The 9 Best Vitamin K of 2022

Vitamin K – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Health care must be a priority in order to enjoy a long life, so it is important to take the necessary vitamins to complement your diet. In this way, when acquiring a vitamin K it is important to know its ingredients, benefits and recommended dose. Currently, there is a wide variety of laboratories dedicated to offering them in different presentations, however, we will only detail the most outstanding ones. One of them is Vitabay VB1390, which contains no additives and is obtained from a soy derivative known as Natto. There is also the Zipvit A299, which comes in a presentation of 360 tablets and is suitable for vegans.

The 9 Best Vitamins K – Opinions 2022

Knowing how to choose the vitamins that meet your nutritional needs will allow you to enjoy their benefits to the fullest. In this sense, we offer you a list with 9 of the best vitamins K of 2022, in this way, you will be able to analyze the necessary information to select a presentation that meets your expectations.

1. Vitabay Vitamin K2 100 µg natural menaquinone MK 7

This is the best vitamin K today according to some users, since it comes directly from the substantial Japanese food called Natto, a derivative of the fermentation of soybeans, which offers multiple benefits, among which we can highlight normal development and regeneration of the bones, as well as its contribution to blood coagulation.

In the manufacturing process, chemicals, additives and toxins have been eliminated to offer a completely natural supplement. It does not contain ingredients with any type of animal derivative, fructose, gluten, yeast or lactose, so it is indicated for people allergic to these components or those who prefer a vegan lifestyle.

It is available in a presentation of 120 tablets of 0.7 cm, which facilitate its intake. In terms of concentration, each tablet contains 100 µg of vitamin K2 or menaquinone MK7. In addition, it is presented in a plastic container with a screw cap that allows safe and reliable storage.

If you want to acquire the best vitamin K of the moment, which has a natural origin, without chemical additives or toxins, it is a good idea to analyze the characteristics of this product.


Origin: Formula obtained directly from Natto, a renowned Japanese food derived from soy.

Benefits: Contributes to the blood coagulation process and maintains good bone health.

Safety: Suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers because it does not contain ingredients of animal origin, it is also gluten-free and does not contain lactose.


Composition: It only contains Vitamin K2 in its MK-7 form, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other products that include other types such as K1.

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2. Zipvit Vitamin K2 MK7 100 µg Menaquinone

Zipvit offers one of the most effective forms of vitamin K2, as it is composed of 100 µg of menaquinone or MK7, capable of providing 133% of nutrients per serving, enough to contribute positively to normal bone development, as well as in the correct blood coagulation.

As complementary ingredients it has microcrystalline cellulose, used to give texture to the tablet and dicalcium phosphate, which provides calcium and phosphorus. It also has magnesium stearate, which in addition to being a source of this mineral, is also used as a diluent and lubricant for tablets.

Being a derivative of soy beans, it offers a lactose, gluten and wheat free formula, making it safe for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans. On the other hand, it is available in a presentation of 360 tablets that covers the amount needed for one year of treatment, which is why it is considered the best value for money vitamin K, since it is not too expensive.

When you are looking for the best vitamin K brand, you must carefully analyze the composition of its products and the benefits they offer for your health.


Presentation: This presentation has 360 tablets that can cover the necessary supply for one year.

Benefits: Helps transport calcium to the right places in the body to support bone health and aid in blood clotting.

Dosage: Just by taking one tablet a day you can get 100 µg of vitamin K, which provides 133% of the recommended daily amount.


Contraindications: It is not suitable for people under 18 years of age, pregnant or lactating women.

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3. Fair & Pure Vitamin K2 200µg Natural Menaquinone MK7

This Fair and Pure brand vitamin K2 is made with high-quality raw materials from different countries around the world. Its main ingredient is menaquinone MK7, however, it also includes calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, which acts as an increaser of volume and texture of microcrystalline cellulose, thus increasing its benefits.

It contains 180 tablets equivalent to 63 g of vitamin, which according to the regulations in force in the EU, each 200 µg tablet offers 266% nutrient reference values. In this sense, the recommended dose for adults is one tablet daily to accompany one of the meals. Likewise, it is advisable to accompany it with plenty of water to facilitate its absorption.

If you are wondering which is the best vitamin K, you should know that it offers a high level of tolerability, since its tablets are free of lactose, gluten, fructose, flavorings, artificial colors, preservatives, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Seeing the great variety that the market offers you, it is normal to wonder what vitamin K to buy, so we suggest you consider this presentation before making a decision.


Ingredients: It is composed of menaquinone MK7, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, microcrystalline cellulose and volume increaser.

Safety: Its formula does not contain gluten, lactose, fructose, colorants, preservatives or flavorings.

Content: It has 180 tablets that offer treatment for six months when taking the recommended dose of one tablet per day.


Lid: The easy open system of the container lid could be harmful if left within the reach of children.

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4. Fairvital Liquid Vitamin K2 Menaquinone MK7 Natural

This liquid vitamin K2 is combined with different refined vegetable oils, such as palm, rapeseed, coconut, olive and lemon oils. In addition, since it is a liquid version, it is efficiently absorbed by the body and its dose can be taken directly in the mouth or on food.

Just taking 10 drops a day is capable of nourishing the teeth and bones, significantly reducing arterial stiffness. It also prevents the accumulation of calcium in the wrong organs, thus inhibiting possible calcification in the blood vessels and improving vascular elasticity.

On the other hand, in addition to being one of the cheapest options on the list, it is available in a practical 30 ml container with a dosing cap and hermetic closure. It is worth mentioning that despite being in drops, it is not a vitamin K for babies.

Finding a presentation of vitamin K2 that provides health benefits and is also one of the cheapest is possible if we consider the pros and cons of this product.


Presentation: It is available in a liquid state, specifically designed for those who cannot take tablets.

Benefits: Reduces arterial stiffness, prevents calcification of blood vessels and contributes to vascular elasticity.

Ingredients: It is composed of menaquinone MK7 and refined vegetable oils such as rapeseed, palm and coconut.


Use: Despite its pleasant taste, it is exclusively for adults, so it is not a vitamin K for newborns.

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5. Solgar Vitamin K1 Phytomenadione 100 µg Tablets

This is a jar with 100 vitamin K tablets, which has a concentration of 100 µg and is indicated to be consumed once a day, therefore, it lasts for a little over 3 continuous months of treatment. In addition, it belongs to the Solgar line of supplements, an American company with more than 60 years of experience.

In this case, it is specifically vitamin K1, also called phytomenadione, due to its origin in green plants. This supplement is useful for the formation of bone proteins, but above all it is involved in protein synthesis for proper blood coagulation in the liver.

One of the advantages of this vitamin K, which has given good results in the treatment of dark circles, is that it does not contain sugar, yeast, salt, soy, dairy, or gluten, so it does not cause any type of allergies. In addition, it is suitable for kosher, vegan and vegetarian diets.

To acquire a good vitamin K it is important to carefully review the characteristics of each supplement, for this reason, we invite you to view the pros and cons of this product in more detail.


Origin: This vitamin has been synthesized directly from plants, so it has a natural origin.

Safety: It does not cause allergic reactions thanks to the fact that it does not contain soy, gluten or lactose.

Quantity: It comes with 100 pills, so it is enough for a continuous treatment of 3 months.


Warnings: As with any supplement, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming it to avoid inconveniences.

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6. Fairvital Super K Complex Vitamin K1 K2

It is a vitamin complex that includes the nutrients K1 and K2, known as phytomenadione and menaquinone. Both work together and participate in the good performance of the bones, blood circulation and the cardiac system. In this case, the MK-4 and MK-7 compounds have also been included as part of the K2 group, therefore, it is one of the most complete supplements.

This product has been manufactured in Germany under high quality standards and has passed the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which guarantees the safety of the ingredients used in its manufacture.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that it does not contain genetically modified organisms. On the other hand, it comes with 90 easy-to-swallow capsules, which can last for 3 months if we take into account that the recommended dose is 1 a day.

If you need a highly concentrated vitamin K, then you may be interested in this Fairvital brand product. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Concentration: Bring 1000 μg of K1, 1000 μg of vitamin K2 MK-4 and 200 μg of vitamin K2 MK-7.

Bioavailability: This vitamin complex comes in easily absorbed capsules, so it does not cause digestion problems.

Lid: It incorporates a practical lid with an airtight seal, which allows the capsules to be extracted without having to unscrew it.


Instructions: It comes with instructions, but the letters are very small, especially for people with vision problems.

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7. Vitamaze Vitamin K2 MK7 200 mcg Highly Dosed

This supplement contains 180 pills of vitamin K2 in its MK7 version known as menaquinone, which is of great importance for maintaining bones in optimal condition, helping to prevent fractures according to the data of some recent scientific studies.

The concentration is 200 µg, while the recommended daily dose is one pill a day, so it lasts for 6 months. In addition, the tablets are small, so they are very easy to swallow and digest, thanks to the fact that it is a fat-soluble vitamin that offers high bioavailability.

These pills have been made with ingredients of non-animal origin, so they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Likewise, they are free of genetically modified products and do not contain harmful additives or allergens such as gluten and lactose, so they can be consumed without risk.

Vitamin K supplements must comply with international regulations for the regulation of this type of product, as is the case with this model. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.


Vegan: This vitamin K contains no ingredients of animal origin, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Tablets: The tablets are small and easy to digest, as they offer high bioavailability.

Quantity: Offers a 6-month supply so you can carry out continuous and effective treatment.


Age: This supplement is indicated only for adults, so it should not be consumed by children or adolescents.

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8. Vitabay Super Vitamin K 1200 µg with K2 supplements

This model brings 1000 µg of vitamin K1 and 200 µg of vitamin K2 in its trans form, so it offers a high level of bioavailability so that the body can absorb the nutrient optimally. For this reason, it is one of the most prominent vitamin K supplements today.

It has been manufactured in Germany using certified ingredients according to ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP standards, likewise, the brand has been subjected to ISO 13485 control procedures, therefore, it can be consumed safely by anyone of legal age. However, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor before beginning treatment.

For greater safety, it does not contain genetically modified elements and is completely free of allergenic ingredients such as gluten and lactose. It also has no harmful preservatives that can alter its effectiveness.

When buying a vitamin K it is important to know the production practices of the brand to have greater security when starting treatment. Let’s review the details of this model.


Quality: This product is backed by different internationally valid certificates, which guarantee good manufacturing practices.

Composition: Each tablet contains 1000 µg of vitamin K1 and 200 µg of vitamin K2, which promote bones and blood circulation.

Ingredients: It has safe ingredients suitable for allergy sufferers, since it does not contain lactose or gluten.


Quantity: It is a jar with 60 pills, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other products on the list that offer a larger quantity.

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9. Life Extension Super K 90 Softgels

This vitamin K is indicated to help maintain the calcium balance in the body, so it is beneficial for arterial health and promotes bone density. In this sense, it comes in a jar with 90 soft capsules and the recommended dose is 1 a day, therefore, it lasts for 3 months of treatment.

Each capsule offers 3 types of vitamin K; 1,500 µg of vitamin K1, 1,000 µg of vitamin K2 (MK-4), and 100 µg of vitamin K2 in the MK-7 form, for a total of 2,600 µg. For this reason, it is among the supplements with the highest concentration of this nutrient.

It is important to note that its ingredients also include glycerin, gelatin, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, microcrystalline cellulose, purified water, carob color and maltodextrin. However, it does not include genetically modified organisms (GMO).

If you want to maintain good bone health and proper blood circulation, you may be interested in this vitamin, but it is important to analyze its pros and cons.


Concentration: Each capsule contains 2,600 µg of vitamin K, making it one of the highest concentrations on the list.

Composition: Includes vitamin K1, but also vitamin K2 in its MK-4 and MK-7 forms that increase its effectiveness.

Jar: It comes in a plastic container with an easy-open lid, which allows the capsules to be extracted quickly.


Vegan: This vitamin K is not suitable for vegans as it contains gelatin and beeswax.

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Shopping guide

Vitamin K supplements can help maintain bone structure in good condition and improve the blood coagulation process, being very important for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. However, there are many options on the market, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best vitamin K, so that you can choose a good product.


When making a comparison of vitamins K, it is important to check the label of each product to find out which ingredients have been used in its composition. In this sense, it is good to know that there are two fundamental types of vitamin K, one is phylloquinone or vitamin K1, the other type is called menaquinone or vitamin K2. However, the latter can be found in two forms, MK-4 and MK-7.

Vitamin K2 MK-4 is of animal origin and is the one that the body can absorb more easily, while MK-7 is found in fermented foods, especially derived from soybeans. Its advantage is that it can last longer in the body. Both versions of vitamin K2 are important for properly fixing calcium in the bones, thereby reducing the risk of fractures.

There are very complete products that bring a combination of vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 in its two versions. However, not all supplements include these forms of vitamin K, so it’s important to check the label carefully before making a purchase. In addition, there are products that only have the MK-7 form, so they do not include K1 or K2 MK-4. For this reason, it is good to consult your doctor to find out which is the most appropriate according to the state of your body.

On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the supplement does not contain allergenic ingredients, such as gluten, fructose, lactose and soy. Also, if you have a vegan or vegetarian diet, it must not contain gelatin or substances derived from bees. It is worth mentioning at this point the importance of selecting a quality product that complies with international regulations.


Before asking how much vitamin K costs, it is important to check the product label to find out the concentration, which is nothing more than the amount of nutrients concentrated in each pill. Generally, this measurement is expressed in micrograms (µg) and is listed in the Nutrition Facts box.

There are products that only contain vitamin K2 in its MK-7 form, with a concentration of 100 to 200 µg, depending on the model. Other supplements only incorporate 100 µg of phytomenadione or vitamin K1, which may seem like a low concentration, so it is good to decide with your doctor which is the most appropriate option according to the needs of each person.

As for vitamin complexes that include 2 or 3 forms of vitamin K, it is even more important to analyze the concentration of each nutrient in detail. In these cases, it is possible that the jar expresses, for example, 2200 µg for each capsule, but they can be distributed among the different types of vitamin; 1000 µg of K1, 1000 µg of K2 MK-4 and 200 µg of K2 in its MK-7 form.

In addition, the level of concentration can influence the price of the supplement, so it is good to be sure of what is the real need of our body to make an adequate investment.


As for the presentation, manufacturers usually choose plastic jars with pills, however, we can find some differences that can facilitate the consumption of vitamins K depending on the user’s taste. For example, there are products that come in small tablets, so they are very easy to swallow, while others come in soft capsules that can promote the absorption of nutrients without negatively affecting digestion.

Another good and cheap option to consider is the liquid version of vitamin K, which is very useful for patients with swallowing difficulties. Also, the drops can be placed directly in the mouth or on food and usually have lemon oil or another ingredient that gives them a pleasant flavor.

As for the amount of product, the jars of vitamin K can have between 60 and 360 units, which means that you have enough supply for a period of 2 to 12 months, depending on the concentration and daily dose indicated by the doctor.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use vitamin K?

The use of vitamin K varies according to patients, who can generally be divided into two groups, newborns and adults. In newborns, specialist doctors recommend that its application be in a single intramuscular dose, as it is the most effective way when you want to avoid the development of hemorrhages or bleeding.

However, it is also possible to administer it orally during the first weeks of life, although it does not offer the same effectiveness. As far as adults are concerned, its normal administration is orally, either in tablets accompanied by plenty of water or in liquid form by means of drops at the discretion of the health personnel.

Q2: What contraindications does vitamin K have?

The contraindications of vitamin K are mainly related to people allergic to any of its components. However, it is also contraindicated for patients with some type of risk of anemia, as well as individuals with suspected thrombosis or kidney failure, since their health could be seriously affected.

Likewise, patients who are taking anticoagulants or vitamin E supplements should also be especially careful, since they tend to interfere with the way the body processes vitamin K. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to consult with a specialist who authorizes their use. consumption and the appropriate dose for each person.

Q3: What causes vitamin K deficiency?

Vitamin K acts on two large areas of the body, so its deficiency can cause serious health problems if it is not treated immediately and effectively. First of all, it participates in blood coagulation, so its deficiency can cause bruising in the body and nose bleeds, as well as the alteration of the woman’s menstrual period and hemorrhages in feces, mucous membranes and the gastrointestinal system in general.

Secondly, by having a direct influence on the bone system, its deficit can cause bone weakening, drastically increasing the risk of suffering from osteoporosis during adulthood and increasing the chances of having fractures.

Q4: Which vegetables do not contain vitamin K?

There are some foods or vegetables that should be avoided when you want to increase the amount of vitamin K through food, since their contribution is too low compared to others. Among the vegetables that provide very little vitamin K are mushrooms, onions, radishes, corn, potatoes, lentils, pumpkins, eggplants, chickpeas, zucchini, red pepper, white beans, among others.

Q5: What is vitamin K for in the newborn?

Vitamin K is of vital importance in newborns, especially when they have problems with blood coagulation, because it prevents bleeding or internal or external bleeding that can occur when there is a deficit of this nutrient. This occurs because until six months of age, when the intestinal bacteria begin their production, babies have very little of this vitamin, which is why doctors and specialists usually recommend the application of an intramuscular injection that allows compensating the lack of vitamin K and balance its levels.

Q6: How long should I take vitamin K?

Treatment with vitamin K varies according to the patient and the severity of their condition, so its duration should be determined by a specialist doctor. However, some manufacturers suggest that in the case of oral consumption in adults to treat osteoporosis, intake should be daily, in case of bleeding disorder, consumption 2 to 3 times per week may be necessary.

Also, to stop the effect of its interaction with other medicines, it should be a single dose but with a high dose. In the case of children, when vitamin K is administered orally to prevent bleeding problems, experts suggest taking 3 doses in a period of 8 weeks and in the case of intramuscular administration, they recommend a single dose.

Q7: Where is vitamin K synthesized?

Vitamin K can be found mainly in green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, turnip, among others, but they are also present in foods of animal origin such as eggs, beef and pork liver. Likewise, dairy products, cereals and fruits also provide vitamin K, although in less quantity, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet to guarantee the necessary daily consumption for the body.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the body has its own system to synthesize vitamin K, mainly in the case of menaquinone or MK7, which is synthesized by intestinal bacteria and occurs during fermentation.

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