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Dumbbells – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

For training and strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs without having to go to the gym, it is convenient that you can have a pair of dumbbells. If you are going to buy some, you should know that not all are the same, nor suitable for certain objectives. Before selecting a model, it is recommended that you be able to establish a comparison between the options. There are hundreds of designs on the market, with only a few having user approval. Among them, the Proiron PRKCAS20K model stands out, dumbbells for versatile training, whether for upper or lower extremities, adding a total of 20 kilograms among its pieces, which are usually suitable for placing in apparatus and steel tubes. For its part, there is also the York Fitness 2429 model, a kit that contains 18 pieces and, therefore, allows for multiple training options, having bars whose grip is non-slip for greater stability.

Opinions on the best dumbbells

For sports fans who want to stay active in training and sculpt their arm and leg muscles, dumbbells are a must. There are many models on the market and, although they seem similar, there are characteristics that differentiate them, being convenient for different purposes and people. To make your selection easier, we offer you a list of the dumbbell options that lead the users’ preferences.

adjustable dumbbells

Proiron PRKCAS20K

If you are looking for a model that stands out for its properties, then you need to be able to make your selection among the best dumbbells of 2022, so we invite you to learn about the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Proiron. This option is made up of a weightlifting sports kit, so it’s adjustable based on how much weight you can lift.

The set of adjustable dumbbells incorporates two handles, four 0.5 kg plates, another 4 1.25 kg plates, plus another four 2.5 kg, making a total kit of 20 kilograms. Additionally, 4 collars and an extended bar are included.

Each of the elements of these adjustable dumbbells is made of solid and quality materials, with a non-slip design, in order to avoid possible injuries and they are also lead-free. Being a complete kit, there are multiple possibilities to exercise, since it is only necessary to change the dumbbell on the steel bar.

Proiron is a manufacturer with experience in the development of products that allow you to develop muscles, and is also a strong candidate to become the best brand of dumbbells. Therefore, it is appropriate that you can analyze its main advantages and disadvantages.


Kit: With this model you can enjoy a complete training session, because it is equipped with dumbbells, necklaces and a barbell.

Dumbbells: The kit is equipped with three types of dumbbells of different weight for a total of 20 kilograms.

Design: This model has an ergonomic handle design that allows you to hold the pieces more easily and comfortably.

Versatility: They are more than just dumbbells, it is already a game that offers multiple training options of different intensity and strength.


Nuts: The game incorporates nuts that must be attached to the weights, but apparently these loosen easily and can cause accidents.

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dumbbell set

York Fitness 2429

To have good muscles and have regular training in your limbs, it is not necessary to go to a gym, because having a couple of weights will help you achieve your goals at home. For this reason, this York Fitness model is frequently recommended by users, as it is an adaptable and versatile dumbbell kit.

It is a set made up of a series of discs that together add up to 20 kg. It has 4 discs of 0.5 kg, 4 of 1.25 kg, 4 of 2.5 kg and 4 chrome collars and bars. In addition, the case is included for easy transport. The pieces are made of cast iron.

The dumbbell kit is equipped with bars that ensure the grip of the plates and that have a special corrugated design to prevent them from slipping from the hands. Depending on the level of training or type of exercise, plates can be added or removed from the dumbbell.

When making your purchase it is important that you can select designs that offer you versatility. In the case of the York Fitness 2429 dumbbell kit, we find that they are recommended dumbbells because they meet this characteristic. Here its pros and cons.


Set: The model incorporates discs of different sizes and weights that can be added to the bars. It includes a total of 18 pieces, representing a fairly complete kit.

Design: The dumbbells are designed with a classic gym style, black plates and chrome bars with non-slip grip.

Versatility: Depending on the level of training or limbs you exercise, with these dumbbells you can add or remove weight.

Portability: Whether you train at home or outdoors, with this model you can carry your dumbbells from one place to another because it has a case with a handle.


Case: It has been said that the case to transport the dumbbells is sometimes weak compared to the content loaded inside.

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dumbbell set

Proiron PRKNED02K

Available in apple green, this model is usually recommended to those who are looking for the best value for money dumbbells, because they are the cheapest in our selection and one of the lowest in the market. The manufacturer Proiron offers a simple design of complete unit that does not require assembly, nor to place disks.

These cheap dumbbells are made of solid cast iron, with a neoprene coating that improves grip and prevents them from slipping, even with sweaty palms. Its design is modern and when placed on the floor they do not roll.

However, you will find this set of dumbbells available in seven weight levels, with an identifying color for each one. In this case, the kit includes a pair of dumbbells that reach a maximum weight of 4 kg, since each one has a weight of 2 kg.

If you are looking for a model that is suitable for different types of training at a good price, then you can check out the Proiron PRKNED02K which is recognized as one of the cheapest dumbbells today.


Materials: This is a model that is made of solid and resistant materials. Its weight is given by cast iron, which is free of lead and other harmful metals.

Weight: This kit of two dumbbells is offered in a weight of 2 kg each, for a total of 4 kg, being a suitable level for beginners.

Design: The dumbbells have been designed with a modern and functional style, in addition to being made in one piece.

Ergonomics: To avoid hand injuries, they are equipped with a textured neoprene coating. In addition, they do not slip or damage the floor.


Support: Some users miss a support to place the dumbbells to maintain organization in the space where they are used.

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Dumbbells 10kg

Home Sweet Gym Jowy 

Among the best dumbbells on the market, some hexagonal weights could not be missing. For this, we have chosen this Jowy model, equipped with this format in the weight area. This shape is much more comfortable to use and prevents the dumbbells from rolling when you put them down.

The weight area has a good quality rubber coating, which prevents damaging the floor and protects you from possible accidental friction during training. This quality is also present in the handle, made of high quality chrome and with an appropriate treatment, which improves the grip of the piece.

As for its level of load, we have chosen dumbbells of 10 kilos, very suitable for CrossFit exercises and bodybuilding. However, the range of this manufacturer goes from 8 to 20 kilos in weight, thus completing a complete offer adapted to all types of users.

Complete your home gym with this efficient, high-quality dumbbell set.


Shape: The hexagonal shape prevents the weights from rolling on the floor, staying in place when you release them.

Handle: The chrome handle has a high quality and a grooved format, with which it is easier to hold the weights.

Variety: In addition to the 10 kilo weights that we have highlighted, the offer reaches up to 20 kilos of weight in total.


Heavyweight: The weights start at 8 kilos, so it is not the most suitable option for those who are just starting out.

Finish: The black finish can be somewhat bland, although this look is purely cosmetic.

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Dumbbells 5kg

KG Physio Antiroll

The KG Physio dumbbells are a very suitable proposal for those who do not need such high loads and prefer traditional weights when training. Something that this model complies with, rounded, but with a small flat area, which facilitates its placement on the ground.

In this case, we are talking about dumbbells weighing 5 kg, made of high-quality cast iron and covered in neoprene. This material has the advantage of protecting your floors and your own body during training, thus avoiding problems during the use of dumbbells.

This material is present on the entire surface, including the handle, which adds extra comfort when holding and training. As an extra, a gift poster is included with each set of weights, with an interesting guide to bodybuilding exercises.

To make your bodybuilding exercises easier, nothing better than resorting to quality products like this one.


Coating : The integral coating makes it easier to grip the weights and prevents them from slipping during workouts.

Shape : The shape of the weights unites the traditional design with small flat areas, which facilitate their placement on the ground.

Interior : The metal interior adequately maintains the quality of the structure during training.


Finishes : It is convenient to check the dumbbells when you receive them, since some finishes may not be as good as they should be.

Grip : The size of the grip is very large, which may not be to the liking of some users.

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Other products

POWRX Hexagon

If you are wondering which are the best dumbbells that can be obtained on the market, this model from the manufacturer POWRX may help you answer the question.

According to the level of demand, texture and type of training, there is a suitable weight for each user and a number of repetitions that must be done to achieve the result. For this reason, this model offers the possibility of selecting between seven weight levels. Dumbbells are available from 5 to 30 kg.

They have a hexagonal shaped design covered with high-density rubber on each side of the bar, made of chrome. The clamping mechanism is suitable so that they do not slip from the hands, since it is ergonomic and easy to grip.

Thanks to their hexagonal shape, they do not roll on the ground. They are recommended for biceps, triceps, back and shoulder exercises, according to individual needs.

For many users it can be difficult to determine which dumbbells to buy, so it is convenient to pay attention to the quality indicators that each option offers. In the case of the POWRX, it is a versatile model for different purposes. Here its positive and negative properties.


Unit: With this model you will not have to worry about adjusting nuts or part of the piece falling off, because it is a unit with integrated elements.

Design: Unlike other models, these dumbbells are made with a hexagonal design that makes them adopt a fixed position on the ground.

Ergonomics: The model is equipped with a comfortable grip level and a rough material bar that prevents slipping.

Weight: According to the training objectives outlined, with these dumbbells you can select the weight between 5 and 30 kg.


Smell: The rubber that covers the dumbbell has a strong smell that remains after months of use.

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dumbbell accessories

dumbbell stand

MARD Black

If you need a dumbbell stand, you can purchase this model that is made of robust plastic and is capable of holding up to a total of six dumbbells, which would correspond to three pairs. This model has a suitable design to be placed on flat surfaces such as the floor or tables.

Likewise, its black color will combine with any decorative style where you place it. On the other hand, this stand has a simple assembly process, so you can use it quickly as soon as you receive it. In the same way, it is possible to place dumbbells with weights that range between 0.5, 0.75, 1, 2 and 3 kilograms.

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Guide to buying dumbbells

In case you need to acquire dumbbells to carry out sports activities, here is a summary with the most important factors to take into account when making the choice. Read our guide to buying the best dumbbells.

Shopping guide


When choosing dumbbells, you must take into account their weight, as this will allow you to know if you will be able to train correctly with a certain pair. If you’re training for the first time, knowing what the right weight is for you may be difficult. So, the best thing to do in this case is to choose a kit that includes several weight options, so you can experiment which one suits you best.

Also, if you want to do a progressive workout and test your endurance levels over time, opting for a set of dumbbells with several pairs of different weights is also appropriate. In case you are already used to training and have a defined load level, you can search for a specific weight range, knowing that there are multiple options, from 0.5 kilograms to 5, 10, 15, 20 kilos or even higher levels.


The manufacturing materials are another important factor that should be included in the comparison of dumbbells, since, on the one hand, they determine the level of resistance that they will have and, on the other, they allow you to know how much they cost and in what type of spaces you can use them. these implements, knowing that sometimes certain materials can damage the floor.

Thus, manufacturers develop parts covered in high-density rubber, which can come into contact with any type of surface, without damaging it due to weight. The most used materials in the manufacture of dumbbells are some types of metals, plastic, as well as sand for filling. Generally, they are combined with bars made of iron, chromed steel or similar materials, always trying to facilitate grip.


For a set of dumbbells to be favorable, it is necessary that the grip on them is pleasant to the touch, since, otherwise, it will be more uncomfortable to manipulate them. In this sense, it is not enough that the dumbbells are good and cheap, but they must also guarantee their adequate support.

In the market, you will find various grip options, two of which are the most common: a rubber-coated handle or one with some type of texture, in models that are made of metal. Both cases are suitable, although textured models can better prevent slipping, especially when hands are wet.


Although it does not necessarily influence the quality of a dumbbell, its design has an impact on the practicality of use. Some prototypes have circular or hexagonal shaped heads, in order to better adapt to the surfaces where they are placed. On the other hand, when it comes to a dumbbell kit, the manufacturer classifies the units in colors, corresponding to each weight, in order to facilitate their location.

In other cases, the weight is written in relief on the structure or even both modes of identification are combined, so if your model meets some of these criteria, it will already have another favorable point to be chosen.


Most dumbbell sets come in one piece, so there’s no need to complete an assembly process. However, there are kits that include the option of structuring the dumbbells, according to the preferences of the user who is about to train.

For example, an individual bar with the respective weights of various load levels and some adjustment hooks are added, to make the mounting in a personalized way. This procedure should be simple, so you can save time and start training quickly.

Accessories and dimensions

Accessories are another essential element when buying dumbbells. Depending on whether you have purchased a pair of dumbbells or a custom mounting kit, there are helpful accessories that enhance the use of sports equipment, such as the rack. Hence, you should value those models that incorporate the corresponding base to support them when they are not in use.

In relation to the dimensions, it is worth paying attention to the size of the dumbbells, since although the weight is the same, sometimes there are models with a greater length and a variable volume, which can facilitate or hinder the location of the dumbbells. dumbbells in a certain space. So prefer models with small or medium dimensions, as they are easier to place in the area you determine for training.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make homemade dumbbells with cement?

Making homemade dumbbells using cement is easier than many people imagine. To do this, you must have two containers whose containment capacity will be determined according to the level of load you want to have. It is recommended to cut the circumference that forms the bottom of each container, since this will work as a lid when removing the disc.

Use a tube to mark the hole where the bar will enter and place it in the center of the container. Now, proceed to pour the cement inside and let it dry for approximately two days. Extract the discs and proceed to join them using a bar that you can make of wood, although you can also use an iron tube.

Pierce the bar with a drill and put screws into it on each side, to prevent the tube from moving. You can cover the bar with some plastic material, to make it easier to grip.

Q2: How to do dumbbell squats?

To squat, you need to hold the dumbbells in each hand and stand tall. The width between your feet should correspond to the width of your shoulders. Proceed to crouch down keeping your arms straight, in order to maintain a point of balance. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions and select dumbbells whose weight is comfortable for you. Always remember to keep your back in a straight position, in order to avoid injuries.

Q3: What dumbbell back exercises can I do?

There are many back exercises that you can do using dumbbells. Among the most common is rowing, which consists of standing in an inclined position holding dumbbells in each arm. Pull the dumbbells back, just as if you were rowing.

Do the number of repetitions that you consider appropriate in a range of 10 to 15. You can do this same movement leaning on a bench, alternating between each arm. Also, you can lie face down on the bench and open your back holding a dumbbell in each arm.

Q4: How to strengthen shoulders with dumbbells?

To strengthen the shoulders with the help of dumbbells, you can perform various movements. Stand with your back and with a dumbbell in each hand proceed to open your arms to each side, taking care not to raise the dumbbell higher than shoulder height.

Another lifting movement that you can perform is to bring the dumbbells to the front. If you find it too difficult to do the movement, you can alternate between each arm. A third option may be to flex your arms upwards with an opening to the sides, descending with your arms to shoulder height.

Q5: What are dumbbell lateral raises for?

Dumbbell lateral raises serve to exercise all the extremities corresponding to the upper body of the body. It is a complete exercise that stimulates the muscle groups of the shoulders, back, chest and arms at the same time. This type of exercise can be done standing, sitting, and also experimenting with various levels of incline.

Q6: When to raise the dumbbell weight?

To know that it is the right time to raise the weight of the dumbbells, the person who performs the exercise must feel completely comfortable when performing the movements with a certain weight.

In this way, by adding a greater weight, it will be possible to execute the movement, still maintaining a certain level of comfort or complying with the minimum number of repetitions stipulated for the exercise being performed. The main sign that too little weight is being used is a lack of resistance when performing the dumbbell extension.

Q7: Are dumbbells effective in bodybuilding?

Of course. Dumbbells are one of the main implements used to perform bodybuilding exercises. Many times, the weight of the dumbbells is the same as that achieved using a machine, so their use is highly recommended both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to perform an exercise with a higher level of customization and freedom of movement.

Q8: What are aquatic dumbbells used for?

Aquatic dumbbells have a structure that is resistant to water, hence their use is recommended for certain aquatic spaces such as swimming pools. In most cases, this type of dumbbell is used in rehabilitation exercises, where the user reaps the benefits of training in water, as this means less impact on the joints and bones.

Q9: How to make homemade bottle dumbbells?

To make homemade dumbbells with bottles, you must select two containers whose containment capacity adapts to the weight range that you can support. Proceed to fill the bottles, using a high-density material such as sand, although you can also use water or cement. Seal the inside of the container and you will have your dumbbells available to train. If you wish, identify each bottle with the weight to which it corresponds.

Q10: Are dumbbells with interchangeable plates safe?

Yes, dumbbells will be safe as long as the requirement of a good fit of the plates and bar is met. Therefore, you must make sure that all the pieces are well adjusted when making your personalized cufflink. Now, compared to fixed dumbbells, you should know that the possibility of an accident occurring due to the detachment of a piece is practically nil.

Q11: When to use dumbbells?

You can use dumbbells anytime you want to train. With them you can carry out various exercises for each of the muscle groups of the body and you will also have greater freedom of movement.

In this sense, the use of dumbbells is also recommended when you want to exercise outdoors, because these implements are easier to move, since they do not take up much space and do not represent an excessive weight compared to what a machine can have in the open air. the gym.

How to use dumbbells

The use of dumbbells for the first time can generate certain doubts in the users. Therefore, below we have summarized some basic tips to keep in mind for the use of these sports implements, so that you have a pleasant training experience.

Check the weight of the dumbbells

Before starting the training, you should proceed to check the weight of the dumbbells, in order to check if it is really one that you can support or if it is even below the level of load that you want. In that case, proceed to select a smaller or larger size dumbbell, respectively. If your model is disk, then perform the corresponding replacement.

Choose the muscle group you want to exercise

Determine which muscle group you want to exercise and, based on it, proceed to plan your training routine, as well as the organization of the space. This means knowing if you will use a support bench, if you need to place a mat on the floor, if you require more space to execute the movements, etc.

Determine a training routine

Now focus on the training routine. If possible, write the exercises you will perform, with their respective repetitions. In this way, you will not forget anything when you are training. If you have the help of a personalized instructor, you probably already have a stipulated routine, but if not, investigate the types of exercises you can do using dumbbells, depending on each muscle group.

Attach the discs to the bar

If your model is the type with interchangeable discs, mount the dumbbells. To do this, you must attach the discs to the bars. At this point, you should have already decided what weight you will be working with and have chosen the plates to match. Insert the bar through the hole in the discs on each side.

Attach the adjustment hooks

Next, it is time to adjust the bars and discs with the help of the hooks, which should be included in your purchase kit. Depending on its shape, it will probably be necessary to insert the hook through the hole and turn until snug. Other times, it is about nuts that are also fastened by turning them on each side.

Disassemble the dumbbells at the end

Depending on how often you do your training and the space available, it is recommended to remove the dumbbells at the end of each session. The procedure will be similar to that of the assembly, only that you will begin to remove the pieces in the opposite way to how you did it at the beginning, first removing the hooks, then the discs and finally the bar.

Removes traces of dust and sweat

To maintain the hygiene and good condition of the dumbbells, it is advisable to remove the remains of dust and sweat that gradually accumulate in the structure. So use a damp cloth and swipe it across the heads and handle.

Store in the corresponding support

Depending on the model of dumbbells you have, it is important that you store the implements safely, both to facilitate moving around the house and to preserve the structure in good condition.

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Capital Sports FIT20

En caso de que quieras encontrar unas mancuernas baratas de 10 kg, puedes conocer este modelo desarrollado por Capital Sports, con el que podrás participar en diferentes jornadas de entrenamiento, ya sea funcional, cross training o culturismo. Este par de mancuernas tienen un importante nivel de resistencia, ya que están elaboradas con un revestimiento de goma de alta densidad, que resulta resistente a los golpes y permite proteger el suelo donde se coloquen.

Para facilitar el agarre al momento de hacer cierto tipo de ejercicios, estas mancuernas cuentan con cabezales en forma hexagonal, lo que supone una sujeción más segura. El nivel de agarre se complementa con una superficie texturizada elaborada en acero cromado, que al mismo tiempo aporta resistencia, permitiendo además la sujeción de las mancuernas con las manos húmedas.

Esto también significa que podrás utilizar estas pesas en espacios abiertos o expuestos a la intemperie. El peso de las mancuernas es

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