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Adidas Football Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

If you train sports like soccer, you will need boots that allow you to kick the ball, make passes and run on the grass without mistreating your feet. On the contrary, it is convenient that you have a model that increases performance on the ground. So if you are going to buy some boots, it is recommended that prior to the selection, you can establish a comparison between the available options. Although there are many prototypes of Adidas football boots, two lead the preferences of users. The first model is the Adidas World Cup, lightweight shoes weighing only 340 grams, made of genuine kangaroo leather, with a fabric lining to increase durability and cushioning, being suitable for artificial or natural grass pitches. The next option is represented by the Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango 17.4 TF J, boots with an original and modern design designed for the little ones.



Opinions on the best Adidas football boots

Much of the sports performance falls on special boots, being convenient that if you train soccer you can count on a pair that allows you to generate maximum performance and comfort to ensure controlled plays. Therefore, before buying you should know that not all models are suitable. Aware of how difficult it can be to choose a design, we present the properties of the five prototypes of Adidas football boots that are recommended by users.

Adidas World Cup

If you are looking for the best Adidas football boots on the market, then it will be convenient for you to know the characteristics of the Copa Mundial model. These are boots with a conventional design, available in various sizes and in black with white details, suitable for men.

The composition of these boots is made with genuine kangaroo leather, so they are resistant and durable, in addition to having a fabric coating, which improves the feeling of control and allows the cushioning of blows against the ball.  

They have a closure system through laces, so that each player can adjust the pressure according to their needs. Likewise, the flat sole with studs is made of EVA, a non-slip material that is convenient for playing on artificial or natural grass, because it allows controlled skidding and greater grip.

With so many models and each one with outstanding features, it is difficult to select one, but the Adidas Copa Mundial are usually considered the best Adidas football boots of the moment due to their quality and resistance. Here are its pros and cons.


Sole: It is a model with a non-slip EVA sole and studs, which allow adherence and control on natural or artificial grass.

Composition: One of the advantages of this model is the making of authentic kangaroo leather and fabric lining that feels like a sock, being comfortable.

Laces: You can adjust this model with the level of pressure you prefer on the instep, because the closure system is through laces.

Design: This is a model that has a conventional design in black, with details of three white stripes that identify the brand.


Size: The last of this model is small, so it does not correspond to the real number and it is necessary to verify the dimensions.

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Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango 17.4 TF J

This is one of the recommended models for those who are looking for the best Adidas football boots of 2022, because they have a series of properties that make them stand out. It is the Nemezis model, black sneakers for children, which are made with a striking and modern design that is inspired by the Barcelona player, Lionel Messi.

They are available in various colors and sizes. They are recommended for a beginner level and have a cut that provides ball control with low wear. They have a structure and layer in synthetic material and textile mesh, which provide fit and comfort, providing adherence to the ball and cushioning.

They have a closure mechanism through laces. The sole of the model is made of TF, recommended for artificial grass. In addition, it has traction capacity for greater control of the ball at high speeds on different types of surfaces.

The Nemeziz Messi Tango 17.4 TF J model is a design for competition at the initiation level, which has become a benchmark that positions the manufacturer as the best brand of Adidas football boots, according to the opinion of some users.


Touch: The model has a synthetic leather structure with textile mesh. This property provides adherence to the ball for better touches.

Stability: This is a model made with synthetic material inside, which provides fit, comfort and stability to the foot.

Studs: The sole is equipped with small studs that provide greater control during acceleration, for plays that involve speed.

Traction: The sole of this model has traction that provides grip on artificial grass.


Laces: This model includes laces that wear out easily after a short time of use.

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Adidas Messi 16.4 TF J

If your selection engine is based on the lowest cost, then this may be the recommended model for your requirements, because it is the best value for money Adidas football boots and the cheapest in our selection of products.

On this occasion, the manufacturer presents the Messi 16.4 TF J model, multi-stud boots with a modern design for children, available in various colours. They are made of synthetic material, with a synthetic coating that increases the cushioning and durability of the piece. They have a closure mechanism through laces.

The sole of this design is made of non-slip rubber, with a flat heel and a height of one inch, being suitable for games on synthetic grass. In addition, this is a model that incorporates Messi Touch and Non Marking technology, both designed to provide cushioning for ball hits and traction for controlled passes.

The Messi 16.4 TF J are quality boots, designed for traction, being suitable because they offer positive performance on artificial terrain. In addition, they are considered the cheapest. Therefore, it is convenient to read its attributes and disadvantages.


Closure: Thanks to the fact that the boots have a closure mechanism through laces, the player will be able to adjust the pressure to their requirements.

Sole: It is a model with a multi-stud sole that provides control over the ball and better traction on the pitch.

Technology: The boots are equipped with sports technology in their composition that provide cushioning and traction in the touches of the foot against the ball.

Design: The model is designed with a modern style in several striking and bright colors, inspired by Leo Messi.


Wear: The wear level of the structure of this model is accelerated, due to the fact that it is made of synthetic material.

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Adidas Kaiser 5 League

If you still don’t know which are the best Adidas football boots, then it is convenient that you know the characteristics of the Kaiser 5 Liga model. They are boots with a classic design and sporty style. They are available in various sizes and in black, with details of the brand’s three stripes in white.

The model is equipped with a non-slip rubber sole that provides traction and control of the ball, thanks to the studs incorporated in the flat sole without a heel, being suitable for hard pitches or artificial grass.

Its composition is made of leather, with the incorporation of high-density synthetic material in the form of grained leather for its lining. This quality provides a fast-drying and resistant lining. In addition, the boots are equipped with an EVA insole that absorbs shocks and improves shock absorption against the ball. They have a closure mechanism through laces.

Soccer is a popular sport, with many models and implements available. For this reason, knowing which Adidas football boots to buy could be a challenge. Maybe the pros and cons of the Kaiser 5 Liga model will help you make a decision.


Design: These boots have a classic and functional design, they are available in black with the stripes that identify the brand.

Insole: The model is equipped with insoles made of EVA that provide comfort to the foot and provide adequate cushioning.

Sole: This model incorporates studs on its rubber sole to improve grip on artificial grass and hard pitches.

Structure: The model is made of leather, with a textured synthetic exterior and coating, which improves ball control.


Last: This model has a small and tight last, so it is possible that the conventional size does not fit the foot dimension.

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Adidas Predator 18.3 FG

Available in various colors, this is one of the models most recommended by users for being functional boots that provide optimized performance of the player’s soccer skills.

The Predator model consists of men’s boots that are made with high quality and resistant materials, incorporating synthetic in several areas of its structure, such as the exterior and lining, with a tight textile collar to protect and stabilize the ankle.

They have a relief design on the forefoot, which provides greater control over the ball and the passes that are executed. They also have precise support with a flexible insole, which provides comfort and shock absorption.

In addition, they have a flat heel and a rubber sole with injected layers of TPU that stabilize and improve movement. They are equipped with a closure mechanism through laces, being convenient to adjust the pressure according to each player.

An adequate model must combine several elements such as competitive price, quality, durability and increased soccer capabilities. Hence, it is necessary that you know the basic elements that favor and disfavor Adidas Predator boots.


Sole: This model has several injected layers of TPU that provide stability in movements, with four traction edges on the studs.

Structure: The boots are made with synthetic material and an internal heel counter, being suitable for creating a stability arch.

Fit: The model has a conventional and comfortable design that fits the foot, providing a good grip and avoiding blisters and injuries.

Surface: These boots are equipped with an elastic fabric surface that absorbs shocks, thanks to the internal foam layers.


Size: It is a model with a narrow last, so if you are looking for boots that are loose, you should choose one more number than the conventional one.

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