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BMX Bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To move comfortably in the city or safely perform some tricks on the track, the first thing you should have at your disposal is a bicycle that suits your needs of use. Remember that not all equipment has the same characteristics, so you will have to pay attention to its description, analyze and compare them before making the purchase. For our part, we can recommend two models of BMX bicycles with outstanding positioning. If you want to perform stunts in a professional way, then Moma Bikes Free-style 360is the most sensible option. Its handlebar has a 360° turning mechanism, the stainless steel frame is lightweight and the model also incorporates four tubular stirrups with non-slip rubber coating. But for those looking for a starter bike, the Tribal Spear features shock-absorbing 25/9 pro threadless forks, 2.4-inch one-piece gearing, and rear U-brakes.

Opinions on the best BMX bikes

In order to take with you a bicycle that is correctly adapted to your needs, it is important that you sound out the opinions of other buyers. In this way, you will be able to determine some quality indicators, guaranteeing the success of the purchase. In order to help you, we have decided to present you with five models of BMX bikes that lead the current market.

Moma Bikes Freestyle 360

On this occasion, Moma Bikes brings to the market a product with a free style 360 ​​handlebar, made with high quality standards and with a minimalist aesthetic in black, which for some of the buyers is the best BMX bike.

This model has a format of 160 x 80 centimeters and a weight of 13.4 kilograms, designed to be used in practices and competitions by both a child and an adult. Its frame is Hi-Ten type stainless steel, it is robust but light, the 20-inch wheels have rims with a total of 48 chromed aluminum spokes and a pair of tubular stirrups, to facilitate the performance of stunts on the track.

The built-in brake system is a mechanical disc, arranged for both the front and rear areas of the bicycle. In addition, the pedals have been reinforced, the saddle is comfortable, the handles are ergonomic and non-slip.

Many of the users agree when commenting that this model may be the best BMX bike of the moment, due to the light and resistant design of its frame. In addition, it is a safe equipment and very easy to handle.


Resistance: The bicycle frame is made of Hi-Ten stainless steel, robust and very light.

Wheels: The manufacturer incorporated a pair of 20-inch wheels into this BMX bike model.

Brakes: The brake system with which the equipment has been provided is a mechanical disc type, counting on its execution both in the front and rear.

Format: This model of BMX bicycles has been designed under a format of 160 x 80 centimeters and a weight of 13.4 kilograms.


Instruction manual: One of the users misses the inclusion of an instruction manual in the purchase package.

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Tribal Spear

The Tribal Spear BMX bike, like all bikes of this style, has a low design, capable of keeping the center of gravity very stable, which makes it very suitable for a more complex type of riding, such as doing stunt jumps or performing exhibitions. on ramp. 

Likewise, it is a recommended model for beginners, since it is a bicycle for entry. In this sense, all the pieces are of high quality, with a very resistant alloy frame and a high impact absorption factor. These qualities make it a comfortable choice for display. At the same time, all parts are standard, so it will be easy to find spare parts.

Elsewhere, it features 25/9 pro threadless forks, 2.4-inch one-piece gearing, and rear U-brakes.


Tyres: The rear wheels are 36 USA BB spokes with a reinforced crank to improve handling and grip.

Parts: All bicycle parts are in a standardized format, so spare parts can be found easily.

Forks: 25/9 pro threadless forks with one-piece gears improve ride and control of the bike.


Level: This is an entry level bike, suitable for beginners, so it will not be the best for advanced users.

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Moma Bikes 20 inches

It is a functional model aimed at an adult target. The structure is resistant and light, so you can move around the city or practice some sports such as roll back, bunny hop and fakie. This is one of the characteristics that make this team one of the best BMX bikes of 2022, along with other recognized brands such as Monty.

Among the specifications to highlight, we have the elaboration of the bicycle frame in robust Hi-Ten steel, 20-inch wheels with chromed aluminum spokes, tubular footrests with non-slip cover on the rear, ergonomic grips and V-brake system. High precision brake.

In addition, the format offers comfort when handled and even stored, since it has dimensions of 160 x 80 centimeters and weighs 13.4 kilograms. Aesthetically, it is black and the design is that of a conventional bicycle, but with a 360 freestyle mechanism on the handlebars, which favors the execution of tricks.

Moma Bikes is a manufacturer with a long history in the world of extreme sports. Their equipment is resistant, durable and with a distinctive touch that attracts everyone’s attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that its model is considered as representative of the best brand of BMX bicycles.


Footpegs: A pair of tubular footpegs with a non-slip rubber cover have been incorporated into the rear wheels.

Wheels: This BMX bicycle model has two 20-inch wheels with chromed aluminum spokes.

Resistance: For the frame of the bicycle, the manufacturer used stainless steel, which is resistant and durable Hi-Ten type.

Design: The bicycle has a conventional black design, being ideal for moving around the city or doing some tricks on the track.


Weight: One of the buyers has complained about the weight of the bike, stating that it is excessive weight if the equipment is going to be used by a child.

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If after reviewing the different options on the market you are still wondering which is the best BMX bike, then perhaps this model belonging to the WETHEPEOPLE house may be the answer to your question. It is a bicycle that can be used by both an adult and a child, since its weight of 12 kilograms is quite light and the 120 x 70 centimeter format of the structure adapts to various anatomies.

As for other specifications, the team’s 20.75-inch wheels stand out, which also incorporate several chromed aluminum spokes. It is important to mention that this same material, but with a different thickness, was used to make the nine-inch handlebar and the team’s frame. In this way, you will enjoy a high level of resistance to the impacts that may occur on the road, as well as adequate support.

Making the decision of which BMX bike to buy requires a previous review of the models that catch your attention, thus verifying their main quality indicators. Next, we present you the pros and cons of an attractive, light and compact design.


Design: The frame of the bicycle is blue. The wheels, handle, saddle and pedals are black and some silver pieces also stand out, giving a sober appearance.

Format: The structure of the bicycle has a compact format of 120 x 70 centimeters for easy storage and transfer.

Wheels: When you purchase this model, you will have a pair of 20.75-inch wheels and chromed aluminum spokes.

Weight: The bicycle has a weight of 12 kilograms, so you can handle it comfortably due to its lightness.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, being an inconvenience for some customers, who have complained about it.

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The Bikestar kids’ BMX bike is very light and features a classic BMX design. All the pieces have high-quality finishes and are made of very resistant aluminum alloys. It should be noted that each bicycle goes through a strict inspection, so each one will be safe and stable. At the same time, you will comply with all safety regulations. 

On the other hand, both the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable in height and inclination, so the bicycle can grow with the child, increasing its useful life. In this sense, the saddle and handlebar have a special ergonomic design so that children adopt a correct posture at all times, promoting the health of children.

Also, all parts are safe and free of toxic elements. On the other hand, children can enjoy a smooth ride, due to the low-resistance pedals, an aspect that improves the user experience.


Materials: All materials are of high quality and made with non-toxic guarantees, since they are designed for children to use.

Adjustment: The saddle and handlebars can be adjusted so that the bike adapts to the growth of the child and lasts longer.

Design: The design is special for children, since it has coaster brakes, safety reflectors and light steering, especially for them.


Size: Being a children’s bike, it has a small size, so it is not suitable for all types of users.

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Bikestar Youth Aluminum Mountain Bike 20 Inch

It is a bicycle with an aluminum frame that offers stability and resistance for daily use, whether to go to the mountains, the city or school. It also has 20-inch tires and an 11.5-inch frame, making it an appropriate model for children from 1.15 m tall.

For greater functionality, it has a Shimano derailleur with 7 transmission speeds, which allows the bike to be adapted to almost any situation. In addition, it offers rear and front brake to ensure greater safety and control.

Design-wise, it has a black frame with green and blue accents on the frame, adding to its appeal, but it’s also available in pink, red, turquoise, and blue, so there’s enough variety to choose the model that the child likes best.

If you are looking for the best BMX bike of the moment, it is recommended that you carefully know the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Brakes: It incorporates disc brakes in the back and front, which favors safety.

Speeds: It offers a change of 7 speeds, so it can be used in different environments and situations.

Frame: It has an aluminum frame that provides strength and durability. Plus, it’s 11.5 inches tall, so it’s appropriate for kids 1.15m and up.


Threads: The handlebar threads may be a bit delicate, so it is advisable to tighten carefully during assembly.

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RoyalBaby Kids Freestyle BMX Bikes

This bike features 2.5″ thick tires, so they’re big enough to promote stability and ease of use by kids just learning to ride. In addition, it has a closed protector for the chain, which prevents it from getting out of adjustment.

For greater practicality, it has an easy-to-assemble structure, since it comes 95% pre-assembled, so it is only necessary to install the pedals, the handlebars and the seat. Also, it is good to know that it has a front caliper brake and a rear band brake to promote safety.

Also, you can find it in the colors pink, green, blue, orange and red. As if that were not enough, this bicycle is available in presentations from 12 to 20 inches, for children who are approximately 85 cm to 1.65 m tall.

The best BMX bike should offer strength and safety, like this option from the RoyalBaby brand. Let’s take a closer look at its positive and negative aspects.


Resistance: It offers a steel frame, so it provides resistance to shocks and constant use.

Training: It has a pair of training wheels, so it can be used by beginners.

Installation: It is only necessary to incorporate the pedals, the seat and the handlebar to start using it, since it comes 95% pre-assembled.


Weight: This bicycle has a weight of 9.2 to 14.5 kg depending on the model chosen, so it could be too heavy to be moved by small children.

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Bikestar Children’s Bicycle for boys and girls with Brakes

This is a BMX bicycle aimed at children over six years of age, whose structure incorporates a special mechanism in the handlebar and saddle area, which allows the height of these parts to be adjusted, according to the growth of the child. Similarly, it is possible to achieve a better posture in the back and arms when driving.

The bicycle has a blue stainless steel frame, with high resistance to impacts, as well as 20-inch green rubber tires and medium depth channels, for proper traction on different terrains.

Regarding the integrated front and rear brakes, the child will be able to activate them from the handlebar easily, for a quick and safe stop. For its part, the direction is smooth for a comfortable maneuver; the handles provide a good grip, since they are non-slip and the chain has a cover to prevent accidents.

If you are looking for a BMX bike with a strong design and pleasing aesthetics, you should review the details of this model.


Adjustable: You will be able to adapt the equipment according to the growth of the infant, since in the saddle and handlebar area it has been provided with an adjustment system, to regulate the height at your convenience.

Brakes: By incorporating front and rear brakes, stopping the bike is faster and safer for the child.

Frame: Its stainless steel frame resists impacts without deforming, that is, it is a durable product that will accompany the infant for a long time.

Address: The address of this bicycle stands out for its smoothness, so the child will be able to maneuver the equipment comfortably at all times.


Coaster: The coaster mechanism built into this model of BMX bike may make it difficult for small children to ride.

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Guide to buying a BMX bike

Owning a BMX bike will allow you to do tricks, jumps, and freestyle stunts. Since this is a cycling discipline that requires special equipment, not just any bike is suitable. If you want to renew your current bicycle or start in the sport, you need to know that there are many models and manufacturers, but not all of them are appropriate. In fact, these products must have some qualities and quality indicators that make them suitable options for BMX. To help you with your selection, we present a guide to buying the best BMX bikes.

Shopping guide


You’re probably looking for a good, budget-friendly BMX bike, but to this couple of features you have to add weight. Although a competitive price is attractive, you should not only focus your purchase on the lowest cost. In the market you will find bicycles of different weight, some designs are light, others have denser and heavier structures.

Both options have their pros and cons. However, the most recommended by users are those that have a light structure that allows the user to maneuver more easily and without having to exert extreme force. Being BMX a stunt sport, remember that you will have to consider the weight, because in many tricks you may have to carry the bike or calculate the weight based on the jump and distance you want to do.

According to your weight and build, you must select a weight, but it is recommended that it not be greater than 15 kilos, nor less than 11 kilos. Some of the models that lead the preferences of users have a structure between 13 and 14 kilos, being a favorable range to achieve a balance between speed, weight and distance.

handlebar and brakes

If you practice the sports modality of BMX cycling or want to get started in this discipline, you should know that the structure and properties of the bicycle vary between models and are different from conventional ones. Not any bike allows the multiple functions of a BMX, since these are made to be more dynamic and versatile, indicated for freestyle.

For this reason, users make it clear that in a comparison of BMX bicycles, the handlebars and the brakes must be included. The handlebars can be short-radius or freestyle, but the most recommended are those with 360-degree properties, because they allow a greater number of movements and total control of the maneuvers, being able to do almost any type of acrobatic.

Even if you enjoy jumping, speed and extreme, at some point you need to stop. In fact, the brakes may not only help you to stop, but also favor certain movements. The ideal thing is that these bicycles have a dual brake system with a high degree of precision and effectiveness, it being appropriate that you look for a system that favors the execution of tricks on the track, but that at the same time provides safety.


When buying a BMX bike, you should look for models that have solid and resistant structures, with a high degree of durability and that can be used outdoors without rusting or malfunctioning. The most recommended designs have frames made with a stainless steel structure, Hi-Ten or high tension type, a material that stands out for its durability, being at the same time robust and affordable.

Other models are made of chromoly steel, which is usually more versatile and resistant, but raises the price of the product. Both steels are recommended because they provide solidity, with a light weight that does not negatively affect the execution of stunts. Aluminum is added to these two materials, a metal widely used in bicycles, which stands out for its lightness, being appropriate and of quality, but with a lower degree of resistance.


If you want a bicycle to practice BMX, then regardless of how much it costs, the model you select must have 20-inch wheels, because they are more solid and are indicated for this modality, being favorable if the spokes are made of chrome material.

Also, before buying, it would be convenient for you to be clear about the BMX discipline you train. Whether it is racing, leisure or mound course, the tire changes, being suitable for asphalt, slick properties tires and for dirt with knobs.


Practicing BMX involves spending many hours of the day and many days on the bicycle, so it is recommended that it have a level of comfort with which the user feels comfortable while making the movements of the discipline. Ergonomics must be present in the saddle so that it does not hurt and it must be soft to the touch. Similarly, the handlebar grips should not hurt the hands and it is appropriate that they have non-slip rubber to maintain control of the area.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to adjust the brakes of a BMX bike?  

The first thing you should do is place the bicycle in a place that allows you to manipulate the part of the brakes. Then, with a 19 mm wrench you must loosen the spring. There, with this same key, you have to find the right point of spring tension until you find that the pads resume their braking function. When you find that point, it will be necessary to use a 5 mm Allen key, to set the correct position of the brake. You can test with your fingers if the tension is correct. If necessary, you must follow the same procedure on the other brake, either the front or rear.

Q2: How to put the chain on a BMX bike?

As a first step, you need to loosen the lug nuts with a wrench. You remove the old chain from the front of the bicycle and take the opportunity to measure it with the new one, so that they have the same size. If not, you will have to adjust it with a chain cutter. To place the chain, you must raise it to the advance to the rim of your bike. To join the new chain, it will also be necessary to use a special key. Then, you have to verify that it has been completely adjusted to avoid inconveniences. The last step will be to raise the chain from the rim to the front and give several pedal strokes, to confirm that the chain is fully running. As was done at the beginning to loosen, now it will be necessary to adjust each one of the rim nuts.

Q3: Which is better, a mountain bike or a BMX?

Both models are useful for cycling. The difference is when choosing the discipline. For example, mountain bikes are easy to use and can be used as a means of transportation in many countries. For its part, the BMX bike fulfills various functions, such as performing acrobatic maneuvers. Generally, BMX is used by those who practice this new Olympic sport.

Q4: How to remove the sprocket from a BMX bike?  

For this procedure you will need to have a stilson wrench, a chisel and a hammer at hand. The first thing you should do is disassemble the pieces that are at the rear of your bike, right where the chain goes, until you reach the star. Once this is done, it will be easy to replace the pinion with a new one and the latter can even be placed manually. The rest of the pieces will have to be joined again with each of the mentioned tools.

Q5: How to do tricks with a BMX bike?

There is a lot you can do with your BMX bike. One of the tricks is the reverse ollie, which instead of lifting the front wheel first, you have to do it with the rear wheel when leaning your body forward. Once the wheel is off the ground, lean back and grab the handlebars to lift the front wheel. Also, there is the 180 ollie trick, which consists of giving a traditional ollie and moving the body to the side, to finally turn the bike 180 degrees. While the manual trick consists of moving forward, without the need to pedal and only the rear wheel of the bike is used.

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Este modelo comercializado por Y & Y TOY STORE ON LINE es para muchos la mejor bicicleta BMX de relación calidad precio, ya que para su elaboración se emplearon materiales de alta gama que ofrecen resistencia y durabilidad. Además, el diseño es llamativo y, según los compradores, es de las más baratas.

El cuadro en acero cromado y las ruedas de 14 pulgadas ofrecen un soporte máximo de 100 kilogramos, mientras que los estabilizadores o ruedas de apoyo removibles brindan un extra de estabilidad al niño al momento de aprender a andar.

Además, es importante que tengas en cuenta que tanto el manillar como el sillín son regulables, por lo que el equipo podrá adaptarse a la anatomía del pequeño desde los tres y hasta los seis años. Entre otras especificaciones, destaca el sistema de freno tipo pinza para el área delantera y trasera, cubierta para la cadena y el portabotellas.

El diseño de este producto es resistente, seguro, ajustable en tamaño, atractivo visualmente y, según los compradores, es una de las bicicletas más baratas.


Ajustable: El equipo posee un mecanismo de regulación tanto para el área del manillar como para el sillín, por lo que podrás ajustarlo según el crecimiento de tus pequeños.

Ruedas: El par de ruedas de 14 pulgadas incorporadas para este modelo poseen una circunferencia de 33,56 centímetros.

Resistencia: El cuadro de la bicicleta fue elaborado en acero cromado, ofreciendo un adecuado soporte de hasta 100 kilogramos.

Estabilizadores: El fabricante incorporó un juego de estabilizadores desmontables en la parte inferior, brindando así mayor estabilidad al niño en la primera etapa de aprendizaje.


Montaje: Una queja comentada por los compradores es la ausencia de algunas herramientas para la realización del montaje.

Venom Mini

Venom Mini BMX es una bicicleta que llega al mercado gracias al ingenio de reconocidos profesionales del mundo del ciclismo, quienes aportaron grandes y valiosas ideas para que hoy día podamos contar con la sexta generación del producto. Es importante comenzar comentando que la mini bicicleta pesa 10 kilogramos y está elaborada en acero robusto inoxidable, ofreciendo así resistencia, durabilidad y ligereza.

Las ruedas son tipo neumático en color negro, su formato es de 10 pulgadas y los radios de aluminio cromado. Además, el sillín es de tacto suave, las empuñaduras poseen cubierta de goma antideslizantes y los pedales de polímero se adaptan a la forma del pie de cualquier niño.

El manillar cuenta con unas dimensiones de 24,1 x 67,3 centímetros, cobrando protagonismo visualmente. Es importante mencionar que, al momento de realizar la compra, tengas en cuenta que el producto se encuentra disponible en color negro, azul, rojo y verde. Todos ellos con acabados en mate.

Venom Mini es una bicicleta que ha causado furor entre los compradores debido a su diseño compacto, ligero y estéticamente atractivo. Además, la estructura es robusta y ofrece un adecuado soporte con estabilidad.


Diseño: Este modelo de mini bicicletas se encuentra disponible en varios colores y cuenta con un formato compacto de rápido montaje.

Resistencia: El cuadro de la bicicleta está elaborado en un 100% de acero robusto, ligero e inoxidable.

Ruedas: El par de ruedas dispuestas por el fabricante para este modelo son de tipo neumático de 10 pulgadas y con radios en aluminio cromado.

Peso: El peso de 10 kilogramos que posee esta mini bicicleta es uno de los más ligeros del mercado, facilitando su manipulación por grandes o pequeños.


La cadena: La única desventaja encontrada es referente a la cadena del área de los pedales, que según un comprador no ajusta correctamente, causando inconvenientes al realizar el montaje.

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