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Barbecue – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Preparing a barbecue is a great alternative to spend a Sunday. If you don’t have one at home, we can recommend some options. A good alternative could be Mbuynow AB-F201. It is a portable barbecue with folding legs to take up less space. It is made of robust and durable materials and is easy to use, since it is made of regular carbon. Another good option might be the LotusGrill G-RO-34, a portable smokeless charcoal barbecue. It is ready to use in just three minutes and has a system to regulate the temperature and thus roast your meats at the end of your preference.

Opinions on the best barbecues

Now, in this section, you will learn about different types of barbecues, as well as models from various brands and their respective analysis so that, with information in hand, you can invest in the most practical product for you and your needs.

portable barbecue

Mbuynow AB-F201

Mbuynow’s portable barbecue is one of the cheapest and can be very practical to take on a trip or when you go camping. The structure of this barbecue is made of stainless steel with a matt black finish. Plus, it’s corrosion resistant so you can wash it without worrying about it getting damaged or worn.

It has dimensions of 37 x 27 x 20 centimeters when unfolded, enough for you to prepare food for approximately three to five people, more than enough for domestic and occasional use.

A striking detail of this portable barbecue is that its legs are foldable, which allows you to minimize its size. Some even consider it to be the best barbecue in the portable model category.

If you are interested in acquiring one of the cheapest, evaluate the pros and cons of this model, since it may also be the best barbecue for 20 euros:


Design: It is a portable barbecue large enough to prepare recipes for up to five people at the same time.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel and has a matte black finish that makes it look attractive and robust.

Grid: The grid for grilling the meat is also made of stainless steel and you can wash it with simple soap and water without wearing it out.

Capacity: Its size will allow you to prepare food for between 3 and 5 people at once.


Location: It must be placed on the floor, since the heat emitted could damage other surfaces, making it a bit uncomfortable to bend down to cook.

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smokeless barbecue

Lotus Grill G-RO-34

If you don’t want to buy a wood-fired barbecue because of the smoky flavor that the food takes on, we advise you to evaluate the advantages of the LotusGrill model, considered one of the best barbecues of 2022.

The G-RO-34 smokeless barbecue can be ready for use in just three minutes, avoiding you having to light the wood or charcoal yourself and wait for the embers to form. According to its manufacturer, it can offer a burning time of between 40 and 90 minutes depending on the amount of fuel added.

It has dimensions of 35 x 26 x 23.4 centimeters and a weight of 3.70 kilograms, taking up little space in your kitchen. It is delivered with a transport bag that will help you keep it free of dust and move it.

LotusGrill could be the best barbecue brand, as it has attractive and practical models like the G-RO-34:


Design: This barbecue has a compact size, but it is convenient to use to prepare all kinds of grill recipes.

Thermostat: It has a thermostat that will allow you to both turn it on and regulate the temperature and thus be able to heat the fuel quickly.

Safety: The grill can be secured to the barbecue and at the same time to the fuel tank to make it safer to use the equipment.


Distribution: Apparently, the heat distribution system should be improved so that it is homogeneous throughout the surface.

Fuel: Although charcoal can be used, it is recommended to purchase the same brand, since others can produce more smoke than desired.

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gas barbecue

Campingaz 3000004826

The Campingaz barbecue could be the answer to what is the best barbecue of the moment. This model is designed to work with volcanic stone. It has two burners and reaches a power of 7.1 kW so you can cook in no time.

This gas barbecue has a cooking surface of 45 x 35 centimeters from two chrome-plated steel grids to prevent wear from constant use. In addition, they are enameled to improve heat distribution and cook food evenly.

On the other hand, it also stands out that it has wheels to be able to move it easily, two side tables to place kitchen implements and ingredients there, as well as its lid to keep the heat inside.

If you have many questions or doubts and you don’t know which barbecue to buy, take a look at what this Campingaz equipment has to offer you:


Power: The Campingaz model has a power of 7.1 kW, with which you can have your food ready in no time.

Burners: It has two chrome-plated steel burners so you can prepare two recipes at the same time if you wish.

Thermostat: In addition, each of the burners has a separate thermostat to control the temperature.


Assembly: One detail to consider is that the barbecue needs to be assembled, since it is delivered unassembled.

Stones: Some buyers recommend buying extra lava stones, since not many are included with the purchase and there may be open spaces.

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electric barbecue

Severin PG 2790

Severin has for you an electric barbecue that could be the best value for money barbecue. The PG 2790 model works with resistances that are activated by connecting the barbecue to a plug.

It can reach a power of 2,500W, thus allowing you to prepare all kinds of grilled recipes at home. The housing frame is made of enameled steel for durability and easy cleaning.

The cooking surface measures 16 inches long by 10 inches wide so you can prepare food for yourself and a couple of guests in no time. It weighs 2.9 kilograms and its full size is 50.5 x 39.8 x 16 centimeters.

Now you will be able to know what are the most important advantages and disadvantages regarding the Severin equipment, in order to know if it will be practical for you to acquire it or not:


Design: Severin offers you an electric model with which you can enjoy grilled meals without having to cook them outdoors or consume fuel.

Power: It has a power of 2,500W to heat the cooking surface in a few minutes.

Materials: It has an enameled steel casing that, in addition to making it robust and durable, also distributes heat better.


Distribution: You should know that the resistors do not cross the center of the grid, leaving that space with a lower temperature than the rest.

Smoked: You will not be able to enjoy the smoky flavor offered by conventional barbecue cooking.

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Weber BBQ

Weber 1321004

The Weber Round Barbecue is designed for durability and strength. Its structure is made up of an enameled porcelain-coated tank that better reflects heat and a triple nickel-plated, fiberglass-reinforced nylon lid.

In addition, the cooking grill of this Weber barbecue is made of chromed steel and offers a cooking surface of 54.5 centimeters in diameter. In total, the barbecue with the lid open measures 91 x 61 x 61 centimeters and weighs 10 kilograms, but don’t worry about its mobility, since it has two integrated wheels that will allow you to move it like a wheelbarrow.

In the lower part, a tray has been integrated to collect the ashes and thus minimize the cleaning task after the barbecue is finished.

If you are looking for a classic and easy to use model, some say that this could be the best barbecue of the moment, so here we present its pros and cons.


Design: The Weber barbecue is one of the classic round ones. It has manageable dimensions and offers a cooking area of ​​54.5 centimeters in diameter.

Materials: Both the lid and the bowl are made of vitrified steel and have different coatings to improve their performance.

Wheels: The equipment has a pair of resistant wheels with which it will be easier for you to take it from one place to another.


Instructions: Needs to be assembled at home and the instructions don’t seem to be very helpful.

Tray: Try to secure the tray if you are going to use the barbecue outdoors in windy conditions, as it can easily rise.

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folding barbecue

SunJas Silver

The SunJas Silver model is an outdoor barbecue made of stainless steel.

This folding barbecue is designed to be used outdoors. It has dimensions of 74 x 33.5 x 70 centimeters and a weight of 5 kilograms. It uses coal as fuel, being economical to use. Also, as it has foldable legs and lids, you can take it with you when you go camping if you wish.

It is made of iron with an anti-heat paint coating, which will extend the life of the barbecue. As for the cooking grid, it is made of stainless steel to prevent food from sticking and you can easily clean it.

Finally, it is highlighted that the manufacturer offers 24-hour customer service and you have up to 30 days to return the barbecue if you are not convinced.

Some buyers may say that SunJas could be the best barbecue brand today and models like this one would be one reason why:


Folding: One of the most striking aspects of this model is that it is foldable, making it easy to move and also easy to store.

Accessories: In addition to including the grill, you can also use the two folding tables on the sides.

Materials: The barbecue has a structure made of iron with anti-heat paint for a long useful life.


Wrapping: It is said that the pieces of the barbecue have a wrapping that cannot always be completely removed and ends up melting on first use.

Robustness: Others indicate that it is a bit unstable and is not as robust as they expected.

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Lava stone barbecue

Campingaz Xpert 200 LS Rocky

This Campingaz barbecue could be a good option if you don’t know which barbecue to buy. It is a volcanic stone barbecue capable of maintaining heat for longer and reaching higher temperatures. Also, its 8.2 KW power is very useful for turning it on and heating it up quickly.

It has two burners to give you freedom when cooking and has side tables so you have space for tools or meat.

It has dimensions of 108 x 50 x 99 centimeters with a weight of 21 kilograms.

Another striking aspect is that the barbecue has a lid and this, in turn, has a thermometer so you can control the temperature and thus the end of your meat.

Campingaz has attractive and good quality barbecues to satisfy all kinds of needs. Learn a little more about what this model has for you:


Power: This Campingaz barbecue has a power of 8.2 KW, with which it will be easy and fast to reach the desired temperature.

Materials: The structure is made mainly of steel, with which a robust, resistant and durable barbecue is obtained.

Accessories: In addition to the thermometer to indicate the internal temperature, it also has tables on the sides, wheels to move it and an outside stove.


Cleaning: Apparently, the maintenance of this model is cumbersome and it is not always possible to remove all the grease.

Stones: Other users indicated that the included volcanic stones do not last very long.

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Argentinian barbecue

Oneconcept SAUENLAND

If you are a fan of Argentine barbecue, you should take a look at the option offered by the Oneconcept brand. This model is equipped with a rotating rotisserie, as well as two grills for you to place your meat, chicken or fish fillets there.

A fork and tongs are also included with the purchase to make it more comfortable for you to handle food. All the elements are made of stainless steel and the barbecue has a motor that will turn the grill. As an extra advantage, the height can be adjusted in case you want more or less direct cooking.

It has a size of 54 x 112 x 98 centimeters and a weight of 30 kilograms. The deposit to place the coal is quite large, allowing you to prepare a barbecue for parties, family gatherings, etc.

The barbecue offered by Oneconcept has attractive advantages for some buyers. We invite you to meet them below:


Rotisserie: The most remarkable thing about this model is that it has a built-in rotating rotisserie with its own motor to cook suckling pigs or complete chickens.

Adjustments: You can adjust the height of the spit so that the meat cooks at the speed and temperature of your preference.

Capacity: You can use two grills and a large charcoal tank so you don’t have to worry about loading it every time.


Support: You should know that the structure can support a maximum weight of 25 kilograms.

Price: The barbecue has the highest price of all the models mentioned in this list.

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korean barbecue


If you like the style of Korean and Japanese barbecue, you can consider the ZSLLO option. The ZS-089 model can be purchased in three versions according to manufacturer availability: small, medium and large.

It is a 15 x 15 x 10 centimeter barbecue that goes on top of a Hibachi table, which will prevent the heat from reaching the surface where the barbecue is placed.

The grille is made of stainless steel so you can wash it without worrying about it getting damaged, and the tank has an attractive design with hiragana script on a dark background. This adds a special and striking touch.

It can be used to share with your partner or with two more friends, since in this type of barbecue small snacks are usually cooked, such as oysters, pieces of meat, etc.

If you want to know what the most relevant aspects of this ZSLLO barbecue are, continue reading:


Design: This small option has an attractive and traditional design to maintain the style of this type of barbecue.

Table: The purchase includes the Hibachi table that will raise the barbecue from the table so as not to damage it with the heat.

Use: It can be used inside the house without problems and its maintenance is quite simple thanks to its size.


Capacity: It is not a good alternative if you want to prepare grilled food for several guests.

Price: Its price is a bit high for what it offers compared to other barbecues within this selection.

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barbecue accessories

barbecue grill

Imex The Fox 71616

Imex El Zorro is a brand that has in its catalog a very practical accessory for any type of barbecue: an iron grill. The 71616 model has dimensions of 68 x 41 centimeters so that you can comfortably place full steaks without problems.

The barbecue grill has a robust structure and good quality finishes that will allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

In addition to this, its design is intelligent, since two wooden handles have been integrated with which you can handle the grid without having to touch it directly. This will minimize the risk of burns or accidents when cooking.

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barbecue charcoal

Lotus Grill LK-2500

LotusGrill barbecue charcoal can be a good alternative to refuel your equipment at home. On this occasion, a 2.5-kilogram bag of charcoal obtained from 100% beech wood is presented.

Thanks to this, the coal reaches a high calorific value of up to 31,700 kJ/Kg.

The bag has handles at the top to make it more comfortable to load and the amount provided in this presentation offers you an autonomy of approximately 50 to 60 minutes depending on how you work the coal and the embers when everything is on.

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Guide to buying a barbecue

In this space, we will let you know what are the most important aspects that you should consider before buying a barbecue for your home, whether based on its operation, requirements or maintenance.

Shopping guide

barbecue type

The first aspect that we will analyze in this guide to buying the best barbecue is its type. As you already know, the best known options are brick barbecues (built with brick), coal, gas, electric, among others. To be able to choose the most suitable one, you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each one and, to know this, a good tool offered by the internet is that you can find a comparison of barbecues to inform yourself as best as possible.

Charcoal options are practical, since the fuel is cheap and they can prepare dishes with smoked finishes that are highly appreciated by some diners. However, its maintenance is more complicated.

As for the gas or electric ones, they are usually easier to operate, but they are not capable of providing the characteristic smoky flavor of charcoal or firewood.


If you want to know how much a barbecue costs in order to find a good and economical option, you should also take into account the structural design of the barbecue. In addition to providing information about its capacity, you will be able to determine if it is practical for you, if it is easy to move, if it has extra accessories or the finishes of its materials. We advise you to invest in a model that is resistant, especially if you plan to keep it outside.

On the other hand, you should know that several classic barbecue options must be assembled at home, since they are delivered unassembled. If this is your case, you may also need to look for a model that includes the tools to do it in case you don’t have the right ones.


For other users, the capacity of the barbecue is a definitive and influential aspect in the final decision to buy or not. However, cheaper models often offer little capacity for grilling meals, as they are smaller or have less power.

If you want to avoid inconveniences with your barbecue, make sure you first investigate the size of your cooking surface. Based on this, it will be easy for you to determine how many people the equipment is suitable for or the maximum weight it can support if it also has a rotating spit for piglets.


Now, if you decide to buy a barbecue that is electric or gas, one of the most important aspects to study is its power. At higher power, the barbecue will be able to turn on, heat up and cook food more quickly, but you must be aware, since, if you raise the temperature too much and get distracted, the food could easily burn or cook only on the outside., leaving the interior raw.


If you want to avoid wasting money when you use your barbecue at home, we advise you to evaluate the consumption that it presents with each use. However, you should also know that the type of fuel used to light the barbecue is influential in its autonomy.

For example, firewood may last longer than charcoal, but it requires more time to turn into embers and roast your food properly, so it will take more time and effort to have the food ready and sit down to enjoy it in company. from your family or friends.


Another aspect that could be more useful than you think is the different settings that you can apply to the barbecue of your interest. In some models, it is possible to change the height of the rotisserie or the grid in case you want your meats to be closer or further from the fire.

Likewise, there are also barbecues that work with burners and, if you look carefully, you can find models that have separate thermostats. So you can prepare two different types of recipes at the same time on your barbecue.


Finally, do not forget to also consider the maintenance required by the barbecue that you are interested in acquiring. As mentioned above, if you don’t like cleaning up soot, ashes, or carbon, you may be better off getting an electric model or an iron.

If you don’t mind cleaning the barbecue after use, we advise you to have some useful tools at hand to carry out the task, such as degreasers, metal bristle brushes to loosen the remains of food and a small vacuum cleaner with which you can get rid of residue buildup in the corners of the reservoir.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to light the barbecue charcoal?

When you want to prepare some meat on your barbecue, you should do it over hot coals and not directly over the fire, since this would burn it on the outside and leave it raw inside. Depending on the type of fuel to use, you must calculate the time it takes to turn into embers. For example, natural firewood takes longer than charcoal, so you’ll need to light the flame much sooner.

If you are going to use charcoal, either oak, scorpion fish or coconut shell. which are among the most widely used, about 20 minutes should be enough for the fire to develop into long-lasting embers at a stable temperature.

Q2: How to build a barbecue?

If you want to build a barbecue, choose an open space that is away from any flammable material, including trees, fences, etc. Clean the place and proceed to pour concrete to build the structure with bricks. It is recommended to build the barbecue in the shape of the letter E facing where you will position yourself when cooking. This will give you space to also have a place to put your implements and ingredients.

Lay a few layers of bricks until they reach a suitable height to add a new line in a rotated position on both the side and middle supports so that it protrudes and supports the charcoal tray and, higher up, another line that will support the grate.

Q3: How to prepare meat for barbecue?

There are many ways to marinate barbecue meat, but if you want to keep it simple and easy, you can use salt, oregano, cumin, pepper, or whatever whole seasoning you have on hand. If you want, you can also add sauces and garlic. We advise you to marinate the meat in the mixture overnight or for at least a couple of hours, as it will take on a better flavor when cooked. Do not forget to cover the bowl where you have placed the meat with plastic wrap or, failing that, a bag. This will help flavor the meat.

Q4: What portable barbecue to buy?

If your intention is to buy a portable model, we advise you to review its physical characteristics before buying it. Some barbecues have folding parts that make them easier to handle and move, so they won’t take up as much space and you can take them with you wherever you want.

Q5: What to buy for a barbecue?

Among the elements that we recommend you have as basics are a pair of gloves to manipulate the lid, in case you have one, as well as changing the position of the firewood or whatever you want. You should also have steel tongs, as these will help you handle the meat on the barbecue, whether it’s turning it over or removing it from the grill. Other tools could be a gravy brush, a cutting board, a good set of knives, etc.

Q6: How does a smokeless barbecue work?

There are two types of smokeless barbecues: electric and charcoal. However, you should know that they can emit a little smoke, but it is not annoying. The electric works with a resistance that is responsible for providing the heat for cooking. Since there is no combustion process as such, these barbecues only generate smoke if the meat juice falls on the resistance.

Regarding the coal models, they only use embers, again avoiding the initial combustion process, which is when the greatest amount of smoke is usually generated.

Q7: Which is better, a gas or charcoal barbecue?

Arguably, both alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages and you will have to consider them to decide which one suits you best.

In the case of gas models, it could be noted that they are easy to light, generally safe to use, cleaning requires less effort and there are portable models. As for charcoal barbecues, with them you can reach higher temperatures and the smoked smell in your food will add a special touch.

However, regarding the disadvantages, gas barbecues are more expensive and have an environmental impact, while charcoal barbecues have a greater risk of ignition and maintenance is cumbersome.

Q8: How does a barbecue with a wood oven work?

These ovens are lit from the entrance and the flame is pushed to the center, where the wood is found. When it is lit, the ground heats up, then the pile of wood is moved backwards and the dome shape of these ovens maintains a constant heat that, combined with the fumes from the wood, will leave a particular finish and flavor.

How to use a barbecue

If you already have a new barbecue at home, but you have no idea how to prepare it for its first use, in this space we will help you take the necessary steps so that you can have everything ready in a short time and thus prepare all the recipes you like.

barbecue type

You should know that these steps may vary depending on the type of barbecue, that is, if it uses charcoal, wood, electricity or gas to work. Electric models are often easier to use as they require no assembly, which is different from the other alternatives. However, this can affect the flavor depending on the recipe being prepared, and many people are fond of the smoky flavor of a classic barbecue,

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