The 9 Best Watches for Swimming in 2022

Swimming Watch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Swimming watches are devices of great importance in the sports world, since they help to correctly monitor the time of each underwater practice, the variation in heart rate, the amount of calories consumed, among other aspects. Of course, all this will depend on the technology applied to the selected model. For example, the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR is a watch for swimming submersible up to 100 meters, without fear of any deterioration. In addition, it is a multisport device with GPS, compass and other functions, to be used in various activities efficiently. For its part, the Pyle PSNKW30GN swimming watch offers several work modes, so that you can measure your performance underwater. 


The 9 Best Watches for Swimming – Opinions 2022

Next, you will be able to know the description, pros and cons of nine models of swimming watches that, according to the preference of the users, are positioned among the best of this year.

Swimming GPS Watch

1. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Waterproof Multisport GPS Watch

When reviewing the purchase portals, we find this model recommended as the best watch for swimming. This is due to the fact that it is designed with high-end raw materials, has a highly attractive sporty aesthetic and intuitive operation suitable for monitoring your performance in and out of the water.

It is a watch with GPS for swimming submersible to a maximum of 100 meters, which combines a fast-reading mineral glass screen, thanks to its large white digits. Likewise, the structure incorporates the edge and stainless steel buttons, to achieve greater durability.

This is a device that you can use not only to practice swimming, but also other sports such as triathlons, cycling, marathons, etc. All this, due to the incorporated technology, which adds a GPS system, a compass for tracking the route, as well as sensors that measure the heart rate from the wrist area.

This model could be the best swimming watch of the moment, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know below.


Altimeter: Thanks to the built-in altimeter, you will be able to know exactly the weather changes.

Submersible: You can dive up to 100 meters without problems, because the device is waterproof.

Buttons: The side buttons not only offer intuitive control, but are also made of steel for durability.

Screen: The screen is easy to read, due to its large white digits.


Reading: It is necessary to be very precise in the correct placement of the watch, so that the reading of the pulsations is correct.

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Sports watch for swimming

2. Pyle Sound Around PSNKW30BK Sports Digital Watch

This model from the Pyle house is positioned among the best swimming watches of 2022, since its structure offers a simple design that adapts correctly to the person’s wrist, thanks to the incorporated flexible rubber straps. In addition, the screen has been provided with a backlight system, which is activated by means of a side button. This way, you can enjoy a quick read anywhere in low light.

It is important to mention that this sports watch for swimming is submersible to a maximum of 100 meters and has special functions, such as the measurement of water temperature and the storage of a daily history of the performance obtained in practice. In this sense, it can show the exact coordinates of the place where we are diving, in addition to calculating the time and the minimum and maximum depth of the dive.

Pyle is recommended as the best brand of watches for swimming, so, below, you will be able to know the details of one of its models.


Submersible: Thanks to its waterproof type body, you can submerge the device up to 100 meters.

Thermometer: It is possible to know the exact temperature of the water, because a convenient thermometer is incorporated.

Backlight: The backlight system, activated by a button, allows to read the data on the screen quickly.

Activity history: Performance can be evaluated after each practice, because the clock stores daily history.


Button: It may happen that some buttons require more pressure to receive the order of the command in question.

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Swimming watch counts laps

3. Swimovate Poolmate2

There are those who comment on this product as a possible solution to the question of which is the best watch for swimming. This is due to the fact that its strap adapts to the shape of the wrist, while the glass screen and metal buttons perfectly resist water, for a longer life of the device.

This watch for swimming laps incorporates special sensors to measure the number of strokes made per minute and the respective distance. Also, it records the laps made and the calories consumed. Likewise, the equipment has been provided with an alert system by means of vibration, which you can program in specific time cycles, according to your needs.

On the other hand, we must comment that the watch is submersible to a maximum of 50 meters, due to the waterproof condition of the screen. Likewise, it incorporates special software that creates a history of daily performance, through tables and some easy-to-read graphs.

Those who do not know which swimming watch to buy could be interested in this model from the Swimovate house.


Download: You can download the history of your practices on the computer, for greater control of your daily performance.

Submersible: With this watch you can submerge up to 50 meters, without fear of damaging the operation of the device.

Alarm: Your alarm can be set at different time intervals, so that you are aware of the distance traveled.

Movement sensor: Measurement sensors are incorporated to calculate the strokes, distance, calories consumed, among other indicators.


Strap: The support strap could be too big for some people with a small wrist diameter.

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Swimming Training Watch

4. Amazfit T-Rex Sport Smartwatch Watch 20 Days Battery

It is a training watch for swimming with military type approvals, a robust body and good resistance, due to its manufacture with high-end materials. In this way, the equipment is suitable for use underwater up to 50 meters, or in other outdoor sports activities.

The strap of this swimming watch is made of silicone and polycarbonate to provide a correct fit. In addition, the device adds a color screen with a 1.3-inch circular format and a convenient anti-fingerprint treatment. 

Some buttons are incorporated on the sides of the edge, for quick control of its function by measuring heart rate from the wrist, choosing up to 14 modes of sports activities, as well as controlling call, application and event alerts. Regarding the battery, we have that it offers 20 days of autonomy, so that you can complete your practice without problems.

Here are more details of a swimming watch suitable for carrying out any sporting activity.


Autonomy: You will not have to worry about the rapid discharge of the battery, because it has an autonomy of 20 to days.

Submersible: This is a device with protection against water, which you can submerge to 50 meters without fear of damaging it.

Heart rate monitor: The heart rate monitor offers an effective measurement of heart rate from the wrist.

Strap: Its strap offers resistance and comfort, thanks to the combination of high-end synthetic materials.


Altimeter: The incorporation of an altimeter is missing in this model, but this aspect does not limit the proper functioning of the device.

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smart watch for swimming

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Activity Bracelet Screen Heart Rate Monitor

Considered by many to be the best value for money swimming watch, this device from the renowned Chinese brand Xiaomi stands out. Its structure has an elegant design with a modern cut line, which adapts easily to any wrist, due to its flexible strap with buckle closure. In addition, the 0.95-inch oval display offers a spacious color surface, so you can easily read all measurements.

This smart watch for swimming has been provided with special technology, which is responsible for automatically registering the pulsations after placing the device on the wrist. 

Likewise, the equipment has a stroke counter and supports up to five swimming styles, so it has also been provided with a waterproof treatment, so you do not have to worry about its deterioration when in contact with water.

Among the cheapest swimming watches, this model stands out. Here are some details of interest.


Screen: Its screen has a spacious format, so you can quickly read the data.

Compatibility: You can link the device with your smartphone through the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless system, to receive notifications and share data.

Waterproof: Its level of impermeability allows you to swim, bathe or carry out any activity in the rain, without deteriorating.

Heart rate monitor: Once you place the device on your wrist, you will begin to know the number of beats without using bands.


Vibration: The vibration of notifications is a bit low, but you can modify this option if you wish.

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Garmin swimming watch

6. Garmin 735XT Forerunner Unisex Adult GPS Multisport Watch

Garmin is a manufacturer with a long history in the market, which has managed to surprise its followers with this high-end device, designed to be used in different sports activities such as swimming, cycling, running, among others.

In addition, among the important aspects to highlight about this Garmin swimming watch, we have its spacious screen with a 1.23-inch format and an adequate resolution of 215 x 180 pixels, which allows a quick visualization of the information displayed, with respect to the race forecast, heart rate, recovery control, current time, notifications and other data, after the completion of each practice.

On the other hand, there are sensors to measure pulses from the wrist area, as well as the automatic storage system for daily data history, which will allow you to share them from the Garmin community with other users or to the computer.

This swimming watch has pros and cons that could be of great importance.


Heart rate monitor: The built-in sensors allow the measurement of pulses from the wrist, without using special bands.

Multi- sport function: This device is designed for you to perform various sports activities under water or out of it.

Screen: You will enjoy a correct visualization of the data, thanks to the adequate resolution offered by the screen.

Strap: Its strap offers breathable areas, for greater wearing comfort in outdoor activities.


Compatibility: The software of this clock is not compatible with operating systems lower than Windows 98 or Mac OS 10.3.

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Polar swimming watch

7. Polar Vantage Multisport Heart Rate GPS Watch

Polar has once again surprised its followers with this training watch, through which you will be able to know the impact generated by each sport practice on your body. Similarly, it is possible to record the performance in each of the sessions, to compare your performance day by day.

In addition, this Polar watch for swimming incorporates a flexible strap with small holes, which allow adequate perspiration for greater comfort, while the side control buttons are metallic and anti-corrosion, for greater durability. For its part, the battery offers autonomy of up to 30 hours and the optical type sensor, arranged in the area of ​​the wrist, provides an accurate measurement of the pulsations.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the device has been provided with GPS and a synchronization system with the Strava platform, which will allow you to store all the data released after the completion of each workout.

Next, you will be able to know the positive and negative aspects of acquiring this swimming watch.


Sensors: Built-in sensors on the back of the watch allow for effective wrist-based heart rate measurement.

Strap: You will get a comfortable fit, due to the flexibility of the strap material. 

Screen: Its round and spacious screen offers a quick view at all times.

Use: You can use the watch in different sports activities, since it has adjustable work modes.


Lighting: The screen lighting system cannot be fixed, which could be annoying for some people.

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Watch with heart rate monitor for swimming

8. Yamay Smart Watch Smartwatch Men 5ATM Waterproof

Yamay brings to the market a watch with a heart rate monitor for swimming that is among the cheapest. However, it is made with a high-end raw material, modern design with pleasing aesthetics and special technology, so that you can correctly measure and monitor your performance when performing a wide variety of sports activities.

The device has been provided with a spacious 1.3-inch diameter screen and a three-level brightness adjustment system for quick data viewing. In addition, waterproof protection is incorporated that allows swimming or carrying out activities outdoors, without fear of unexpected precipitation ruining the device.

On the other hand, we must mention that, with the use of this equipment, we will be able to know the heart rate, the number of calories consumed after each workout, the distance traveled and the steps taken. Likewise, it is possible to link the device with your smartphone, either Android or iPhone, to start receiving notifications on the watch.

This swimming watch offers different functions to monitor your sports practices and general health. Know its pros and cons.


Heart rate monitor: The built-in heart rate monitor allows you to know your heart rate without having to use conventional bands.

Notifications: You can link your smartphone with the watch, in order to receive notifications of calls and messages.

Autonomy: The battery offers a range of 10 days, so you don’t have to constantly charge the energy accumulator.

Waterproof: With this watch it is possible to swim in the rain without fear of damaging it, due to its waterproof protection.


Connectivity: Your software is not compatible with the Windows Phone operating system or with any type of computer.

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Swimming watch with lap counter

9. iHealth Wave AM4 Swimming Activity and Sleep Monitor

If you are looking for a device that helps you monitor sleep, the number of calories consumed, steps taken while walking, distance traveled and swimming, this iHealth watch could be for you. Its design offers a modern aesthetic, with an easy-to-read round screen and a flexible silicone strap, which adapts correctly to wrists of 15 to 20 centimeters.

It is a cheap swimming watch that you can submerge to a maximum of 30 meters, as well as wash your hands or bathe with the device on and perform any outdoor sports activity, without fear of deterioration caused by precipitation.

Among other specifications to highlight in this lap counter swimming watch, we have the compatibility of the equipment with Android and iOS operating systems, the efficient method of wireless connectivity through bluetooth 4.0 and the easily rechargeable lithium-ion battery through a USB cable. or an AC plug.

Here are more details of this swimming watch with which you can easily track your sports activities.



Accessories: You can charge the battery whenever you want, thanks to the USB cable and the built-in power adapter.

Strap: Its strap can be adjusted in length, to adapt to people of different builds.

Compatibility: You will not have problems to link the device with your smartphone or tablet, because it supports the Android and iOS operating systems.

Submersible: This watch can be submerged to 30 meters, so you can swim without fear of damaging it.


Instruction manual: The instructions in Spanish are missing, but you can clarify your doubts on the official website of the brand.

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Shopping guide

Acquiring a swimming watch may not be an easy task, since there are numerous models that incorporate various technologies. In this sense, the ideal is to carefully review the quality identifiers present in the devices that have managed to capture our attention. Here is a guide to buying the best swimming watch.

Battery and autonomy

When reviewing any comparison of swimming watches, you will find that the built-in battery and its level of autonomy are two of the main aspects to evaluate, since they determine part of the proper functioning of the device.

In this sense, when purchasing a swimming watch, make sure that it is a model provided with an easy-to-recharge lithium-ion battery, as well as that the necessary accessories for said task are included. In this way, you can connect the watch through a USB cable to a computer or plug it into an alternate power source, through an adapter to recharge the energy accumulator successfully.

Likewise, it confirms that the charging time is not excessive and that the autonomy provided by the batteries is long-lasting, so that you do not have to recharge the accumulators daily. 

However, you must bear in mind that the energy consumption of the device will depend on the work modes that we activate most frequently. For example, a device in clock mode with an autonomy of 11 days can be in operation for 264 hours, while if you use GPS mode, the time is reduced to 14 hours. Of course, this will depend on each of the models.


Among other important aspects is the level of water resistance that the swimming watch is capable of offering, since it could significantly influence how much the product costs.

If we review the main purchase portals specialized in this type of training device, we find that the vast majority of them are designed to be submerged from 30 to 100 meters, without suffering any deterioration. However, you must be careful in the selection, since some models are not suitable for salt water, so you should limit yourself to using them only for practices in the pool and outdoor sports activities. 

holding strap

Regardless of how cheap the swimming watch you buy is, you should check that its fastening strap offers an adequate level of quality. In this way, you can use the equipment comfortably and safely.

In general, the manufacturers of watches for swimming use silicone for the straps, since it is a material of great flexibility, soft touch, light and resistant. Thus, it is possible to achieve a correct adjustment to the wrist area. In addition, on occasions, said piece incorporates a series of small perforations to enhance better perspiration, when using the device out of the water.

On the other hand, there is the issue of adjusting the fit and closure of the straps. In this sense, you will have a line of holes so that you can adapt the length of the piece, according to your wrist. Likewise, there is the buckle usually made of anticorrosive metal for a secure closure.

working modes

Swimming watches offer a large number of functions that allow athletes to evaluate their performance day by day at the end of each practice, as well as to know some aspects related to their health. In this case, we refer to the measurement of heart rate, which is one of the working modes that this type of device commonly incorporates, through sensors arranged in the lower part of the structure.

Likewise, you should check that the watch has been provided with a step, distance and speed counter. In this way, you will know your daily achievements to improve them or maintain them in the next training. In addition, try, as much as possible, that the device allows the storage and transfer of data, so that you can create a history of activities through graphs and tables.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the watch in activities outside the water, it would be advisable to bet on a model that incorporates a compass, altimeter and GPS system, for greater data precision.

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