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Awning – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Having an awning installed can provide you with comfort and a more comfortable temperature to spend an afternoon outside without getting overheated or burning your skin from the sun. If you want to buy one, but you don’t know which one, we recommend the Cool Area ESSWR34-CRM sail awning model. It has large dimensions, offers protection against ultraviolet rays and can be purchased in different colors. Another good alternative could be the CelinaSun 1001872 terrace awning. This option has a simple installation, it is large and, depending on its availability, you can choose it in different colors so that you can combine it with the style of your home.

Opinions on the best awnings

Now we will present and describe different types of awnings so that you can learn more about them, as well as identify their advantages and disadvantages, so that it is easy for you to know which one to buy for your home or business.

sail awnings

Cool Area ESSWR34-CRM

This Cool Area model belongs to the sail awnings. It has dimensions of 3 x 4 meters offering coverage for a complete table without problems, in addition, depending on the availability of the manufacturer, you could also find versions of 2 x 3 meters, 3 x 5 meters, 4 x 5 meters.

Likewise, it stands out that it has a cream unicolor design, but you also have available the colors sand, gray and earth in case you want to make combinations of angles and colors in your garden.

Some buyers consider that this model could be the best awning, since it is waterproof and offers protection against ultraviolet rays. The tarpaulin is made of 160 g/m² high-density polyester fabric with a PU coating. This last element is responsible for providing the waterproof feature of the Cool Area awning.

Being, possibly, the best awning of the moment, the Cool Area model offers striking advantages:


Type: It is a sail-type awning, so you can purchase several units to cover large spaces and apply designs according to the position of each canvas.

Materials: The product is made of high-density polyester fabric, offering strength and durability.

Protection: It has a special treatment that blocks the sun’s UV rays for greater comfort and safety when sitting outside.

Waterproof: It is also noted that it is waterproof, so it will also protect you from the rain.


Strings: You should know that tensioning strings are not included with the purchase of this model.

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Awnings for terraces

Celina Sun 1001872

Among what could be the best awnings of 2022 we find the CelinaSun 1001872; an effective model to be installed on the terrace of your home.

We are facing one that some would classify as part of the best awnings for terraces, since it is made with both a resistant and breathable fabric. We are referring to the canvas fabric which, in this case, also has a water-repellent polyurethane coating to keep out the rain.

As for its size, it measures 2.5 x 3.5 meters and, depending on its availability, it can be purchased in a variety of colors including terracotta, white, gray, brown, green and more. In addition, the eyelets in its corners are made of stainless steel, avoiding wear due to humidity.

Finally, it presents good finishes in the seams, which have been reinforced, to comply with what is offered regarding tear resistance.

CelinaSun could become the best awning brand today and here we will review the pros and cons of their product:


Protection: This option provides you with protection against UV rays, so you can be outside without risk.

Manufacturing: It has a solid construction and good quality materials that make it durable.

Eyelets: For its installation, the awning makes use of parts made of steel, to guarantee a good fastening.

Resistant: The finishes of the product are reliable and prevent it from tearing or being affected by moisture.



Hooks: Something you should know beforehand is that your purchase does not include hooks to hold it and they must be purchased separately.

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window awnings

Outsunny ES01 06940731

In case you are still wondering which is the best awning, we now present the Outsunny ES01-06940731 model.

Here we are faced with an option in window awnings that you can install in your home, so as not to have to deal with direct sun. It has dimensions of 180 x 70 centimeters and is green in color, offering a standard, simple and effective style.

It is made of polyester fabric that also has a waterproof treatment and has a density of 280g/m2, in order to offer the right level of protection against the sun and rain. In addition, you can adjust the angle of inclination and also open or close it, to adapt its use to the requirements.

Reviewing the structure, it stands out that it has good manufacturing finishes and is made of aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about having it outdoors. 

If you don’t know which awning to buy, we invite you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this Outsunny model, to help you choose:


Manufacturing: The structure of the awning is made of aluminium, making it light but resistant.

Coating: It has a treatment that makes the fabric waterproof, to protect against rain.

Adjustment: You can change the angle of inclination according to your taste and the position of the sun.

Protection: Being under this awning, you will not have to worry about UV rays, since it blocks them.


Language: The disadvantage of the awning is that it can be a bit confusing to assemble, since the instructions are not in Spanish.

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Awnings for pergolas

Blumfeldt GDW8-90400-bprg

Some consider this model as probably the best value for money awning due to its practicality. Among the options of awnings for pergolas, this one is resistant to weather, including water. The canvas is made of 180 g/m² polyester and has a polyurethane coating that makes it waterproof.

It has dimensions of 3 x 4 meters, but you may also be able to purchase it in its 3 x 3 meter or 3 x 6 meter version depending on your needs. And one of its most striking features is that it is a replacement unit that you can put on or take off as you please, either to store it or clean it thoroughly and keep it looking like new for much longer.

Having a large awning like this one can make your afternoons in the garden a much more pleasant experience. Find out what the Blumfeldt awning offers you:


Design: It is black in color and could be purchased in different sizes depending on whether they are available or not. It is easy to install and also to remove if you wish.

Materials: The canvas is made of polyester fabric, making it resistant and very durable.

Blocking: It can block both sun and rain so you don’t have to worry about the weather when sitting comfortably in your garden.


Finishes: It is said that the seams do not have good finishes and have loose threads.

Structure: You must have a previous structure at home where to install it, since it is a replacement roof.

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vertical awnings

Jarolift Blind

When you wonder what could be the best awning of the moment, you could consider this alternative. Blind is a vertical awning of 220 x 240 centimeters with which you can cover the sides of a structure to prevent the sun from bothering you. It is also available in other sizes, but that will depend on the manufacturer.

It also has a simple unicolor design in the colors beige, white, orange, yellow, blue, gray and green, so you can adapt it to your decoration.

The canvas is made of breathable HDPE fabric, with which you will protect yourself from the heat, but you will still enjoy the breeze. It is also tear and wind resistant and if it gets wet in the rain it will dry in no time, making it a good alternative to vertical awnings.

In order to make the most of your money, you need to consider all aspects before investing. If you are interested in the Jarolift awning, here you will find its pros and cons:


Design: This awning is easy to install, attractive, practical and simple. You can find it in different colors and sizes depending on its availability in store.

Type: It is vertical, that is, designed to hang as if it were a curtain and protect you from the sun.

Canvas: In addition to blocking the sun’s rays, it will also protect you from the wind. The material is tear-resistant and quick-drying.


Light: It is said that the awning is very light and moves easily in the wind, which can be annoying.

Base: Another buyer thinks that the base of the awning should be more robust.

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balcony awnings

Festnight XEC3745678392914SP

The characteristics of Festnight products have led some users to indicate that it is possibly a good brand of awnings on the market. This model stands out for working with a retractable system that will allow you to fold and unfold it as many times as you want.

It has dimensions of 200 x 300 centimeters including the structure, while the canvas measures 150 x 120 centimeters. You can place it on windows, terraces, balconies or the garden. On the other hand, depending on availability, you could buy one of these balcony awnings in its blue and white or orange, blue and white striped version.

The frame is made of steel, making it strong, robust and highly durable. Likewise, the canvas is made of polyester and has a PU coating to offer impermeability.

Installing an awning on your balcony can let you enjoy it more freely and without discomfort. This Festnight option offers striking advantages:


Retractable: The Festnight awning works with a retractable system that will allow you to open or close the canvas manually.

Adjustments: Likewise, the mechanism also allows you to adjust the height and angle of the awning so that it adequately covers you from the elements.

Structure: The structure of the product is made of steel, offering greater robustness and confidence when using it.


Roof: It is necessary to have a roof to install this awning, since it does not support itself.

Installation: Some users had problems installing the awning, especially when trying to follow the instruction manual.

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patio awnings

AXT Shade Candle

Among the patio awnings, the AXT awning can be very practical and therefore a good alternative when you are not sure about which awning to buy. The Shade Vela can be available in its sizes of 2 x 3 meters, 2 x 4 meters, 3 x 4 meters, 3.5 x 5 meters, 4 x 4 meters, 4 x 6 meters and 5 x 5 meters.

It is also noted that the canvas is waterproof, so it can be kept outside. Offers protection from the sun, UV rays, rain and wind. Plus, it features a coating that blocks 95% of UV rays, more than other patio awnings.

To install it, you will need some fasteners, although do not worry about the guy lines, since they are included.

If you need to cover a large space, you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the Shade Vela product below:


Design: Shade Vela is a rectangular awning with a 160 g/m² waterproof polyester canvas that is resistant to moisture, mold and stains.

Ropes: The purchase includes tension ropes so you do not have to buy them separately and easily install your new awning.

Rings: The rings in the corners are made of stainless steel to easily withstand the tension of the fabric.


Kit: The mounting kit for this model is sold separately and the manufacturer recommends purchasing it for greater stability.

Rain: Although it is waterproof, its use is not recommended during heavy rain.

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awnings for caravans

Frankana 1873410

The characteristics of the 1873410 model, among other awnings for vans, make it striking because it can be installed very easily and it would only take you a couple of minutes to have it ready. It is available in two versions: one of 200 x 240 centimeters and another of 450 x 240 centimeters so that you can invest in the one that best suits your vehicle. Its weight is between 5 and 6 kilograms depending on the model.

On the other hand, caravan awnings will allow you to enjoy a meal or share outdoors without being blinded by the sun or getting uncomfortable. It is anti-tear and its system is universal, thus allowing you to install this awning on all types of caravans.

If you like to go camping in your caravan, Frankana’s product could be of interest to you. Now, the most relevant pros and cons of your model 1873410:


Universal: The most striking thing is that it has a universal installation system that gives you the freedom to place the awning on any type of caravan.

Materials: The canvas is made of polyester and you could also buy it in two sizes.

Resistant: The construction materials offer protection against the sun and rain and have treatments to be more resistant.


Guide: Your caravan must have a rail to be able to install it, if not, you will have to use it removable.

Protection: Does not appear to offer protection against UV rays from the sun, which can be harmful to health in overexposure.

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Pool awnings

Gre PH54

Having an awning installed in the pool is recommended, since this way you avoid burns and sunstroke. This option could be practical for you, since it has side walls and a roof, and is also suitable for outdoor furniture.

It has dimensions of 500 x 433 x 250 centimeters and is made of polyester, while the walls are made of transparent PVC so as not to block your vision. And since it can cover spaces up to 4 meters in diameter, it could be one of the best pool awnings around.

It is able to protect the pool or furniture against dirt, sun, rain and wind so that you can be comfortable wherever you place it in your garden.

If you want to protect your inflatable pool or your garden furniture, you can consider the advantages offered by the Gre awning, since they are practical and easy to use:


Design: This model of awning is closed, since it has walls and a roof to block the weather elements.

Windows: But don’t worry, you won’t feel closed in, since it has transparent PVC windows.

Doors: In addition, three of these windows work as doors thanks to the fact that they have built-in zippers that allow them to be opened or closed.


Price: Consider that it is the most expensive awning on the list, so your investment will be more considerable.

Heat: However, if it is a very hot day, the internal temperature may rise and it may be uncomfortable to be under the awning.

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sliding awnings

Windhager 10811

Being one of the cheapest, this model from Windhager could be a good option for sliding awnings, since it is easy to install and offers good protection against the elements.

The canvas measures 270 x 140 centimeters and is made of good quality polyester to be resistant to being outdoors. On the other hand, its maintenance can be relatively simple, since it can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and, if you decide to place it in the garden, you can enjoy its protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, even if it is one of the cheapest.

The Windhager model is the cheapest among those mentioned, so if you want to save a few euros, it might catch your eye:


Installation: This model is designed to be installed on a sliding structure and the process seems to be quite simple.

Materials: In model 10811, the canvas is made of high-quality polyester to be resistant to sun and rain.

Maintenance: You can remove it and wash it in the machine from the comfort of your home as long as the water temperature does not exceed 40 °C.


Rail: The purchase does not include the rail so you can install the sliding awning at once.

Basic: Others commented that the design and operation of the awning is too basic for their tastes.

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awning accessories

awning fabrics

Saymi Acrylic Confection

In fabrics for awnings, Saymi stands out for being made of 100% acrylic, thus guaranteeing robustness, protection and durability.

You can find it in two sizes: 0.5 x 3.20 meters and 3.45 x 3.20 meters so you can choose the one that best suits your structure.

Another aspect of this awning fabric is that it can be cleaned with a simple soft cloth and a little soap in case it gets stained or dirt accumulates on it. As for its design, it has white and beige stripes, very elegant and easy to combine with other outdoor decorations.

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awning tarpaulins

Bio Green RX150-2X3-GB

Bio Green offers you an option in canvas for awnings whose main advantage is that it is made with three layers of cross-laminated, which gives it a lot of resistance and protection for you.

As indicated by its manufacturer, this canvas is 100% waterproof, resistant to UV rays and frost.

It has dimensions of 2 x 3 meters and reportedly lasts five times longer than conventional models from other options in the awning fabric category.

Thanks to its practical design, it can also be used to cover swimming pools, vehicles, furniture and much more.

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Guide to buying an awning

Here you will find the important characteristics to evaluate in order to make the most of your investment and be able to enjoy a good quality, resistant, durable awning that can effectively protect you from the elements.

Shopping guide

awning design

The first aspect that you must consider in order to choose a good awning, in addition to seeing how much it costs, is to take into account the space that you want to cover with it, as well as its dimensions, installation system and other details. All influence the final performance of the awning.

On the other hand, being made up of special fabrics, you can find awnings in all the colors, prints, shapes and designs you want. This way you can give a characteristic look to your terrace, balcony, garden or wherever you are going to install your new awning.

In addition, you must also take into account the type of awning, since there are models for windows, terraces, verticals, caravans, for swimming pools, sliding doors, among many others. Each of them offers different advantages and finishes, so you have to analyze them thoroughly if you do not want to waste your money.

product capacity

A feature that affects the purchase decision of some users based on the comparison of awnings is their capacity. We refer practically to its size and the ability to cover a certain area, as well as the level of its resistance to the elements such as wind, sun, rain, snow, etc.

If you want to buy a cheap model, you may have to sacrifice a little in terms of size or manufacturing materials, but don’t worry, the market is quite large and if you look carefully, you can find a good and cheap alternative. In addition, with so many alternatives available, you can combine different types of awnings and thus provide your home with a different, original and welcoming area to relax.

Manufacturing materials

As expected in this guide to buying the best awning, the manufacturing materials could not be missing. Basically, the awnings are a large fabric, but made with more resistant materials than the fabrics that we use in clothes or furniture on a day-to-day basis.

Generally, awnings are made with acrylic, Screen or PVC canvases, since they are light, resistant and easy to clean materials, but we do not advise you to buy an awning that is too light to avoid problems when it is a day with strong winds.

Likewise, you should also make sure that the anchors or the support system with which you work is made of stainless steel or aluminum, since they are the most recommended for the exterior.

awning installation

The installation is also one of the factors that influence when choosing which awning to buy. As mentioned, there are different types of awnings and also different installation systems.

It may be that they are anchored to walls and walls, that they use masts to support the canvas, another can use a pulley system and there are also those that have their own structure and legs to be placed on the ground as if it were a large umbrella. size.

These models are popular for small gardens as they take up little space, are easily assembled and can provide a nice space to enjoy the sun and breeze without discomfort or heat.

If, on the other hand, you want an awning that you don’t have to manipulate, you can also opt for models with an electronic motor that will fold and unfold it at will.

awning adjustments

The adjustment system of the awning that you are interested in buying should also be considered, since it may be more practical than you imagine. Some models have folding systems that allow the awning to open up to a certain point, which is useful when you don’t want the entire area to be shaded by the canvas.

tarpaulin maintenance

Finally, what you should consider is the maintenance that the awning requires. This detail will be based mainly on the type of fabric that the canvas is made of, since, depending on this, you can use special detergents or the regular ones that you already have at home.

What is recommended is that you can install the awning in such a way that it is not very difficult to pass a brush so that dust does not accumulate on the canvas, which, together with heat and rain, could damage it and ruin your awning. early. Likewise, we also advise you to clean it weekly, even if you do not use it, since, being folded, it can also accumulate dust.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean canvas awnings?

It is recommended to clean the canvas awnings at least once a week, it will be enough to pass a brush or a vacuum cleaner if it is more comfortable for you to get rid of the accumulated dust. Likewise, you should also clean the pieces that are metallic to prevent mold from forming on them. For this we advise you to use microfiber cloths together with a specific product for cleaning metals.

Q2: How to make sunshade awnings?

If you want to make your own awning, start by installing tubes or wires horizontally supported by two bases at each end. Attach hoops to hold the awning up on the outer tubes and install the tarp over them. Open the holes in the fabric respecting the distribution of the hoops so that the awning can be unfolded and cover the desired area

After this, you can integrate a tool that allows you to slide the canvas manually or unfold it using a pulley system.

Q3: What happens to the awnings when it rains?

It is recommended to retract the awning when there is a threat of rain, since, when wet, it takes on much more weight and this could affect the supports and even break them. In addition, depending on the position and inclination of the awning, water could also accumulate in the center and add so much weight that the fabric could tear.

On the other hand, if your awning can withstand rain, we do not advise you to take it down when it is wet, as this could provide a suitable environment for the development of bacterial colonies and mold, thus damaging the awning as a whole.

Q4: What are side awnings for terraces used for?

This type of awning usually offers the same advantages as the standard one: protecting you from the sun and rain, as well as from the prying eyes of your neighbors. In addition to terraces, these awnings can also be installed on balconies. They are usually made of acrylic fabrics, Screen and PVC.

Q5: How to install sail awnings?

The first thing you should do is decide what space the sail awning is going to cover so that you can choose where the anchors are going to be installed. The good thing about these types of awnings is that they are available in various shapes, giving you the freedom to design the final look.

You can install the anchors on poles, walls, walls or trees, but make sure they are strong enough to withstand the pressure that the awning can exert during a blizzard.

It is recommended to install the sail awning with an inclination of approximately 30° with respect to the tall mast. Secure it to each of the anchors and check that it is tensioned correctly. If everything is in order, it will provide you with shade and protection from the rain, either for you, your garden furniture or both at the same time.

Q6: How to repair canvas awning?

If your canvas awning has broken, you have several alternatives to repair it. One of them is by hand sewing, either by joining the parts of the awning that were torn or by sewing a new strip.

Another option is to install a patch with glue. You must first cut out the area that has been damaged to avoid further breakage and cover the hole with the patch applying the special glue for this type of material.

The other two alternatives are a bit more complicated and you may need the help or supervision of an expert. We refer to electronic heat and hot air sealing methods. These measures require special tools and treatments that you should consult with a repair technician.

Q7: How to clean transparent awnings?

To clean this type of awning, you should use soft microfiber cloths moistened with a mild detergent and then apply

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