The 9 Best Trekking Bikes of 2022

Trekking bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With so many bicycle models, getting one that satisfactorily adapts to our needs will not be a problem. However, it is a task that requires time to evaluate different aspects of the structure. Only in this way will you make the purchase a success. For example, the Raleigh Rush Hour 8.0 Rohloff trekking bikes offer a resistant and light structure, provided with quality components. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a safe journey. For its part, the NCM Milano is a 26-inch electric bike with a modern design, a powerful motor and easy driving.


The 9 Best Trekking Bikes – Opinions 2022

There are many trekking bikes in the sporting goods market, but not all of them offer the same benefits for proper movement in the mountains or in the city. Therefore, below we present nine well-positioned models that, according to users, could be the best trekking bikes of the current year.

Women’s trekking bike

1. Raleigh Rush Hour 8.0 Women’s Touring Bike

Considered the best trekking bike, this model stands out with a 55 centimeters high aluminum frame, which is a resistant, stable and light alloy. In this way, a comfortable handling of the structure is achieved.

It is a women’s trekking bike, with a modern design in light gray and black details. The pedals offer anatomical support, while the 28-inch tires, with moderately deep grooves, provide a correct grip on the ground. 

For its part, the saddle and the grips have an ergonomic format, which allows you to acquire a correct posture when driving. In addition, the manufacturer incorporates a Shimano hydraulic brake system, with disc and a pair of lamps with LED light in the front and rear, to improve visibility on dark roads. Likewise, there is the integrated saddlebag holder for transporting the backpack or packages.

Recommended as the best trekking bike of the moment, this model stands out, with positive aspects and other less flattering ones to evaluate.


Lights: A front and rear light system is incorporated, which improves visibility on dark roads.

Brakes: You will get a quick stop on any terrain, thanks to the hydraulic type disc brakes.

Frame: You will be able to manipulate the bicycle without problems, due to the light weight offered by the aluminum frame.

Speeds: Its 14 adjustable speeds optimize movement on flat surfaces, ascents and descents.


Color: Its understated gray aesthetic might not appeal to people with more daring tastes.

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Electric trekking bike

2. Ncm Milano Electric Trekking Bike

Among the best trekking bikes of 2022, we find this 26-inch model with pedal assistance. Its structure has a modern design line, suitable for moving around the city, whether to go to work, shopping or studying.

In addition, this electric trekking bike incorporates a Das Kit motor, with a work force corresponding to 250 watts and a silent ride, which is powered by a 48-watt DeHawk battery. In this way, it provides 600 watts per hour of operation, for long journeys. Likewise, said energy accumulator has an Eco mode, to reduce consumption, and a five-watt USB port, so you can safely charge your mobile devices.

Then there’s the pair of Schwalbe Marathon tyres, which provide a good level of traction as well as a safe and smooth ride, while front and rear area lights enhance nighttime visibility.

Ncm is recognized as the possible best brand of trekking bikes, so we summarize the highlights of one of its models.


Lights: Built-in lights at the front and rear improve visibility on the road.

Kickstand: A kickstand is attached, to keep the bike upright while not in use.

Handlebar: Its handlebar can be adjusted in size, according to the height of each person’s body.

Engine: The engine does not represent a significant weight, since it was strategically placed to balance the load.


Instruction Manual: The instructions may not emphasize enough the care to be taken with the battery.

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Men’s trekking bike

3. Raleigh Rush Hour 8.0 Men’s Touring Bike

After reviewing the different proposals on the market, you may have doubts about which model to buy, so you could consider this design from the Raleigh house because, according to some buyers, it is the ideal answer to the question of which is the best bicycle. trekking.

Regarding the manufacture of this men’s trekking bike, we have that aluminum was used for its frame, since it is a light material, but with a high level of resistance. Also, some accessories from recognized brands stand out, being the case of Shimano brakes, with a highly efficient hydraulic disc system in stopping. Similarly, there is the Rohloff Speedhub, for a gear of 14 speed levels.

On the other hand, other elements stand out, such as the fenders, the handle, which is non-slip and rotating, an easy-to-install rear pannier rack and a convenient LED lighting system, to improve visibility on dark roads.

If you still don’t know which trekking bike to buy, you might be interested in this model. Here, your details.


Frame: You will not have to worry about the deformation of the frame, since the aluminum used is strong enough.

Brakes: You will get a safe stop in any scenario, thanks to the built-in disc brakes. 

Lighting: The attached lighting system improves the cyclist’s visibility on the road.

Pannier holder: In the back you will find a pannier holder, to comfortably carry the backpack or any package.


Instruction manual: The absence of instructions in Spanish could be an inconvenience for some people.

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Other products

4. Kawasaki XciteRC Men’s Trekking Bike

This is a trekking bike with the Kawasaki quality seal, whose manufacturer presents equipment that you can use in sports practices, or to move around the city safely. This is due to the ergonomic design of the structure, as well as the incorporation of other components belonging to recognized brands in the world of cycling.

The bicycle has a frame made of aluminum with a 53-centimeter format, while the 62-centimeter-wide handlebar incorporates a height adjustment system, so that the person can acquire a more comfortable posture in the arms and back.

In addition, the 250-watt motor stands out, which is powered by a 36-watt battery, together providing a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour of assisted pedaling. Likewise, there are the Shimano gears and both front and rear lights, for greater road safety.

This electric trekking bike has a modern and resistant design. Here are its pros and cons.


Changes: You will have seven changes, with the purpose of adjusting them according to the demands of the terrain. 

Frame: Its aluminum frame is light, but at the same time, it offers an adequate level of resistance.

Handlebar: You can adjust the height of the handlebar, to improve the posture of the hands and back.

Safety: In order to enhance road safety, a lighting system is incorporated at the front and rear.


Weight: This bike could be a bit heavy. However, it is an appreciation to be evaluated by each user.

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5. Moma Bikes 28″ HYBRID Touring Bicycle

This bike combines characteristics of touring bikes and mountain bikes, so it is ready for both asphalt and dirt roads in rural areas. It also has 28-inch wheels and incorporates a suspension front fork to reduce the impact of obstacles and potholes.

In this sense, it offers a comfortable saddle that allows long rides in the city or the countryside without causing discomfort. On the other hand, it has a Shimano TZ-50 18-speed gearbox with Revoshift RS35 drives from the same brand.

Also, it includes a white light on the front and a red one on the rear, to drive more safely at night. It is important to mention that it provides a V-Brake system made of high quality aluminum, which increases safety and has a long useful life. 

If you are looking for a trekking bike that you can also use in urban environments, this can be a good option. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Hybrid: It is halfway between a mountain bike and a city bike, therefore, it is used for rides on asphalt and dirt roads.

Change: Thanks to the 18-level Shimano change, you can adapt it to your requirements on flat and inclined terrain.

Lights: It has a white front light and a red rear light, to see the road clearly in the dark and that other cyclists can see you from behind.


Assembly: It does not come fully assembled and assembly can be difficult if you do not have previous experience.

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6. F.lli Schiano Voyager Trekking Bike 

This model has 28-inch wheels, so it is useful for trekking, but it also serves as a means of transport for taking walks or working in the city. In this sense, the bicycle is comfortable thanks to the front suspension fork with 30 mm travel, which allows to absorb impacts on uneven terrain. 

It has an 18-inch frame, so it is suitable for people who are around 180 cm tall. For this reason, it is suitable for women and men of different ages. In addition, it includes a Shimano Tourney SL-RS36 control system to control the 18-speed change.

It is worth mentioning that it has V-brakes made of high quality aluminum. It also offers front and rear lighting, which provides greater safety when driving at night. As if that were not enough, it incorporates a luggage rack, fenders and a chain guard.

This is a good option if you want a robust but light trekking bike, so we present its most important pros and cons.


Suspension: The suspension front fork has a travel of 30 mm. Thanks to this, it minimizes impacts when driving on dirt roads.

Brakes: Includes V-brakes, which have been made of high quality aluminum for durability.

Versatility: It is suitable for asphalt and also for the mountains, so it adapts to your needs.


Size: It has a large size, with an 18-inch frame, so it is suitable for people approximately 1.80 m tall.

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7. Eskute 28» E-Bike Electric Trekking Bicycle

It is an electric bicycle with a Bafang brushless motor, which offers a power of 250 W to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. For this reason, it can be used daily to go to work in the city, but it is also useful for long rides on different types of roads, including uneven terrain.

In this sense, it is important to mention that it has a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 36 V and 10 Ah, which provides a range between 60 and 80 km in assisted mode and 40 km in electric mode. It also includes an intelligent BMS system to protect the battery and thus extend its useful life. 

In addition, it has a robust but comfortable design, thanks to the front suspension fork that allows a smooth rebound when negotiating obstacles and potholes. As if that were not enough, it includes a double braking system for greater safety.

Selecting a good bike for trekking can be complicated, so we invite you to review some of the features of this model in more detail.


Braking: It has a double braking system, where the battery is stopped first and then the wheels, thus increasing safety.

Battery: It has a 36 V lithium battery, which is built into the design of the frame and is easy to remove.

Screen: It has an LCD screen to see the battery status and the speed expressed in km/h.


Speeds: The derailleur only has 7 speeds, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models on this list.

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8. Corratec C29er Trekking One Alfine 11s Bikes

Corratec presents a 2016 model trekking bike aimed at the male target and manufactured to offer the athlete a stable, safe and resistant support. Similarly, the structure has a stylized cut and pleasant aesthetics, which combines silver, brown and black tones.

The frame is made of aluminum and has a 54 cm format. In addition, it has a light body, which allows the person to manipulate the structure with ease, for fast driving. For their part, the tires provide adequate traction in the mountains or in the city, while the saddle and handlebar allow an ergonomic position for the back and arms to be acquired.

Also, a pair of soft and non-slip grips, a convenient lighting system, for greater safety on dark roads and a rear pannier rack, in which you can easily transport any object, stand out on this bicycle.

Here, more details about this trekking bike highlighted among the cheapest, with the Corratec quality seal.


Lighting: You won’t have to worry about going unnoticed on dark roads, since the bike incorporates a front and rear lighting system.

Leg: You can park the bike without fear of tipping over, thanks to the integrated kickstand.

Brakes: The brake system used provides quick and safe stopping.

Handle: Its rubber handles offer comfort and a good grip, due to its non-slip surface.


Tires: The tread of the tires could be shallow, which decreases the grip on the ground.

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9. Chrisson Women’s Electric Touring and City Bike

This could very well be the best value for money trekking bike, being one of the cheap ones. It was developed by Chrisson to offer sports and transportation equipment with a modern, resistant and ergonomic design, whose manufacture involves materials and mechanical components with a high level of quality.

Aluminum was used for the frame area, which is a robust, stable and light-bodied alloy. The tires have a series of moderately deep grooves, with the purpose of enhancing a correct grip on different surfaces. For its part, the height-adjustable saddle offers an ergonomic surface with a pleasant touch, as do the handles.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the 250-watt motor integrated into the bicycle, for a maximum acceleration of 25 kilometers per hour of trajectory. Likewise, a Shimano Nexus gear system is integrated, for the enjoyment of up to seven gear levels, with Magura HS11 hydraulic type brakes, which facilitate stopping.

Among the most recommended trekking bikes for its price, this model stands out, whose pros and cons you will know right away.


Frame: You will enjoy a high level of resistance in the frame area, because it was made of aluminum.

Pedals: The industrial format used in the pedals adapts to any type of foot.

Pannier holder: Thanks to the pannier holder built into the rear wheel, you can take any package with you.

Handle: Its ergonomic handles offer a comfortable and safe grip at all times.


Color: Perhaps the dark pigment with which the structure has been treated is not to everyone’s liking.

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Shopping guide

There are many aspects to review during the process of selecting a bicycle, so it could become a bit of a messy task. However, by reviewing the following guide to buying the best trekking bike, you will be able to know the main quality identifiers, which you must verify so that the acquisition is a success.

saddle and handlebar

The saddle and handlebar are areas of great importance in any type of bicycle to be purchased, since thanks to them it is possible to achieve a correct posture when pedaling. For this reason, the manufacture and format of these parts are usually aspects considered in any comparison of trekking bicycles. In this way, they can be carefully evaluated.

With regard to the saddle, it must have an ergonomic design that adapts to the shape of the body. Also, the material should not be too stiff, as it would cause discomfort when sitting on it. Instead, it is recommended that it be soft to the touch and incorporate a leather or poly-leather cover for added durability. For its part, the handlebar cannot be too wide, since it would be difficult to manipulate.

In any case, it is necessary that both the saddle and the handlebar have been provided with a height adjustment mechanism or some system consisting of a fixing ring or a screw. In this way, a quick and safe adjustment will be obtained, according to the anatomy of each person.

engine and battery

In the sporting goods market, it is possible to find trekking bikes with different designs, including conventional and other electric models, which have been provided with a motor and a battery, integrated into the frame or handlebars. In this way, said equipment manages to offer effective assisted pedaling, for a better user experience when moving through the mountains or the city.

Regarding this last type of trekking bikes, you should know that the presence of these technological components could significantly influence how much the product costs.

In any case, if you have decided to bet on an electric trekking bike, the important thing is that you verify the work force offered by the motor. Likewise, it confirms the power supply capacity provided by the battery, which must also be rechargeable and have an adequate level of autonomy. Thus, there will be no problems when undertaking long routes. Finally, check the weight of these components, since, if excessive, it could reduce stability and agility when moving.


A trekking bike might be good and cheap, but if your grip system for riding it is so-so, then it might not be the best purchase. In this sense, the ideal is that the selected model has been provided with a pair of ergonomically designed handles. In this way, the cyclist will be able to maneuver the handlebar with total dexterity.

When reviewing the proposals of the main manufacturers of trekking bicycles, the grips with a synthetic body stand out, since it is a resistant material, with a pleasant soft touch and easy to clean. Likewise, this polymer usually has a medium level of rigidity, to adapt better to the palm of the hand, without causing discomfort or damaging the skin due to chafing.

In addition, some grips add texture to their surface, to prevent slippage during grip, caused by sweating hands or humidity from the environment, due to unexpected precipitation.


Trekking bikes usually incorporate some parts considered as accessories, since they do not limit the good movement of the equipment, but they do enhance safety during the tour.

In this sense, we refer to the lighting system, which is usually available in the front and rear of the structure, to improve the cyclist’s visibility on roads with limited light. Similarly, reflective pieces are attached to the rims, to make the bicycle more visible in the dark.

In addition, the kickstand stands out, another accessory that many models offer, with the purpose that the person can keep the bicycle standing when getting off it. Likewise, many have a pannier rack, which allows you to transport your backpack or small packages comfortably.

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