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Football Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To carry out your training sessions and soccer games in a comfortable way, you must have the right boots for it, capable of helping you move and hit the ball in a directed way. For this reason, it is recommended to review a good number of models, but also analyze the experiences of other users when using each one. There are two outstanding models on the market. The first is the Nike Premier II, boots made of leather that have a synthetic coating, being of good durability, with a black and white design. As a second option are the Adidas Copa 17, which are offered in different colors and have a lace-up closure system.

Opinions on the best football boots

To have cheap football boots but at the same time have the level of quality you require, here we show you a list of different models that have been promoted by users.

Nike football boots

Nike Premier II

A model promoted as the best football boots is this example from Nike, which is mainly characterized by having a resistant structure, which is evidenced by the use of leather as the outer material, added to a synthetic-type coating. To this is added a rubber sole, being a combination of robust raw material for high durability.

This design can be chosen in three different color tones: red, black or black with white, so you can select one that reflects your personality and matches your clothing.

On the other hand, with its flat heel it offers a good level of comfort when you move, complemented by an insole with good anatomy, which also helps to better cushion shocks and footsteps. For proper support, these Nike football boots adjust to the foot with laces.

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Nike Superfly 6 Academy FG/MG

These Nike football boots are another of the outstanding ones on the market, since they have a red design, so they are unisex in style. They are offered in the size range from number 40 to 49, so that each user finds a copy that adapts correctly to their foot.

As for the manufacturing materials used, we must mention that the boots are made entirely of synthetic leather, having a considerable level of resistance. The heel of the boots is flat type, allowing comfort and support when walking or running.

To achieve a good fit to the foot, the boots are fastened by laces, but they also have an expandable structure at the ankle, which offers an even higher level of adaptation and comfort. For its part, the sole incorporates small strategically placed studs to promote movement.

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Adidas football boots

Adidas Cup 17

This model also appears among the best football boots of 2022, which has a robust composition, having resistant materials in its structure, with a combination that favors the durability of the model. This is evidenced in the use of synthetic material for the main structure and the exterior with a fabric covering.

Likewise, the sole is made of rubber and has a design designed for very fast movement on various types of terrain, giving the player more autonomy when playing with the ball.

The Adidas Copa 17 football boots can be chosen in different shades of colors, such as black, black with white and silver with black, with a striking appearance and a lot of presence on the pitch.

In the same way, in order that no user is left without finding a suitable copy, the manufacturer offers these boots from size 39 to 48.

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Adidas Predator 18.3 FG

If you want Adidas football boots that have a higher heel, then this model may be of interest to you, since the heel it incorporates has a height of 3 cm, which many users find comfortable when moving around, both inside the pitch and off it.

On the other hand, it is a design that comes in a wide range of colors to select from, in shades of black, black with red, mother-of-pearl, yellow, blue and white with red, being able to choose the color that best represents your personality.

Likewise, we must mention the resistance of its materials, such as the synthetic used in the sole, in the lining and also in the exterior of these cheap football boots, providing a good degree of durability. Also, they can be adjusted to the foot in a simple way with the laces that they incorporate, as well as due to the fabric collar that will adapt to the shape of the ankle, providing flexibility.

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futsal boots

KELME Precision

The manufacturer Kelme competes to be the best football boot brand, having in its catalog this model that combines four different materials in its structure, providing a considerable level of resistance. In this sense, we have a fabric lining, leather for the outer area, a general composition of synthetic material and a rubber sole.

On the other hand, you can find this design in different presentations, in striking colors that will make your look more attractive, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white and black, combining them with each other to have more varied prototypes.

These are futsal boots that provide a good level of comfort, because they have a double insole, as well as Phylon Tech technology, so that the movement is pleasant and as fluid as possible. As for the size options, the model is offered in an extensive range that goes from number 37 to 46.

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adidas X Tango 18.4 In J

Designed for the little ones in the house, the adidas X Tango 18.4 In J futsal boots are a product of always and duly improved, to enjoy better sensations and grip when playing. 

These boots have a sole designed in two sections, so that one has space for the instep and toe and the other serves to give better support to the ankle and heel. Both areas have a specific profile, as well as a synthetic material, which helps prevent slippage on the track. 

Regarding the sizes, these range from size 28, the smallest, to 38, the largest. All of them have a conventional size, so there are no problems when choosing the most suitable measures for our little athletes.

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Kids football boots

Ruff Active 5

If you are looking for football boots for children, this alternative from the manufacturer Gola may be the most convenient among the alternatives available on the current market, because it has been designed for games on artificial or natural grass, without reducing the effectiveness of the footsteps, but rather provides stability even when running.

These shoes have a striking design that is available in a wide range of colors, so that you can select from more than 20 shades the one that best suits your personality, to make a difference on the court and combine with the rest of your outfit. sports. The cost between one color and another may vary according to availability.

In addition, the model has been manufactured with an exterior in synthetic material, making it resistant to wear and tear and suitable for prolonged and recurring use. Likewise, its developers have included sports technology, with an embossed coating, in order to provide greater control of the ball to achieve defined passes.

It has a lightweight midsole and a molded outsole that provides traction as well as stability for fast plays. Its closure system is by means of laces and velcro, so there is a correct fit of the shoe to the foot.

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Puma Future 2.4

When reviewing among the cheapest soccer boots for children, this model is another of the highlights, since it has a sole suitable for different pitches, whether the player plays on natural or artificial grass, for which they are considered versatile boots.

In the same way, they have an adequate level of resistance, because quality materials were used in their structure, being synthetic leather for the outer cover, with a fabric covering and a synthetic composition.

This model can be used for the male or female children’s categories, since it is unisex, allowing you to choose between combinations of black with orange or silver with black and turquoise. The laces are what facilitate its way of adjusting to the foot and provide the corresponding stability, as well as adding a flexible collar for the ankle area.

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Football boots for artificial turf

Joma Champion

When looking for football boots for artificial turf, this Joma model appears among the recommendations, since it has a striking design, allowing you to choose between two combinations: black with green and coral with yellow, being attractive to the eye and allowing you to easily identify the player. player who uses it.

As for its manufacturing materials, synthetic leather was used for the lining and outer material, in combination with a rubber sole. In addition, this model is of the multi-stud type, making the footprints on the artificial grass precise but at the same time light.

For a correct fit to the foot, the boots are adjusted by means of a lacing system. The sizes in which this model is offered range from 39 to 46, with a varied range so that each user can find a pair that is suitable for the size of their feet.

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Adidas Kaiser 5 Team

The Adidas Kaiser 5 Team model is a proposal that is among the best football boots for artificial grass, with which to develop your game and develop your game on the new fashionable surface when building new football fields. 

To do this, the sole of this boot has a multi-stud design, low in height and that adequately cushions the blows when stepping on this surface. Some sensations in which we also have a small heel of 2 centimeters, to give us an even more comfortable position when playing. 

These traditional boots have a construction that combines leather on the outside with a synthetic leather lining and a rubber sole on the bottom. Elements that give greater resistance when playing and improve your sensations, also preventing slipping on damp or wet terrain.

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Ankle football boots

adidas Ace 17.2 Primemesh

The adidas Ace 17.2 Primemesh ankle football boots are an interesting alternative to the usual models. On the one hand, because we are talking about a product from a recognized and first-rate manufacturer. On the other, because its design does not have the typical high ankle brace of conventional models, but instead has a design integrated into the structure of the boot itself, to give even more stability in turns or when protecting the foot. 

This makes the boot very pleasant to wear and easy to put on. Sensations in which we also have a conventional cleat base, so you won’t notice anything different when playing, compared to conventional models. By the way, its manufacture is entirely synthetic, so the control of the game is much easier.

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Protecting your ankles while you play is easy with the BOLOG Spike Ankle Boots. This model offers you a conventional boot design with an ankle brace made of flexible and quality textile material, which protects the area and prevents damage during the contacts of the game. 

This ankle football boot is finished with conventional studs in the sole area, which also simplifies the process of settling on the ground and achieving better stability. On the other hand, to make the fit even more suitable, you have a very comfortable lace support, achieving the necessary tension during the game according to what you prefer.

As for the style, you have up to four different finishes or aspects, so you can choose the one you like best from among the existing ones.

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Multi-stud football boots

NIKE Legend 7 Academy

With an outstanding level of resistance, thanks to its manufacture in leather, we find this model of multi-stud football boots, which in its structure have a fabric coating, in order to have adequate support to come into contact with the ball, having a better level of control.

As for its sole, it is made of rubber and incorporates a flat-type heel, one of the most used in football, due to the comfort it provides. Also, this design can be found in two colors, black and blue, knowing that in general they are unisex boots.

So that the fastening to the foot is not a problem, the manufacturer provided the model with a basic lacing system. Moreover, the product is offered in a variety of sizes.

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Laceless football boots

Adidas Predator 19.3

Soccer boots without laces are also another option that many users are looking for and this model has this characteristic, since its structure consists of an elastic in the area where the laces usually go. This material expands just enough to conform to the wearer’s foot, without feeling too loose or tight.

The color of these boots is red, resulting in a very striking color that will allow the player who is wearing them to be easily identified. Likewise, they are recommended to be used in various terrains, whether artificial or natural grass, having a favorable degree of versatility.

The sole is of the multi-stud type, so that movement on any surface will be lighter, giving the player freedom of movement. In addition, the boots are offered in sizes from 39 to 48. All this means that this model is recommended as an answer to the question of which are the best football boots.

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Cristiano Ronaldo football boots

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy CR7

Those who doubt which football boots to buy consider choosing a model like this one, which is one of those used by the famous player Cristiano Ronaldo. The design is from the Nike brand and combines a turquoise background color, as well as black, resulting in an original and striking model on the court.

As for the sole, it has a stud-like structure that provides fluidity in the steps, with a rubber construction that not only provides comfort but also resistance. Added to this, we have a fabric lining in the boot, as well as the synthetic outer material.

The fit is of the classic type through laces, providing good support to the foot and control of its movement with respect to the ball. It also incorporates a template that cushions each step so as not to generate fatigue in the player. In addition, these Cristiano Ronaldo football boots have a black ankle strap made of textile material that easily adapts to the foot.

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Messi football boots

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.3

If your search is for Messi football boots, then your purchase option may be this Adidas model, frequently used by the player Lionel Messi. It is a green model with an adequate level of robustness, using materials such as synthetic leather on the outside, fabric on the lining and a rubber sole in its structure.

In addition, it has a 3 cm high heel, with a lace-up closure method, which provides the convenient support to move on the court with the required support. On the other hand, the surface of the sole is of the cleat type, this being one that provides comfort and complements the good movement on the surfaces.

The model in various sizes, so you can find the right one for you. Likewise, it has been commented that the boots are used for artificial or natural grass, thus being a versatile model.

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Guide to buying football boots

When buying football boots, it is recommended that you be able to distinguish some properties that will help you determine the quality of the product based on your requirements. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best football boots, with the attributes that you should look for so that the purchase is profitable.

Shopping guide  

Manufacturing materials

To get an idea of ​​how much football boots cost, it would be convenient for you to know what material they are made of. According to this property, price and quality vary, since even the fit and comfort can change depending on the materials.

Currently, manufacturers use three basic materials to make these sports pieces: leather, synthetic leather and textile. Each has its benefits. Leather boots cost more but generally provide comfort and mold to the shape of the foot. These provide better on-court performance by cushioning and providing control on ball shots with low wear.

Those made of synthetic leather are among the most popular, although they wear faster, their level of quality is high and their cost is affordable. On the other hand, textile boots tend to be of lower quality and their price is lower, but they mold adequately to the foot. In addition, there are some models that combine all these materials and are boots that have the endorsement of the user community for providing comfort and performance on the pitch.


It is possible that you want some football boots that are good and cheap, but in addition to these characteristics you must be attentive to the number, dimensions and fit of the last of the shoes. Although the sizes are usually universal, each brand has certain dimensions, so it is possible that boots of your conventional number do not adapt to the shape and size of your foot.

Also, you should pay attention to whether they are carved with a European or American number, since the size varies significantly. For this reason, it is recommended to take a look at the size chart and try to know if the last of the boots is regular or narrow. Remember that they are shoes for high intensity training, so the feet must be comfortable and tight boots could hurt and cause injuries.


If you plan to compare football boots, you should consider the sole as one of the aspects to contrast. There are various models of soles. In the discipline of soccer field you can use from boots with cleated soles, to conventional soles. In the first case, you can get boots with removable or fixed studs, in addition to the fact that there are some specific ones for natural, artificial, wet or dry grass.

In the case of conventional soles, it is convenient that they are made of rubber and have a traction pattern that allows skidding, but at the same time provides control over the surface and is non-slip, also providing a level of cushioning and stability. Likewise, there are models that incorporate smaller sized cues that are usually recommended for professional-style games.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean football boots?

This will depend on the outer material and coating. The first thing is to dry them. Remember that water is the main enemy of this type of footwear and if they are not dried they can rot inside, in addition to generating bad odours. Then, with a damp cloth you can remove the superficial dirt. If the boots are leather, it is recommended to hydrate them. This is achieved with the use of balms or oil that provides nutrition and waterproofing to the outside.

Q2: What football boots to buy for artificial grass?

There are different types of artificial grass, from some that turn out to be similar to natural grass, to others that are made of a totally different material, known as mosqueta. In this type of terrain, the most recommended boots are those with artificial ground soles.

These soles are equipped with properties that help distribute weight through a greater number of studs, between 13 and 21, each of them with a conical shape and rubber finishes that allow greater cushioning and grip on the grass. In addition, multi-stud or turf-soled boots are also suitable for artificial grass surfaces and are versatile, but not very suitable for wet ground. Its sole is made up of small rubber studs and provides grip and stability, without digging into the ground.

Q3: Which brand of football boots is better, Nike or Adidas?

Both brands manufacture and equip their models with properties and technologies that improve the player’s performance on the field of play, making them high-end. In terms of quality, both the German sports house Adidas and the North American manufacturer Nike are recognized for leading sales and preferences in the current market.

In fact, both brands sponsor the best soccer teams and players from the different leagues worldwide. There are even models endorsed and specifically designed for renowned players such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. This leads us to conclude that both manufacturers provide functionality, quality, technology and aesthetics, making the decision based on individual preferences of design and taste.

Q4: How to widen soccer boots?

In principle, we must remind you that it is better to buy a size that fits properly to the foot and fits correctly to avoid abuse and injuries. Now, if you have already purchased a model that is narrow, widening it usually depends on the material with which the boots have been made, being easier to achieve in those that are made of genuine leather.

There are homemade and simple tips, but they are not entirely reliable. There are those who widen the boots using hermetically sealed bags that are introduced inside the boot, then filled with water and then to the freezer. Once the water has turned to ice, the boots should be removed from the freezer and placed in the sun to thaw, preventing the water from touching the internal structure.

Q5: How to remove smell from football boots?

Completely removing the bad smell can be a complex task, but reducing it and preventing it from spreading to the feet is possible. To achieve this, after each game you must dry the boots by leaving them in the sun.

In addition, there are those who put tea bags inside the boots for a couple of days, so that they absorb and neutralize bad odors, as well as humidity, while providing a pleasant aroma. Another way to remove the odor is by using boric powders that can be purchased at pharmacies.

Q6: What does FG football boots mean?

These acronyms are used to determine the type of sole of football boots. The letters are the abbreviation of Firm Ground, which in Spanish would be solid ground. They are boots that are recommended for third-generation natural or artificial grass pitches. They usually incorporate between 8 and 14 cone-shaped laminated blocks. They provide comfort and a higher level of grip, especially on wet ground surfaces.

Q7: How to put football boots with sock?

It is recommended that every time you use your football boots, you put on socks to prevent friction between the skin of the feet and the inside of the shoe. To do this, you must select specific soccer socks that fit the size of your feet, then you must release the laces (if they have them), widen the space and introduce the foot to the bottom of the boot.

Q8: How to customize football boots at home?

There are different ways to customize your football boots. Many brands enable the option of placing the name and number on the external structure of the shoe in the models. If you want a simpler and cheaper way, you can change the color of the original laces or use a lace of one tone and another that goes in contrast.

At home, you can also resort to more artistic techniques. So if you have a talent for drawing, you just have to sketch the figure on the surface of the boot, fill in and outline with markers or permanent paints in bright colors that contrast with the base and original tone of the boots.

Q9: How to break in football boots?

First, the boots should have a couple of uses, then you can help yourself by using warm water. Remove the insole and put the

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