The 9 Best Vitamin D of 2022

Vitamin D – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vitamin D is essential for its multiple benefits at the bone, muscle, cardiovascular, and immune levels, among others. However, every day we experience deficits in its synthesis and assimilation, either for environmental or nutritional reasons, despite being found in some foods. But, as all organisms are not the same and some require special care, laboratories have dedicated themselves to developing oral supplements to meet these requirements. Among these we can find the Aavalabs olive oil, a natural product in the form of soft capsules that contains 5000 IU of vitamin D3. It is also worth mentioning the Vispura strong & pure Vitamin D3, a highly concentrated presentation suitable for allergy sufferers and vegetarians.

The 9 Best Vitamins D – Opinions 2022

As our health is not something to be taken lightly, it is important to know in detail the products that we consume daily to cover the vitamin requirements of our body. Therefore, you will be able to find among the following options that we will detail below, which is the most appropriate according to your lifestyle or medical condition.

1. Aavalabs Vitamin D3 5000 IU Pure Highly Concentrated

Currently many users seek to rely on the best vitamin D to cover their deficiencies. Hence, if you are thinking of improving your health by providing special care to your immune, bone and muscle systems in a natural way, in this Aavalabs product, you could find a good option.

This supplement has been designed for those people who receive little sunlight, either due to the environmental conditions of their cities of origin or due to the nature of their work. It has a composition of 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in each soft capsule, so it provides high potency and absorption regardless of the activity that the individual develops.

It is important to note that this product provides a formula free of allergens, artificial colors, chemical additives, preservatives, sweeteners. In the same way, its components have been preserved from any genetic manipulation, so it adjusts to the healthy lifestyle that many consumers pursue.

If you are looking for the best vitamin D of the moment, learn more about this supplement through its pros and cons.


Presentation: Its presentation of 365 soft capsules is suitable for a long period or a family group, since the recommended dose is one capsule every 5 days.

Ingredients: It has components such as pure olive oil, cholecalciferol and in its gelatin capsule, glycerin and water, for fast and safe digestion.

Assimilation: This product, of good qualities, provides rapid and efficient absorption. Therefore, the body will assimilate it better.


Instructions for use: The instructions in Spanish may be imprecise, so it is recommended to verify the intake before consuming.

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2. Vispura Highly Concentrated Vitamin D3 20,000 IU

This Vispura supplement stands out among the best vitamins D of 2022, since it provides the necessary qualities to maintain a healthy lifestyle and in optimal conditions. Among its qualities we can highlight that high safety standards are involved in both the selection of the raw material and its production, which has given it the accreditation of international certifications.

In this sense, it should be noted that it does not contain magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), which contributes to its better bioavailability. In addition, this supplement is suitable for vegetarians and people with allergies, since it is free of additives, transgenics, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other substances that are harmful to health.

As for its presentation, it comes in an easily manageable container of 180 divisible tablets, made from natural products such as cellulose, cholecalciferol and potato starch, so it is safe for those who have problems with gluten and lactose..

If you are looking to improve your performance in those moments when you do not have time to receive sunlight, you should take a closer look at this supplement.


Quality: Its manufacture of German origin under official HACCP standards, provides certified quality in each shot.

Concentration: Its high concentration of 20,000 IU is recommended to be ingested every 20 days, so it frees you from its daily intake.

Benefits: Offers efficient results to maintain strong bones, teeth, muscles and immune system.


Expiration: Due to its dose for every 20 days, all the tablets may not be consumed before their expiration date.

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3. Igennus Healthcare Nutrition Pure & Essential Vitamin D3 Daily

If it is about looking for cheap vitamins D, this Igennus Healthcare Nutrition supplement could be a good option among the innumerable alternatives that exist on the market, since it has a 100% reliable production, since it follows the strictest manufacturing protocols, based on GMP to meet pharmaceutical quality standards. In addition, to adapt to the needs of the most sensitive organisms that seek a healthier life.

It is a natural vitamin D, which uses safe, tolerable and effective raw materials from sustainable systems. Similarly, its tablet-shaped design allows convenient intake, facilitates the bioavailability and absorption of cholecalciferol, in addition to the convenient effective dose for its effective daily intake, since it is offered in a presentation of 365 tablets of 2,000 IU each., to contribute to maintaining the balance of levels in the body.

In this British manufacturer you could find the best brand of vitamin D, so we invite you to read the pros and cons that their product brings you.


Ease of Taking: They are made in a small presentation of 6 mm, so they are easy to swallow.

Suitable for celiacs: It is a safe product, since it does not contain gluten or dairy derivatives.

Format : This tablet is designed for those who suffer from digestive discomfort associated with poor absorption of fats.


Storage: It should be stored in a dry and cool place protected from sunlight, as it could lose its effectiveness.

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4. Biomenta Vitamin D3 20000 IU Vegan

Given the multiple alternatives offered by the online market, when it comes to buying vitamin supplements or supplements, it is advisable to evaluate both the affordability of its cost, and the quality that characterizes it. Hence, this product with a deposit effect from Biomenta could be considered as the best value for money vitamin D.

The most remarkable thing about this supplement is that, thanks to its presentation, it not only covers its deficiency, especially in the population that lives in places where autumn and winter take over sunny days, but also contributes to improving assimilation and maintenance of calcium levels in the blood. Function of vital importance for the development and strengthening of bones, teeth and the entire respiratory system.

On the other hand, their intake is easy since they are tasteless small tablets that do not cause discomfort when swallowing them, in addition to not being forced to ingest them daily.

This could be one of the cheapest vitamin D supplements, so it would be worth taking a closer look at its qualities. Therefore, review its pros and cons.


Vegan: As it does not have ingredients of animal origin in its composition, it is suitable for consumption by people with vegan habits.

Strength: It comes in a tablet with an effective dose of 20,000 IU to provide safe short-term effects.

Effect: Its prolonged release deposit effect allows its intake to be carried out every 20 days.


Content: For a better use of the treatment, it is recommended to consume it in a family nucleus.

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5. Vitabay Vitamin D Depot 5,600 ie

We are in the presence of a vitamin D processed in a world leader country in pharmaceuticals such as Germany. Hence, it has rigorous production controls in accordance with ISO13485, using certified raw materials in accordance with the international quality guidelines HACCP, ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The most remarkable thing about this supplement is that it is completely organic, since through a technological process involving lichens and vegetable fats, vitamin D3 is extracted, thus creating a safe and quality product suitable for vegans and vegetarians, since they do not intervene raw materials of animal origin.

On the other hand, thinking of facilitating its intake, it has been formulated in the form of small tablets, which also provides a weekly dose of 5,600 IU. In addition, thanks to its high concentration, it contributes to the proper assimilation and use of calcium and phosphorus, as well as benefits other complex processes in the body.

Next, we present the pros and cons that these vitamins can offer you.


Vegetable composition: It has a series of components of vegetable origin such as cellulose, lichen, vegetable fats, silicon dioxide and magnesium salt.

Packaging: Its light, opaque white packaging protects the content from sunlight and light, as well as facilitating its portability.

Dosage: It is recommended to take a weekly tablet, since its deposit effect allows to replace the 800 IU daily, so the container can last for a prolonged treatment.


Cost: It may be one of the vitamins with the highest cost. However, its efficient results are worth your investment.

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6. Vitamaze amazing life Vitamin D3 14,000 IU

This vitamin D supplement from the German manufacturer Vitamaze can offer a convenient quality in each dose, since it has been evaluated by scientists and experts in the development of vitamins, to improve health conditions in high-performance athletes or in people seeking good physical conditioning.

In another order of ideas, this vitamin D3 has a content of 180 divisible tablets with a deposit effect. Therefore, it will be useful for you to administer them during a continuous period, since they are indicated to be ingested every two weeks because they have a highly concentrated dose of 14,000 IU. In addition, they are free of artificial flavors and magnesium stearate, which allows efficient bioavailability.

On the other hand, this product has been made with those people who are vegetarian in mind, since it does not contain derivatives of animal origin. In addition, it contributes to strengthening teeth, the immune system, bones and muscle function.

This vitamin complex could be useful for normal muscle function. Learn more by reading the pros and cons of these vitamins.


Excipients: Gluten, lactose or other allergens are not used in the production of this vitamin D, so they are suitable for people with allergy problems.

Quality: The production of these medicines is based on international HACCP and GMP standards, so their quality is guaranteed.

Safety: Its raw materials free of pesticides, fertilizers or other harmful substances have not undergone genetic modification, making it safe and beneficial.


Contents: The tablets may break due to movement within the container, which may make it difficult to take the exact dose.

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7. Zenement Vitamin D3 4000 IU 365 Capsules Gluten Free

Currently, the rhythm of life, the meteorological variables and the physiological characteristics have a notable influence on the decrease in essential nutrients. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking care of your health and improving some physical conditions of your body, this vitamin D could help preserve your bones and joints, since it helps the adsorption of phosphorus and calcium. In addition, the recommended dose provides special benefits for those who are deficient in vitamin D, either due to low exposure to sunlight or due to the tone of their skin.

Its manufacture is of Spanish origin, under high levels of certified and evaluated quality, qualities that accredit it as a supplement for safe use. In addition to this, it is free of preservatives, dyes, excipients, gluten, soy, sweeteners, yeast, dairy products or derivatives thereof. In addition, its concentration of 4,000 IU per pearl, favors the daily absorption of the requirements of this vitamin to maintain its optimal levels in the body.

If you still can’t decide which vitamin D to buy, you might want to weigh the pros and cons that this product has to offer.


Method of administration: It has a texture of soft capsules in a small size that benefits the taking for some people.

Quantity: Offered in a presentation of 365 golden pearls, convenient for those taking long-term treatment.

Obtaining source : The manufacture of this medicine comes from lanolin, which is a natural source of this vitamin.


Limitations: Pregnant women, nursing women, children under 18 years of age and people undergoing treatment should consult a doctor to find out if its consumption is allowed.

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8. EnergyBalance Vitamin D High Absorption Lievito + BioPerine

This vitamin D supplement includes BioPerine in its formulation, a thermonutrient that acts favorably on various functional processes of the body, such as thermogenesis, which benefits the bioavailability of vitamin D itself, calcium and phosphate, among many others, contributing In this way, the metabolic processes are carried out correctly to maintain health.

It is a natural product free of compounds such as lanolin, so its consumption is convenient for both vegans and vegetarians. In addition, it does not contain gluten, eggs, soy, yeast, proteins or dairy derivatives, or histamine, which is why it is also suitable for celiacs and people sensitive to allergies.

It should be noted that EnergyBalance is a Swiss manufacturer that maintains the most rigorous quality controls and production standards. Hence, it offers this presentation of 90 capsules, which have an effective dose of 2000 IU in each tablet for the healthy and active maintenance of the body in general.

Due to the innumerable benefits it brings to the body, it would be worth analyzing its pros and cons.


Formulation: Includes inactive yeasts, piperine extract and vegetable cellulose, so it can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

For all ages: It can be consumed from one year of age, helping to keep the bone system healthy from infancy to old age.

BioPerine: This alkaloid positively influences digestion, improves the body’s thermogenic activity and therefore amplifies the absorption of vitamin D.


Content: Its content of 90 pills could be insufficient if it is a long-term treatment.

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9. Vitabay Vitamin D3 1000 IU

If you have wondered which is the best vegan vitamin D for family use, this Vitabay supplement could meet your expectations, since it is aimed at the smallest audience. However, it could be consumed without any inconvenience by adults who have difficulties swallowing drugs, since they come to be taken in a practical way thanks to their chewable format.

The vitamins are designed for a dosage per tablet of 1,000 IU, so a daily serving is recommended. In addition, it has a presentation of 240 units for a long period of treatment, contributing notably to the maintenance and improvement of the muscular, respiratory, cellular and bone system of the youngest members of the family.

Delving deeper into its composition, we can point out that it contains ingredients of plant origin such as Isomalt DC, cholecalciferol from lichens, stevia, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, so it does not produce adverse health effects.

This vitamin D comes to strengthen the immune system of the little ones in the house. That is why we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Children: It is aimed at the youngest public, so its administration is convenient for children and adolescents.

Format: Its format of chewable tablets facilitates its consumption in younger children.

Manufacturing: This vitamin D is manufactured in Germany, supported by EU standards. So its quality is guaranteed.


Sugar: It may have some type of sweetener in its composition, which is not to the liking of all consumers.

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Shopping guide

The proper functioning of our body depends on the proper balance of countless elements, including vitamin D, since it is involved in different physiological processes. Therefore, every day more people seek to supplement their daily intake through supplements offered by different laboratories. Hence, if you are one of them, you can find in the following guide to buy the best vitamin D, some of its basic qualities that you should analyze based on your own requirements.


Vitamin D or calciferol can be found commercially either individually as a supplement or accompanied by other components and minerals, as is the case with multivitamins, in addition to being supplemented with some compounds such as flour, gluten, oils from different sources or another derivative, to protect it from environmental conditions and maximize its absorption.

In this sense, it is important that said formulation is duly detailed on the label, so that those people who present allergies or disorders associated with any of said excipients, have the precaution of choosing the most convenient formulation for their organism.

On the other hand, this vitamin is measured in international units (IU) to calculate your recommended dietary allowance (RDR), which also varies depending on gender and age. Hence, the daily intake for infants under 12 months is 400 IU, 600 IU from one year of age to 70, and for adults over 70 years 800 IU. Therefore, these formulations can be found on the market from 800 IU to highly concentrated tablets such as 50,000 IU to be consumed either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to the indications of the medical specialist.

Obtaining Source

Another of the important qualities to take into account in any comparison of vitamins D is its source, since one advantage of this fat-soluble vitamin is that the human body can use two molecules of this vitamin, such as D2 and D3.

Delving a little deeper we find that vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol can be obtained from plant sources (fungi, yeasts and plants) especially indicated for those vegetarians or vegans. For its part, vitamin D3 scientifically known as cholecalciferol can be found in foods of animal origin such as meat, fish with high fat content, butter, eggs and milk. Likewise, we can synthesize it through the skin thanks to the sun’s rays.

Hence the importance of verifying where it comes from before consuming it, in order to avoid altering the normal functioning of the body, especially in those users who follow a strict diet. Therefore, this quality must be clearly indicated on the product.


Thinking about the difficulties that many people have in ingesting pharmaceutical forms, specialized laboratories have created different forms of oral presentation of vitamin D, so that each user can make their choice based on the one that is most pleasant for them to consume; since sometimes it can become a long-term treatment. Hence, our recommendation is that regardless of how much the supplement costs, the important thing is that you opt for the alternative that is most comfortable for you to consume daily.

In this sense, the most common forms in which you can find vitamin D is as soft capsules or tablets. In the case of the former, its unique format made up of a liquid filling and a gelatinous cover facilitates its absorption, in addition to protecting the active ingredient from reactions such as oxidation and hydrolysis. For their part, the tablets turn out to be a good and economical option that masks the taste of the active ingredient, thanks to the sweeteners or flavorings that accompany it.

However, they are also available in liquid presentations such as drops or spray, convenient for users who have difficulty swallowing or for children who have not yet learned to consume solid formats. In both cases, the vitamin should only be properly dosed according to the indications of both the medical specialist and those specified by the manufacturing laboratory.

Interactions with other medications

Although this is not a tangible characteristic of vitamin D, it is important before deciding to buy a particular brand, consult a health specialist about its possible interactions with other medications. Such as, for example, those who are used to consuming it to relieve a particular ailment or improve a specific medical condition, since this micronutrient, when in contact with a drug, could cause both to significantly change their form of action, either increasing or decreasing its effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use vitamin D supplements?

The first thing to keep in mind when using vitamin D supplements is that the deficiency really exists, which is determined through a blood test and subsequent medical evaluation. In the same way, the specialist will indicate, according to age, gender, level of deficiency, condition and physical activity, the most recommended dose to cover said requirement and the most appropriate time of day for its consumption.

It is important to reiterate that, if your profile does not match that of a vitamin D deficient individual, do not self-medicate, since, although these supplements may be safe, in overdose they could cause adverse health effects.

Q2: How to increase vitamin D?

Since most of it is synthesized through the skin due to the effect of solar radiation, it is advisable to first create a routine of exposing yourself to the sun daily for short periods of time during the safest hours. Similarly, modify daily eating habits by incorporating foods, whether of animal or plant origin that provide this nutrient, as well as eating fortified foods.

However, if for environmental, cultural or ideological reasons it cannot be increased through the previous actions, it is justified to resort to the medically advised consumption of supplements or multivitamins that allow to increase and level up to normal values ​​(30 – 50 ng/mL) in the body.

Q3: What health problems does a vitamin D deficiency cause?

Vitamin D turns out to be an important element for the good health of the body in general, since its deficiency is associated with the appearance of various bone, muscular, cardiovascular, immunological, neurological and endocrine pathologies. Where, osteoporosis, osteomalacia and rickets are the diseases mostly associated with this deficiency, since vitamin D acts in the assimilation and maintenance of calcium in the bones. Likewise, this deficiency is also related to lack of concentration, insomnia, migraines, apathy and ailments.

Q4: How to sunbathe to absorb vitamin D?

Exposure to the sun will depend on several factors such as the place of residence, the time of year and the time of day. In addition, it must be done under supervision and medical prescription. However, in general, depending on skin tone, exposures of at least 15 minutes can be made during the first or last hours of the day without the application of photoprotective creams; or, take walks and outdoor activities during the weekends safely.

Q5: How to give vitamin D to babies?

Babies should get their daily requirement (400 IU) of vitamin D from breast milk and sunlight. However, if supplementation is required, this action will be indicated by the treating pediatrician, who, in addition to indicating the appropriate dose, must guide parents on how to safely administer the product, either in drops given directly to the baby, formulated diluted in breast milk or if necessary as fortified formula milk or enriched with this vitamin.

Q6: What is vitamin D for?

Vitamin D is not only a nutrient, but is also considered a hormone, since it intervenes in various functions of the human body for its vital functioning. Among the most notorious is the absorption of calcium for the maintenance of the bone structure. Likewise, it contributes to the improvement of muscle mass and strength.

Also, it is associated with the low incidence of certain cancers, in addition to stimulating the production and use of insulin, reducing the appearance of infections, allergies, flu and autoimmune diseases, protecting the cardiovascular system and helping in the cognitive development of the individual.

Q7: When to take vitamin D?

It should be consumed when you are considered a high-risk individual. In other words, living in places with little solar incidence, working indoors or at night, having a dark skin tone, suffering from an autoimmune disease or excessive use of sun protection.

Also, children and older adults fall within this profile due to their low exposure to the sun. Similarly, when you suffer from rickets, osteomalacia or osteoporosis and when you have low levels of both vitamin D and calcium and phosphate in the blood.

Q8: What foods have vitamin D?

Animal sources include cod liver oil, high-fat fish such as tuna, herring, salmon, and sardines. Likewise, it is contained in eggs, milk and its derivatives. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of vegetable sources such as mushrooms, avocado or avocado and wheat germ.

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