The 9 Best Windbreakers of 2022

Windbreakers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For those who practice sports activities or prefer garments with this style, which offer comfort and protection from inclement weather, a windbreaker is a good option. Provides protection against rain and helps to eliminate moisture and sweat from sports activity. Among the featured models is the Nike BV6881 jacket, which has Dri-Fit technology to promote natural breathability and prevent the accumulation of sweat. In addition, it is possible to put it in the washing machine and dryer at a low temperature. Now, if you are looking for a design for women, the Columbia Flash Forward meets all the requirements of a quality garment.

The 9 Best Windbreakers – Opinions 2022

The windbreaker has become a useful garment in our lives, since the comfort and protection it provides during sports practice make it essential in our wardrobe. Here is a review of some brands, which will be very useful for you to choose the one that best suits your style. 

Nike Windbreaker


1. Nike M Nk Rpl Park20 Rn Jkt W Jacket

It is a Nike jacket that has the innovative Dri-Fit technology, made up of a polyester fabric with microfiber, capable of promoting perspiration and cooling the body naturally, preventing the accumulation of sweat through evaporation. In this sense, it offers greater comfort when doing any type of physical activity.

To increase practicality, this windbreaker has a central closure that allows you to put it on easily. In addition, it offers resistance, so it can be machine washed without reducing its useful life.

As far as design is concerned, it is a black long-sleeved jacket that has white details, so it provides a good contrast. Similarly, it is available in green, blue and orange. As if that were not enough, you can get it from size S to XXL.

Staying warm when training is possible if you have a resistant windbreaker, like this model from the famous Nike brand. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of high quality polyester, so it provides durability and resistance.

Washing: Machine washable and tumble dryable at low temperature, which helps you keep it in good condition easily.

Colors: You can get it in green, blue, orange or black colors, to choose according to your style.


Pockets: The pockets on the sides do not have zippers, so they are not recommended for storing mobile devices, wallets or keys.

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2. Nike Team Fall Jacket Unisex jacket

Thinking about versatility, this Nike windbreaker design adapts and meets the requirements of users, both men and women. It is a garment that, in addition to being unisex, offers comfort and combines well with other sports accessories due to its black color. It is made of light and resistant material, for adequate protection on cool or rainy days.

The fabric used in its construction is 100% waterproof polyester, which is why it is recommended for outdoor activities, where inclement weather could affect family enjoyment or performance, if it is a sports activity. In addition to this, the hood helps keep you dry and takes care of your hairstyle, an important fact if you want to always be presentable.

Its fitted sleeves, on the other hand, increase protection against water on the arms. In addition, the windbreaker is provided with two zippered side pockets, which is convenient when carrying personal items or food products with you. 

So that you have a better reference of this product, below we offer you details that, without a doubt, will be very useful.


Waterproof: This is a relevant quality in a product designed to be used outdoors, thanks to its 100% polyester fabric.

Unisex: Its design is designed for both men and women, so you could share it with your partner, if necessary.

Light: It is a light garment that is not uncomfortable or difficult to store, it will even be very easy to include it in your sports equipment backpack.



Insulation: Being a very thin garment, it is not recommended for very cold days, as it will not keep you warm. But it fulfills its function of protecting you from the wind and rain.

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Women’s Windbreaker


3. Columbia Flash Forward Women’s Windbreaker Jacket

If what you need is a product that is suitable for use outdoors or for everyday use, this could be the one, as it is a women’s windbreaker that meets the qualities of these garments. In addition, its design and variety of colors in light tones are attractive, and can be used day or night.

On the other hand, its waterproof nature and sweat-wicking technology protects you from inclement weather and keeps you dry. Another important point is the hood that protects your hair from humidity and wind. Thus, due to its efficient performance and low cost, it can be considered the best price-quality windbreaker.

Another contribution is its zippered pockets, designed to warm your hands or store personal items. It also features an adjustable drawstring hem, allowing it to fit any body shape.

In addition to the above, we are going to give you some highlights of this garment that you could include in your wardrobe.


Utility: Its use is not limited to sports activities in the open air, it extends to informal daily life, day or night.

Zipper: It incorporates a complete front zipper that offers greater protection and helps maintain body temperature.

Practical: It is light, easy to carry and does not take up much space. It can always accompany you to prevent unforeseen events.


Material: This windbreaker might be a little heavy for running in the rain, but convenient to deal with the wind.

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4. Aibrou Sports Waterproof Raincoat for Women Coat

This garment is presented as a multifunctional coat resistant to wind, rain or snow. Hence, it can be convenient to carry out any sports or leisure activity. It is made of 100% quick-drying polyester and additionally provides sun protection, which complements its use outdoors.

It is a comfortable, lightweight women’s windbreaker that is easy to carry in any bag, as it takes up little space once folded. Its design incorporates a hood with adjustable drawstring, waterproof zipper and elastic cuffs. Elements that ensure feminine protection, regardless of the climatic condition, while being modern.

Among other qualities, it stands out the fact that, due to the wide range of colors and sizes, it facilitates both its combination with other garments, and its ability to adapt to the female silhouette regardless of its complexion.

Below, we offer you characteristics and timely details that will help you to better position yourself in relation to this article.


Multifunction: Presented as a women’s windbreaker and anorak, it fulfills its purpose of protection against difficult climates, wind, rain, snow, keeping you warm and dry.

Versatile: It can be used in the practice of various outdoor, sports or social activities, as well as being very well combined in everyday life.

Composition: Made with waterproof and quick-drying material, breathable, it also offers sun protection.


Maintenance: To preserve its waterproof quality, the manufacturer recommends hand washing or dry cleaning.

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men’s windbreaker


5. Spiuk Anatomic Windbreaker Man

If you are a lover of outdoor sports, especially cycling in any of its disciplines, this men’s windbreaker could be the right one for you. His anatomical style fits well, thanks to the elastic trim at the cuffs and waist. Similarly, it has ventilation openings that help eliminate sweat and moisture.

It is made of 100% waterproof polyester in a single layer, recommended to protect you from rain and wind on the road. Said material, being thin and flexible, makes this windbreaker a light garment, easy to wear, thus obtaining better performance in sports practice.

In addition to the above, it is one of the cheap windbreakers on the market and endorsed by an important brand in the world of cycling.

If you are a lover of cycling or running outdoors, this could be the windbreaker for you. Read more details below.


Weight: Its low weight makes it a very convenient item to carry, it is easily stored and does not get in the way.

Protection: Its 100% polyester waterproof material protects you against rain and wind, as well as wicks away sweat and moisture.

Comfortable: Its elasticity makes it adapt to the body, in addition its interior finish provides a high level of insulation and thermal maintenance.


Light: It is designed to withstand light rain and wind, as it provides good shelter, but it is not recommended for heavy rains.

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6. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Track Jacket

This quality men’s windbreaker is presented, with a design and features that catapult it into the category of the best windbreakers of 2022. We begin by noting that its waterproofing treatment makes it water repellent, since it slips on the surface, and its seams totally sealed collaborate in its elimination/

Another outstanding aspect is that its fleece lining and thermal hand pockets give you adequate protection against the cold. On the other hand, if we focus on its appearance, we can point out that, due to its fabric and design, it is suitable both for outdoor activities and for casual wear in any daily activity.

It also stands out that it has several pockets, all with zippers, one on the chest and other internal ones, convenient for storing valuables, leaving the front pockets free to protect your hands.

Without a doubt, this model belongs to the best brand of windbreakers. Get a summary of its outstanding features.


Waterproof: Equipped with a durable waterproofing treatment, it guarantees that water slides over its surface and does not go inside.

Temperature: Its design with fleece lining and thermal pockets for the hands, maintains body heat in extreme weather conditions.

Versatile: Its colors and casual style allow it to be useful for both outdoor activities and casual day-to-day situations.


Hood: Although it has a high collar, it lacks a hood to provide greater protection from the wind.

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Adidas Windbreaker


7. Adidas Alphaskin Tiro Youth Windbreaker Jacket Kids

Located in the children’s segment, this Adidas windbreaker is intended for playing soccer. It offers children several qualities, among which the maintenance of body temperature during training, while waiting for the next instruction, stands out, since it has a full zipper up to the hood.

In addition to serving as a windbreaker, its regular fit that is wider in the body and its long sleeves with elastic cuffs allow for better mobility and comfort. Another striking detail is its front zippered pockets, which make it easy to store personal items or food safely.

Another outstanding quality is that it has been designed with resistant fabric and a breathable mesh lining, which allows sweat and humidity to be eliminated faster. We should also mention that its light weight makes it very easy to load and store, a relevant aspect especially for children.

For many reasons, this can be considered the best windbreaker of the moment in its segment. We invite you to read its main attributes.


Comfort: Your child will be comfortable and will be able to move freely, something important when practicing sports.

Protection: Its full zip up to the hood allows you to maintain temperature and avoid the cold.

Weight: Being a light product, it allows it to be easy and comfortable to carry, and when it comes to storing it, a pocket is enough.


Climate: It is a windbreaker to use in climates that are not very cold or have light rains. If you are looking for a product for the winter season, it may not be the one.

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8. Adidas Soccer Men’s Tango Windbreaker Jacket

If you are looking for the best windbreaker, we present this interesting option from Adidas. It could meet all the parameters for you to choose, since its waterproof condition with a hood provides protection against rain and wind.

Additionally, the fact that the zipper goes up to the hood stands out, which allows you to fully cover the front area. Its waterproofness, on the other hand, is complemented by long sleeves with elastic cuffs, thus allowing it to tolerate the adversities of the weather.

Another success in this Adidas windbreaker is the use in its construction of soft and light breathable fabric, comfortable to wear in any situation, which provides a rapid elimination of sweat and moisture from the body, giving a short time for drying. In addition, its front zippered pocket is conveniently sized to safely carry personal items;

Thanks to the advantages indicated, it will be easy to make the decision when buying. If you are interested in knowing more, we present some qualities.


Waterproof: Fundamental in a product to be used outdoors, in addition its hood and full zipper will keep you free from water, wind and keep you warm.

Breathable: Its breathable fabric allows rapid removal of sweat and moisture, keeping you warm.

Lightweight: For the protection it provides, it weighs little. You can always carry it to prevent unforeseen weather events.


Bag: The size of the front bag, which allows you to carry many things, can be inconvenient on some occasions.

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Windbreaker for running


9. Joma Iris jacket kids

We all worry when our children go running in the rain. In this sense, this windbreaker for running offers protection against wind and rain, keeping them dry, since its main function is to be waterproof. In addition, thanks to its Mesh fabric on the inside, it increases ventilation and helps preserve body temperature, preventing them from catching a cold when they run or play in the rain.

Said material used in its construction is a wrinkle-free synthetic fiber, but also highly durable and resistant to breakage, so that children use the windbreaker for a long time. Similarly, it is effective against inclement weather, does not absorb much moisture and is easy to dry.

We can also mention that it is unisex and its cuffs have strong elastics that adjust to your child’s wrist. In addition, the hood comes in a zippered bag, which makes it unobtrusive when not in use.

You will be pleased to know that this windbreaker is one of the cheapest on the market, below we offer you other relevant information.


Durable: Made of especially wrinkle-free synthetic fiber, it offers great resistance to breakage and the effects of the weather.

Unisex: It can be used by girls and boys, so you can go from older brother to younger brother regardless of gender.

Design: Its current design and variety of colors allow it to combine very well for daily activities.


Pockets: When used in high-impact sports activities, front pockets could hold things better if they had a zipper or Velcro.

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Shopping guide

Undoubtedly, lovers of sports activities or outdoor recreation, a rainy day cannot stop them. That is why it is convenient to be prepared with the essential garment to protect yourself from the general bad weather. Hence, a guide to buying the best windbreaker is a must read to clarify all doubts about this article of clothing.

Waterproofing and breathability

One of the main functions of windbreakers is to protect you from inclement weather, mainly rain and wind. Most fulfill this purpose, but due to the type and quality of the material used, its resistance to climatic variations varies.

The main base in its preparation is polyester. In addition to some reinforcement with polyamide, a fiber that gives it more resistance to tearing. In fact, some models use elastane that provide flexibility and fit.

Being breathable is just as important as waterproof. That is, you can eliminate both sweat and moisture quickly and easily, which translates into better performance in the discipline you practice and take care of your health. This quality depends on the fabric’s capacity for water vapor to pass through it.

Lightness and comfort

When making a comparison of windbreakers, you must bear in mind the weight of each one of them, since it is a garment that you are going to use in sports activities in adverse weather conditions. So, the lighter the product, the easier it will be to carry and consequently more comfortable to use.

It is also important that you relate the above to the quality of the product. It may turn out that for being very light it loses resistance to the conditions of use. Therefore, you must be attentive to the model and the materials used in its preparation.

Keep in mind that a garment, to be comfortable, must be worn comfortably and fit naturally to your body. It should also allow you to move freely and prevent it from becoming an additional obstacle to the onslaught of the weather.

As a complement within this category, we must warn that the windbreaker must also be easy to store, that it does not take up much space. So, when you finish your routine or the weather improves, you can take it with you without being in the way. 

colors and design

In addition to its main function of protection against rain and wind, if you practice sports activities that take you on roads or paths with car traffic, such as cycling or running, it is very important that your windbreaker be in a striking color. This will help drivers see you more easily, especially on busy roads. Many brands offer models specially made for this type of activity, with quite striking fluorescent colors, and even reflective bands.

Another important aspect to consider is the design. Many users, regardless of how much it costs, prefer a current, contemporary look. Choose a windbreaker that not only looks like a sportswear, but is also versatile for wider use, can be easily combined, and can be worn day or night for social or everyday activities.

Also, depending on the activity you practice, you should think about the adjustment of the windbreaker. There are them adjusted to the body so that the wind does not lift them and they keep them warmer, and others with a wide cut, which even allow you to carry a backpack or rucksack underneath.

Hence, you must pay attention to the choice of size, because as they are tight garments made with material with a certain elasticity, they do not always correspond to the usual size you wear.


A fundamental detail when choosing your windbreaker is to think about the use that you are going to give it most frequently. For example, if what you like are sports where you are going to be constantly exposed to the open air and you are going to face inclement weather as it happens in cycling, running, skating, walking, you need a light garment; that fits comfortably to the body dimensions. Perhaps, you should look for its fabric to be not only waterproof but also breathable, with pockets that do not allow objects to get out, with reflective bands that make you visible on days of low light.

On the other hand, if it is about physical contact group sports, where you can stop to rest and retire at some point, as happens in football or soccer; You can choose a windbreaker with thicker fabrics, which also help you maintain body heat and with larger bags. It may not be as cheap, but you will have a versatile garment, useful for different occasions.

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