The 9 Best Zinc Supplements of 2022

Zinc Supplement – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Zinc is an essential trace element for health, as it influences many cellular functions. But, due to its low availability, it is necessary to supplement it with products such as Nutralie NUTZIN120, a formula that provides 15 mg of pure zinc daily, combined with vitamin B6. In addition, with its presentation of 120 tablets, it offers a sufficient supply for 4 months. Another interesting option is Vitamaze amazing life 123, since it offers good bioavailability as it does not contain magnesium salts and is made under the strictest quality controls, for the well-being of the human body.

The 9 Best Zinc Supplements – Opinions 2022

Like other micronutrients, zinc can be found commercially in different presentations and concentrations that facilitate its absorption. Therefore, we bring some of the most recommended by users, so that you can choose the right supplement for your needs.

1. Nutralie Zinc Pure Vegan High Dose

Two essential elements, when talking about the health of the immune system, are zinc and vitamin B6. For this reason, Nutralie includes them in its formula in a sufficient proportion to contribute to its proper functioning. In this way, we can say that this supplement is aimed at those who want to strengthen this important natural defense mechanism.

Regarding other qualities, it should be mentioned that its content bottle includes 120 capsules, which will be enough for 4 months of treatment. Thus, you forget to be buying frequently. And when it comes to its quality, Nutralie is a brand that has BIO and ECO certificates for all its products, in addition to ISO 9001 and 14001, for your greater peace of mind.

As if that were not enough, the ingredients of the supplement are suitable for vegans. In such a way, that you can choose it if you follow this type of diet.

Due to the qualities it offers, the Nutralie product can be described as the best zinc supplement of the moment. Before you buy it, review our summary.


Combined product: Its balance of zinc, with vitamin B6, allows the immune system, as well as the health of bones, skin and hair, among others, to receive more benefits.

Concentration: With 15 mg of zinc in its citrate form and 5 mg of vitamin B6 in each capsule, you can cover the daily requirements of these elements.

Quantity: The container has 120 capsules, an amount so that in 4 months you do not have to look for a replacement.


Precio: Puede que encuentres otras versiones con zinc a menor coste, pero la duración de este envase y la combinación con vitamina B6 son puntos a su favor.

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2. Vitamaze amazing life Zinc 25mg 180 Pastillas Vegano

Vitamaze te ofrece este zinc elemental exento de ingredientes nocivos para la salud, como pesticidas, fungicidas y fertilizantes sintéticos, por lo que, si estás buscando un producto natural este podría ser una buena opción. Además, dicho fabricante emplea tecnología alemana para el desarrollo de suplementos alimenticios seguros, que satisfagan a aquellos usuarios que llevan un estilo de vida saludable y activo.

One quality that stands out in this vegan formulation is that instead of magnesium stearate, it uses microcrystalline cellulose, rice extract and potato starch as anti-caking agents, which provides good bioavailability of the mineral.

As for its presentation, it comes in a plastic bottle with 180 tablets, which you will have to dose in half for daily consumption with plenty of water. In this way, its dosage is given for approximately one year, benefiting the immune system, cellular and cognitive function, among others.

Vitamaze might be the best zinc supplement brand, given the care it puts into manufacturing products for human wellness.


Bioavailability: Although its composition is 25 mg, its benefits are obtained by only consuming half a tablet, given its high speed of absorption.

Quality: Its production is based on good manufacturing practices and German process controls, making it a reliable supplement.

Allergen-free: This product is suitable for coeliacs as it does not contain gluten. In addition, it does not contain lactose or other elements that can cause allergic reactions.


Concentration: Being made up of elemental zinc, its intake is only recommended for adults.

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3. Scitec Nutrition Zinc Vitamin 100 Tablets

This zinc supplement is a good option to consider among your purchase alternatives, when it comes to caring for the body. It has been designed to cover the deficiencies of this trace element, since it has a concentration of 25 mg of elemental zinc, which makes it competent for those people who have a weak immune system.

As for its presentation, it is offered in a bottle of convenient dimensions that makes it easy to carry it among your belongings so as not to miss a day of supplementation. It also has a secure lid that keeps the content protected from moisture and other external agents that can modify it.

On the other hand, this zinc gluconate is accompanied by both bulking agents (cellulose and calcium phosphate) and anti-caking agents (magnesium salts), which help it to be easily assimilated by the body.

Among the cheapest zinc supplements on the market we find this product with good benefits for the body.


Content: Its presentation of 100 tablets is enough for a period of 3 and a half months, convenient for users with few requirements.

Formula: In addition to zinc, it is a vitamin supplement that has minerals, so it also provides improvements in physical performance.

Packaging: It comes in an attractive blue bottle with its security seal; hence, the originality of the product is guaranteed.


Concentration: For those users with significant zinc deficiencies, this formulation may not cover their daily requirements.

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4. Hivital Foods Pure Zinc 40 mg from Zinc Gluconate

Among the best zinc supplements of 2022 we find this product from Hivital Foods, which may be the most appropriate alternative if you require a powerful supplementation. In this sense, each tablet has a high dose formulation, specifically 40 mg of pure zinc. In addition, its presentation provides the daily supply for a continuous year.

It should be noted that it is a supplement that takes care of the health of the vegan consumer, of those who suffer from food allergies and of users in general, in every detail, since it is 100% free of lactose, gluten, preservatives, dyes, flavorings and transgenic agents..

In addition, it is a product that follows all the manufacturing and analysis protocols established by GMP, ISO and FSSC 22000, to guarantee that it is safe for human consumption. Hence, it has its certifications. Likewise, its label provides important information in several languages, to facilitate its understanding by a large number of users.

Next, we invite you to learn about the additional qualities that this zinc supplement offers.


Presentation: It comes in a format of 365 tablets, which avoids the periodic purchase of additional bottles.

Benefits: Its pure zinc-based formula offers multiple benefits, as it helps keep the body healthy in general.

Gift: With the purchase of the zinc supplement, you receive an electronic book on the positive effects of this element in the body.


Tablets: Due to the size of the tablet, taking it could be difficult for some users, so it is recommended to take it with plenty of liquid.

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5. Solgar Chelated Zinc 100 Tablets Suitable for vegans

If you still don’t know which is the best zinc supplement, this bottle of 100 chelated zinc tablets from Solgar could be the answer, as its formula provides the necessary values ​​to keep you healthy. In addition, the body assimilates it easily.

For this, it has a composition per tablet of 22 mg of zinc bisglycinate, which is accompanied by different elements, among which are dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, citric acid, stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and cellulose gum. This combination helps zinc to be transported directly into the bloodstream and speeds up its absorption, without being wasted in this process. In this way, its benefits are observed in the strengthening of hair, nails and the immune system. On the other hand, it helps fight the formation of free radicals, benefiting the condition of the skin.

When it comes to dietary supplements, Solgar combines experience with innovation for high-purity products. Read the pros and cons of this presentation below.


Chelated: Its patented chelation process provides its direct passage into the bloodstream, which favors its absorption and bioavailability.

Safe: It has a natural composition free of gluten and traces of ingredients of animal origin, so it is recommended for celiacs, vegans and vegetarians.

Multiple benefits: Its regular consumption promotes benefits at the cellular, cognitive, metabolic and other levels, reflected in body vitality.


Content: Long-term users may require the purchase of additional bottles.

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6. Nature by Gloryfeel Zinc 25mg High dosage 400 Tablets

Among the cheap zinc supplements available on the web, this product of German origin stands out for the high bioactivity it offers. These are vegan tablets made under the most rigorous quality controls and continuous tests by external laboratories, in order to provide a safe and certified product.

Regarding its composition, each of the tablets has 25 mg of zinc, in the chelated form of bisglycinate. On the other hand, it is free of magnesium stearate and separating agents, which favors its high bioavailability. In addition to this important aspect, it has been formulated in the most natural way possible, as it does not contain flavors, colorants, stabilizers, lactose, gluten, preservatives or genetically modified organisms, which makes it possible for it to be consumed by celiacs and sensitive people.

You may also be interested to know that this product includes an electronic book with detailed information about zinc bisglycinate and its benefits for the body.

When it comes to quantity and efficacy, this zinc supplement could be an alternative. Therefore, you should know more about its qualities.


Quantity: It comes in a presentation of 400 tablets, which benefits those who must supplement for long periods.

Composition: This product offers a formulation of 25 mg of elemental zinc, which is convenient to cover daily requirements.

Tablets: Thanks to their small size, their intake does not present any inconvenience.


Taste: The tablet may give off a bitter taste when placed in the mouth. Therefore, it should be consumed quickly with plenty of liquid.

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7. Aavalabs Triple Zink Premium 25mg Highly Concentrated

The best zinc supplement is one that not only improves the external appearance of the body, but also promotes the overall functioning of the body. In this sense, this supplement of Finnish origin contains a formula that enhances its absorption and bioavailability, due to the 3 forms of zinc that it integrates (monomethionine, picolinate and bisglycinate), in the format of a 25 mg capsule.

On the other hand, vitamin C, originating from the acerola fruit, has been included. This is intended to enhance the effects of zinc on the immune system, protect cells from oxidative stress and promote other metabolic processes that benefit the body.

As for its presentation, you will receive a bottle with 180 high-concentration capsules for a daily supply of at least 6 months. In addition, they are suitable for vegetarians and celiacs, since they do not contain gluten, additives, lactose or ingredients of animal origin in their formula.

Next, observe some aspects that this zinc supplement offers you.


High absorption: It has a formula with 3 highly bioavailable substances such as picolinate, monomethionine and bisglycinate, to guarantee the absorption of the element.

Format: Its presentation is given in soft capsules, white and vegetable origin, which favors its intake and assimilation.

Reliable: It has safe qualitative standards endorsed by the EU, which provides quality support for consumption.


Handling: Being a product not suitable for children, it is recommended to place it in a safe place out of their reach.

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8. Solaray Zinc Citrate 50 Gluten Free Vegan Friendly

For Solaray, the purity of its products is a vital aspect in its production. Therefore, this American-made supplement has the highest quality and safety standards. In addition, it has been prepared under rigorous analysis to guarantee its effectiveness. In this way, it provides good tolerance for vegetarians, since it has a formulation that is 100% free of derivatives of animal origin. Likewise, it is free of gluten, lactose and other allergenic compounds.

Regarding its physical characteristics, it comes in a white, light and easy to transport container with 60 capsules, so you can take it anywhere. In addition, it has a security seal that provides confidence to the consumer.

Among the most notable benefits provided by these 50 mg zinc citrate capsules, we have the strengthening of the immune system, nail, hair and skin care, among others; therefore, each nutrient in this supplement will revitalize your body to keep it healthy.

If you still don’t know which zinc supplement to buy, you could consider this food supplement as an option because of the good qualities it offers.


Vegetable origin: Its composition is favorable for vegetarians and vegans, as it is synthesized from products of vegetable origin.

Multiple benefits: Its properties could contribute to fertility, reduction of oxidative damage and execution of different enzymatic functions.

Ingredients: Its dose offers zinc citrate (50 mg) from pumpkin seeds (333%) and other safe ingredients that facilitate its assimilation.


Quantity: Its content may be enough for a short treatment. But, because of its high concentration it could be enough.

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9. Cvetita Herbal Zinc Citrate 50 mg x 80 capsules

If you need to cover the lack of zinc in your body, this product could be a good alternative to start a medium-term treatment. It not only brings you safety and efficiency, but also affordable cost. For this reason, it could be considered the best price -quality zinc supplement on this list.

On the other hand, it offers good qualities in which the strengthening of the immune system, wound healing, the formation of healthy bones, healthy vision, among the many benefits to the body in general, stand out. Hence, its intake is beneficial to provide the body with daily requirements, because it does not synthesize it by itself.

Finally, we can add that it comes in an amber bottle to protect the medication from sunlight. In addition, the shell of the capsules has been made from gelatin, so this product is easy to digest.

We invite you to read a little more about this zinc citrate supplement.


Concentration: This supplement provides a concentration of 50 mg of zinc in the form of citrate, of which 15 mg is provided per dose, being sufficient for daily consumption.

Supply: It has a content of 80 capsules, which could be enough for users with few requirements.

Absorption: Since the active ingredient is contained within a gelatin capsule, it provides better absorption.


Limitation: This zinc supplement must have rest periods for its results to be effective.

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Shopping guide

When choosing trace elements such as zinc, the necessary dose to include in the daily diet must be taken into account, as well as other aspects of interest. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best zinc supplement, which contains the necessary information to make a good purchase decision.


Some micronutrients are not used directly in their pure form due to their low bioavailability. For this reason, the zinc used in supplements must go through a process called chelation, where it is attached to an amino acid molecule to enhance its effect and, at the same time, make it easier for the human body to absorb. This is why, when looking for a zinc supplement, it is necessary to verify what type of chelate is the one that constitutes its formulation, because, although all types seek to promote good health, the benefits they provide are different. In this sense, we have that zinc orotate, being associated with two molecules of orotic acid, allows greater absorption and assimilation of the mineral. Therefore, it is considered the most bioavailable.

Other well-known chelates are zinc bisglycinate and zinc picolinate, which, although they use different organic molecules, both offer good absorption and transport of zinc. However, if we analyze a comparison of zinc supplements, we can see that the most common types to find are zinc citrate and zinc gluconate. Which offer good assimilation and positive effects when consumed frequently.


Although most of the zinc supplements available on the market are vegan, their origin and composition must be verified in order to ensure that this premise is met. In this same sense, it should also be evaluated if they contain within their excipients gluten, starch, soy, dairy proteins, shellfish, eggs, nuts, dyes, sweeteners and other allergens, which may alter the normal functioning of the digestive system of celiacs or people with food allergies.

Hence, when choosing a zinc supplement, it is advisable to pay attention that it contains a legible label, in which detailed information can be seen regarding the type of active ingredient, as well as the excipients and contraindications that it may have. In addition, that it is backed by recognized certifications that guarantee the veracity of the information.


From scientific evidence it is known that zinc can reduce the effectiveness of some antibiotics. It also prevents the proper absorption of penicillamine, which is a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and taking it along with medications to treat diabetes could cause a noticeable drop in blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, thiazide diuretics can cause their considerable loss through the urine, so their assimilation would be very low. Hence, when in doubt when starting zinc supplementation, it is advisable to consult a medical specialist about the possible interactions that this mineral has with other medications, in the case of having a permanent treatment.

Form of administration and content

These aspects will establish, in a certain way, how much a certain presentation costs. However, our recommendation is that you should not base your purchase on how cheap the supplement may be, but on whether it offers you both the form that is most practical for you to consume, and enough supply to complete the treatment time recommended by your doctor..

Although it is more common to find zinc it is in capsules (hard, soft), tablets or divisible tablets, with easy-to-swallow sizes; It can also be found in liquid form. This last form of administration could benefit children and older adults more due to its ease of intake and absorption.

On the other hand, most zinc supplements come with enough for a year of supplementation. But, it does not leave aside that some brands offer fewer or more units in their boats, so that each user has the possibility of acquiring the one that suits their personal requirement.

In the same way, you must pay attention to your concentration. In this sense, the doses of zinc supplements can range from 15 to 50 mg, with 25 mg being the most common. A convenient concentration according to the normal daily requirements of this mineral.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the zinc supplement for?

Zinc is an essential trace element that is not produced by the human body, it is obtained from external sources in a low proportion for its healthy functioning. In this sense, zinc helps to strengthen the immune system, the formation of both the reproductive organs and bones and their mineralization. Hence, it plays an important role in each stage of life, since the organism requires its presence to grow and develop properly.

Likewise, it intervenes as a catalyst for various enzymatic reactions, the synthesis of proteins and DNA; essential processes for muscle development, cell function, physiological, metabolic and cognitive activities. On the other hand, it also favors the proper functioning of some senses such as smell, taste and sight, as well as skin strengthening, as it helps in the healing of wounds and the growth of nails and hair.

Q2: What foods contain zinc?

This essential mineral is found mainly in foods of animal origin such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products and their derivatives. However, it is also present in nuts, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, although in this group its availability is lower, because the small intestine is not capable of absorbing 100% of the zinc from food, but rather a small percentage, in addition the fiber makes its assimilation decrease. Hence, the importance of eating a balanced diet daily. But since vegetarians and vegans cannot meet this, they must supplement their daily requirement, either with fortified foods or additional zinc supplements.

Q3: What is zinc important for in our body?

Its importance lies in the participation it has in a large number of physiological, metabolic, endocrine and enzymatic processes, vital for our body. It is for this reason that its daily intake is essential, either naturally through a balanced diet or through supplements and fortified foods, since its deficit is associated with different digestive, cognitive, hormonal, metabolic, dermal, immunological, renal problems, of the mucous membranes and the senses.

Similarly, it is related to the appearance of more serious diseases such as premature aging, impaired vision, delayed growth in children and adolescent development, loss of desire and sexual potency in men and women, anorexia, disorders in the intestine, kidney failure and even cancer.

Q4: When to take zinc supplement?

Health professionals recommend taking zinc supplements when, through medical tests, low levels of this element are detected in the blood, evidenced by some symptoms such as colds, mouth sores and frequent infections, considerable hair loss, slow healing of wounds, lack of concentration among others.

Likewise, when the intestine has difficulty absorbing said micronutrient naturally through food. Similarly, if you suffer from an eating disorder, diabetes, kidney and intestinal disease, since these conditions also restrict its absorption.

On the other hand, it is frequently supplied to older adults and women who are pregnant or lactating, since their special conditions require a higher concentration of zinc in their daily diet. This group is also joined by vegetarians and vegans, since their sources of zinc are limited, as well as high-performance athletes or those people who, due to their daily work, perform greater physical activity, since through sweat and physiological evacuations zinc is lost.

Q5: How to take a zinc supplement?

When starting a treatment supplemented with zinc, it is convenient to evaluate both the different forms of administration, as well as the individual requirements, according to the health conditions or type of diet followed. However, its intake should be based on the recommended daily amount, which is established based on gender, age and specific condition (pregnancy and lactation). In this sense, the dose can range from 2 mg to 12 mg. Hence, depending on the case, it is advisable to take the supplement with plenty of water before or after a meal, to complement its contribution.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that zinc supplements must be consumed under medical supervision and respecting the doses recommended by both official entities and manufacturers. The reason is that, just as its deficiency affects multiple health alterations, its excess also generates more or less severe side effects.

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