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Electric bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

The electric bicycle arrives on the market to help you move around the city or the mountains safely and comfortably. It is important that you keep in mind that it is a very popular product that has been put on the market by multiple brands, which may make the selection process difficult, due to the considerable variety of models. One of the recommended options is represented by the Moma Bikes BIE16NUN model, which has a 250-watt motor, is capable of reaching 25 kilometers per hour and offers a range of 50 kilometers. If you prefer a product for good performance, the NCM Moscow Plus electric bikeIt is suitable for mountain mode, it has a 250 W motor, a 48 V battery and is equipped with an LCD screen to display activity indicators, as well as a high load capacity of 120 kilos.

Opinions on the best electric bicycles

If you want to make the most of the performance of your electric bicycle, you must verify all the specifications regarding its operation and thus guarantee the success of the purchase. In the next section, we present the models that lead the tastes of buyers.

folding electric bike

Moma Bikes BIE16NUN

The Moma Bikes BIE16NUN folding electric bicycle is one of the most recognized products on the market. Both for the quality and tradition of its manufacturer and for what this particular model offers. Something that is reflected in details such as an estimated autonomy of use of 50 kilometers, with maximum speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour. An operation that is generated by a 250-watt brushless motor, which increases its durability and resistance. 

As for its frame, it has been made of high-quality aluminum and is foldable in its central part. Therefore, you will not have problems folding the bicycle when storing it or traveling by bus or metro, if you need it. Especially if we consider that its weight is about 17 kilos, which simplifies handling.

Enjoy a new mobility with this complete Moma Bikes product, which we analyze below.


Basic parameters: The product reaches a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour with a range of 50 kilometers.

Assist : Pedal assist has three intensity levels, depending on what you need.

Charger : The fast charger only needs 4 hours to leave your bike fully charged.

Weight : The weight of the bicycle is about 17 kilos, which makes it easy to handle and transport.


Speed ​​limitation: The bicycle is limited, so that you cannot exceed the 25 kilometers / hour indicated.

Front light: The front light can be released when folding the product, although it is easy to put it back on.

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electric mountain bike

NCM Moscow Plus

Within its extensive catalog of products, the manufacturer NCM presents this electric mountain bike that is positioned as one of the best and most efficient on the market for continuous pedaling on trails and paved roads.

The model has been equipped with a silent 250 W brushless motor that, together with its 48 V battery, provide the necessary power to provide 6 levels of assistance from 6 km/h to 25 km/h. Similarly, its structure has a USB port for charging and its autonomy is estimated between 50 and 130 km.

In addition, the bicycle has a robust construction, but low weight (about 28 kilos with the built-in battery), with a load capacity of 120 kilos and an adjustable height of its saddle between 0.89 and 1.06 m. Similarly, it has been equipped with precise disc brakes and quality sprockets, as well as support for lights. 

This model may meet some requirements, but to determine if it is suitable, it is convenient to know its pros and cons that we present below.


Construction: It has a robust construction, weighing approximately 28 kilos, with a high capacity for 120 loads. 

Motor: It incorporates a silent 250 W motor, which provides power for 6 levels of assistance.

Battery: Its optimized 48 V battery allows it to reach a range of travel that can vary between 50 and 130 km.

Design: It has a modern design for mountain and trails, which is available in black with blue details. 


Lights: Although it includes the respective supports, the lights are not included and must be purchased separately.

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36V battery electric bike

MoovWay B20

Those who are looking for an electric bicycle with a 36 V battery could be interested in this proposal, because it has additional features that favor movement in cities. 

This model is foldable, so that the size of its structure can be reduced to convenience in a matter of minutes. Similarly, its seat is adjustable in height according to the size of the cyclist, for greater ergonomics.

On the other hand, the bicycle is equipped with a 350 W motor that, together with its 36 V battery, provide a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h, with a range in electric mode of between 18 and 25 km, corresponding to a charging session of 4 to 6 hours.

In addition, the model has been equipped with precise double disc brakes, LED headlights and red taillights, which help to be seen on the road in poorly lit spaces or at night. Its weight is a light one of 18 kilos and its load is estimated at 90 kg, being a convenient average level.

Next, we have summarized the most relevant characteristics of this model in the form of pros and cons that we present for your analysis.


Capacity: It is a robust model with an estimated weight of 18 kilos, but with a capacity for 90 kilos of load.

Battery: It has a 36 V battery, to provide autonomy of 18 to 25 km, which is a convenient travel distance.

Motor: It is powerful, because it is equipped with a 350 W motor, which provides a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h.

Folding: It has an optimized folding system that allows you to reduce its size in a simple way.


Design: Its design is adapted to the city, so it is not favorable for very steep slopes.

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Other products

Urban Glide E-Bike 140

Another product that might interest you due to its urban and compact design is this model from the manufacturer Urban Glide, which has adequate performance for assisted pedaling, with a robust and favorable construction for travel as an alternative means of transport in the city. 

This model has an estimated weight of 15 kilos, but its load capacity is much higher, around 120 kilos. It has a sleek design that is available in black. In addition, it has 14-inch wheels and its dimensions are compact, while it has folding properties, so that it can be reduced to only 116 by 36 by 62 cm.

In addition, it has the possibility of linking with the mobile through an application to know details about the operation in relation to the battery, distance and anti-theft function with the wheel lock. Its 36 V battery helps you complete about 18 km per charge and its height-adjustable saddle, for better adaptation.

If you want to know more about the specifications of this model, here are its pros and cons. 


Speeds: It is equipped with a powerful motor that provides 3 speeds for assisted pedaling. 

Battery: It has a 36 V battery that charges in 5 hours and supplies energy for 18 km of autonomy.

Capacity: Although it is light, it has a high load capacity, for 120 kilos. 

Folding: It has an intelligent and effective folding system, which reduces the size to facilitate its portability.


App: Setting up the app can be a bit cumbersome and may require a few tries. 

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Cityboard E- Tui

Endowed with a practical, classic design and innovative properties, this electric bicycle from the Cityboard manufacturer is convenient for being unisex in style and equipped with 27.5-inch wheels. 

Due to its size, it is a favorable bicycle for adults, which has been built with high quality standards in aluminum alloy, with a 250 W motor and a 36 V battery to provide between 60 and 70 km of autonomy. These items provide the strength for 9 levels of assistance. Likewise, the model incorporates an LCD screen that allows you to observe details about the route and load level. 

In addition, its components are high-end, with precise disc-type brakes, both front and rear. It has a Shimano gear system with 21 speeds, suitable for different city terrains or trails. Both the saddle and the grips of this alternative are made of natural leather, offering resistance and softness to the touch. 

Reading the pros and cons of this model will help you identify if it is favorable for your requirements.


Capacity: The model has a load capacity of 120 kilos, enough for people of different physical complexions.

Battery: It incorporates a removable battery that charges in 4 hours and provides autonomy between 60 and 70 km.

Speeds: It is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano gearbox, making it versatile to adapt to the type of route. 

Assistance: It has a 250 W Brushless motor, which is used to grant 9 levels of assistance.


Folding: If you want a model that reduces its size to save space, you should know that this option does not meet this objective, since it has a fixed structure.

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electric bike accessories

electric bike kit

Bafang BBS02B 

To have a complete set in case an adaptation or conversion is required, it is best to be equipped with an electric bicycle kit and this Bafang model stands out for being efficient for mountain, ride, road and commuter models, because it is equipped with all the necessary accessories for assembly and its installation is relatively simple. 

In addition, it is a set for optimized performance that has hydraulic brake sensors, as well as a central motor with a 48 or 52 V battery, adapted for 5 assistance speeds. It also has an LCD display, Bluetooth function available for iOS system, as well as a variety of other components.

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electric bike battery

EFFEKTA Crosser Tandem

If you have a device with assisted pedaling, then it is likely that you need a replacement battery for an electric bicycle, this EFFEKTA model being one of those that stands out for its high level of compatibility.

The battery has a weight of 2.6 kilos and works with a power of 12 volts for a nominal capacity that is located at 9.5 amps. Its length is 15.1 cm, 6.5 cm wide and 9.4 cm high and it has a Faston 250 connector. According to its technical specifications, this is a battery that is used for electric bicycles such as Draisin Scooter Crosser Tandem.

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electric bike engine

Lixada 700x23c

If your equipment has started to lose power and strength, it may be necessary to change the motor of the electric bicycle, but when doing so you should look for a quality model, this design being marketed by Lixada, being one of the favorites of buyers. It works with a capacity of 3200 amps, 36 volts and 240 watts, weighing approximately 700 grams.

The motor kit includes a battery with autonomy for about 12 kilometers of continuous travel, which is compatible with YUNZHILUN iMortor 26-034-Electric wheels or the front wheel of the 700×23 E-bike. In addition, it incorporates a USB port.

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Guide to buying an electric bike

Before making a hasty purchase, you should consider some basic attributes that make these bikes more functional and powerful. Features such as battery and motor can make a model go from simple to high-end, so if you know little about this equipment, you need to read the following guide to buy the best electric bicycle, where we detail the properties you should look for and analyze for a successful purchase.

Shopping guide


Many people use electric bicycles as a means of transport to get around the city, because they represent a healthier and less polluting option, as well as a means with which you can avoid traffic jams. They are used to go to work, the store, institute, among others, hence it is necessary that they occupy little space.

Therefore, before selecting a good and cheap electric bicycle, if you have little space you should consider a model that has folding properties. This way you will be able to reduce its dimensions and store it at home or store it safely inside the place of destination.  

Weight and size

According to your weight and height, you need to select a model that suits and is comfortable for you. To do this, it is appropriate that you consider the dimensions of the bicycle. In general, these teams have sizes and measurements that are usually expressed in inches and vary according to the radius or dimension of the tires and the height of the saddle and handlebars.

In addition, you should also consider the weight. A heavy design is generally not suitable for gaining speed, as it can detract from agility and be inconvenient on hills. Therefore, it is necessary that you select a model that is light, but strong and resistant, with the capacity to support the weight of an average adult, that is, a maximum load of between 80 and 110 kilos.  

battery and motor

To determine how much an electric bicycle costs, you can analyze components such as the battery and the motor, since the price can vary according to them. In these teams, the most expensive tend to incorporate batteries and high-power motors that are capable of charging in a short time, providing autonomy for a greater mileage.

The most common motors are 250 watts. These work by the electrical power of batteries of different volts and amps. When purchasing an electric bicycle model, it is recommended that you look for alternatives that offer fast charging systems of between three and five hours. In addition, with that load the bike should provide a mileage range of between 50 and 80 kilometers at a standard assisted speed.

speed and gears

In the comparison of electric bicycles, users make it clear that it is necessary to consider the speed and gears that you can reach with a certain model. According to Spanish regulations, this type of vehicle can only reach a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour, so that most manufacturers equip their equipment with this speed so that the user can decide whether to drive with this maximum or below.

Likewise, each brand equips its models with several gears for pedaling assistance, so that you can select between some designs that have been manufactured with 3 speeds, to others that include up to seven gears.

Brakes and mechanism

Although they are electric models, these bicycles also have a conventional mechanism with a frame, brake system, gearbox and suspension. Therefore, when making your choice, preferably choose bicycles that have a dual braking system that can be through discs, it being important that these are of high precision.

In addition, the more changes they offer, the more versatile their driving mechanism will be, providing the tools to travel through different terrains, so you should also select designs that have front and rear suspension to improve damping.


In the market you can get all kinds of designs, from some classic and conventional, to other modern and striking models. Some of the most popular models of electric bicycles are equipped with an LCD technology display and screen in which values ​​related to the activity on the bicycle can be seen, such as speed, time, charge level and even assisted speed..

In addition, there are some designs that incorporate fenders, front and rear LED lights, chain cover, bell and even luggage rack into the structure. Each of these elements enhances the driving experience, so it would be appropriate for the model you choose to have at least two of them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean an electric bike?

Although the answer may seem strange to you, an electric bicycle should be cleaned in the same way as one with traditional characteristics, that is, with water. You can even wash it with jets of water through a hose, keeping a safe distance and taking care not to directly touch the electrical parts. This is because the manufacturers of these bicycles protect the electrical mechanism from contact with water, so it tolerates splashes.

However, this does not mean that you can dive, as its structure is not made for this and the operation of the motor and battery could be compromised. Many recommend that before washing the display and battery be removed, this will prevent them from being damaged or having a short circuit.

Q2: Is there any electric bike without pedal assist?

The essence of an electric bicycle is assisted pedaling, pedaling being necessary for the motor to work and to generate the speed and gears of this pedaling. In other words, assisted pedaling goes hand in hand with the operation of the motor and an electric bicycle without a motor would be a conventional bicycle.

These models may work without the pedal-assist mechanism, but it will be incorporated into their mechanism and structure. Now, if you’re looking for a non-pedaling design, then this isn’t the right category, because it’s going to be a motorcycle.

Q3: Which is better, normal or electric bike?

Both bicycles are adequate devices that provide multiple benefits, the choice of one or the other being a subjective and personal issue that will depend on the tastes of each user. If you train cycling, you will most likely need a traditional bicycle with the specifications of the modality to which you dedicate yourself.

Now, if it is a city bike, the electric ones are alternatives that represent a healthy means of transport with less impact on the knees and joints than a traditional one, you do not need a driver’s license and help in peak hours.

On the other hand, electric bicycles are more expensive, heavier and need a periodic change of the battery, which represents a constant investment. All this makes traditional bicycles more popular among the user community, but not better for this.

Q4: How to charge an electric bike?

This will depend on the version and brand of bike you own, but it’s usually a quick and easy process that only requires connecting a couple of cables. Most models come complete with a charging kit and a manual that tells you how to do it.

The common thing is through a USB cable, which is connected on one side to the bicycle and on the other to the wall power source. The charging time varies according to the model, but it is usually between three and six hours. Once it reaches the maximum, you must disconnect and it will be ready to use.

Q5: Is it advisable to use the electric bicycle for the elderly?

This will depend on the physical condition of the elderly person, but if you are someone who is active and fit to drive in public spaces, you can use this equipment as a means of transportation or to relax and keep your muscles active. If it is a person with reduced mobility, its use is not recommended.

Q6: Are you interested in buying a second-hand electric bike?

Electric bikes are usually more expensive than traditional models, so buying a second-hand one would be an alternative if you are looking to save money, only it must be in optimal condition and have a long useful life, with a low battery. use, otherwise it would be a bad investment.

For this reason, the recommended thing, if you have the money, is that you buy a new bicycle, with a brand new motor and battery, since in this way you will have access to the guarantee if necessary and you will enjoy all the accessories first hand.

Q7: How does a regenerative electric bike work?

Although there are significant advances in battery regeneration through systems such as braking to recover kinetic energy, this is available only in some vehicles and on an experimental basis, and 10% can be recovered, which implies savings in consumption.

In the case of bicycles, this system is not available and the battery cannot be charged by itself. However, there is a model from the manufacturer Sanyo that has developed an energy circuit that takes the moments of maximum power and converts them into energy to charge the battery, being an efficient consumption model.

Q8: Which is better, electric bike or electric scooter?

This depends on the tastes of each user. Both teams have a similar operating system, but vary in structure. In general, electric bicycles are more popular, since users are more familiar with them, they are more stable, their handling is almost the same as that of a traditional model and they can incorporate luggage racks, as well as support for the water bottle.

Q9: What is the maximum speed of an electric bicycle?

According to Spanish rules and regulations, this electrical equipment can only reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour on the track, which is why manufacturers have this speed as a limit, so users will not exceed the limits. The most popular models reach 25 km/h, but you can also get some of the lower range whose maximum speed reaches 18 km/h or even less.

Q10: Is there any incompatibility between electric bike and rain?

Yes and no. In other words, you can drive your electric bicycle in the rain, you can even leave it parked outdoors on a rainy day without damaging its electric mechanism, because these models tend to have the motorcycle and battery area protected and are splash-proof..

What you can’t do is submerge it. In addition, it is convenient that after splashes or excess water, you get home and dry the electrical components with a cloth. In this way, you will avoid possible short circuits.

Q11: How to delimit electric bike?

Electric bikes have a speed limit that must be met to follow the regulations. Otherwise, it would be an illegal vehicle for which there are other rules and regulations. In fact, to drive this type of bicycle you do not need a license, but if the design exceeds the maximum speed allowed, then it will be necessary.

One way to make the motor more powerful is to change the horsepower, but the autonomy system and reliability could be affected, and it would also be necessary to change the controller and the battery.

How to use an electric bike

Although it is similar to a conventional bicycle, electric bicycles have a different and special operation, since they have a motor and pedal assistance, so they can be intimidating pieces of equipment. Therefore, here are some recommendations and tips for using your electric bicycle.

Check to have a suitable model for your needs

As in conventional bicycles, electric bicycles have different designs, therefore, it is necessary that you select a model that suits your driving needs, height and weight.

do the montage

Once you have received the bicycle, it is necessary to assemble the parts to be able to use it. Most models are 80% factory assembled, so the user only has to assemble the remaining 20%, which is usually the pedals, handlebars and saddle. To achieve the process, you must make use of some tools that are usually included in the package. It is recommended to follow the instructions and stick to them for proper operation.

charge the bike

Once the assembly of the bicycle is complete, you must proceed to charge it, so you can take advantage of its power system with an electric motor. To do this, locate the charger and connect it to the frame of the bike first. The remaining part must be connected to a box and, in turn, this box must be connected to the wall power source. The charging time varies according to the model, which usually has an indicator that indicates when it reaches its maximum point.

use the bike

Now that it’s loaded, it’s ready to use. To get on it, you must place the bicycle on a smooth and flat surface, with your hands on the handlebars, take momentum and place one of your legs on the saddle. When you are on it, make sure that the height is correct. If it isn’t, you should go down and fix it.


Now you can go for a ride with your bike. Through pedal assist, the electric controller will detect the speed and provide power to the motor to assist the vehicle forward. Remember that if you stop pedaling, the motor will stop working.

watch the speed

These bikes are designed so that the motor reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h, but you can go one step further with more pedaling effort. If you don’t feel comfortable with the system, you can turn it off and it will work just like a regular bike.

Monitor autonomy

Although the bicycles have a powerful battery, it does not have an unlimited charge. In fact, they work for a certain mileage, so it is convenient that every time you go out for a ride, you take your freshly charged bicycle.

Monitor activity status

Through the display and screen incorporated in the structure of the bicycle, you can monitor the activity. It is recommended that you maintain constant monitoring and stop if required.

Be cautious

Remember that you are on a bicycle, so you must be cautious and take care of your safety as well as that of other drivers and bystanders. Try to stay on the allowed channels and do not exceed the allowed speed.

» Review information from previous years

Moma Bikes EBIKE-20

Para quienes quieren adquirir la mejor bicicleta eléctrica de relación calidad precio, es prudente analizar las especificaciones de este equipo desarrollado por Moma Bikes como una de sus opciones, porque según los compradores es de las más baratas.

El cuadro de esta bicicleta eléctrica plegable está elaborado con tubos de aluminio 6061, ofreciendo resistencia y ligereza. Su diseño en color negro es moderno, pesa aproximadamente 18 kilogramos y es apto para la ciudad.

El motor incorporado de 250 vatios brinda un máximo de velocidad correspondiente a 25 kilómetros por hora, la batería de iones de litio es de 16 Ah y posee una autonomía para hasta 80 kilómetros antes de tener que recargar su energía. Aun con todas sus características, es una bicicleta eléctrica barata que además incorpora pantalla LCD con retroiluminación, que te permitirá monitorear el nivel del depósito de carga y de asistencia de pedaleo.

En esta bicicleta eléctrica plegable también destaca el par de neumáticos de 20 pulgadas, sistema de frenos de aluminio V-Brake, cambios Shimano con siete velocidades, iluminación LED y guardafangos.

Este modelo combina materiales y elementos de alta calidad, pensados para brindarte un producto con eficaz desempeño. Además, su diseño es atractivo y ha sido valorado actualmente como una de las opciones de compra más baratas.


Iluminación: Tanto en la parte fronta

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