The 9 Best Vitamin E of 2022

Vitamin E – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although it is absolutely true that vitamin E can be obtained naturally in some foods, achieving optimal levels in the body through a good dietary supplement is an important precaution. Its potential as an antioxidant is one of its most valued roles. Solgar E3540 softgels will be a daily natural source of vitamin E that will help you against cellular oxidative stress. In the same way, Sotya 500 mg is another option recommended by many, since it offers you 100 capsules of high purity and at an affordable cost.

The 9 Best Vitamin E – Opinions 2022

Each type of vitamin has a special and necessary contribution for the proper functioning of the body. Here are 9 of the best sources of vitamin E that, with frequent intake, offer you to combat, among other things, the accelerated aging of cells caused by free radicals.

1. Solgar Vitamin E 268mg 400IU

Solgar brings with this alternative one of the best vitamins E of 2022. Without a doubt, this option has become one of the most requested supplements of this brand because it provides the particular and natural benefits of vitamin E through soft capsules easy to swallow

To this vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol of 400 IU, a mixture of tocopherols has been added that achieves an excellent formula to counteract all those consequences that exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution bring.

There are 50 capsules that are covered by a gelatin of bovine origin. Its content is free of sugar, salt, gluten, starch, yeast, wheat and any dairy derivative. In this way, it forms a healthy and easy-to-digest supplement whose consumption recommendation is one daily intake, preferably with meals.

There are 268 mg of vitamin E per capsule whose presentation and benefits have much to offer for those who decide to take it daily.


Capsules: They are soft capsules whose liquid content makes it easy to absorb all the nutritional power of vitamin E.

Natural: Its main component is d-alpha tocopherol, whose bioavailability is 3 times higher than synthetic forms.

Gluten-free: Its intake is suitable for people allergic to gluten. In addition, it is free of sugars and dairy derivatives.

Brand: It is a product of a brand with more than 70 years dedicated to beneficial health products.


Quantity: There are only 50 capsules per container, which makes the treatment somewhat expensive for a long time.

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2. Sotya Vitamin E 500mg

Sotya is a prestigious Spanish brand with a long history of developing reliable food supplements. To do this, it carefully selects each of its ingredients and submits them to rigorous tests, in order to obtain products that are not only of high quality, but also at an affordable cost. Such is the case of this vitamin, considered by many to be the best value for money vitamin E.

Thanks to its antioxidant power, this highly pure vitamin E is capable of fighting free radicals and keeping our body’s cell membranes in perfect condition. In addition, it is a great ally against cardiovascular problems, while benefiting the immune system and the nerve network that runs through the body.

The manufacturer presents us with a practical bottle that contains a total of up to 100 powdered vegetable capsules, making it especially convenient for people with long-term treatments.

To learn a little more about this vitamin, one of the cheapest on the market, continue reading its highlights below.


Quantity: The bottle contains 100 vegetable capsules, so you will have treatment for up to 100 days.

Intake: Thanks to its concentration of 500 mg, you only need to take one capsule daily, preferably with the main meal.

Vegan: It is a vegan product, free of ingredients of animal origin, which allows it to be used by anyone.


Presentation: Its presentation in capsules with powder may not be the most suitable, especially if you are looking to combine its action with a cream for cosmetic use.

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3. Zenement Natural Vitamin E 400 IU

This is one of the best natural versions of vitamin E, and Zenement brings it. It is known that synthetic options will not be as beneficial. There are 200 soft gel pearls that will provide your body with the necessary levels of this key substance so that your immune system, skin and eyes remain healthy.

Its bioavailability is optimal and it is suggested to take it with a meal to facilitate that its vegetable oil is very well assimilated. Regularly complying with the intake of this vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol will make you see only positive results in protecting cells against oxidative stress.

In addition to knowing that this vitamin E supplement is completely away from synthetic, it is of great importance that you know that all the content inside the container is free of artificial preservatives, dyes, genetically modified ingredients and gluten.

When you are looking for only natural products and wondering which vitamin E to buy, this option has good qualities to consider.


Formula: Its natural composition of 400 IU of vitamin E is present in each capsule with 268 mg of d-alpha tocopherol.

Packaging: The content is totally protected from light with its dark packaging. Also, when you first receive it, it comes fully sealed internally.

Manufacturing: It is a product made in Spain, following all the protocol and strict manufacturing standards.


Interaction: The manufacturer recommends consulting a doctor to anticipate any reaction if you are following another type of treatment.

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4. Hivital Foods Natural Vitamin E 400 IU

Aware that vitamin E is one of the most important fat-soluble antioxidants for the body, the Hivital Foods team brings you one of the best options available to purchase. Its SGS and GMP certifications confirm dedication and great care in each of the manufacturing steps.

For the preparation of this supplement, the natural form d-alpha tocopherol has been used, which, in addition to being the most advisable, comes with a dose of 400 IU in each capsule to guarantee positive and real therapeutic effects.

There are 200 pearls that contain soybean oil that will help the body better absorb and assimilate this vitamin. Consuming a pearl with one of the meals of the day you will notice how the health of your immune and cardiovascular systems improves. Additionally, the antioxidant power that benefits cells will show healthier skin and hair.

Their safety certifications may suggest Hivital Foods as the best vitamin E brand. Let’s delve deeper into the product features.


Natural: It is completely natural and free of transgenic elements, preservatives, lactose and gluten.

Quantity: Its container contains a total of 200 pearls that, in addition to being easy to digest, will serve for more than 6 months of treatment.

Reliability: Its manufacturer guarantees a supplement without the presence of heavy metals or other elements that may be harmful to health.


Soy: Although allergic reactions to soybean oil are rare, they can occur. So you must be sure that you are not allergic.

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5. Naissance Vitamin E No. 807 Oil

What is inside the Naissance container is 100 ml of what some might consider the best vitamin E in liquid form. In addition to being one of the cheapest products, its one hundred percent vegetable origin makes it an excellent purchase for vegans. Additionally, he has been respectful in his tests and has not used animals.

Being liquid allows a multifunctionality that your body, face, nails, hands and hair will appreciate. On your face, applying its emollient properties directly can make it look younger and a massage on your hands will be like applying a cream that can restore lost moisture to both the skin and the cuticles of the nails.

Its use for hair can also be great by adding a few drops of this vitamin to the shampoo. You will see how it looks untangled and with greater shine.

In addition to being a natural antioxidant, this product has more benefits to offer for your health and beauty.


Natural: Its raw material is vegetable and rich in natural vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol. Plus, it’s hexane-free and GMO-free.

Liquid: It is a product whose liquid presentation is very convenient for direct application on all skin types.

Cosmetics: Its use is highly recommended to add it to creams, soaps and even homemade cosmetic scrubs.


Allergens: If you are allergic, you should take into account the manufacturer’s warning about the possible presence of traces of nuts.

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6. Klorane Kirkland Signature Bottle Vitamins E

Its transparent packaging reveals the 500 softgels that can be part of an effective vitamin E treatment to benefit your body. In case nuts, seeds, fortified cereals and green leafy vegetables are not part of your typical diet and you have a genuine deficiency of this vitamin, this product may be the one for you.

More than just an additive, dl-alpha tocopherol acetate can become a daily dietary supplement to help against the oxidative process of skin, muscle and heart cells. The content in each of the capsules is 400 IU equivalent to 180 mg that the manufacturer suggests taking once a day with one of the meals.

The soft capsule of this vitamin is made of gelatin from pig skin whose consistency helps it to be swallowed without difficulty.

It is good that you take into account other important pros and cons of this product so that you can decide on your purchase.


Quantity: With the suggestion of a single daily intake and the quantity of 500 capsules, it is ideal for several people in the family.

Gluten-free: In addition to being gluten-free, it has no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

Verification: It has been verified by USP which has verified and confirmed the standard norms of ingredients and manufacturing.


Synthetic: It is thought that the benefits of synthetic vitamin E are not biochemically as effective as those of natural vitamin E.

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7. Aromatika Vitamin E Oil Drops 50ml

The best and most natural for cosmetics is brought by Aromatika with this 50 ml vitamin E oil. It is intended for external use only, and once you try it for your face and body care, it will surely become your favorite beauty trick.

It offers as its main ingredient the richness of vitamin E present in the helianthus annuus known as sunflower seed. Your skin and hair will receive the benefit of a hundred percent pure and natural antioxidant that will promote a smooth and fresh face and neck. It is highly recommended for dry skin, with wrinkles, stretch marks and the dreaded crow’s feet.

Both in the morning and at night, thoroughly clean your face, neck and décolleté area to apply a few drops directly to the skin. You will see with satisfaction how its d-alpha tocopherol combats premature aging.

Learn more about the characteristics that make this alternative the best vitamin E of the moment for multiple purposes.


Presentation: Its 50 ml come in an amber bottle to protect them from light and a dropper to dose them.

Application: Its direct application on the face, hands and nails has a powerful and effective moisturizing and nourishing result.

Utility: Its drops are great for soaps, ointments and scrubs. Also, putting some in the shampoo will give your hair extra shine and moisture.


Quantity: 50 ml may seem like a small amount to last you after an application twice daily.

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8. SimplySupplements Vitamin E 400iu

This Vitamin E brand brings you the reliability of over a decade of dedication to manufacturing quality nutritional supplements. It is an extra strength formula created to support general health, heart, arteries, skin and hair. It is achieved with dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate and soybean oil as main ingredients.

SimplySupplements is responsible for testing this raw material exhaustively in its own laboratory to guarantee the quality of the product. Additionally, a final inspection ensures compliance with all pharmaceutical regulations in manufacturing, thus obtaining GMP approval.

There are 400 IU that come in each of the 240 capsules in the package and can be taken one to two times a day, remembering that this dose should not be exceeded to receive the contribution to your body in a perfect and safe amount.

In addition to the use of premium ingredients, this product has more qualities in its favor.


Quantity: There are 240 capsules that can cover a treatment of up to 8 months following the recommendation of one daily.

Extra strong: Its composition of 360 mg per capsule is ideal for an additional reinforcement of the immune system and defense against oxidative stress.

Manufacturing: Its preparation has been carried out in the best facilities and in compliance with European quality regulations.


Non-vegetarian: Its manufacturer warns in the important information on its label that it is not a product suitable for vegetarians.

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9. Solaray Vitamin E

There are so many options on the market that wondering which is the best vitamin E can be answered in a variety of presentations and brands. However, within Solaray’s full line of vitamins and specialty products, this dietary supplement stands out by not offering d-alpha tocopherol in isolation.

Knowing that natural vitamin E is a much broader composition, this product combines its main ingredient with soybean oil and a mixture of beta, gamma and delta tocopherols that increase its ability to intercept free radicals and protect cells from damage. oxidative stress.

This beneficial formula has been encapsulated in 50 easy-to-swallow, fast-disintegrating soft beads. The suggestion is to consume one daily, either with a meal or a glass of water, remembering that it should be combined with a healthy diet.

In addition to a content of 400 IU per capsule, there are more advantages of this one hundred percent natural product.


Formula: The combination of d-alpha tocopherol with mixed natural tocopherols makes it a powerful vitamin E supplement.

Packaging: The pearls are protected in a container with resistant material and a lid with a hermetic pressure seal.

Brand: It is a product backed by the experience of an American brand dedicated to food supplements since 1973.


Quantity: Compared to other products, its cost may seem somewhat high for only 50 pearls that will not cover even two months of treatment.

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Shopping guide

If you know about free radical damage and want to start fighting them, this guide to buying the best vitamin E will help you choose the most suitable dietary supplement. Having the correct levels of this powerful antioxidant in your body is a step forward against a variety of health problems such as hardening of the arteries, a weakened immune system, and dry, wrinkled skin.


Wanting to get a good, cheap form of vitamin E is totally understandable and very possible. However, the essential thing has to be the confidence that you are going to ingest a formula made with quality ingredients and an adequate percentage to complement the necessary daily intake levels.

Most likely, when you’re shopping for vitamins E in the store or in your online options, the front of the package doesn’t tell you clearly if it’s a product that uses a natural or synthetic source. However, in a very easy way, you can find out on the back label where the ingredients and their levels are specified.

The composition is considered natural when you see d-alpha tocopherol as the main ingredient. On the other hand, a synthetic supplement will be one that specifies dl-alpha tocopherol as the base component. The main difference attributed is a greater degree of effectiveness in the natural form. However, the issue of the absolute naturalness of vitamin E in a dietary supplement is still highly debated among specialists.

Many of them have reached important conclusions that are worth understanding in order to make an informed selection. Vitamin E is not a single substance, but a compound of eight elements classified into four types of tocopherols and four tocotrienols, so when you buy a product with isolated d-alpha tocopherol you don’t have one hundred percent naturalness in your hands either.

From the synthetic to the most natural you have the following compositions: dl-alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopherol and d-alpha tocopherol plus a mixture of natural beta, gamma and delta tocopherols. The greater the naturalness, the greater the effectiveness.


Since vitamin E is a fat-soluble substance, it needs a carrier oil to reach the body effectively. Consequently, its most common forms of presentation are liquid products that offer it in milliliters in soybean, sunflower, argan and coconut oils, among others. For oral intake, they are generally soft capsules also referred to as pearls.

Before buying, you should read the manufacturer’s consumption recommendation very well. If it is liquid vitamin E, it may indicate that you can drink it by mixing it with some type of food or drink. However, there are products in this form that clearly state that they are intended for topical use only.

The most common form for the oral route are capsules, which are usually an easy-to-swallow size. In addition, they have no discernible flavor and hide the thick consistency of the oil that can be unpleasant to ingest for many. If you are vegetarian or vegan, check that the coating on the pearl is not of animal origin. There are vegan products that cover them with gelatin made from algae.

In addition to all this, you must also evaluate if the quantity-price ratio suits you. As an oil in the form of a serum, presentations are obtained from 30 ml with a dropper to 250 ml, ideal for body massages.

If they are capsules, they vary in concentrations that range between 250 and 1000 IU and also in quantity. You can find packages of 50, 100, 240 and up to 500 pearls whose convenience will depend on the consumption time that your specialist suggests.


The presentation format, the amount and its natural or synthetic origin join the brand that endorses the product to determine how much it costs. It is always advisable to look for manufacturers committed to the careful research and development of nutritional supplements.

There are many well-known brands in this sector, so when tempted to buy a very cheap presentation of vitamin E, you need to look for some certifications on their labels that give you confidence in the product that you are about to ingest on a daily basis. Only a quality product will achieve the effects you want to see on your skin, heart, and immune system.

The testing of raw materials in both the manufacturer’s own and independent laboratories, the GMP approval that ensures an impeccable manufacturing procedure, the GMO seal that guarantees a product free of transgenic elements and the approval of the Spanish Agency for Consumer, Safety Alimentaria y Nutrición AECOSAN are all good indicators of a reliable and safe brand for your health.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use vitamin E?

The broad action of vitamin E in health leads it to be a multi-beneficial substance. When you have decided to ingest it through a dietary supplement, complying with the dose without exceeding it can make you see the most effective and pleasant results on your skin and hair.

Therefore, you can use vitamin E by ingesting it orally to strengthen the body’s defense system and combat the oxidation of cells that can damage both the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Its direct use on skin and hair is also excellent. It is ideal for massaging nourishing skin where there are stretch marks or applying to dry skin showing crow’s feet around the eyes. A nail massage strengthens the cuticle and restores hydration and shine to the hair.

Q2: Which oil has the most vitamin E?

Both vegetable oils and nuts are among the most powerful sources of vitamin E density. Among the oils that can offer concentrations that exceed 40 mg per 100 grams are wheat germ, hazelnut, sunflower and almond. On the contrary, among the oils less rich in this vitamin is olive oil.

Q3: What is vitamin E for on the skin?

Basically, the effect that is sought with the application of this vitamin on the skin is to maintain or return the necessary nutrition and hydration to look fresh and smooth. On the face, mature skin can be greatly benefited by preventing the signs of aging, just as on the hands.

There are those who use it directly with dabs around the eyes and body massages, and others who, through artisanal cosmetics, add it to products that also come into contact with the skin, such as soaps, scrubs, and lotions.

Q4: Which is better, liquid vitamin E or tablets?

This mainly depends on your taste and purpose. If it is to be ingested, the capsules allow oral consumption without any type of smell or taste that could be unpleasant. However, there are also presentations in the form of serum that allow oral intake mixed with food and drinks.

On the other hand, if a direct action on the skin is desired, the liquid version is the best. This can be applied in specific areas where a localized and deep action is wanted.

Q5: Where does vegan vitamin E come from?

A source of vegan vitamin E are nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, hijiki seaweed or vegetable oils. A diet rich in these provides enough vitamin E to the body.

If despite it, a specialist diagnoses deficiency, it is important to make sure you choose a good supplement suitable for vegans. It is essential to verify that the capsules are made of d-alpha tocopherol and that they are not covered by a coating of bovine or porcine origin.

Q6: What is another name for vitamin E?

The fat-soluble compounds that make up vitamin E are called tocopherols. Of them, alpha tocopherol is one of the most used, however, it is only part of it. It is a total of 8 compounds with different contributions in the body.

So ways could be found to refer to vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol, gamma tocopherol, tocotrienols, mixed tocopherols, and dl-alpha tocopherol for synthetic origin.

Q7: How much vitamin E do we need per day?

According to the NIH or National Institute of Health of the United States, the amount of vitamin E that needs to be ingested daily depends mainly on age. For babies up to 12 months it ranges between 4 and 5 mg, children from 1 to 8 years old between 6 and 7 mg, from 9 to 13 years old 11 mg, from 14 years old, adults and pregnant women 15 mg.

Vitamin supplements can help maintain these levels when you do not have a diet rich in foods that contain vitamin E or after medical tests have shown that the body does not absorb it. However, its supply must be according to the indicated doses, since an oversaturation will not be good either and, in some cases, it could have risks of cerebrovascular accidents.

Q8: What diseases does lack of vitamin E cause?

Many times, medical tests are not necessary to realize that the levels of vitamin E in your body are not adequate. Generally, the central nervous system is the first to notice. Muscle weakness, slow reflexes, instability when walking and vision problems are reflections that there is a deficiency of this vitamin in the body. Likewise, dry skin with a large number of stretch marks also shows it.

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