product on hand that makes the journey or stay more pleasant. That is why an inflatable travel pillow would be a good option.

In this sense, if you are wondering which is the best travel pillow for camping or the beach, we can tell you that this model has favorable qualities, such as a surface that is pleasant to the touch, because its lining is made of a soft, antistatic cotton blend. and resistant. Additionally, the approximate weight is 120 grams, which makes it light and easy to carry.

On the other hand, this travel pillow is made up of three layers; the cotton cover, the synthetic fibers and the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) layer, making it airtight, resistant and flexible, providing comfort when resting.

We present the pros and cons of this pillow, to help you with your purchase decision.  



Practice: You will need a few breaths to inflate it, thanks to the valve it comes with. Plus, it’s easy to store.

Portability: The protective cover that contains the pillow is 12 × 8 centimeters, therefore you will have its comfort wherever you go.

Adjustable: Through the valve you can adjust the hardness or softness of the pillow, determining the comfort for sleeping.



Volume: Being fully inflated, it could be loud for some users, but that can be chosen to each person’s taste.

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Memory foam travel pillow

6. Third of Life Travel Pillow Volar Ergonomic Cushion

This brand of pillows is well known, making its products good options to consider among your purchase alternatives. This pillow offers support for the head, neck and neck. In addition, it has thermoregulatory microcapsule technology on the cover, which guarantees a suitable temperature for the user, creating an appropriate rest climate.

In the specific case of this viscoelastic travel pillow, we can indicate that it has two special characteristics, because in addition to memory foam with ventilation channels, which is its main manufacturing material, it comes with a thermal cover and a waterproof travel bag. With this you can protect it from both moisture and dirt.

Regarding its dimensions, we can indicate that it measures 40x25x10 centimeters (width, length, height), so it can be rolled up and stored in the travel bag to save space and carried in hand luggage.

Below we present the qualities of a product backed by what could be considered the best brand of travel pillows.



Hypoallergenic: It is made with material resistant to mites, thus being appropriate for both allergic and asthmatic users .

Moisture control: Its thermoregulatory microcapsules, included in the cover, provide airflow, helping to control sweat.

Extra: In addition to the bag where it is stored, the purchase includes a black cover to protect it from dirt.



Dimensions and weight: To be a travel pillow, it could be considered large. In addition, it weighs 550 grams, a quality that can make it a bit difficult to transport.

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Airplane travel pillow


7. Power Of Nature Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Travel Pillow

When deciding to travel on an aircraft, we can think of buying a pillow for air travel, in order to make the journey more pleasant. Therefore, this model is a good option to consider among your alternatives, since its viscoelastic foam reduces pressure. on the neck protecting the cervical area.

Another point that we must highlight is the design of the cover, as it is made with soft lycra material, which does not lose color. It also has a zipper that makes it easy to separate the pillow for washing and thus obtain a clean and fresh pillow on each trip.

This model includes: the travel pillow with its respective removable cover, a bag to store the pillow, an adjustable sleep mask and a pair of earplugs, also made with viscoelastic foam, so you will have everything you need to enjoy of a comfortable ride.

This option could be considered one of the cheapest. Therefore, we indicate some qualities and disadvantages.



Accessories: Bring an adjustable sleep mask, which facilitates rest, and noise-isolating earplugs.

Adjustable: It adapts to the size of each user’s neck, thanks to the buckle and strap at the ends.

Cover: The pillow comes with a removable, machine-washable lycra cover for easy cleaning after each use.



Storage: It can be a bit difficult to put it back in the travel bag, but it is not impossible.

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inflatable travel pillow


8. Homca Inflatable Multi-Functional Travel Pillows

Currently, the market offers us innumerable options in travel pillows, but the best thing to do is to assess, in addition to quality, cost. Hence, this product could be considered the best value for money travel pillow.

This model of inflatable travel pillow is made of micro-velour plastic fabric, which is breathable and also eco-friendly. It is also easy to use, since it has a one-way valve to inflate and by pressing the corresponding button the air is released.

Among other qualities, the thermal fusion technique that regulates the temperature stands out. A quality that makes it suitable for all seasons of the year. On the other hand, its design allows it to be used in various ways, helping to promote proper alignment of the head and neck, providing comfortable support for the upper body.

Here we present other qualities of this travel pillow model that we recommend you to know, so that you make a good purchase choice.



Additional: Bring a storage bag to protect it from dirt and an eye mask for a better rest.

Support: Due to its model, it allows the torso to rest both from the front and from the side, making rest easier.

Easy to inflate: Due to the valve technology that it brings, you will need a few breaths to fill the pillow to maximum pressure.



Maintenance: Because of its PVC construction, it is a washable pillow, but you must do it by hand and with a brush.

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Travel cervical pillow for children


9. H Homewins Travel Pillow for Children Kids Neck Support

This kids travel cervical pillow could ensure your rest and avoid neck discomfort during travel. In addition, the Homewins brand makes its pillows with high quality materials, in natural cotton and velvet. For this reason, this option is soft and durable, and it is also easy to clean and dry.

In relation to its design, it offers 10 styles based on animals, so that the pillow is attractive to little ones, and due to its size, it can be correctly adapted to children from one year of age. In addition, it is an ergonomic pillow, since its U shape wraps around the neck providing better support for the head and neck. 

Finally, regarding the material used for the filling, we indicate that it is thick PP cotton or thin PP cotton; this will depend on the style of pillow, but in both cases it is a material that provides comfort.

If you still haven’t decided which travel pillow to buy, for the little ones in the house, we present some qualities of this product.



Design: Its U-shape can prevent the child from sliding the chin forward or to the side, thus increasing comfort.

Size: It is a suitable model to pack and carry easily during the trip, in the bag or in the hand luggage.

Washable: It is fully machine washable and also dries quickly.


Age: For very young children it may be a little big due to the size of the neck, since it is not adjustable.

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Shopping guide

Travel pillows are a good option for maintaining proper alignment between your head, neck, and shoulders. However, there are multiple designs, textures, and prices of travel pillows. For this reason, to make your purchase the right one, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best travel pillow.


Before buying a travel pillow and checking how much it costs, we must know a little more about the product, including the materials used by the manufacturer to make it. For example, there are hypoallergenic elements of cotton, plastic, synthetic, among others. For this reason, it is best to look for travel pillows that are made with materials that take care of the environment, that are anti-breathable and, if possible, anti-allergic.

Currently, one of the most used materials for the manufacture of travel pillows is viscoelastic foam or memory foam. It is a soft material, made from a polyurethane base, which has the ability to absorb impacts. In addition, it adapts to the shape of the neck. This material, considered high-end, allows the body to relax and rest, thus being an appropriate solution for a good night’s sleep.

There are also pillows whose manufacturing material is plastic and polyester; such as inflatables, which are practical and easy to inflate, but less comfortable due to their lack of neck support. Another material used for making this type of accessories are the so-called polystyrene microbeads, they are the least comfortable, since they are not compact and do not provide support for the neck or head.

Design and ergonomics

A travel pillow is a good tool for those who travel by air or land frequently, as it provides comfort and rest. For this reason, when talking about design, we notice that travel pillows have been improving so that they are not only one more travel accessory, but also ergonomic.

Therefore, when analyzing a comparison of travel pillows, we observe in terms of color that they are monochromatic for adults; But when it comes to children’s travel pillows, there is a wide variety of designs to choose from because of their colors and the incorporation of cartoons.

The travel pillow seeks to be ergonomic, prevent pain in the cervical area or possible injuries; namely; comfort and health for the user. For this reason, most of the travel pillows that we find are U-shaped. Thus, they are designed to support the neck and head while keeping the spine aligned.

Also, we find the pillows on which the upper part of the body is supported, allowing the torso to rest from the front or from the side. On the other hand, the market presents us with square or rectangular shaped pillows that relieve pressure.

Portability and accessories

An essential requirement for any model of travel pillow is its portability. For this reason, manufacturers take special care to develop options that are able to reduce their size without sacrificing comfort, but also that are very light. This will mean that when you include this item in your trip you won’t have to worry about allocating additional space in your luggage for such an important accessory.

On the other hand, it is convenient to check that in the purchase set, your choice includes a transport case. This element does not add weight to the product, but it will help keep the pillow hygienic, allowing it to be protected from moisture and dust to which it could be exposed during the journey.

Emphasizing even more on the extra accessories, it is worth mentioning that it is common to find sets that also offer an eye mask or earplugs with the purchase, these items are also portable and fit in the case along with the pillow. In addition, they could help you achieve a more pleasant trip.


To make a good choice of travel pillow, not only should the main objective be that it be good and economical, but also that it can be given adequate maintenance after each use, since being in contact with the skin will be exposed. to perspiration, in addition to dust and dirt from the environment, which makes its cleaning a necessary occupation.

Therefore, when looking for a travel pillow, what is recommended within its qualities is that it has a removable cover in order to clean it or wash it easily, either by machine or by hand; or lean towards those pillows that, although they do not have a removable cover, can be washed within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Important aspect, since it will allow you to enjoy a clean and fresh pillow on each trip.

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