The 9 Best Vitamin A of 2022

Vitamin A – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Eating a balanced diet that includes dairy, meat, fish and vegetables or yellow fruits rich in vitamin A is not always possible with the hectic lifestyle that some people lead. Hence the importance of choosing a supplement with high quality standards that provides the necessary amount of this nutrient. In this sense, the Fair & Pure 5000 UI is a product of high purity, with German quality and recommended for vegans. Another successful bet could be Nutravita 8000 IU, a highly concentrated supplement that offers you 365 softgels.

The 9 Best Vitamin A – Opinions 2022

Although there are many brands and presentations, not all vitamin A supplements meet the strict controls required by the European Union. For this reason, it is important to know how to choose a reliable product and for this, we present you 9 of the best options that the market currently offers you.

1. Fair & Pure Vitamin A 5000 IU Vegan Retinol Acetate

Fair & Pure has developed this presentation with retinol acetate as its main active ingredient, a highly pure vitamin A ester. Since it is the preformed type of vitamin A, the body absorbs it more easily and with this supplement, all its benefits will be used directly.

It could be the best vitamin A, since it is also a vegan product, whose formulation is free of dyes, preservatives and flavorings; It also does not contain allergens such as gluten, lactose or fructose.

Likewise, it is free of silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate. Its practical bottle offers you a presentation of 180 tablets (for 6 months) and each one provides up to 5,000 IU of vitamin A.

Additionally, this German company offers you quality and trust, since both the raw materials and the final products have undergone rigorous quality control tests.

Below, we have highlighted the positives and negatives of this supplement, in order to give you a clearer view that could help you in your purchase decision.


Formulation: It has a vegan formula, free of allergens and chemical additives.

Purity: It offers you vitamin A in the form of high-purity retinol acetate, which favors absorption and efficacy.

Quantity: The bottle offers you the quantity of up to 180 tablets, enough to cover 6 months of treatment.


Pregnant and lactating: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

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2. Nutravita Vitamin A 8000 IU Maximum Strength Softgels

If you suffer from a vitamin A deficiency and need a supplement that provides you with a sufficient number of units for long-term treatment, this product developed by Nutravita could be your best option. Its bottle contains 365 capsules containing 8,000 IU of vitamin A palmitate, a highly potent active ingredient; so you will have supplements for a whole year.

Thanks to their soft capsules with sunflower oil, they are easily absorbed by the body, while facilitating intake without any difficulty. In addition, it is a supplement that offers an affordable cost, so it is not only one of the cheapest, but it is also considered the best value for money vitamin A.

Its formula developed with strict manufacturing standards in the United Kingdom by a team of Nutravita experts has reliable ingredients; so it does not include allergens, dyes, flavorings, or GMOs.

This could be the best vitamin A of the moment, since it offers you a reliable formula and a large number of supplements. We invite you to know its virtues and disadvantages.


Presentation: Its presentation gives you a bottle containing 365 capsules, for one year of treatment.

Capsules: It has soft capsules of small size, easy to ingest and absorb.

Reliability: Its formula offers you reliability, since it has been developed following the BRC standard and the Appropriate Manufacturing Practices.


Non-vegan: The capsules are made with bovine gelatin, so they are not recommended for vegans.

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3. Vitabay Vitamin A 10,000 IU 120 Vegetable Capsules

When serious vision pathologies occur as a result of age, such as macular degeneration; The most indicated treatment prescribed by specialists is usually the intake of vitamin A in its purest state and with high concentration levels. For this reason, this supplement stands out among the best vitamins A of 2022, since it could be the one recommended to help recover sick patients with sight.

It is a nutrient made in Germany, which helps keep the retina, skin and nervous system in good working order. Its bottle contains 120 capsules, each offering a high dose of 10,000 IU (3,000 mcg) of retinyl acetate; the most recommended presentation of vitamin A for its easy absorption and without other added active ingredients.

In addition, its capsules are made with vegetable raw material, which favors consumption for vegans and its gluten-free formula is suitable for coeliacs.

Not only is it one of the cheapest vitamins A, but it is also one of those that offers the highest concentration. Next, analyze the pros and cons of this supplement.


Concentration: Each dry capsule contains 10,000 IU of vitamin A, in its dry powder presentation; which helps the treatment of different pathologies.

Purity: Given the purity of its formula, it is an easily absorbed product.

Vegan: It is a 100% vegan vitamin supplement and recommended for the intake of any person.


Presentation: Its presentation is given in dry powder; so if you are looking for oil capsules, you might want to consider other options on our list.

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4. Solgar Vitamin A Dry 5000 IU Tablets

Solgar is a North American company that has been present in the market since 1947, during this time it has developed more than 300 formulas of food supplements in order to provide the most suitable product for each need. Such is the case of this lyophilized vitamin A, which has been subjected to a chemical process that eliminates the water in its composition; which allows greater stability to the ingredients and a safe intake.

It is a supplement whose vegan formula does not contain dyes, flavorings or allergens; so in addition to being recommended for vegetarians, it is also ideal for people who suffer from lactose, soy or gluten intolerance.

Likewise, its concentration level is 5,000 IU of retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that does not irritate the digestive tract. In addition, its bottle offers you up to 100 tablets for several months.

Due to its trajectory in the market and the quality of its products, Solgar could be the best vitamin A brand of the moment. Below is a summary of the most outstanding properties of this supplement.


Tablets: Solgar offers you a dry presentation, in odor and taste free tablets.

Antioxidant: Contains vitamin C that enhances the antioxidant effect of vitamin A.

Kosher Certification: This certification endorses it as a supplement that meets Jewish standards regarding food quality controls.


Presentation: This product comes in a bottle with 100 tablets, so if you want to take this vitamin long-term, you should purchase another container every 3 months approximately.

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5. Anastore Vitamin A Retinol Hair Nails and Skin

From dry eyes, vision problems, itchy skin, to immune system failure; a deficit in the body of vitamin A could cause these and other conditions.

For this reason, if you need a food supplement and you don’t know which vitamin A to buy, this product made in France could be a good choice, as it is certified with the GMP & BPF label that guarantees compliance with the quality and safety standards of the food.

It is a provitamin A, which does not accumulate in the liver as it happens with retinol; on the contrary, it is transformed into vitamin A only when the body requires it. To do this, it has a formula developed from products of plant origin, such as Dunaliella salina; an algae that provides up to 14% beta-carotene in its dry weight, providing 4.8 mg of this carotenoid in each dose.

To learn more about this high-quality provitamin A, we invite you to analyze its positive and negative points.


Formula: Its 100% natural formula contains provitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, with a concentration of 4.8 mg per capsule.

Bottle: The manufacturer presents the supplement in a BPA-free plastic bottle, which contains up to 60 vegetable capsules.

Availability: You will have the option to purchase one or three bottles of supplement, depending on your needs.


Interaction with treatments: If you are under any medical treatment, it is advisable to consult with your therapist before starting the intake of this supplement.

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6. Nutrimea Marine Collagen Pure Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A

Among the benefits of vitamin A, its contribution to eye and skin care stands out, and thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also fights free radicals and aging. For this reason, renowned brands such as Nutrimea include this nutrient in their health and beauty supplements.

It is an anti-aging supplement with ingredients designed to minimize expression lines, reduce wrinkles, hydrate and deeply firm the skin. To do this, it has a specially developed formula to revitalize the appearance of the dermis, with a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin A, C and marine collagen.

In addition to its beauty benefits, this nutritional supplement is also of great help when it comes to strengthening the immune system and providing healthy bones, joints, muscles, and tendons for both men and women.

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin without painful injections and have healthy bones, this could be the best beauty and health supplement.


Composition: Its composition includes moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid), toning ingredients (marine collagen) and powerful antioxidants (vitamin A and C).

Formula: It is a food supplement formulated without chemical or synthetic excipients, free of gluten and magnesium stearate.

Indications: It is indicated to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines. It also favors the bones and joints.


Quantity: Since the manufacturer recommends a dose of two capsules daily, the bottle could only last for a month of treatment.

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7. Solaray Vitamin A 25000 IU Vegcaps

One of the vitamin A supplements that offers you the highest concentration in each of its capsules is this nutrient from Solaray. It is a product that gives you a daily dose of up to 25,000 IU and its formula is made up of 60% beta-carotene, a provitamin A, and 40% retinyl palmitate, an ester that offers better tolerance than retinol. In addition, to enhance its effect, it includes carrot powder and juice.

Thanks to this vegan formula that combines the best of this molecule, it is a product that is easily absorbed; promoting the health of the skin, vision and the immune system. Likewise, it provides great antioxidant power to deal with the cellular oxidation process.

On the other hand, its presentation is given in a dry capsule format, which allows people with problems digesting oils or fats to take it.

This nutrient could be the supplement you are looking for, given its level of concentration and easy tolerance. Next, its advantages and cons.


Dry capsules: Thanks to its presentation in dry and oil-free capsules, it can be ingested without difficulty for a smooth digestion.

Potency and purity: Each dose gives you up to 25,000 IU of retinyl palmitate and beta-carotene; In addition, its vegan formula does not contain gluten or GMOs.

Brand: Solaray is a reliable French company that meets strict quality controls on all its products.


Storage: It is advisable to keep the bottle in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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8. Nutralie Multivitamin & Mineral 29 Essential Nutrient Complex

It is possible that with so many presentations, concentrations, formulas and brands, you still do not know which is the best vitamin A that offers you a combination of nutrients to improve your health in general. In this sense, Nutralie has developed this complete formula that could be the most suitable to cover your nutritional deficiencies and support your diet.

It is a complete supplement that offers you a formula that combines up to 29 essential ingredients, among which 13 vitamins and 9 minerals stand out; also includes biotin, coenzyme Q-10, and L-cysteine. For this reason, it is one of the food products that provides the greatest benefits to the body, given the amount of nutrients.

Its presentation offers you 60 vegetable capsules, suitable for vegans and for all adult audiences; They are easy to swallow and are gently absorbed. In addition, its plastic container designed in a dark color keeps the content protected from light and keeps it in optimal condition.

Next, we present a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of this complete nutritional supplement, in order to help you with your purchase decision.


Ingredients: Among its main ingredients, 9 vitamins, 13 minerals, biotin, lutein, coenzyme Q-10 and lycopene stand out; those that contribute general well-being to the organism.

Vegan: Thanks to its vegetable-coated capsules, it is a product suitable for vegans.

Users: It is a multivitamin recommended for men and women, as a complement to a balanced diet.


Concentration: As it is a multivitamin, vitamin A is not formulated in high concentration levels as in other pure supplements.

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9. Multicentrum Man Food Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

Multicentrum is a prestigious brand with more than 35 years of research, which has led it to occupy a privileged place in the multivitamin market. For this reason, if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality product that contains vitamin A in a significant concentration among its ingredients; this could be the most suitable food supplement.

Its complete and balanced formula contains 13 vitamins (vitamin A with 800 mcg), B complex vitamins, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin and 11 minerals, among which iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, zinc and more stand out.. Its presentation gives you a bottle containing 30 tablets, for a month of treatment.

It is formulated for men, since their body requires a greater nutritional contribution than that of women. For this reason, this supplement helps strengthen the immune system, bones, muscles, heart, provides energy and fights tiredness and fatigue.

As a well-known brand and trusted multivitamin, this product deserves your consideration. Know your strengths and weaknesses.


Users: It is a multivitamin complex specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of men over 18 years of age.

Reliability: Its tablets are made without added sugar and free of gluten, lactose and fructose. In addition, Multicentrum is a manufacturer that complies with strict quality controls.

Formula: It has 13 vitamins and 11 minerals, specifically selected to provide health and well-being to the male body.


Long-term treatments: If you need a long-term treatment, you will have to buy more than one bottle, since this one only contains 30 tablets.

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Shopping guide

Although the intake of supplements does not replace a balanced diet, these nutrients are of great value for the functioning of the body. Therefore, below, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best vitamin A, where you can find information of interest about this important molecule; as well as the aspects that you should consider when choosing the most suitable supplement for your nutritional requirements.


Vitamin A is an essential molecule to keep the immune system, skin and vision in good condition. In addition to these three elementary functions, it is also involved in growth, reproduction, cell division and promotes the proper functioning of the heart, kidneys and lungs. Likewise, it is vital for the development of bones, teeth, soft tissues and mucous membranes. Likewise, thanks to its antioxidant qualities, it is capable of reducing the effects of aging and protecting us from some diseases.

The antioxidants present in vitamin A help protect our body against the action of free radicals. These types of toxic molecules are generated when biological reactions occur within cells; what is known as “cellular respiration”. They also occur when we are exposed to radiation or tobacco smoke. These substances are involved in DNA alteration, cell aging and cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other pathologies.


This antioxidant molecule, also chemically called retinol or retinoic acid, comprises two types: first, the preformed version or vitamin A itself, which you can find in dairy products, fish and meat; and the second type would be beta-carotene or also called provitamin A, which is present in vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Beta-carotene meets the nutritional needs of vegans and is a nutrient that the body easily synthesizes and transforms into vitamin A, depending on its needs.

Although vitamin A is easily obtained in some foods, there are situations in which it is necessary to take an oral supplement to cover the deficiencies of this nutrient. Such is the case of people with strict weight loss regimens, with a hypocaloric diet or with pathologies that require treatment; such as some eye diseases, pancreatic or measles.

Ingredients and composition

When you make your comparison of vitamins A, you should analyze that beyond an economic product, it is essential that you look for a supplement that meets high quality standards and that adapts to your nutritional requirements. Likewise, you must assess the ingredients that the manufacturer has included in its formula and take into account your particular needs.

For this reason, if you are one of the people who suffers from some type of allergy, it is advisable that you avoid products formulated with additives such as lactose, wheat, soy, nuts or gluten. Similarly, preferably select those supplements that do not have genetically modified organisms and also that are free of artificial flavors and dyes.

Likewise, if you have a vegan lifestyle, you should analyze whether the capsules that contain the active ingredients are made with gelatin; since this element is of animal origin.

concentration and presentation

In the vitamin A market there is a wide range of possibilities in terms of product concentration and presentation, so you can always get this nutrient at the most appropriate levels according to your deficiencies. For this reason, some brands offer vitamin A supplements in a pure state and in high concentrations. While others present it combined with other micronutrients and elements, which could favor the effectiveness of the active ingredient.

In addition, since vitamin A promotes skin health, you can also find it in anti-aging supplements, intended for beauty, care and prevention of expression lines; In this sense, some products include hyaluronic acid and vitamin C with this molecule. On the other hand, you may also find it in a large number of multivitamins, which offer, in addition to vitamins, valuable minerals for the good health of the body..

Regarding the presentation, vitamin A usually offers a format in pearls, since most manufacturers use oil and soft capsules. However, there are also dry capsules and tablets; which favors people who do not tolerate the intake of oil.

Likewise, it is a vitamin that is available in bottles that offer the necessary number of units for short- and long-term treatments. For this reason, regardless of how much it costs, you can always have access to the most suitable product for your deficiencies.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use vitamin A?

Whether in soft, dry or tablet capsules, you should always follow the manufacturer’s or your doctor’s instructions regarding the correct amount to ingest; since this vitamin should be administered with caution and without exceeding the recommended daily dose. Similarly, it should not be given to pregnant women, infants and children under 18 years of age without prior consultation with a specialist. In addition, you should store the boat in a dry place, protected from moisture and out of the reach of children.

Q2: What health problems does a vitamin A deficiency cause?

Vitamin A deficiency can cause progressive vision loss and even blindness when severe retinal damage occurs. Likewise, in smokers, the absence of vitamin A could increase the risk of lung cancer.

Similarly, the lack of this nutrient could be linked to immunodeficiency, so the body is more prone to diseases and infections. In addition, some studies reveal that its deficiency causes bone growth disorders and the appearance of measles in children or adolescents.

Q3: What about excess vitamin A?

Unlike water-soluble vitamins that are eliminated in water, vitamin A is fat-soluble; so it can only dissolve in fats or oils. It is not easily absorbed or disposed of by the body and is stored in fatty tissues such as the liver; For this reason, you should avoid hypervitaminosis, since excess vitamin A could be toxic.

Among the consequences that an excess of vitamin A could cause, we have: liver damage, dizziness, vomiting or nausea, headaches, double vision, drowsiness, bone pain, lack of appetite, fatigue or fainting.

Q4: What is the lack of vitamin A due to?

Having a balanced diet and practicing physical activity frequently is essential to lead a healthy life. However, often the hectic pace of life, stress, lack of food rich in animal fat or a rigorous weight loss regimen; They could prevent the amount of vitamin A that the body needs for optimal functioning from being ingested.

Although vitamin A is found in fish, beef and poultry; In the case of vegans, they could eat vegetables and fruits such as carrots, oranges, melon or mango, since these foods contain beta-carotene that is transformed in the body into vitamin A.

Q5: What does the concentration of vitamin A tablets indicate?

The concentration of vitamins is usually expressed in International Unit (IU), a measure used in the field of pharmacology and which measures the amount of a certain substance in a preparation. In other words, in this case, it represents the potency of vitamin A contained in each capsule, tablet or pill.

For example: 1 IU of vitamin A is the biological equivalent of 0.3 mcg of retinol or 0.6 mcg of beta-carotene.

Q6: What is the relationship between beta-carotene and vitamin A?

Beta-carotene is a carotenoid present in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables; It is a provitamin A, since when eating these foods, the body digests its pigment and transforms it into the main source of retinol.

Unlike preformed vitamin A, which is present in meats; beta-carotene, from vegetables, is not stored in the liver and does not cause toxicity. This is because this nutrient remains in the body and is only transformed into vitamin A when it is necessary to cover a deficiency.

In addition, beta-carotene also provides the properties that are inherent to vitamin A, such as its antioxidant power, the strengthening of the immune system, and the improvement of vision and skin.

Q7: What effects does vitamin A have on the skin?

Its effects on the skin are very beneficial, as it favors the natural production of collagen. Likewise, it helps pigmentation by providing a natural tan and also helps acne problems, thanks to its active component of retinoic acid that benefits sebum regulation.

Likewise, this vitamin is an ally for the healing of the dermis, since it favors cell regeneration and offers softness to the complexion. In addition, thanks to its antioxidant power, it fights aging and helps eliminate the effect of free radicals.

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