The 9 Best Turmerics of 2022

Turmeric – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Turmeric is more than a culinary spice, it is a plant that has multiple medicinal benefits, since anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive, antitumor, cardioprotective properties, among others, are attributed to it. There is a wide variety of products on the market; however, among the most recommended we have the Mea Vita Molida, since it contains 1000 g of vegan turmeric powder, free of gluten and chemical substances harmful to health. If you prefer it as a supplement, you have the Bio Atlantic 200 tablets that offers you a concentration per unit of 400 mg of turmeric root powder and magnesium carbonate.

The 9 Best Turmerics – Opinions 2022

This culinary spice has earned a place of honor in natural medicine, given its multiple properties for the benefit of the body. To help you choose the most suitable product for your needs, we present a selection of 9 of the best turmeric supplements available on the market.

1. Meavita Organic Ground Turmeric

Mea Vita has developed one of the best turmerics of 2022, due to its 100% organic and vegan formula, non-irradiated, without sulfur, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, glutamate and without flavor enhancers.

It is a turmeric powder that, in addition to flavoring your recipes, contains a large amount of nutrients that favor the optimal functioning of the body; while keeping infectious diseases at bay and dealing with digestive ailments.

The manufacturer offers you a presentation of finely ground turmeric from India, packaged in a 1000 gram format; which allows you to have enough of this precious spice, either to season your meals or as a natural dietary supplement.

With a German seal, this spice is manufactured under high quality standards; making it a reliable product for cooking, preparing golden milk or mixing with smoothies.

Below, we have prepared a summary with some of the most outstanding features of this supplement.


Purity: The turmeric used in its formula is 100% organic and natural, free of gluten, sulfur and other chemical elements.

Format: Its powder presentation allows you to use it as a spice to season, as a food supplement or as a natural medicine.

Vegan: This product does not contain crustaceans or ingredients of animal origin in its formula, making it suitable for vegans.


Conservation: The easy open system could deteriorate with use. However, its contents are easy to store in an airtight container.

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2. Bio Atlantic Organic Turmeric 200 Tablets

In a practical bottle containing 200 tablets, this product stands out among other similar ones for offering a concentration of 400 mg of turmeric root powder combined with magnesium carbonate in each dose.

Due to its presentation, quality and competitive cost, this supplement could be considered the best value for money turmeric, since you will have treatment to cover 2 or 3 months, depending on the dose ingested.

The ingredients used for the development of this formula are obtained thanks to organic farming and its approval certificate is FR-BIO-01, which makes it a reliable product.

In a supplement recommended for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it could give relief to people with joint pain such as arthritis.

Likewise, the manufacturer recommends the consumption of 3 tablets daily to obtain the required nutritional value as part of a balanced diet.

To know in detail the characteristics of this product, we invite you to read its advantages and possible disadvantages.


Size: The tablets offer an adequate size, which favors being able to ingest them without any problem.

Quantity: The bottle contains 200 tablets, which could be enough for two or three months of supplementation.

Organic farming: Its natural ingredients come from fields treated with organic farming; that is, where no toxic pesticides have been used.


Taste: The taste of the tablets could be a bit intense when taken. However, if you ingest them with enough water, it quickly disappears.

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3. Navit Plus Organic Turmeric with Bioperine Natural Antioxidant

Bioperine is an alkaloid derived from piperine; a natural compound that is found in the fruit of black pepper and is responsible for the spicy flavor that characterizes it. Among the benefits it offers we have that it is capable of increasing the bioavailability levels of turmeric; For this reason, Navit Plus has integrated it into this formula in order to facilitate its absorption by the body.

Made in Europe, this formula has been developed with 745 mg of organic turmeric and 5 mg of bioperine, substances that work in synergy to achieve better performance. Likewise, its bottle offers 120 vegetable capsules that are easy to ingest and suitable for consumption by all public.

Its properties include acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Also as a cardioprotector, while strengthening the immune system and helping digestive problems.

This could be the best turmeric of the moment, as it offers a powerful formula with great benefits for your overall health. Learn about the qualities that make this product stand out.


Concentration: It has a boosted formula, so you only need to take one or two capsules a day.

Bioperine: Thanks to bioperine, the properties of turmeric increase its bioavailability, multiplying the active ingredient that reaches the bloodstream.

Quality: You will receive a food supplement with certifications that guarantee its quality and good manufacturing.


Effects: It is possible that in some cases, this product may cause a sensation of dryness in the throat.

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4. Organic Frisafran Turmeric Powder

This product offers you turmeric powder extracted from the root of the plant. Given its yellow-orange color, it is a spice that you can use at a culinary level as a natural colorant or to flavor typical Arabian and Asian dishes; for which the manufacturer advises using ¼ teaspoon per recipe.

It is also one of the cheapest products you can find on the market; so with a small investment you can get a 150-gram package, enough to use for a month. However, other sizes are also available that you can choose according to your needs.

It is a finely ground turmeric, organically produced, not irradiated or genetically modified. On the other hand, the raw materials used for the preparation of this spice are of the highest quality, complying with the requirements, controls and hygiene and safety procedures.

As it is a high-quality product at a competitive price, you may be interested in reading more details about it.


Allergens: Its formula is free of allergens, making it suitable for all users.

Utility: It is a seasoning that adds aroma, color and flavor to all your recipes; while promoting the health of the body.

Organic: It is an organic product, since it does not have chemical substances such as preservatives, dyes or flavorings that can alter its purity.


Supplements: This presentation only offers you turmeric as an ingredient, so if you are looking for a product with enhancing supplements, you could evaluate other options.

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5. N2 Natural Nutrition Turmeric Capsules with Black Pepper

This product is a good option to consider among your purchase alternatives, since it has a 95% concentration of turmeric dry extract and black pepper dry extract; two elements that together make up an excellent synergy to enhance the assimilation and effectiveness of curcumin.

Its presentation is given in a container containing 90 capsules, with which you will have supplementation to cover up to 1.5 months; provided that you comply with the recommended dosage. In this sense, the recommended dose by the manufacturer is one unit on an empty stomach and another in the middle of the afternoon.

Likewise, its vegetable capsules are made with chlorophyll; They are also free of gluten, lactose and magnesium stearate. For this reason, each bottle has a vegan certification issued by the British Vegetarian Society that authenticates its originality.

N2 Natural Nutrition could be considered as the best brand of turmeric, given the high quality that it offers in its products. Analyze in detail the following pros and cons of one of their best supplements.


Medicinal effect: It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, it also protects and detoxifies the liver, while favoring the digestive process and controlling cholesterol.

Capsules: It offers you vegan capsules made with chlorophyll, free of gluten and lactose.

Animal cruelty free: For its development, this formula has not been tested on animals.


Stomach pain: Some people may experience stomach pain, although it is a rare side effect of turmeric.

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6. Hivital Foods Turmeric 6,000 mg 95% extract Black Pepper

Among the characteristics that the best turmeric must offer, we have an easy intake and a high level of concentration. For this reason, it is convenient to bet on supplements that provide these qualities, so that it allows you to cover the daily requirements recommended by experts, just by ingesting one dose.

Such is the case of this Hivital Foods product, a supplement that provides you with a high concentration of turmeric root extract (95%). Each capsule features 285mg of curcumin and 2mg of black pepper extract (95% piperine); which forms an effective formula that favors our health.

On the other hand, it is a reliable product, since it has seals and certificates that guarantee its quality and safety. In addition, its bottle contains 120 natural vegetable capsules, which provide treatment for 4 months and are suitable for all ages.

When buying a turmeric-based product, it is essential to know every detail about it, including its positive aspects and its cons.


Concentration: It is one of the most concentrated supplements in our selection, since it offers a total of 6000 mg of turmeric.

Ebook: With the purchase you will receive an Ebook with interesting information about turmeric, such as properties, benefits and uses.

Complement: The formula contains black pepper as a natural complement; an ingredient that maximizes the absorption of turmeric.


Size: Each capsule is 2.2 cm in size; therefore, for some people, it could be difficult to ingest.

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7. Aavalabs Turmeric with Black Pepper Capsules 4230 Mg

Aavalabs is a Finnish company that manufactures products focused on promoting health and wellness. Hence, this bioavailable curcumin supplement with black pepper has earned the trust of many who need this spice to improve some organic conditions.

It is presented in a transparent plastic bottle and inside you can find 180 vegan capsules, free of ingredients of animal origin. Additionally, each serving gives you 3,000 mg of standardized high-potency turmeric extract and 1,200 mg of turmeric root powder, corresponding to 180 mg of bioactive curcuminoids.

On the other hand, it is a curcumin complex that stands out for its powerful antioxidant effect that fights free radicals, since it contains an ORAC score (oxygen radical absorption capacity) of more than 100,000.

If you still don’t know which turmeric to buy, the pros and cons are often a determining factor when making this decision. For this, learn more about this product.


Powerful formula: The mixture of turmeric powder, curcumin extract and piperine, increases the effect of the formula and absorption by 2000%.

Gluten-free: It is a recommended supplement for people with celiac disease, since it is gluten-free.

Antioxidant: In addition to its known properties, turmeric is one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist in nature.


Users: Like most supplements, this product is only recommended for adults.

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8. WeightWorld Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper

If, faced with so many options, you still don’t know which is the best turmeric, this WeightWorld product could meet your expectations. To do this, this manufacturer, in addition to integrating black pepper, has also added an extra element to enhance its formula and thus provide you with a product that could improve your quality of life.

In this sense, it additionally has ginger; a powerful ally to combat muscle pain, strengthen the immune system and maximize the assimilation of curcumin. The combination of 500 mg of turmeric, 30 mg of black pepper extract and 150 mg of ginger, make this supplement one of the most powerful.

Its presentation offers you a bottle of 180 capsules for two months of treatment. Likewise, the components used are 100% natural, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and for those who follow a Keto diet.

If you are looking for a product that has ingredients that help maximize the benefits of turmeric, you could consider this supplement in your comparison.


Ginger: By integrating ginger in its formulation, it gives you greater benefits for optimal functioning of the body.

Black pepper: Thanks to the included black pepper, the body easily absorbs and assimilates turmeric, enhancing its effects.

Packaging: The bottle offers a practical size and weighs little, so you can take it on a trip if necessary.


Language: It is missing that the information and nutritional table of the labeling is expressed in Spanish.

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9. Vahdam Organic Turmeric and Ashwagandha Latte 40 cups

The Golden Milk or golden milk is a drink that has become popular due to its many benefits. This Indian-derived drink has been proven to be a source of antioxidants, help regulate mood, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and improve digestion.

The formula that Vahdam offers you mixes 5 ingredients of great nutritional power, such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper, mint, stevia and Ashwagandha; the latter is an anti-stress medicinal herb known as Indian ginseng.

It could be the best option to replace coffee intake, since it works like a coffee with milk, but with adaptogenic properties. Likewise, its powder format allows you to prepare healthy hot or cold smoothies, according to your preferences. In addition, with a boat you can enjoy up to 40 cups of rich golden milk.

It is considered a nourishing and calming elixir; In addition, it competes among the cheapest turmeric on the market. We invite you to evaluate its most outstanding aspects.


Consumption: To eat this food, you only need to mix it with animal milk, vegetable milk, oatmeal or yogurt; in the recommended amount.

Taste: In order to counteract the bitter and earthy flavor of turmeric, it has sweet ingredients that make it pleasant to the palate.

Ashwagandha: Thanks to this herb, you could increase muscle mass and reduce body fat; if you combine it with a good exercise plan.


Quantity: A greater quantity of the product is missing, since this presentation only has 100 grams.

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Shopping guide

Turmeric is a plant known mainly for its use in gastronomy, especially in recipe preparations from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Currently, it has taken a greater role thanks to its medicinal properties. For this reason, we present the following guide to buying the best turmeric, with the factors to take into account when choosing this spice.


Turmeric is a seasoning used as an authorized food coloring and flavoring; on nutritional labels you can find it under the figure of E-100. One of the compounds in turmeric is curcumin, a polyphenol responsible for the characteristic yellow-orange color of this spice and also for the beneficial properties it brings to the body.

In this sense, turmeric fulfills antioxidant, digestive and anti-inflammatory functions; so it benefits in cases of arthritis, digestive conditions and more. It also protects the liver from toxins and is considered a natural anticancer, since it prevents tumor growth.

In addition to this, turmeric copes with high cholesterol and high blood glucose. Similarly, various studies support that this compound favors people infected with HIV, since it inhibits the replication of the virus. It also strengthens the immune system and fights bacteria, while performing antimicrobial functions.


The market has a wide variety of products that offer turmeric for its therapeutic effects; so you can find it in formats such as capsules, tablets, tablets and powder. These presentations offer a positive impact on the body; provided that the recommended dose is respected.

The format in capsules or tablets contains turmeric root extract. Since it is a compact presentation that offers a mild flavor, it is easier to ingest; especially for those people who do not tolerate the strong taste of the powder.

Regarding dried turmeric powder, it is obtained after drying and pulverizing the rhizome (root). This format offers the advantage of being able to be used easily in liquids, since it dissolves quickly; You can also add it to solid preparations, such as rice, desserts, etc.

On the other hand, it is essential that you value the use that you will give to turmeric, hence the importance of choosing the most appropriate format according to your needs. If you are looking for it for culinary use and want to take advantage of its medicinal benefits, the powder presentation could be the best option.

On the contrary, if what you want is a supplement that provides you daily with the necessary dose to obtain relief for any condition or to keep your body healthy; Regardless of how much it costs, the most recommended are tablets or capsules.

Concentration and dose

Given the importance of this plant, it is essential that in your turmeric comparison you analyze the level of concentration that the supplements offer. In this sense, the best brands offer a label on their boats where they present the nutritional content of their products; so you can assess the amount of turmeric present in each dose.

However, in general, when it comes to capsules or tablets, the level of turmeric can reach up to 95%. On the contrary, the concentration of this compound in the powder format offers you 3 to 5%.

Regarding the dose recommended by experts, we have that 700 mg is the daily amount that should be taken in the cases of capsules; while when it comes to ground turmeric, an intake of 3 to 5 mg per day is recommended.


Presenting their products in a highly competitive market, the best manufacturers have chosen to add supplements to their formula, with the aim of maximizing the efficacy and effects of turmeric.

That is why we can find capsules and tablets that contain ingredients such as black pepper (also called piperine). An element that favors the assimilation of turmeric; that is, the body metabolizes it more efficiently. Likewise, when it is used in powder form, it is advisable to combine it with a pinch of black pepper.

Another recurring component in supplement formulas is ginger. Belonging to the same family as turmeric, this ingredient enhances the anti-inflammatory functions of turmeric and strengthens the immune system.

Thanks to the variety available on the market, you can always find a good and cheap turmeric that meets your expectations and provides you with the dose that your body needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is turmeric used for?

Turmeric is a plant native to India and its extract is widely used in gastronomy, especially in Indian food where we can find a large number of recipes that incorporate it. Since it is a spice, it works as a natural dye and is known as sulfur from the Indies.

In addition to its gastronomic use, it also has multiple medicinal properties. Promotes digestion, helping in case of gastritis and gastroenteritis; It is also used against high cholesterol, osteoarthritis and even beneficial properties against cancer are attributed to it.

Q2: How do you take turmeric to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, turmeric can provide you with different benefits because it favors the metabolism of fats, so it is a good option to adopt it in a diet.

There are several ways in which you can take advantage of its benefits to lose weight; You can introduce it as a spice in your meals, you can also consume it directly in a teaspoon or prepare it in an infusion, tea or juice.

Studies suggest that the daily dose of turmeric in a diet to lose weight should be at least one gram (1000 mg); considering taking precautions to introduce it into your diet little by little and without exceeding the indicated dosage.

Q3: How to use turmeric?

Turmeric is a versatile and multi-use seasoning. If you want to use it, you can choose different ways to implement it in your diet. For example, as a dressing using a pinch of it in scrambled eggs or fried potatoes. You can also use it in rice, as it provides a mild, natural flavor and pleasant color. Another alternative is to add turmeric to your drinks, such as in juices or smoothies, using a pinch of the ground spice or its fresh root directly.

A very popular recipe is to prepare golden milk. It is a traditional Indian drink that provides health benefits. To prepare it, heat two cups of milk over medium-high heat, add two tablespoons of maple syrup, one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Then, stir the liquid for five minutes and serve.

Q4: What does turmeric taste like?

Turmeric is a spice derived from the ginger family; hence its flavor is bitter and spicy, its characteristic color is yellow-orange and its aroma is fresh. It is a spice that is used in gastronomy to give recipes color and flavor.

Q5: How to take turmeric in infusion?

To prepare turmeric infusion you will need two tablespoons of grated turmeric root or a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a liter of water and honey or lemon.

First, you must heat the water. When it has boiled, add the turmeric and continue heating for another 10 minutes; if it is its powder version. In the event that it is the root of turmeric, you will have to leave it for 20 more minutes. Then, you strain the preparation to eliminate the residues and finally, you can mix the honey or lemon to improve its flavor.

Q6: How to grow turmeric?

Turmeric is grown from root cuttings, so you will only need one turmeric root, which you can find in stores specially designed for this purpose.

For cultivation inside your home, break the largest rhizome into one that has a few shoots. Fill your pot with moist soil and make sure it has good drainage. Then place the rhizome two inches underground with the shoots coming to the surface. Finally, remember that the plant requires moist soil, so you must water it twice a day.

Q7: How to eat turmeric?

There are various recipes in gastronomy that make use of this spice due to its flavor and the yellow dye it gives off, so if you want to introduce it into your diet you should think about these factors. As a colorant, turmeric is frequently used in foods such as rice, salads, pasta, and meat; this gives them a more provocative look.

As a spice, its flavor complements and accentuates the other parts of a dish; such as in curry and in drinks such as smoothies or juices. You will also find it with other spices such as pepper and cinnamon.

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