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Cycling Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Starting the search for appropriate cycling shoes to carry out the practice of said sport is a difficult task to carry out, since there are many models that you will find available in the market. It is for this reason that we have decided to present some options, among which the LUCK Extreme 3.0 stand out, a pair of shoes with soles made of 100% carbon, it also has a closure system using three velcro straps, which provide good support. For its part, the GUTANG-DC SIDEBIKE model has a very nice design with a velcro closure and an easy-release strap, while its structure has special small holes so that your feet remain dry and fresh.

Opinions on the best cycling shoes

If you want to buy good cycling shoes, you should consider each of the advantages that each model that can attract your attention can offer you. In this way, you will then have the opportunity to meet some models that could well meet your needs when practicing this sport and pedaling smoothly.

road cycling shoes

LUCK Extreme 3.0

If you are looking for the best quality-price cycling shoes, this model could be the one for you, taking into account that it is made with high-quality and resistant materials, among which microfiber stands out. In this way, we are talking about road cycling shoes designed in one piece and without interior seams.

Likewise, the sole of this model is made of 100% carbon, which would provide you with the level of stiffness and lightness you need to move nimbly on the track while you pedal.

On the other hand, regarding the structure of these cheap road cycling shoes, let us tell you that they have a reinforced toe cap, which is totally transparent, therefore, they will always be protected. Also, the back is made of rubber, ideal for your heel to adapt properly. In addition, for proper support, this model has 3 velcro straps, which are separated into three strategically distributed points to provide you with an adequate grip.

The purchase of good cycling shoes will depend on each of the characteristics that a particular model has to offer you, which is why we invite you to learn a little about LUCK Extreme 3.0.


Materials: For the manufacture of these shoes, a high quality material such as microfiber was used, special for you to enjoy a light and comfortable model.

Soles: The soles are made of 100% carbon, therefore, you will have at your disposal a good level of lightness and stiffness at the same time, so that you pedal comfortably.

Closure: The closure system of these shoes occurs through three velcro straps that are separated at three different points to provide you with a better fit.


Cleats: Regarding the support for the cleats available in these shoes, it should be noted that it takes a bit to release them to be able to put them in their correct position.

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MTB cycling shoes


If you are an amateur or professional MTB cyclist, you should have some special MTB cycling accessories at hand to practice this sport comfortably. That is why we have included in our list the SIDEBIKE shoes considered by many users to be among the best cycling shoes that can be found on the market, not only for their price but also for every advantage they have to offer.

Among the attractive features, it should be mentioned that they are available in different colors so that you can choose the one of your preference. Likewise, in terms of its closure system, it has two appropriate ways to keep the shoe attached to each foot. In this case we refer to a velcro fastening and an easy-release strap for greater comfort.

As for their design, these cheap mtb cycling shoes have special holes for air to enter and exit, keeping your feet dry, fresh and comfortable while you pedal. It also has adjustable holes that will allow you to adhere the sole to the pedal through the cleats that you could adjust to the shoes.

If you want to know which cycling shoes to buy, you should take into account all the details available in the design of the model that you like the most, so that you can make a good choice.


Colors: It should be noted that these cycling shoes are available in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Breathable: This model is completely breathable thanks to the holes available in its structure, ideal for allowing air to enter and exit your feet.

Closure system: The closure system available in these shoes is made up of a velcro strap and an easy-release strap.


Sizes: Some users comment that you have to be very specific with the size to choose, since the shoes come a little larger than usual.

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Women’s cycling shoes

Muddyfox TRI100

If your pocket is a bit tight and you need to buy cheap cycling shoes, this model could be a good option because it is a product that, in addition to offering quality, is available at a good price.

In this sense, the Muddyfox brand has the TRI100 model, characterized by its beautiful design available in white with pink details, which makes these shoes special for female use.

Also, these women’s cycling shoes have a completely waterproof upper part to keep your feet completely dry in the presence of unpleasant weather during your practices. It also has mesh panels that give it breathability at all times.

As for its closure system, these cheap shoes are equipped with a hook and loop velcro strap, to provide you with a better fit so you can pedal with maximum confidence and safety. Likewise, the back of each shoe is reinforced and has pull tabs.

This model could be one of the cheapest available on the market, it is for this reason that we describe its most relevant characteristics below.


Design: These are special cycling shoes for women and available in white with some pink details.

Mesh panels: These shoes have mesh panels that make them breathable to keep your feet always dry.

Closure: The closure system in these shoes is given by a velcro closure with hook and loop for greater security and support.


Cleats: To mention a drawback about these shoes, it should be noted that they do not include the cleats, therefore, you must purchase them separately.

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sidi road cycling shoes

Sidi Wire Carbon

Being able to pedal comfortably on your bike while you go on the road, practice or compete, will depend largely on the type of shoes you are using to carry out such an action.

That being the case, you are surely wondering which are the best cycling shoes available on the market, which is why we present the Wire Carbon model. These are sidi road cycling shoes that offer you a design that, in addition to being very attractive, is robust.

Likewise, its structure is black with white, it has the brand name embodied on one of its sides and on the heel. As for its manufacture, quality materials have been used that provide the shoes with a long useful life, so that you avoid making additional expenses in the future.

It is important to mention that this model has holes in its structure that are ideal for you to enjoy an adequate level of perspiration, thus being able to keep your feet dry thanks to the inlet and outlet of air while you pedal.

These could be considered the best cycling shoes of the moment not only for their practicality when using them but also for their attractive design.


Breathable: Thanks to the holes available in the structure of these cycling shoes, they are totally breathable so that your feet always remain dry.

Design: It is a very striking model with a robust design available in black with a bench.

Resistant: For its manufacture, materials have been used that provide resistance and quality to the product.


Colors: It should be noted that these shoes are only available in white with black, which is a drawback for those who prefer colorful and striking models.

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luck cycling shoes

LUCK Pro 0.17 MTB

The Pro 0.17 MTB model of the LUCK brand is characterized first of all by its new sole with a double SHD carbon structure, designed to provide an adequate adaptation of the sole of your feet, thanks to the presence of the natural rubber studs available in its structure., these same ones are able to offer you a special grip as well as great durability.

For their part, these luck cycling shoes are made with quality materials, among which microfiber stands out and, as if that were not enough, they have an anatomical insole with a 100% breathable ON Steam lining for greater comfort.

Likewise, they are built in one piece, this is a very comfortable model as they are slippers without interior seams, in addition, the lining arranged inside has a silver ion treatment with self-regulating temperature and antibacterial, to prevent possible infections in your feet.

Surely you are facing a difficult choice about what could be the best cycling shoes, for this reason you can read the pros and cons of the LUCK Pro 0.17 MTB model below.


Sole: The soles available in these shoes have a double SHD carbon structure, therefore, the soles of your feet will be able to comfortably adapt to them.

Materials: During its manufacture, materials such as microfiber were used, which is a quality and very resistant model.

Inner lining: The inner lining that these shoes have is equipped with a silver ion treatment, antibacterial and with temperature regulation, suitable for you to feel comfortable while pedaling.


Reinforcement: Unlike other models available on our recommendation list, these shoes lack a special reinforcement on both the heel and the toe to protect your feet.

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Triathlon shoes for cycling

Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V

Among the best cycling shoes of 2022 you can find the Tri Fly V model sponsored by the Pearl Izume brand, a product that has great qualities and is manufactured with both professional and beginner cycling athletes in mind, who want to carry out an appropriate practice every day.

In this sense, it should be noted that these are triathlon cycling shoes that you could use with or without socks thanks to the comfort that they offer inside, this is due to the upper membrane that it has, which is completely ribbed.

Likewise, the sole of these shoes is made of composite fiber and select grade nylon, two materials that are characterized by providing lightness, rigidity and durability at the same time, while the insoles are made of EVA rubber, so that your feet enjoy a level of considerable support and comfort.

If you still don’t know which cycling shoes to buy, you can take a look at the most relevant features of this model so you can check if it could be the one for you.


Use: It should be noted that these shoes have a fully ribbed upper membrane that allows you to use them with or without socks, making you feel very comfortable.

Sole: The soles are made of high-quality materials that provide the product with the durability and rigidity you need for each pedal stroke.

Insoles: For greater comfort, the insoles of these shoes are made of EVA rubber capable of providing you with good support.


Color: You can buy these shoes only in green, since it is the only color in which it is available. Therefore, you do not have the possibility to choose between several options.

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shimano cycling shoes

Shimano MTB Me300

Before the presentation of various cycling shoes available on the market, the Shimano brand could not be missing, characterized by offering its most loyal followers the best products to satisfy their needs at all times.

In this way, the Me300 MTB model has a very simple design in black with white details. Likewise, it is an exclusive product for the use of cyclists made with resistant and quality materials, in this way, both its exterior and its lining and sole are synthetic.

On the other hand, the design available on the instep of these shoes prevents the entry of water inside them but reduces the drying time and provides a considerable adaptability of the foot.

Also, the cover arranged on the round toe of these Shimano cycling shoes is capable of providing a level of safety and protection for your feet.

Shimano could be considered the best brand of cycling shoes available on the market, thanks to each of the products it offers, these being of quality and very practical.


Design: These sneakers are available in black with details and white, something that could be especially attractive for gentlemen.

Instep: The design available on the instep of these shoes is capable of preventing water from entering inside them, therefore, you can keep your feet dry and fresh.

Protection: The cover available on the round toe of each shoe can provide an adequate level of protection to your feet.


Size: When choosing the right shoes for you, some users recommend asking for one size more than the one you usually use, since said model has a small last.

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Spiuk road cycling shoes

Spiuk Altube

Last but not least, we will talk about spiuk road cycling shoes that could well be one of the best models on our list, starting with the fact that it is an appropriate version for different uses such as Pro – Xcountry, road, Pro-Competition and MTB.

Likewise, these shoes are equipped with a great BOA closure system which will provide you with a precise fit so that you perform to the maximum with each pedal stroke. Likewise, its Driling Shell System technology allows this model to have adequate breathability through perforations available in its structure.

As for the sole, it is of mixed construction where fiberglass and polyamide are joined, to achieve efficient transmission when pedaling, while all its studs have been designed exclusively to improve your grip and traction.

Whenever you look at some cycling shoes you must take into account each of the details that make them special. In this opportunity we invite you to discover the Spiuk Altube model.


Closure system: These shoes have a BOA closure system capable of providing you with the precise and comfortable fit you need to pedal with confidence.

Technology: The Driling Shell System technology will allow you to keep your feet cool thanks to the perforations available in the structure of the shoes, which allow air to enter and exit.

Sole: The soles of these shoes are made of fiberglass and polyamide so that you can enjoy the best experience with each pedal stroke.


Last: Some users comment that the last of these shoes is a bit narrow, therefore, you must choose the size you decide to use very well to avoid inconveniences.

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How to choose the best cycling shoes?

For practitioners of cycling it will always be important to have the best accessories, designed to carry out a practice or competition in the best possible way, being able to maintain fluid and comfortable pedaling. Thus, we have created a guide to buy the best cycling shoes available on the market, therefore, below, you will find detailed information about the aspects that you must take into account to make a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

Cycling shoe type

During the search, the first thing you should do will be a comparison of the cycling shoes that most attract your attention and that, of course, adapt to the type of practice you need to carry out, since there are different special models for each terrain and situation.

In this sense you will be able to find triathlon cycling shoes, these due to their composition and design are similar to road shoes in some aspects, while in others they are totally different, starting with the fact that they are manufactured and designed to be easy to take off when you need it. Also, for greater comfort, some include a very soft inner lining that could allow you to wear them without a sock if you wish.

For their part, road cycling shoes generally have soles made of carbon or smooth, low-profile but high-quality plastic, without studs or grip projections. Likewise, they usually include a special closure system to keep them always fixed to your feet, as well as an appropriate ventilation system, so that air enters and exits, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.

Finally, we have the MTB cycling shoes that due to their design are completely different from those for triathlon and road, this detail is due to the fact that they have studs and grip projections on their soles. In addition, the cleat system is usually made of much stronger materials that are resistant to both water and wear.

closing system

Even if you decide to buy good and cheap cycling shoes, they must have an appropriate closure system depending on the type of cycling you practice, this in order to be able to keep them firmly attached to your feet, being able to achieve your goals and objectives. at every practice and competition.

Thus, there are different types of closures, among them the most common are the velcro tape closure, these are self-adhesive strips and have always simplified the task of adjusting the shoes to each foot due to the fact that it is an easy, fast and comfortable mechanism to carry out, both to put them on and to take them off.

There is also the BOA closure system, this is one of the most innovative on the market today, since it provides lightness but great strength at the same time, just when it is time to adjust the shoes. Likewise, its function mechanism results through elastic cables with dials that ensure an adjustment with maximum precision.

Finally, we find the buckle closure, which, like the lace closure, is the oldest method in cycling shoes but also offers a good fit.


When choosing good cycling shoes, you should not only look at the cost of the model that you liked the most, but also the type of sole that is capable of providing you so that you can enjoy great pedaling.

In this sense, some of them are made of nylon, being the cheapest, but with good flexibility for each use. For their part, there are also soles made of carbon fiber, these same ones offer rigidity and optimize the transmission of your force before each pedaling, to obtain greater performance.

On the other hand, you should make sure that they offer you a good fixation of the cleats, since this mechanism is essential to enjoy correct and fluid pedaling at all times.


Another detail that cannot go unnoticed is the manufacturing material available in the shoes. In this way, there are some models made of fabric or leather, while the most modern shoes have carbon fiber in their structure, it is a high-end shoe that could provide you with the useful life you need.

However, whatever type of shoe you decide to buy, the truth is that they should also provide you with an appropriate level of ventilation to prevent the accumulation of sweat on your feet and inside the shoe.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use cycling shoes?

The first thing you should know before using cycling shoes is about using a size that is appropriate for you in order not to mistreat your feet. Later you will have to place each one on the corresponding foot, taking into account that you will need to adjust them by means of a closure system, either cord or velcro, the important thing will always be that you manage to make sure that they are fastened correctly to avoid inconveniences. Only then, you will be ready to start your cycling practice or to carry out a special competition.

Q2: How to put the cleats on the cycling shoes?

According to the specialists, they comment that the cleats are placed in your cycling shoes based on three parameters, among them the first is the most important, so you must carry out this task very carefully so as not to make a mistake that could cause discomfort when riding. pedal. In this way, you will have to start with the anteroposterior adjustment and for this you will have to find the appropriate point where you think the pedal should go, which will be precisely where you will rest your foot at all times.

Then it will be time to continue with the lateral adjustment, this will depend on the point that you think is correct for you according to your way of pedaling, because it should be noted that if when you pedal your knees go in the direction of the frame, you must place the cleat towards the outside so that your foot can easily approach the connecting rod. Now if it happens in the opposite direction and your knees tend to open while you pedal, then the cleat should go to the left, that is, towards the bike frame. Finally it will be time to adjust the rotation, always keeping in mind that it will not be appropriate to rotate the cleat excessively to one side or the other.

Q3: How are cycling shoes made?

The process of making cycling shoes is very simple as long as you have the necessary tools to carry out such an action. In this way, you must follow some steps in order to achieve the creation of a specific model. In this way, the first thing that must be done is to carry out the cut of the upper part that you prefer to manufacture, then follows the profiling process that consists of sewing the pieces, that is, joining them with each other until forming the body of the shoe. Subsequently, the assembly follows, this time you will have to join the upper with the sole to finally glue the sole and that’s it.

Q4: When to change cycling shoes?

If you happen to suffer a fall that causes inappropriate cuts in the structure of the shoes, the truth is that they must be replaced immediately. Now, if you were to lose a clasp or lace that is necessary to carry out a good adjustment of the same on the foot, then you should go to your trusted shoemaker, since according to experts in the field this problem does have a solution. On the other hand, changing the shoes will be necessary when you notice considerable wear on the soles.

Q5: How to adjust cycling shoes?

Adjusting the cycling shoes to each foot is very easy and simple, you just have to check which closure system the model you have purchased has. In this sense, there are shoes with velcro closure, in this way you only have to stick both sides of the velcro, applying only a little pressure, so that they are well attached. Now, if it is a model with a lace closure, you will only have to use the traditional tie between one lace and another and that’s it.

Q6: How to clean cycling shoes?

If you want to keep your cycling shoes in good condition for a long time, you must clean them correctly. In this way, to remove the mud available on its exterior, the most convenient thing will be to use a damp cloth as long as it is a smooth surface of leather or synthetic leather. Now, if it’s mesh shoes, you could use a brush with soft bristles. If you wish, you could also remove their insoles and wash them separately to avoid bad odors inside the shoes.

Q7: Are spinning shoes the same as cycling shoes?

It should be noted that both shoes have many features in common, therefore, some users often use the same spinning shoes to go out on the bike. Now, if we talk about professional use, depending on the type of cycling you practice, spinning shoes may result in some different details than certain models for MTB or triathlon cycling, for example.

Q8: How should cycling shoes fit?

After placing each cycling shoe on the correct foot, they should be snug but not tight. That is why it is recommended to use a size that is right for you. Well, otherwise, you could suffer different types of discomfort in the foot. That being the case, make sure you feel as comfortable as you can to function properly when pedaling.

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