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Activity bracelet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Having a device that allows you to monitor performance during training, through different applications that provide data to compare the level of progress, is possible with an activity bracelet. So if you are going to buy one of these, it is appropriate that you can establish a comparison between the options available in the market. Before deciding on a model, you need to know that there are hundreds of brands and designs, with two leading preferences. The first model is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, an ultra-thin and ultra-light bracelet, waterproof and with an Oled screen with touch technology, allowing to improve physical performance through different applications such as Bluetooth 4.0, to facilitate the link with the mobile. Next, there is theFitbit Charge 2, a device available in several colors and two sizes, with an ultra-slim unisex design, with a heart rate meter and physical activity monitoring.

Opinions on the best activity bracelets

For those who wish to acquire an activity bracelet to control and take note of the physical performance carried out during the day, we offer a section with the bracelet options that lead the market preferences, outlining the main attributes of each of the designs.

Xiaomi activity bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

For those who are looking for the best price-quality activity bracelet, it would be appropriate to take a look at the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Xiaomi, which is one of the cheapest bracelets on the market. It is equipped with an OLED screen with touch technology. It has an elegant design in black, being ultralight and ultrathin.

Within the properties of this Xiaomi activity bracelet, we have the inclusion of a pedometer, inactivity alert, sleep assistant, step counter, heart rate meter and other sensors, which provide data to improve activity. In addition, it is equipped with Bluetooth and a battery that can last up to 20 days.

Likewise, it is connected to mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems in various versions, so that notifications of calls and messages, among other applications, can be received on the bracelet. The Xiaomi activity bracelet is made of waterproof materials.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the cheapest activity bracelets on the market. In addition to its competitive price, the model stands out for having a pedometer, being elegant and having elements that improve performance. Therefore, it is convenient that you know its pros and cons.


Battery:  This model is equipped with a powerful battery, with autonomy of up to 20 days of continuous operation.

Sensors:  The bracelet is equipped with movement and heart rate sensors, which allow you to adjust the level and duration of the workouts.

Compatibility:  Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS mobile device, with this device you can link to receive notifications.

Resistance:  Taking a shower, washing your hands and even going to the pool are activities that you can do without having to remove the bracelet, because it has IP67 water resistance.


Accuracy:  Some of the values ​​collected by the bracelet may not be entirely accurate.

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Fitbit Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2

If you are looking for the best activity bracelet on the market, you may want to pay attention to the properties of this design offered by the manufacturer Fitbit. With a minimalist and simple design, the Fitbit activity tracker is suitable for men or women and has interchangeable bands that improve the appearance of the device.

It has multiple functions that improve performance during physical activity. It is capable of monitoring the heart rate, calculating the calories consumed, measuring the steps, the time of rest and activity, to make a comparison between all the data.

In addition, this model has a multi-sport mode that allows you to see the data in real time. It is equipped with an Oled touch screen, where you can see the notifications of calls, messages and calendar that arrive on your mobile. It is compatible with more than 200 mobile models of the Android and iOS operating systems.

Fitbit’s Charge 2 can be considered the best activity tracker of the moment, since in addition to having an elegant and versatile design, it is resistant and offers features that make it an efficient option to measure physical performance. Here are its main attributes and disadvantages.


Compatibility:  Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS mobile operating system, you can link it to the bracelet, because this device is compatible with about 200 models.

Sensors:  The bracelet is equipped with sensors to measure heart rate, calories consumed, steps taken, among others.

Bands:  It has a slim, elegant and minimalist design, being available in several colors, with interchangeable bands.

Colors:  According to the tastes of each user, it will be possible to select between several colors such as black, blue, turquoise, plum, being its unisex style.


Touch:  Although it has a screen with touch technology, it does not have a high degree of sensitivity, making it difficult to operate it.

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Garmin activity bracelet

Garmin Forerunner 910XT HRM 

If you are looking for a versatile and functional activity bracelet model, you could consider this design from the manufacturer Garmin as one of your options. The Garmin fitness tracker has a conventional style that looks like a wristwatch in black, but combines multiple features to enhance performance and daily training.

It is suitable for men, women or children. It is resistant to water, being possible to submerge it in the pool, river or sea up to 50 meters, without its mechanism being damaged. Its multi-sport features provide swim metrics, in distance, strokes and length, a beneficial quality for those who practice water sports.

It has GPS and has sensors to measure time, distance, speed and pace. In addition, it includes a barometric altimeter, being a model from which the data collected can be transferred remotely for analysis. It has a battery with autonomy for 20 hours.  

The more precise attributes an activity bracelet has, the better its usefulness will be as a tool to improve and control sports performance in different disciplines. Therefore, it is appropriate that you read the benefits and disadvantages that distinguish the Garmin 910XT HRM model.


Functionality:  The equipment provides versatility of use, it has been equipped with a clock, altimeter, GPS and sensors for measuring time, distance, speed and pace.

Submersible:  In addition to its dry characteristics, this bracelet has attributes that make it an option for swimmers who want to improve their times.

Design:  The activity bracelet has been designed in black and looks like a conventional watch, but multifunctional.

Battery:  With all the attributes that this bracelet model has, the battery is capable of operating with a range of up to 20 hours.


Screen:  The model has a black and white screen, which sometimes fogs up when it comes into contact with water.

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Polar Activity Tracker

Polar Loop 90047656

If you want to know which is the best activity bracelet, you should know the characteristics of this device marketed by Polar. It is a modern and minimalist band-shaped design that is available in three colors: purple, black and blue.

The Polar activity bracelet stands out for measuring values ​​even underwater in sports activities such as swimming. With its activity guide, you will be able to track all the movements you make during the day, being possible to transfer the data to the computer through the USB cable.

Although it is a cheap activity bracelet, it incorporates a screen, Bluetooth and a storage capacity of up to 12 data. Also, the device is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems in different versions. The bracelet is equipped with a high-power rechargeable battery, with energy to work with autonomy of up to 5 days of use.

You may not know which fitness tracker to buy, but you should always look for indicators of quality and functionality. Below, you can read the pros and cons of the Polar Loop 90047656 model.


Battery: You can enjoy up to five days of continuous use with this device that has a high-power battery.

Design: The bracelet has a simple and minimalist design, with a versatile and unisex style.

Colors: According to taste, you can select between three tones: blue, black or purple.

Screen: You will be able to appreciate the values ​​of the activity through a small screen.


Interface: Some users have commented that the interface of this equipment is outdated.

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Activity tracker with GPS


Weighing less than 30 grams, this is a GPS activity bracelet that stands out among the most popular and recommended on the market, for having a versatile and functional design. The model is available in black and purple.

Within its properties, this bracelet is equipped with a pedometer, stopwatch, calorie and heart rate counter, as well as sleep monitoring. Each of these measurements can be viewed through its Oled screen.

In addition, the device has 14 sports modes that adapt to activities such as walking, cycling, running, climbing, basketball, yoga, dancing, among others. You can even measure activity underwater, because it is equipped with IP67 waterproofing.  

Its software is compatible with various operating systems such as Android and iOS in different versions, being possible to link the mobile with the bracelet through Bluetooth higher than 4.0. Also, it has universal USB input for data transfer.

BANLVS GPS offers high standards at a competitive price, being one of the most popular on the market due to its wide functionality and versatility.


Waterproofing: This bracelet is equipped with IP67 certified waterproofing, being suitable for immersion.

Modalities: According to the sports activity, you can select between 14 different modalities.

Screen: The data collected can be viewed through its 0.96-inch Oled screen.

Compatibility: It is possible to link this device with iOS or Windows mobile devices in different versions.


Resistance: The model is not resistant to hot water; its internal mechanism can be damaged by contact with it.

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Samsung Activity Tracker

Samsung GearFit 2

The best activity bracelets of 2022 are few. Although there are many models, not all bear this title. So if this is your selection parameter, you may want to check the attributes of this layout. Available in three striking colors, pink, black and blue, this is an option that has properties that make it a smart bracelet of the latest generation.

It is equipped with GPS, a 1.5-inch touch screen and super Amoled technology, as well as a resolution of 216 by 432 pixels, which allows a better display of the collected values.

The Samsung activity bracelet has many of the attributes of a mobile, since it has a 512MB RAM memory and a 4GB storage, in which you can record songs, applications and more. It also has a powerful battery with independence for up to 5 days. It is compatible with iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy and other Android models.

Samsung is a well-positioned manufacturer in the world of technology, as well as being a strong candidate to become the best brand of activity wristbands, because it equips its equipment with the latest advances. Therefore, it would be appropriate for you to know the pros and cons of its Gear Fit 2 design.


Screen:  Technology is part of this equipment, which is equipped with a 1.5-inch super Amoled color touch screen with high resolution.

Design:  This bracelet has been designed with a unisex style, being available in three colors, with a thin and light structure.

Compatibility:  Despite being from Samsung, this device can be linked with mobile devices from other brands and other operating systems such as iOS.

Battery:  The bracelet is equipped with a powerful amperage battery, which allows autonomy for up to five days.


Memory:  It has been suggested to the manufacturer that the RAM of this bracelet could be expanded for greater speed, since it only has 512MB.

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Other products

Willful SW327

Many wonder what is the best activity bracelet that can be found on the market. With so many designs, answering this question can be complicated, but the attributes of the Willful SW327 model could give you an idea. Weighing less than 100 grams and featuring a sleek black design, this bracelet enables multiple activities and applications with a single device.

It is water resistant, with IP67 impermeability, allowing it to be immersed or wet without its mechanism being damaged, so you can dive, swim or bathe without having to remove it from your wrist.

In addition, it is equipped with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, four sports modes, rest measurement, sleep monitoring, music control and remote camera. Also, with this bracelet you can receive notifications from various applications and it is compatible with Android or iOS mobiles in different versions. It has a 0.96-inch screen.

If you don’t know which activity tracker to buy because there are many options that offer remarkable attributes, you can consider some quality indicators regarding technology and versatility, and it is appropriate that you take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the Willful SW327.


Resistance: To prolong its durability, this model is equipped with IP67 waterproofing, allowing immersion in water.

Design: The bracelet has been designed with a simple but functional style in black, weighing less than 100 grams.

Compatibility: This model is compatible with Android and iOS operating system platforms, in different versions.

Applications: This model is equipped with several applications such as pedometer, heart rate monitor, GPS, among others.


Charging: The input port of the device may be inconvenient and may not charge properly when connected.

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Guide to buying an activity bracelet

There are many alternatives for activity bracelets that can be obtained on the market. So, as a buyer, it is prudent to do a detailed search to find a design that is of quality and that meets the standards required to properly track sports activity. To help you with the selection, we have prepared a guide to buy the best activity bracelet, with which we explain the factors and properties that you should look for for a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

impermeability and resistance

It is likely that within your search criteria you want to find a good and cheap activity bracelet, but beyond these two characteristics, you should select models that are resistant. The devices that are usually most recommended are waterproof and submersible. These models have mechanisms that are tolerant to water, being able to take accurate measurements even when submerged several meters deep.

This property is suitable for those who want to measure physical activity in sports such as diving or swimming. In addition, you can use your bracelet to take a shower or wash your hands, even for activities such as fishing, since there will be no risk of damage from splashes.

In the market you can get devices that have been equipped with different degrees of waterproofing. Some are IP67 certified, while others go a step further and feature IP68 certification. According to this, the degree of protection and insulation against water and dust varies, with devices that have a higher number being more resistant, since they can be submerged deeper.


The screen is one of the attributes that can help you select one or another model of activity bracelet, since it is through this that you will be able to visualize the values ​​and measurements obtained by the sensors.

Being small bracelet-shaped devices, it is common to get models with small screens, most of which are less than an inch. In addition, manufacturers often incorporate designs with LED, LCD, OLED and superAMOLED technology screens. Each one offers a different level of visualization, with different degrees of contrast and resistance.

Also, within the characteristics of the screens, you can get some models that have anti-scratch protection, being more expensive, but of better quality.

Another attribute that you must evaluate is whether you want a color or black and white screen, as well as whether it will be touch technology or traditional, the touch screens being easier to manipulate and suitable during the execution of the sports activity. Each of these standards can help you get an idea of ​​how much a fitness tracker costs and get a model that suits your needs.


The more sensors an activity bracelet has, the better the results will be on the physical activity carried out, so before selecting a model, it is convenient that you know the measurement options it offers. Most designs are equipped with a pedometer and heart rate monitor, which are usually on the wrist.

Other models of tape throw the results through the measurements obtained in the chest. Both are capable of collecting values, one being faster than the other. The important thing is that they have a high level of reliability and accuracy, so that when you compare the results and keep track of the activity, you can establish parameters that help you improve your daily performance.

A better measurement with more accurate values ​​will be possible the greater number of sensors the device has.


Activity wristbands work through a battery that powers the mechanism of the device. So if you are going to establish a comparison of activity bracelets, it is necessary that you include the battery among the elements to be compared. In the market you can get different types of batteries, each with different power ranges that generate more or less autonomy time.

There are brands that equip their models with high-power rechargeable batteries. These provide an autonomy of up to five days of continuous use. Other simpler designs are equipped with batteries that work for about four hours.

In general, the autonomy time tends to vary due to the use and the open applications. The more functions are activated, the shorter the use time, however, if it is used only as a watch, there are models that can be kept in operation for up to 25 days.


In general, activity bracelets have multiple functions that can be used more if they can be linked to mobile phones. The more connectivity options they have, the better their performance will be. For this reason, some models incorporate Bluetooth in different versions, as well as a universal USB cable input. Through this means it is possible to transfer the content from the bracelet to the mobile, computer or tablet.


In the market, you can get all kinds of designs and colors that fit different tastes. Some manufacturers introduce models with masculine, feminine or unisex designs, so that you can select from a wide range of colors. Also, within the designs, there are models that tend to look like a wrist watch, while others are more modern with styles that resemble a kind of band.

Also, another factor that influences the design is weight and size. In general, these bracelets are compact and small in size, with light weights so that they do not cause discomfort or fatigue to the user during sports activities. The size of these devices usually varies according to the inches of the screen, so if you are looking for a large screen, you need to purchase a larger model.


As is well known, many of the models that manufacturers introduce to the market have the possibility of linking with the mobile. However, this depends on compatibility. The most popular and user-recommended models have a high range of compatibility with most operating systems and equipment.

Before selecting, it is recommended that you know the compatibility with your mobile, so you can get more out of the functions. iOs and Android are the platforms that have the largest number of users, which is why most bracelets are suitable for these operating systems, but they must also be compatible with the versions and devices.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do I charge a fitness tracker?

This will depend on the model and design of the bracelet. The vast majority of these smart devices are charged through a USB cable that must be plugged into the micro USB port, which is built into the structure of the band somewhere. While the other side must be connected to an electrical power source from the wall or computer.

In general, most models show charging icons when the process starts or turn on a red indicator light, which changes when the battery reaches 100%. In this way, the user can appreciate when the bracelet is at its maximum power.

Q2: How to connect the activity bracelet to the mobile?

This depends on the brand, model and design of the bracelet, since each one has a different interface and operating system. However, connecting it to the mobile is a simple and intuitive process and only a couple of steps have to be followed.

First of all, the mobile device and the version of the operating system must be compatible with the fitness tracker. Then, you must activate Bluetooth and pair the device by selecting it and checking the connect option.

Q3: Which is better, fitness tracker or sports watch?

Both devices are adequate and have features that help improve performance as well as activity tracking, so it will be up to the user which one to select. Activity wristbands are often made for specific measurement uses.

While sports watches tend to be equipped with more applications, being technological units in which it is possible to control the mobile camera, to see the time or play music, all from the wrist.

Q4: How to change the time of an activity bracelet?

Each fitness tracker model has a different operating system, so time settings and other properties often change depending on the version and brand. Usually, the time is adjusted with the synchronization of the mobile or computer, so it acquires the time from it.

Now, if you want to do it individually, in the most common models you only have to enter “settings” or “configuration” which are usually identified by a gear-shaped icon, go to the date and time option, to reset the zone schedule. With this, the device time should change. If you can’t, you need to contact the manufacturer’s support center.

Q5: How does the fitness tracker measure sleep?

This measures sleep through the activity and movements that the user makes during the night. It works as a kind of tracker, since some bracelets can even identify the problems that affect the hours of rest. They do this by recording sounds, monitoring heart rate, light intensity, and temperature.

Its basic measurement is based on the fact that if the user does not move, he is immersed in the deep sleep phase, but if, on the contrary, he detects movement, it is a superficial sleep. With the collected values, the bracelet establishes sleep parameters and tells the user what is the best time to wake up.

Q6: What is an activity bracelet with SIM for?

If your bracelet has a SIM slot, this device will be able to work autonomously from the mobile device, that is, the link between the two devices via Bluetooth will not be necessary, since the bracelet will be able to work as a kind of reduced-version telephone.

In this way, you can use the SIM of your mobile or acquire a new exclusive number for your activity bracelet, being possible to receive calls, messages and even access some social networks on the band. All this will depend on the specific properties of each model and manufacturer.

Q7: What should a swimming activity bracelet have?

You will need a model that is submersible and has a high certification grade. Currently, there are many manufacturers that incorporate models with IP67 or IP68 certification degrees into the market, so that the bracelets are suitable for contact with liquids and dust.

Some models can be submerged up to one and a half meters deep, others only withstand splashes and are not capable of measuring values ​​during aquatic activity. Therefore, it is important that you make sure of the waterproofing and distinguish models that offer measurements for both fresh and salt water.

Since although some models tolerate water, not all are suitable for the sea, since salt corrodes their gears and internal mechanism.

Q8: How does a fitness tracker with music player work?

It works in the same way as the rest of the activity bracelets, only that it has an application for playing music. The music can be in the bracelet in several ways: through the link with the mobile device, that is, the songs are recorded on the mobile and the bracelet works as a remote control to control the playback of the mobile that reaches the bracelet via Bluetooth; or that the songs are stored in the internal memory of the activity band.

Q9: Which is better, fitness tracker or heart rate monitor?

This will depend on the tastes of each user. The most popular models of activity bracelets are equipped with heart rate monitors that record and measure heart rate, so with these devices you will have several functions in a single and compact device.

However, there are those who doubt the reliability and accuracy of the heart rate monitors incorporated in the bracelets, so they choose to additionally wear a chest strap, in order to later compare results or have more precise data. This leads us to conclude that each of the devices are relevant according to the user’s needs.

Q10: Is there an activity bracelet that measures blood pressure?

Not quite. There are some specific bracelets that are capable of giving results on the user’s tension, through radars that emit approximate readings. Although these data have medical value and can help to take a histor

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