The 9 Best Waterproof Backpacks of 2022

Waterproof Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a waterproof backpack is essential for anyone who wants to safely transport their luggage, whether it is to go to the study site, work or do outdoor activities. The models are usually varied, so you will have a greater number of options to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, the Wind Took JG6300tieqinglan waterproof backpack has been made with high-density polyester fabric to resist external agents and protect the load at all times. But, if what you are looking for is a backpack with a practical folding system and a spacious interior, Lixada Nylon 420D can be a good option.

The 9 Best Waterproof Backpacks – Opinions 2022

There are many waterproof backpacks on the market, but not all of them are suitable for use in the same scenarios. Therefore, you should review the specifications of these nine models discussed among the best waterproof backpacks of 2022.

Women’s waterproof backpack

1. Wind Took Portable Waterproof Military Tactical Backpack Men Women

If you are looking for a waterproof backpack for women, you will be interested in this Wind Took model, made of robust polyester fabric with a pleasant soft touch, which gives the design an adequate level of resistance to abrasion, dirt and moisture. In this way, you will have a durable product capable of keeping the load protected at all times.

In addition, this backpack has a storage volume of 20 liters, in which you can find a series of compartments, so you can carry objects of different sizes comfortably. Also, it has a special interior area for a laptop no larger than 15.6 inches and zippered pockets that allow you to easily find your wallet, keys, etc.

Among other details of this product considered the best waterproof backpack, we can mention the incorporation of padded shoulder straps for an ergonomic fit, as well as a convenient molle-type strap and front “D” hooks, to add some small accessories.

This is a recommended product as the best waterproof backpack of the moment. Here, more of its details.


Compartments: It is possible to distribute the load in an orderly way inside the backpack, due to the varied number of compartments.

Molle: You will be able to comfortably carry some accessories, thanks to the attached expansion molle.

Textile: Its polyester fabric allows you to enjoy a high level of resistance to abrasion and humidity, for a longer duration.

Zipper: Integrated zippers provide easy opening and secure closure every time.


Size: The size of the backpack might seem small to some, but it actually offers well-distributed compartments.

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2. Zomake Lightweight Compact Folding Backpack with Water Resistance

Among the cheapest options on this list of recommended products is this women’s waterproof backpack, which has managed to capture the attention of buyers, due to its convenient quick-fold design through its own pocket. In this way, it is possible to save space when storing the equipment.

Regarding the subject of making the piece, the brand used fabric with waterproof properties, with the purpose of protecting the load of humidity generated by spills and unexpected precipitation. Likewise, a light padding is incorporated in the shoulder pads for greater comfort, and a mesh textile in the rear area, which prevents the accumulation of perspiration.

In addition, the backpack has a main compartment with a spacious interior and three zippered pockets on the outside. Thus, it is possible to distribute all the objects to be transported in an orderly manner, to level the load.

Next, you will know the pros and cons of this waterproof backpack with the Zomake quality seal.


Foldable: The backpack can be folded on itself and, therefore, you will save space when storing or transporting it.

Textile: The textile prevents the passage of water, so the load will be protected against spills or precipitation.

Adjustment: You can adjust the backpack to the body thanks to the chest strap, for better stability.

Shoulder pads: The breathable shoulder pads prevent the accumulation of perspiration, for a comfortable handling.


Protection: It may happen that the protection against water is less, if the exposure is very high.

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Waterproof folding backpack

3. Lixada Compact Lightweight Waterproof Folding Hiking Backpack

If you search among the selection of recommended products such as the best waterproof backpacks of 2022, you will find this model well positioned, made to be used on short trips and any type of outdoor outing. This is due to its spacious format with a storage capacity of 35 liters, distributed in a central compartment, and some pockets with an independent closure method; in which you can place small objects that you want to have at hand during the tour.

In addition, with this waterproof folding backpack, you can save space when storing it, because it can be easily folded in its own pocket. For its part, the 420D type nylon fabric, used for manufacturing, has a robust body that resists abrasion, for greater durability. Likewise, said synthetic fabric has been treated to prevent moisture from entering the interior, which allows the objects to be transported to be protected.

Lixada could be the best brand of waterproof backpacks and this model is proof of that. Here, more than it offers.


Fabric: The nylon fabric provides resistance to abrasion and, therefore, enhances the duration of the backpack.

Reflective: Integrated reflective lines enhance safety by making the person more visible in low-light environments.

Volume: Its volume of 35 liters allows you to store provisions for several days, being ideal for outdoor trips.

Pockets: You will not have problems to distribute the load, since several pockets are incorporated.


Impermeability: Although the textile prevents the passage of water, you should avoid exposing it to intense precipitation to avoid incidents.

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4. Abcsea Piece Ultralight Waterproof Travel Foldable Backpack

This could be the best value for money waterproof backpack, whose structure can be folded to the size of a fist, thanks to a small bag integrated into the product. In this way, it is possible to transport or store the equipment without taking up too much space.

It is a waterproof folding backpack, made of polyester fabric with a soft and light body, which is characterized by offering a high level of resistance to scratches and moisture. Therefore, the product is suitable for use outdoors.

Regarding the load volume of this Abcsea backpack, you will enjoy a maximum capacity of 20 liters, which is equivalent to approximately 15 kilograms. Thus, you can carry everything you need for a short walk, hike, shopping trip, among others, in the central compartment of the backpack. In addition, said space incorporates a practical metal zipper that opens quickly and closes securely.

Rated as one of the cheapest waterproof backpacks, this model stands out, whose pros and cons you can review right away.


Fabric: Thanks to the polyester fabric used, you will enjoy a scratch and moisture resistant backpack.

Portable: You can fold the backpack to the size of a fist to transport it, since it incorporates a storage bag.

Volume: It is possible to use the backpack on short trips or outdoor trips, because it has a moderate load volume.

Zippers: The zippers provide long durability, due to their anticorrosive metal construction.


Handle: Your grab handle might seem a bit flimsy. However, it offers adequate resistance as long as the load weight is not exceeded.

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Men’s waterproof backpack

5. Mornyray Waterproof Mountain Hiking Backpack Women Men

With this product, it is possible to answer the question of which is the best waterproof backpack, since it has not only been made of robust nylon fabric with resistance to moisture, but also incorporates a convenient cover to protect against water. The latter can be used in case of unexpected precipitation during the journey.

In addition, this waterproof backpack for men incorporates special hollow-type padding with mesh lining in the back area, in order to eliminate the pressure generated by the load and maintain proper perspiration.

On the other hand, there is the issue of adjustment, for which a system of straps at the pectoral and lumbar level is integrated. In this way, it is possible to keep the backpack in one place, without causing discomfort to the shoulders or back. Likewise, it includes its central compartment with dividers and outer pockets, for the distribution of the load.

This is a model that will clarify the doubts of those who still do not know which waterproof backpack to buy.


Cover: You will not have to worry about unexpected precipitation, since a waterproof cover is incorporated.

Padding: The back padding cushions the pressure generated by the load, providing greater comfort.

Reflective: The reflective tape improves the road safety of those who use the backpack when traveling on the road.

Lumbar pocket: A practical lumbar pocket is incorporated, specially designed so that you have your mobile handy during the journey.


Straps: You must be careful when adjusting and fixing the straps, because they can be unexpectedly loosened.

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6. Hwjianfeng Ultralight and Compact Foldable Water Resistant Backpack

This is a waterproof backpack for men with a 40 liter capacity, distributed in a central pocket, with some dividers and hooks for keys; while on the outer side, there are a couple of mesh pockets, arranged for water bottles.

On the other hand, there is a third zippered pocket on the front, to store other objects. In this way, it is possible to comfortably and safely carry a tablet, laptop, smartphone, clothing, shoes or any other small item.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the shoulder straps were padded, in order to eliminate pressure points generated by the weight of the load, and the integrated mesh lining provides the necessary breathability. There is also the convenient folding system, which will allow you to quickly fold the backpack into the same pocket, located in the lower part of the structure.

Here, more details about this waterproof backpack that will take up little space, thanks to its features.


Shoulder pads: The padding incorporated in the shoulder pads absorbs the pressure of the load, providing rest to the body.

Chest strap: Its chest strap keeps the backpack in one place, so you can move comfortably.

Bag: You can fold the backpack and place it anywhere, due to its folding system through a lower pocket.

Compartments: Several compartments and zippered pockets are incorporated, to distribute all the objects in an orderly manner.


Color: If you are looking for a backpack that is colorful, you should know that it comes in a dark tone.

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North Face Waterproof Backpack

7. The North Face Jester Unisex Backpack

With the North Face waterproof backpack you will enjoy a product suitable for all occasions, thanks to its storage volume equivalent to 29 liters, consisting of two large compartments and multiple dividers, two side mesh pockets for bottles and an elastic drawstring. Thus, you will be able to distribute in an organized way everything you need to go to the university, gym, swimming pool or any outdoor activity.

The structure is made of robust fabric, while the shoulder pads and the back area have been provided with special padding, which eliminates pressure points, so that the weight of the load does not cause discomfort or injury to the body. 

Likewise, in the front part there is a chest adjustment strap, with the purpose of improving the ergonomics of the equipment when walking; since, in this way, it is possible to always keep it in the same place.

Below are the details of this waterproof backpack made by North Face.


Chest strap: With the chest strap you will always keep the backpack in place.

Compartments: You will have all the objects at hand, thanks to the multiple interior compartments, which allow a correct distribution of the load.

Handles: You will have a resistant upper handle, so you can handle the backpack more easily .

Padding: By incorporating padding in the back and shoulder areas, the weight of the load creates less pressure on the body.


Waterproof: The backpack may not be 100% waterproof, so you must be careful when using it to avoid inconveniences.

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Waterproof mountain backpack

8. Skysper Outdoor Hiking Backpacks Waterproof Macutos

Skysper is a recognized brand in the sporting goods market, due to the high level of quality offered in each of its designs. Such is the case of this waterproof mountain backpack, belonging to the purchase catalog of said manufacturer.

It is a product made with nylon fabric, which provides resistance to impacts caused by external agents. Thus, you will not have to worry about tears or the passage of moisture inside. In addition, a special sponge was used in the region of the back and shoulder pads, which absorbs the pressure of the load, and a mesh lining to eliminate perspiration.

Regarding the storage volume of the backpack, you will enjoy a maximum of 50 liters, distributed in a central compartment, as well as a lower pocket from which a convenient rain protection bag can be placed and a pair of zippered pockets. in the front area for quick access.

Here, some positives and some less flattering aspects of this waterproof backpack.


Breathable: You won’t have to worry about the accumulation of sweat in the shoulder or back area, since breathable mesh is incorporated.

Cargo: Its storage volume is convenient to carry the necessary provisions for an excursion or trip.

Cover: A protective cover against water is attached, which you can use in case of intense rainfall.

Fit: You can adjust the fit of the backpack to the body, thanks to the built-in strap system.


Colour: The presentation of the backpack might seem a bit flashy for those who enjoy understated tones.

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Samsonite waterproof backpack

9. Samsonite Paradiver Light Laptop Backpack

This waterproof Samsonite backpack can be the ideal equipment to go on a trip, walk or excursion, since it offers a resistant body, several compartments for a quick distribution of the load, external pockets to keep small objects close at hand and a very attractive modern design..

To make the backpack, polyester fabric was used in combination with polyurethane, which are materials with a high level of quality, so you won’t have to worry about deterioration caused by abrasion or the passage of moisture inside. In this sense, you will enjoy a product with a long useful life and you will always keep your luggage protected.

In addition, the backpack has been provided with a chest strap and a lumbar strap, which you can adjust and adapt according to your convenience. Thus, you will achieve a correct fit to the body, because the structure will remain in its right place.

This is a product with a positive evaluation on the web, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know right away. 


Reflective: Its reflective logo improves road safety, in case you ride a bicycle through dark areas.

Chest adjustment: You will get an ergonomic fit of the equipment on the back, due to the built-in chest strap.

Textile: The combination of polyurethane and polyester gives the backpack resistance to abrasion and humidity.

Bottle holder: You can always have your hydration kit at hand, thanks to the side pockets for the bottles.


Zippers: If you are not careful when handling them, the zippers could show signs of deterioration.

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Shopping guide

With this guide to buying the best waterproof backpack you will be able to know the main quality indicators, which must be evaluated when making the selection of a product of this type. In this way, it is possible to take home a functional, resistant, ergonomic, safe product with high quality standards.

compartments and pockets

The compartments and pockets are a couple of aspects of great importance, which cannot be forgotten in any comparison of waterproof backpacks, since, thanks to them, it is possible to enjoy a correct distribution of the load. In this way, the weight will not lean to one side, reducing the ergonomics of the product and, therefore, causing discomfort at the level of the back, shoulders and neck.

For example, among the models of waterproof backpacks on the market, the designs with one or two spacious compartments stand out, provided with some dividers inside, which allow you to place a tablet or laptop, keys, clothing, shoes and other objects, as needed. the given use.

Also, backpacks usually integrate a couple of mesh side pockets on the outside, specially made to keep hydration bottles or some snacks close at hand. On the other hand, there are the zippered pockets in the front area, which can vary in number and size.

manufacturing fabrics

The combination of fabrics used to manufacture waterproof backpacks is usually varied and influences how much each model costs. There are two fabrics that stand out as favorites of the main brands: polyester and polyurethane; which are materials with robust body, light weight and pleasant touch.

In addition, these fibers provide a high percentage of resistance to tears caused by the weight of the load or unexpected impacts during the journey. Likewise, as they are synthetic-type textiles, you will not have to worry about the passage of moisture into the interior of the bag, so the objects will be protected.

Also, this type of sports product incorporates rubber of different densities on the back and shoulder pads. In this way, it is possible to achieve a more comfortable fit to the body and without carvings. In addition, more and more manufacturers are adding a breathable mesh lining to the aforementioned areas, in order to maintain freshness by eliminating perspiration.

Regulation and closure system

No matter how good and cheap the waterproof backpack that has caught your attention is considered, if it does not incorporate a good regulation and closure system, then your purchase will not be a good investment.

In this sense, you should verify that the product has a strap at the chest level and, if possible, a second one in the lumbar region or the waist, depending on the model. Likewise, it is necessary that the length of said pieces can be easily extended or reduced, to adapt to the type of body of the people. In this way, greater ergonomics is achieved when carrying the backpack on the back region, providing stability when moving and a better posture.

On the other hand, there is the issue of closure, for which the straps only need to attach a clasp or hook with a robust body, either in soft-touch plastic or anti-corrosive metal. In any case, the important thing is that said mechanism can be released easily and that it has a secure fit, so that it does not open unexpectedly.


The incorporation of some type of reflective material, to the preparation of the waterproof backpack that is intended to be purchased, is an aspect to consider, depending on the intended use of the product.

For example, if you want to use the equipment for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping or cycling, the presence of these reflective pieces is convenient, because when traveling in low-light areas, they will shine. In this way, you will make yourself more visible to other people or drivers and, therefore, safety will be reinforced during the scheduled route.

In general, manufacturers of waterproof backpacks usually integrate some strips of reflective material into the design, either in the middle of the front of the backpack, on the sides or on the edge of the structure, accompanying the seams. In fact, many brands opt to place this shiny membrane on their logo, which gives the product a distinctive touch.

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