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Compass – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

The compass is a very useful instrument to know a location at a certain time, being one of the basic accessories that you must carry in case of trekking, hiking or if you make mountain excursions, because with this element you will be able to find the direction or the route right to your destination. In the virtual market you can find many quality models, but this time we want to recommend the Tightysunny Bike model as a good alternative, a compass made from an aluminum alloy that makes it very resistant to water, with a clear direction calibration and a Exclusive design for those who practice cycling. Another interesting model is the Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass, because it has luminescent markings that facilitate its use in low light conditions and it is suitable for professional use, thanks to its high precision.

Opinions on the best compasses

There is a wide range of compass brands and models on the market, which can be useful if you are interested in purchasing this device. That is why we have made a list of the best compasses of 2022, taking into account the outstanding opinions of satisfied users, who have valued their quality, technology, precision and reliability, to help you make a good choice, without having to invest a lot of money.  

bike compass 

Tightysunny Bike

You are probably one of those who think that acquiring a compass is very expensive, considering its manufacturing quality, technological characteristics, its precision and orientation effectiveness, but the Tightysunny Bike model is one of the cheap compasses that you will find on the market and has of a robust structure, as well as a design specially designed for outdoor cycling, so you don’t get lost on the way to your destination.

Likewise, this structure is resistant to climatic changes, being highly durable. In addition, it is waterproof so you can wash it without problems, it even resists flooded rainwater.

Regarding its operation, the Bike compass has an effective calibration direction, to obtain more precise measurements. It is very fast and easily installed on the bicycle handlebar. In addition, it comes in different colors to combine it.

If you want a compass with good value for money, we recommend this model from Aprettysunny, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection. Check its pros and cons.


Design: This model is designed with a special ring to install it on the bicycle handlebar.

Operation: With this compass you can obtain an effective calibration direction, offering precise results in the location.

Resistant: It is waterproof, so you can use it on different terrains with extreme weather conditions without problems, thanks to its high-quality aluminum construction.


Plastic: The bicycle ring is made of plastic, which is probably not in accordance with the structure of the compass, but it does not affect its function.

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orientation compass 

Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass

The Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass orienteering compass is a suitable instrument to obtain a precise indication of direction, because it is for professional use, easy to use and has the particularity of offering luminescence that will allow you to see your measurements in low light environments, being considered by many as the best compass that you can carry for your expeditions, climbs or explorations in the mountains and forests. 

This device has all the necessary elements in a compass, such as the clinometer, which is used to measure different angles within a map, which makes it easier to read. It also incorporates a mirror and a magnifying glass, making it useful for observing cartographic plans.

Another outstanding aspect of this model is that it includes lateral rulers, which help determine if the product is completely flat at the time of use.

If you are interested in a professional compass, we recommend this Suunto model, because it is considered by many users to be the best compass brand that currently exists. Here are its pros and cons.


Luminescent: Its luminescent markings stand out in this model, which will allow you to observe the measurements when there is little light. 

Waterproof: This compass is waterproof, so you will not have to worry in case of rain, as it will work correctly and without problems.

Precision: This model is of a professional type, offering high precision in its operation. In addition, it can be used anywhere in the world.


Plastic: Despite being a professional and highly efficient compass, it is made of plastic, which would reduce its resistance to shocks.

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lensatic compass 

Runacc Peephole

If you buy this Runacc model, you should know that it is a lensatic compass, designed to indicate a course directed to a distant point, following the direction with a minimum of error, being appropriate for navigation on land and not to be used in conjunction with cartographic maps. 

This model has a high-quality and resistant aluminum casing, which efficiently protects the compass dial, making it solid and long-lasting. In addition, its price is quite affordable, which is why it has earned a place as the best value for money compass in this selection.

Among the most important functions of this tool, we highlight that it is equipped with a scale on one of its sides, making it easier to measure the current distance on the map. 

To know a bearing, you just have to point to your destination with the Runacc compass and read the degrees indicated by the direction line. Learn here the advantages and disadvantages of one of the cheapest models.


Uses: This compass can be used in various outdoor activities, such as hiking, traveling, camping, mountaineering, etc.

Light: Additionally, it is a light compass, since it only weighs 78 g, so you can comfortably carry it in your pocket or backpack.

Magnifying glass: It has a mini glass magnifying glass, which is suitable for pointing to the measured target and direction.


Plastic: It is important to note that this compass has some plastic elements that could reduce the robustness of the product, giving the impression of being not very resistant.

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Digital compass 

Celestron Trek Guide

Do you want to know which is the best compass this season? We recommend you take a look at the features that describe the Celestron Trek Guide compass. This product is designed to measure barometric pressure, altitude, weather forecast, sea air pressure, temperature and time.

Its compact structure with a pocket casing and a lanyard to facilitate transport, as well as a bubble level, are some of the elements that allow this compass to stand out in our selection.

Additionally, we must point out that this digital compass model is resistant to different weather conditions, such as air or water, has a calendar showing the day, month and year, as well as the current time, has an alarm and is equipped with backlighting. LED, so you can use it when light conditions are poor.

If you still don’t know which compass to buy, we recommend you see the advantages and disadvantages of this Celestron brand electronic device.


Weather: Among the functions that this compass has is the weather forecast so you know how the weather will be during your expedition.

Barometer: Another function of this model is that it shows the barometric pressure, both of the air and the sea.

LED: Also, this compass has an LED backlight that is appropriate so that you can use it in places with low light.


Battery: Unlike the magnetic models, this product needs a lithium battery for its operation, but it is included in the purchase.

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clock with compass 

Bozlun SKMEI

If you are looking for one of the best compasses of 2022, which also integrates the sports watch function, we recommend this model from the famous firm Bozlun, a brand that is committed to its customers by providing them with products made with the highest quality standards, for what this SKMEI clock compass offers great accuracy and a striking military-style look.

This compass watch is appropriate for people who need a multifunctional, resistant and durable device, since it has among its functions a stopwatch, date, pedometer, temperature and pressure measurement, among others.

Its design is round, large and modern, with a scratch-resistant screen, with LED lights and a soft polyurethane strap to wear it comfortably on the wrist. Additionally, it is a watch with a world time function, showing the time, date and week. In addition, it is waterproof, withstanding up to 30 meters of depth, so it offers a good user experience.

If you are looking for a multifunctional compass that tells the time, this tool is one of the most complete and versatile, being considered by many users as the best compass of the moment. 


Multifunction: It is a digital wristwatch equipped with an alarm clock, a calendar, a 12/24-hour clock and the ability to be waterproof.

Compass: The compass function has high precision to find a direction safely. In addition, it is easy to use just by pressing the RESET button.

Design: This watch features a casual minimalist design, with a dial display that shows large numbers for easy reading.


Diving: Although this watch is water resistant up to 30m, however, it is not suitable for diving activities, because it cannot withstand long time underwater.

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military compass 

Proster TL150

If you are looking for a military compass, we recommend the Proster TL 150 model as a good alternative to work with extreme weather conditions, as it has been designed for hunting expeditions, exploration, camping, geology, canoeing, climbing, hiking, among other activities that you can do outdoors. It can also be suitable for making orientation and navigation measurements on plans.

This model of professional type, in addition, could be appropriate to determine the different cardinal points. On the other hand, it has an angle meter and lateral rulers to measure distances on maps in a simple way, which will allow you to orient yourself efficiently. 

Additionally, its structure is made of high-resistance materials, with an attractive military camouflage design. All these characteristics, together with its affordable price, make it one of the cheap compasses that we can find on the market, so it could well be considered the best price-quality compass in this selection.

If you still don’t know which compass to buy, this Proster model could be a good alternative for professional use. Here are its pros and cons.


Readings: This model incorporates a bubble level next to the compass, which allows more precise readings.

Design: It has been designed with an attractive military camouflage effect and has a metal cover that can be folded to use the inclinometer effectively.

Versatility: It is suitable for use in extreme conditions, thanks to its versatility and therefore, it is a good companion in outdoor activities.

Lens: It incorporates a comfortable lens that allows you to observe the compass readings with great efficiency.


Weight: For some it could be a bit heavy, but remember that it is made of a resistant and robust material, which provides durability over time.

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marine compass


This TOOGOO brand marine compass is specially designed to be installed on all kinds of boats, such as boats, trucks, caravans and other water vehicles, because it is equipped with various effective functions to navigate with better precision. Its structure is very resistant and durable, providing an adequate anticorrosive effect.

Regarding its operation, we can highlight that this model has a system with precision compensators, which are capable of reducing the oscillations that occur during navigation. It also has a mounting system, which allows you to install the compass on the windshield or, if you prefer, on the dashboard of the boat. 

On the other hand, this model has been regulated with increments of five degrees and has good-sized dials, so the process of reading the respective measurements is easier. So many people consider this tool to be the best compass on the market for marine navigation because they have been satisfied with this product. 

If you still don’t decide which compass to buy, we recommend the TOOGOO 63865 compass, so you can review its qualities and verify if it fits your needs.


Reading: This model has increments of five degrees and dials of a suitable size to facilitate the process of reading the compass.

LED: It incorporates an LED light that allows you to review readings more easily in places with low light.

Durable: It is a compass made with high quality materials, resistant to corrosion, waterproof and durable over time.


Usage: This tool is not intended for use in outdoor activities, but rather on watercraft, motorhomes and trucks.

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diving compass

Aufee Wrist Compass

If you are one of the people who love diving, you need to have a diving compass at hand and the one offered by the Aufee brand could be useful, because it is capable of providing up to 50 meters of waterproofing, being very resistant in complex conditions..

This model has a very practical, portable, light and easy to use watch design, with a bracelet made of good quality ABS plastic. While, the compass magnifier is made with wear and scratch resistant glass, being listed by some users as one of the best compasses of 2022 that have been designed for diving.

In addition to this, this compass offers a high performance in the guide, so it is quite sensitive, being appropriate for different outdoor activities, such as underwater caving, cycling, camping, hunting, hiking, among others.

Aufee Wrist Compass is considered by many users to be the best compass of the moment for water activities, so we invite you to review its main features.


Analog: This compass does not need batteries for its operation, since it is analog, it works in a conventional way and does not require calibration.

Design: It features a black wristwatch style, very practical and easy to carry, which is very useful for water activities.

Depth: With this compass you can dive up to 50 meters deep in the water, being quite functional to orient yourself while diving.


Size: The 6.5 x 3.15 cm measurements of this compass may seem too large to carry on your wrist, but remember that this model is appropriate for viewing orientation in the water through a diving mask.

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Guide to buying a compass

Although it is true that technological advances abound today, being possible to use smartphones as GPS to find any direction or to orient ourselves at a certain time, it never hurts to carry an instrument as fundamental as the compass, so that you can orient yourself properly in the mountains or on your walks through the forest. 

Without thinking about how much this instrument costs, the main thing is its quality and precision, that is why we gave ourselves the task of preparing this guide to buy the best compass, in which you can probably find some alternative that is good and economical to get to your home safely. destination.

Shopping guide

compass types

When we make a comparison of compasses, we realize that they are not all the same, since they have different characteristics and functions, they are not manufactured with the same quality materials, and it is necessary to establish what type of compass we need, so that our choice is the most accurate..

So, the first element that you should check when buying a compass is to know the use you want to give it. In this sense, you will notice that in most virtual stores that offer compasses, there is always a military-style compass, known as a marching compass. This type of compass is mainly designed to indicate bearings at very long distances, the level of error being somewhat reduced.

Another interesting model, but for professional use, are cartographic compasses, which have a much lower percentage of error than the previous ones and are specifically designed to be used on cartographic plans or maps. In general, its manufacture is made of a transparent plastic material that allows a better view of the measurements.

Among other interesting alternatives, you will find compasses for marine use, designed to be installed in watercraft or other vehicles. They are more robust and their measurements are different compared to conventional analog compasses. Other attractive models would be the compasses designed for diving, which are designed to guide us in the water, so the seals that have been placed in their design prevent water from altering their effectiveness.

compass materials

It is also important to know the type of material that is used in the manufacture of the compass that we are going to choose, because the resistance and durability of the product will depend on it. So, you will find cheaper models which are made with medium quality materials, while there are others that are high cost, so you can buy them according to your needs and budget.

If you need the compass for professional use, we recommend you purchase a high-resistance model, it being appropriate to opt for those compasses made with metallic elements, which provide robustness and greater durability to the product. They offer a high level of shock resistance, are waterproof, do not rust easily, and are highly competitive in function. Although its weight could be a drawback compared to other models.

On the other hand, you will find compasses made with plastic materials, such as acrylics, ABS or in combinations with metallic elements, reducing the weight considerably, but they need more care in their use because they are not as resistant as metal ones. So, if you want the compass for a specific use, these plastic models are the most suitable, their cost is cheaper and they fully fulfill their function.

other functions 

Depending on the type of compass you have chosen, you will notice that it can have different features and accessories to complement its use, facilitating the process of orienting ourselves on any terrain or being able to read a map accurately, according to our needs.

One of these elements that we find in most compasses is the clinometer, an accessory that allows you to measure different angles on a map, so that its reading is more effective and precise. They can also incorporate magnifying glasses, as in the case of cartographic compasses, which helps considerably to read the maps correctly.

In most of today’s models, it is possible to find luminescent elements that favor the vision of measurements in low light environments, this fluorescent accessory can be on the dial of the compass or in the circle, which represents a plus in these types of tools. 

There are also digital compasses that incorporate other features, such as time, temperature, atmospheric pressure measurement, so they are very efficient. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a compass?

Using a compass is very easy, thanks to the magnetic needle incorporated in its structure, which is in charge of indicating the direction towards the earth’s magnetic field and points to the north pole or the south pole. In the case of using a map, the best way to use the compass correctly is to hold the instrument firmly, on a surface as flat as possible and, to orient yourself in any direction, you must pay attention to where the magnetic needle moves, since the itself should rotate from side to side, unless you are facing north. 

Q2: Who invented the compass? 

According to some theories, it is believed that this artifact was created in China, approximately in the 9th century, no exact date or who invented it is known, but in its beginnings it was a magnetized needle that floated in a container of water, that served to determine the direction when the navigators were in the sea. The compass as we know it today was invented by the alchemist Pietro Peregrino de Maricourt, in the year 1269, who described in a document a compass with a fine needle. This invention was immediately used by the Arabs and they took it to the East. The refinement of this instrument took place between the 14th and 15th centuries, when the Italian Flavio Gioja suspended the needle above a plectrum and enclosed it in a box with a glass lid.

Q3: How to orient yourself without a compass?

There are several methods that can be used to navigate without a compass, depending on whether it is day or night, just by observing the stars. If it is daytime, you can use the sunrise and sunset as a reference, because as we know the sun rises from the East point and sets in the West. You can also use the stick method. To do this, it is necessary to know that the Sun, seen from the northern hemisphere, travels a curve that is oriented towards the South during the hours of the day, so using the shadow of a stick just at noon you could determine the South-North orientation.

Q4: How to make a homemade compass?

It is very easy to make a compass at home, you just need a magnetic needle, a container of water, a piece of cork or a plastic bottle cap and glue. To get the magnetized needle it is required to rub it about 50 times with a magnet. When you rub the needle from its hole to the tip, the iron atoms line up and it becomes a magnet. Next, stick the magnetized needle on the cap or cork and carefully place it in the container with water. The cork or cap will rotate until the north pole of the needle (which would be the hole) points in the direction of the magnetic north pole.

Q5: How to know the cardinal points of my house without a compass? 

As we already know, the cardinal points are North, South, East and West. To locate these points in our house without using a compass, we can use an object and place it in the part of the house where the sunrise can be seen in the morning. If that output is to the right of the object, that will be east, then you can place west to the left of the object, north will be in front of the object, and of course south will be to the back of the object.

Q6: Where does the compass point in the southern hemisphere?

If it is a magnetic compass designed for the northern hemisphere, the needle will not be balanced and will not move freely on its axis, brushing against the base or compass glass, and will not point in any direction. Now, if you are using a compass designed for the southern hemisphere, then the compass will indicate north as usual. If you are a frequent traveler and often visit both hemispheres, you should use a global compass because it is designed to orient you in both hemispheres.

Q7: Why does the compass point north?

As established by scientists in this area, the magnetized compass needle naturally aligns itself like the Earth’s magnetic field. In this sense, it is believed that the Earth acts as a magnet that crosses the planet and the south pole of that magnet is located near the geographic north, consequently, since the opposite poles attract each other, then the north pole of the magnetized needle of the compass will always point in that direction.

Q8: How to calibrate an android compass?

If you have a compass on your Android phone, you must have noticed at some point that it does not point to the correct location, and this is because the device’s compass has lost its precision, requiring a calibration process to correct it. A very simple way is using the Google Maps application. To do this, you must open the application and draw an 8 in the air with your android.

You will have to repeat this movement until you achieve the exact calibration. As accuracy improves, the blue dot beam used to indicate your position in the Google Maps app should get smaller. To check the degree of accuracy of the compass, just touch the blue dot at any time

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