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Exercise bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

One way to maintain athletic legs and a healthy life is to exercise daily. If you don’t have the time to train outdoors or don’t want to pay for a gym, one option is to buy a stationary bike. So if you are going to buy one of these, it is convenient that you can make a comparison between the different models, to get a suitable prototype. In the market there is a diversity of models, but not all of them have the endorsement of the buyers. In fact, there are two that lead the preferences. The first model is the Ultrasport F-Bike, a domestic bicycle with the capacity to support up to 100 kilos of weight, which has an LCD screen and eight levels with training modes. The next option is the Tecnovita by BH Open&go, a bicycle with a simple but functional style, with a double transmission system and a flywheel that supports up to 10 kilograms.

Opinions on the best exercise bikes

If you have already decided to buy a stationary bike to keep training from the comfort of your home, it is necessary that before buying you know that there are many models, but few are convenient. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed list with the prototypes that are frequently recommended, explaining the basic characteristics of each of the options.

folding exercise bike

Ultrasport F-Bike

Made of metal, this model from the manufacturer Ultrasport is the recommended option for those who are looking for the best value for money exercise bike, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection of products. On this occasion, the brand offers a device for domestic use that incorporates pulse sensors on the handlebar, displaying the collected data on the LCD screen.

It is a folding exercise bike suitable for flexible and personalized training. In addition, the level of demand can be regulated through the resistance in eight levels, so that it can be used by experts or beginners. On the other hand, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 100 kilograms, it is only necessary to adjust the chair in height and position.

Likewise, it has a structure with a folding mechanism, significantly reducing its storage dimensions. Among the qualities, it also incorporates a support for the mobile phone, as well as the instructions for use and mounting screws.

A competitively priced home appliance is a suitable option for many users, because it’s all about training quality at low cost, with the Ultrasport F-Bike being considered among the cheapest. Here its pros and cons.


Screen:  The bicycle has an LCD screen where you can see the data collected by the pulse sensors.

Support:  This model is capable of supporting a weight of up to 100 kilograms, a considerable level so that it can be used by several people.

Structure:  The bicycle has a metal structure of reduced dimensions, which can also be folded for storage.

Resistance:  This is a model equipped with eight resistance levels or modalities for personalized training.


Durability:  This bicycle has a relatively short useful life, since the wear of the tape originates after about 3,000 km of training.

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Cecotec Xbike

If you are looking for a bike that stands out, you may be interested in knowing the attributes offered by this model of folding exercise bike patented by the manufacturer Cecotec. It has a simple but functional and ergonomic design that is equipped with a height-adjustable, padded and anatomical saddle, incorporating straps on the pedals to protect the feet.

Within its characteristics, it is a cheap exercise bike with a silent mechanism through belt transmission, which facilitates fluid pedaling. In addition, it is equipped with a 2.5 kg flywheel.

It has an LCD technology screen to keep track of routines in relation to time, calories consumed, distance, speed and pulse, the latter obtained through a sensor on the handlebars that measures heart rate. According to the physical capacity or degree of training, you can regulate the resistance in eight levels, through a selector wheel to simulate varied routes.

Cecotec X-bike has a folding, ergonomic design and works with a magnetic mechanism, all at a competitive cost. Read its pros and cons here.


Screen: The data collected by the sensors, as well as a summary of the activity can be seen in a legible way on its LCD screen.

Resistance: According to the level of training, it is possible to select the degree of intensity or resistance.

Ergonomics: For user comfort, the bicycle has a height-adjustable saddle, which is anatomical and padded.

Design: It has been designed with a folding system, as well as foot straps and transport wheels.


Simple: It has been said that this bike is simple, so its use is not professional.

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BH exercise bike

Tecnovita by BH Open&go

With a weight of 15.7 kilos, this BH exercise bike is one of the options that usually leads the preferences of users for being light and portable, since it is foldable and it is possible to reduce its size. The sports machine is equipped with a double transmission system and a flywheel that supports up to 10 kilos.

In addition, according to the level of training, you can select between eight intensity levels. To ensure user safety, this bike has been equipped with straps on the pedals to prevent slippage, allowing for greater intensity during the routine.

It has an ergonomic and padded saddle, as well as a soft handlebar that has been designed to improve posture and prevent injuries. Through the LCD technology screen you will be able to see the activity data regarding distance, speed, calories consumed and training time to keep track. It has a capacity of 90 kilos.

The Open&go model marketed by Tecnovita by BH is an exercise bike that combines multiple advantages in a single device. Know its advantages and disadvantages.


Weight: The bike weighs just over 15 kilos and has a capacity for approximately 90 kilos.

Screen: The data on the activity such as time, speed, calories consumed and distance can be seen on its LCD technology screen.

Folding: To save space at home, it has been designed with a folding system that reduces its size.

Transmission: It has a double transmission system that facilitates pedaling fluidity, being silent.


Manual: Although the model incorporates a manual, it is not available in Spanish, being difficult to understand.

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Static spinning bike

Sportstech SX400

The Sportstech spinning stationary bike is an equipment indicated for those users who want to keep fit from home. This is possible thanks to a balanced 22kg inertia disc with progressive resistance adjustment. It also has a belt system with optimized force transmission and a low noise level, so that it does not bother you when you use it at home.

On the other hand, the pedals are non-slip, with adjustable baskets to exercise more comfortably, avoiding injuries. It also has a multifunction console with digital display and various training programs. In addition, it is compatible with the pulsation belt. However, if you do not want to use such an accessory, you can use the pulse meter on the handlebars. 

It should be noted that the armrests are padded, to fully enjoy the toughest workouts and you can complement your sessions with the Kinomap and Sportstech applications, which are compatible with the screen. Thanks to this, you will be able to experience live events and personalized training.


Console: The digital multifunction console offers different training programs and is compatible with Sportstech apps.

Armrests: The padded armrests allow you to train long enough without hurting your arms.

Accessories: The bike includes a high-quality water bottle, an ebook with workouts and access to Sportstech apps.


Price: The price of this spinning equipment is somewhat high, which could be a problem for users looking for a home equipment.

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Recumbent exercise bike


The recumbent exercise bike is a suitable piece of equipment for users looking to train cardiovascular expansion, to prepare for long-distance races and marathons. It is a suitable equipment to accelerate metabolism, improve lung and heart functions, as well as to improve the general physique, losing fat.

The bicycle has an ergonomic design, with a horizontally adjustable saddle and a backrest that supports the waist, to avoid pain and discomfort; as it reduces pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. It also has resistance adjustment with a graduated knob in the form of a wheel with 8 adjustment levels. 

On the other hand, the bike has an LCD screen that shows all the data of the exercises, such as time, speed, calories burned and distance traveled. Similarly, next to the screen it includes a mobile phone holder to watch fitness videos or entertain yourself while you exercise.


Sensor: The bicycle has two sensors to read the pulsations on the seat handlebar.

Design: It has a horizontal and compact design, with sliding wheels to move it easily from one side to another and a total weight of 27 kg.

Saddle: The saddle is adjustable in height and is made of high-quality synthetic leather.


Height: The size of the bicycle does not make it suitable for users who are less than 1.60 meters tall.

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Other products

Sportstech ESX500

If you are looking for the best exercise bike on the market, it may be convenient for you to review the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Sportstech, which stands out for having a training system with a realistic impression. This bike has 12 training programs, with 16 computer-controlled resistance levels.

It also has a manual mode to adapt the activity to the requirements. It is equipped with a 5.5-inch color screen that works as a console, being compatible with bracelets and frequency meters, in addition to having a USB port.

This device has technologies that allow compatibility between the unit and the mobile equipment through Bluetooth, so that the functions are expanded with different programs, being able to keep a training history. It stands out because it is adjustable and portable, since it has a light weight and wheels that facilitate its transfer. Likewise, it supports up to 120 kilos of weight.

The Sportstech ESX500 is considered by many users to be the best exercise bike of the moment, since it has several technologies that improve the training experience, through modalities and resistances. Therefore, it is convenient that you know its pros and cons.


Technologies: The model has the latest technology, a 5.5-inch color LCD screen and a USB port to improve the training experience.

Programs: This bike is equipped with 12 training modes and 16 resistance levels, to suit different sports styles.

Capacity: This is a model that has a capacity to support up to 120 kilograms of weight.

Compatibility: This device can be linked with the mobile via Bluetooth, for a more realistic and controlled use experience.


Manual: This model does not have a detailed user manual that explains the training modalities.

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BulbHead 13160

The BulbHead exercise bike adapts to your pace of life, however busy it may be. It is a compact and foldable model, designed for indoors, which allows you to exercise at home, adjusting your exercise routines to your daily life. This fitness equipment offers two exercises in one, on the one hand you have the bike to do spinning and cardio and, on the other hand, you can use the resistance bands to exercise your arms, chest and back. 

In addition, the bike can be used as an upright stationary bike for cardio training or as a horizontal bike for a low-impact workout. It also has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to configure the training to your liking. On the other hand, it also has a 6.35 cm padded saddle and foam backing to improve comfort and safety.


Screen: It has a digital monitor that shows the calories burned, the distance traveled in miles and the pedaling speed.

Design: Thanks to its folding and horizontal design, it is a model suitable for homes with little space, since it can be stored under a bed.

Exercises: By having the resistance bands it is possible to also exercise the back, arms and chest.


Accessories: The bicycle does not have books or training apps, something that other equipment of a similar price does offer.

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Capital Sports Azura X

The Azura X bike features a compact, foldable design, weighing just 20kg, making it a good choice for exercising at home, even when space is tight. Once folded it measures 51 x 102 x 108 cm, so you can store it in any closet or under a bed and take it out when you need to exercise again.

It is a bicycle for light training, since it has a 4 kg resistance disc with 8 adjustable intensity levels. It also has a screen from which to control the workouts and view all the data such as speed, total distance and calories burned. 

On the other hand, the saddle is ergonomic and very comfortable, since it has 7 adjustment levels, a height-adjustable backrest and two handles with heart rate reading sensors.


Screen: The equipment has a screen from which you can configure the workouts, as well as view the user’s data.

Design: The scissor-type design is very compact and lightweight, designed for homes with little space.

Height: Despite its compact design, it is a bicycle suitable for users up to 1.90 meters tall and 120 kg in weight.


Disc: The resistance disc is only 4 kg, so this is a light exercise bike, which can be an issue for users looking for equipment for more intense workouts.

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Evoland multilevel

The Evoland exercise bike has a scissor-type design made of resistant steel, capable of supporting a maximum weight of 120 kg and offering great stability. Thanks to this design, the bike can be easily folded and stored anywhere, making it a suitable model for homes with little space.

It also has a magnetic tension control system with 8 resistance levels, which allows the bike to be adapted to all types of training just by turning the numbered wheel. On the other hand, it has an LCD screen that allows you to view training data, such as speed, calories burned or distance traveled. In addition, for easy use, the screen has several buttons to easily move from one data to another.

The saddle is comfortable and can be adjusted in height to exercise comfortably and, thanks to the rubber studs on the legs, the equipment is very stable.


Design: The design of the bike is very comfortable and light, with a high and adjustable handle, to adapt it to all sizes.

Screen : The LCD screen has buttons to control the data in a simple and comfortable way.

Resistance: The bike has a magnetic resistance band with 8 resistance levels, to customize workouts.


Beginners: This is a beginner’s bike, it is not a spinning bike, so you should not stand on the pedals.

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Guide to buying a stationary bike

Although all the models seem similar, they vary due to some features and details that make them more or less functional for the needs of each person. Heavy, light, steel, aluminum bicycles for high or low intensity training can be obtained on the market. For this reason, we offer you a guide to buying the best exercise bike in which we explain basic aspects to choose from.

Shopping guide


The vast majority of folding bike models are equipped with a screen and access console, from where you can configure and take an estimate of the activity performed during the session. To find out how much a folding bike costs, having an idea of ​​the type of screen could give you an indication of its cost.

You can get from LCD screens, to more technological models that incorporate LEDs. Through the screens, the user will be able to take an estimate or summary of the sports activity, since they show the data collected by the sensors. Thus, you will be able to track the time, speed, distance traveled, calories consumed and heart rate during the routine on the bike.

Although the vast majority record all this activity, there are some models that emit less complete information; everything will depend on the number of sensors and the functions with which the manufacturer has equipped the design. Preferably, it is recommended to select models in which a general control of the activity can be carried out.

Design and structure

According to the needs, in the market you can find a wide range of designs that vary in simple aspects such as color, to more complex ones such as functionality and type of structure. There are some simple models that are suitable for low intensity training, being convenient to start the recovery after an injury.

Also, other models are made for intense pedaling and challenging routines that involve increasing muscle mass. For this reason, beyond the fact that an exercise bike is good and economical, you should analyze the design based on the objectives, if it is used for spinning, if it is an elliptical type, if it has a backrest to let the spine rest, among other specifications.

Exercise bikes have structures made of various materials, but almost all of them are made of some metal alloy. The most popular models that can be found on the market are usually made of steel, so they provide a high degree of stability and durability. Other lighter but just as resistant designs can be made of aluminum, with some parts made of high-density plastic.

Similarly, there are structures that have a non-slip rubber base that provides a better grip on the floor, while preventing it from scratching. Some manufacturers even incorporate wheels in the front part of the structure of their models, which facilitate the transfer of the equipment from one side to another.


An exercise bike whose frame can be folded to reduce its size and save storage space is an attractive option for many buyers, since not everyone has large spaces in the home. Many of the most recommended models today have the option of folding. There are folding systems that can halve the size of the machine and others reduce just a couple of centimeters.

However, there are many users who claim that the designs that can be folded and make the bike more compact are the basic and simple ones. In any case, if you decide to purchase a model that can be folded, you need to verify that there is a security mechanism to lock the device and that it remains secured during storage.

weight and capacity

A comparison of folding bikes is not complete without looking at weight and capacity. It is recommended to select models that have a light, resistant and functional structure, but with a high load capacity. The most popular designs have a weight between 18 and 35 kilos, with a capacity of approximately 90 and 130 kilos.

Ergonomics and support

For a model to be recommended, it must be comfortable. For this reason, many manufacturers incorporate soft-grip saddles and handlebars into their designs with padded material that increases comfort. Similarly, it is important that you select models in which you can adjust the height of the saddle and/or handlebar to adapt it to your height. Additionally, users recommend that the structures have supports for water and mobile drums.


Folding bikes come with various resistance levels that help add versatility to your exercise routine and allow for better leg muscle development. So you can get models with 8 eight and 12 resistance levels. Selecting one will depend on the capacity and skill of each user.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the benefits of doing an exercise bike?

Any exercise routine has direct benefits on health and the body, in general. In the case of the stationary bike, it helps improve blood pressure, oxygenates the body, stimulates cardiovascular rhythm and its regular use helps burn calories. In relation to the physical benefits, with this device you can develop and strengthen the muscles of the legs and give firmness to the buttocks.

For this reason, the stationary bicycle is recommended as an ally to reduce stress and maintain a healthy life, because through the exercises there is little impact on the bones and joints.

Q2: Which is better, exercise bike or elliptical?

This will depend on the tastes and physical objectives of each user. The stationary bike serves to tone and increase muscle mass and resistance in the legs because it is a focused activity for this group of muscles in the lower part of the body. Meanwhile, an elliptical cross trainer distributes the intensity of the force executed between the muscles of the legs and arms, being a machine with more versatile properties, but with which you will not be able to do activities such as spinning.

Q3: How many days and time to use exercise bike to lose weight?

There is no specific measure or time to achieve these results. The basis of any exercise routine that includes equipment is perseverance, time and dedication. Everything will depend on the physical condition of the person, weight, age and capacity. Many sports trainers recommend using this device for an hour a day at least three times a week.

If a constant rhythm is maintained, it is possible that the first results begin to be evident after a month of training. However, once the objectives have been achieved, it is recommended to continue exercising periodically. Thus, after losing weight and reducing measures, you will be able to tone up.

Q4: Is it good to ride a stationary bike every day?

It is good and it is beneficial for the body, as physical activities help to increase blood pressure and improve heart rate. The most common problem occurs when people want to exceed the capacity of the body and decide to go to extremes to seek quick results.

That is, you can do a stationary bike every day without abusing and taking care of hydration and nutrition so as not to lose muscle mass and that your body is affected. Similarly, remember that the longer you’re on the bike, the more calories you burn, but it’s important to maintain a high level of resistance if you’re looking to increase leg strength.

Q5: What exercise bike routine should I do?

This will depend on the goals you want to achieve with it. One of the most popular routines is to tone and increase muscle mass. To do this you must increase the resistance and decrease the pedaling intervals, so that there is a greater effort in each sprint you make. You can maintain the intensity or increase it to improve aerobic capacity. Another routine is to maintain a constant speed with low resistance. This will allow you to burn more calories.

Q6: What muscles does the exercise bike strengthen?

The stationary bike offers an adequate training method for cardio, although the level of demand will be determined by each user, due to speed loads and pedaling intensity. Additionally, you can directly strengthen the leg muscles such as quadriceps, in addition to the glutes, being necessary to vary between sitting and standing pedaling.

To a lesser extent, the back also benefits during this activity, but remember to maintain your posture. Also, the abdominals can be strengthened while you keep puckering and pressing in the area.

Q7: Does the exercise bike have contraindications?

This will depend on the user. The bicycle is beneficial, but if the user has spinal problems or suffers from significant muscle injuries, its use should be avoided so as not to cause greater discomfort in the area. Also, one of the main contraindications of the bicycle lies in the wrong posture when practicing the activity.

This occurs when the body is not aligned correctly, with a straight back and semi-flexed legs. Also, it is contraindicated not to adjust or regulate the height of the saddle and handlebar according to the user’s height.

Q8: How to do cardio on a stationary bike?

To achieve this, you just have to subtract a little resistance and increase the speed of the pedaling. This will help you have a higher intensity and burn calories faster. Some trainers recommend that it should be done for a couple of minutes, between 15 and 20, and then increase the intervals with resistance. In the case of bicycles that are used for spinning, you can try pedaling standing up, as this increases cardiovascular activity.

Q9: Which is better, exercise bike or treadmill?

Both sports equipment are suitable as a cardiovascular training mechanism. In fact, many people use both to warm up before starting their exercise routine. In both machines the muscles of the lower area are worked, with the difference that in one you must be sitting and in the other standing.

On bicycles, the speed is usually given by the force and intensity of the pedaling, while on the treadmill it is usually due to the selected power. This leads us to conclude that neither is better than the other, they are just different.

Q10: Is the exercise bike suitable for pregnant women?

No high-impact exercise is suitable for pregnant women. That said, it is important to understand that pregnancy is a momentary condition for women, but not a limitation.

If the doctor has determined that it is not a high-risk pregnancy, the woman should indeed do exercises to improve her condition and prepare for childbirth, but the intensity needs to be moderate and, if necessary, stop the activity. You should always stay hydrated and do it in a cool place. However, the correct thing is to ask the gynecologist to avoid incidents.

Q11: Can I use the exercise bike to gai

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