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Freestyle Scooters – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The freestyle scooter is a different scooter from the ride scooter, as it is designed for entertainment in specialized parks where users can do jumps and various stunts. Therefore, it is important to purchase a robust scooter that can even withstand unforeseen bumps. In this sense, we present the Apollo Stunt, a model made of quite resistant HQ aluminum, in addition, it has 100 mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings. On the other hand, there is the Star HIC scooter, which has a compression system HIC, which is very useful for performing tricks or stunts on the scooter. Also, this freestyle scooter comes with the concave deck, which is an advantage when grinding rails.

Opinions on the best freestyle scooters

By reviewing various scooter options on the Internet, you will know the characteristics of each model, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. That is why we present you in this article some of the most outstanding freestyle scooters today, perhaps one of them is right for you.

cheap freestyle scooter

apollo stunt

It is perhaps the best freestyle scooter on the market, since it is a lightweight but robust scooter, thanks to the fact that it is made of anodized aluminum and High Rebound polyurethane wheels. It has a Y-shaped handlebar, as well as two ergonomic handles that are user-friendly.

The height of the handlebar is 80 cm, which means that this scooter is suitable for people of different ages and sizes. Likewise, the handlebar system allows for 360-degree turns, for stunts or tricks that users do. In short, it is a freestyle scooter, suitable for use in special parks, which are also called skate-parks.

This cheap freestyle scooter has a 4-bolt fork, which offers greater durability and resistance to jumps or stunts. In addition to this, this product is capable of supporting a weight of up to 100 Kg.

This model may be the best freestyle scooter of the moment, so reviewing its most important positive and negative qualities may help you make a wise purchase decision.


Chassis: Its chassis is made of anodized aluminum, a material resistant to unexpected shocks that this type of scooter generally receives.

Handlebar: The handlebar is 80 cm long and offers the possibility of making 360-degree turns.

Bearing: This product has ABEC 9 bearings, which are durable and provide high speed to the scooter.

Design: Its design is simple and it comes in different color combinations, in addition, it has a non-slip grip tape to protect the user.


Size: Some users say that it is very short and the height is not adjustable.

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Homecom B4-0052

It is a cheap freestyle scooter, but it has 85A polyurethane wheels with dimensions of 100 mm, as well as ABEC 5 bearings, for optimal gliding. It should be noted that it is recommended for children 8 years and older, so it will be a good gift for your child. With this scooter the little one will learn to have balance while playing outdoors.

It could be the best price-quality freestyle scooter of the moment, as it is one of the cheapest and most durable, since it is made of aluminum. In addition, it has a comfortable handlebar with rubber grips, which will not hurt children’s hands. Also, the handlebar can be rotated 360 degrees, so children can learn to do stunts with it.

On the other hand, for greater safety of the little ones in the house, this model offers a practical brake on the rear wheel, which is easy for children to use.

Knowing which freestyle scooter to buy is not an easy task, so we present the characteristics of this scooter, which has satisfied many users on the Internet.


Capacity: The scooter supports up to 100 Kg of weight, so it is quite resistant.

Stunts: With this freestyle scooter, children can start stunts or tricks, since the handlebar can be rotated 360 degrees.

Robustness: It is a robust product, especially for the use of children, since it has a fixed handlebar and is made of aluminum.

Bearings: It has ABEC 5 bearings for proper sliding on the surface.


Color: It only comes in red or black, so users do not have many options to choose from.

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scooter freestyle

Star HIC

It is a special freestyle scooter to use in skate-parks, in addition, it is suitable for children 7 years and older and adults, since it is made with 6061 T6 aluminum, a very resistant metal used for the manufacture of airplanes. In addition to this, the rims are made of aluminum and the polyurethane wheels have dimensions of 110 mm. This offers greater ease in sliding and withstands sudden hits, jumps or constant acrobatics.

It also has an HIC compression system, which offers stability and ease to make turns or tricks. It even has CrMo steel in the brakes, so that the user’s safety is greater. All this makes it one of the best freestyle scooters of 2022.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has UV-Ray TPU material so that your feet do not slip, especially if you are going to perform stunts on it.

Although it is not one of the cheapest scooters today, it has satisfied many buyers with its quality and durability. We invite you to review the following features.


Robustness: Withstands bumps and scratches, since it is made of 6061 T6 aluminum, it also has ABEC 9 bearings, which offer durability and stability.

Efficiency: It has a concave design on the deck, which is useful for grinding rails in the park.

Brake: It has CrMo steel in the brake, providing safety to the user.

Wheel: The wheels are made of resistant materials, polyurethane, in addition, the rims are made of metal.


Anti- slip: According to some buyers, the anti-slip tape is a bit brittle and comes off when using the scooter several times.

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Land Surfer 8C0-3A7-B20

It is a freestyle scooter to perform stunts or tricks in specialized parks. For example, it can be used in a skate park without problems. In addition, it has a 360-degree rotating axis, to perform stunts with the scooter, even the base is reinforced, to better withstand jumps or constant bumps.

It has a steel frame, but it only weighs 3.2 Kg, so it’s robust and light at the same time. This quality is useful for performing tricks in a skate-park. Even this freestyle scooter model comes with 100 mm polyurethane wheels, a material that helps with gliding and stability during stunts.

Also, we mention that it has a clamp with 4 screws, holding the handlebar more securely. On the other hand, the scooter supports up to 100 Kg of weight, so it is suitable for people of different sizes and from 8 years onwards.

Land Surfer is perhaps the best freestyle scooter brand, as it makes high quality scooters and skateboards. On this occasion we present one of his most outstanding creations.


Wheels: It is made with 100 mm wheels in polyurethane material, so that the sliding is fluid and stable.

Dimensions: It comes with 80 cm in height, in addition, the base is 48 cm long and 10 cm wide. Also, the handlebar is 50 cm wide.

Axis: The axis can make 360-degree turns, thus facilitating the performance of stunts.


Fork: According to some buyers, this part is a bit loose, so we recommend tightening it with a quality allen key before using the scooter.

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MGP freestyle scooter

Madd Gear MGP VX7 Team Edition

If you are wondering which is the best freestyle scooter today, perhaps this model is the right answer, since it is specially designed to withstand jumps in the skate-park. It has a 60.9 x 58.42 cm handlebar that is made of 4031 chrome-plated Japanese metal, and it also has a three-bolt clamp made of 6061 anodized aluminum. This means that it is a very resistant product that will last you a long time, although use it often in parks or various types of surfaces.

On the other hand, it has metal rims and polyurethane wheels, as well as K-2 ABEC-9 bearings to achieve high speed. We even mention that this MGP freestyle scooter has a 110 mm brake, which provides safety to users.

In addition to this, this model comes with TPR Grind Grips, that is, handles for a better grip when you are training in the park.

It is an elegant freestyle scooter that has special features, some of which we will explain in this section.


Compression: This product has an internal compression system known as IHC, which helps support falls from the scooter when you jump.

Table: The base or deck is made of 6061 T4 and T6 aluminum, in addition, in the lower part of it it has a concave design to make grind rails in the skate-park.

Wheels: They come from polyurethane and provide high rebound on the surface, which is useful when practicing freestyle on a scooter.


Noise: According to some buyers, the headset bearings make a bit of noise.

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Madd MGP 23190

The MGP Freestyle Scooter is made of high quality aluminum to make it stable and durable. It has a total weight of 3.32 kilograms, so it is a very light piece of equipment, designed not to be bothersome when performing pirouettes and fast movements with it.

At the same time, the MGP Low Riser handlebar is also robust, capable of withstanding shocks without deforming and, thanks to the two-bolt aluminum clamps, it will always stay firmly in place, without slipping or changing position. It also absorbs vibrations and shocks, thanks to the integrated and sealed bearing in the MFX tie rod.

The scooter is very stable, due to its 45.7 x 11.5 cm VX Original board, with a grip tape so that the feet do not slip, and its 110 mm diameter High Rebound polyurethane wheels.


Handlebar: The MGP Low Riser handlebar has an aluminum clamp with double screw and adjustable height to improve driving.

Wheels : The wheels are made of top quality polyurethane and are 110 mm in diameter, to give the scooter greater stability.

Bearings: ABEC-9 bearings improve rolling and facilitate movement, while being resistant to shocks and do not deform.


Price: The scooter has a high price, which could be a problem for some users who are looking for cheap models.

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freestyle scooter accessories

freestyle scooter handlebar

Bestial Wolf RS81MIX

These sleeves are compatible with almost any Freestyle Scooter handlebar, as well as for bicycles of all kinds and also BMX, since they have standardized measurements of 20 x 31 x 155 mm.

They are made of a material derived from rubber, with a soft and non-slip touch, thanks to a ribbed design that is very comfortable.

It is possible to choose the color, among several very striking options such as green, blue or pink.

For its part, the package also includes two plugs to close the sleeves so that they are fixed and secured, avoiding uncomfortable movements.

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freestyle scooter wheels

Mic-dust 100MM

It is a pair of 88A wheels, that is, with a suitable hardness to achieve greater speed on the scooter and less wear. In addition, they bring with them ABEC-9 bearings which are special for freestyle scooters, since they offer optimal speed.

On the other hand, these freestyle scooter wheels come with a diameter of 100mm, a measurement that provides stability and maneuverability. In addition to this, they are made of polyurethane, a material that rebounds, which is advantageous for performing jumps and various acrobatics. Even, due to their design, they are used for different models of scooters, for example, Fuzion X-5, Lucky tfox, MGP VX7, Envy S4, among others.

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freestyle scooter helmet

Bestial Wolf Skull

This is a helmet designed for freestyle scooter users to protect their heads from unexpected falls in the skate-park. It is an accessory made with ABS, a type of plastic resistant to shocks and scratches.

The freestyle scooter helmet comes in a matte black color so it goes with a variety of scooter hues and designs. In addition, it has a secure fit system and material inside to cushion shocks. Also, it should be noted that it comes in various sizes, so that you can choose the right helmet for you. In a nutshell, it is a versatile helmet designed for extreme sports.

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How to choose the best freestyle scooter?

When you are looking for a freestyle scooter in the market, you will find many options, each model with its specific characteristics. Therefore, it is important to know how important each of them is before choosing a scooter. We hope that through this guide to buying the best freestyle scooter all your doubts will be clarified and you will be able to acquire the right product.

Shopping guide


Before asking how much a certain model of scooter costs, it is best to check if the construction materials are of quality, since not all of them have the same metal alloy.

However, the most used alloys are aluminum or steel, for example, 6061 or 4031. There are even freestyle scooters that have the same metal used for the manufacture of aircraft, being much more resistant. Of course, regardless of the material that the scooter has, the most recommended is that the weight does not exceed 4 Kg, otherwise it will be difficult to perform stunts and tricks.


In a freestyle scooter comparison you must take into account the tires, wheels and bearings that the product comes with. For example, rims sometimes come in plastic, being lighter, but vulnerable to damage from bumps and unexpected drops. Other wheels are made of metal, that is, heavier, however, they have greater resistance and durability.

On the other hand, there are the wheels, which are normally made of polyurethane, so they offer an important rebound when doing jumps and tricks. These pieces are of different sizes, those with a diameter of 100 mm are slower, but they are very stable. Also, there are larger wheels, being fast but less stable. Any size can be used to slide with the scooter, although it is best that you acquire the ones that best suit your requirements.

The wheel bearings will serve to slide freely and quickly, so they must be of high quality. These come in different models, for example ABEC version 5 as well as ABEC-9. This latest model is more versatile for freestyle training on the scooter.


The handlebar and the table are the parts that make up the frame of a freestyle scooter. The first is known as bars and comes in the form of a Y or T, any design will do, but you must purchase the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

On the other hand, the table is the base or lower part where the user places his feet, it is also called a deck. In addition, some models have a concave design on the bottom of the board to make it easier to grind rails, as this offers greater balance and stability when sliding. The board is usually made of the same material as the handlebars, metal.

Grip tape and grind grips

Generally, all freestyle scooters have grip tape, even if you choose a cheap or high-cost one. It is a kind of rustic label, thanks to which the user’s feet will not slip while performing stunts. The grip tape goes on the surface of the board and some brands stamp it with elegant designs that attract attention.

In addition, there are the grind grips that all scooters come with. These have different designs, depending on the brand and model. For example, some come in black, others green, red. These are the handles that the scooters have on the top of the handlebars.

Generally, they are made of rubber or some soft material, as they serve to cushion impacts, provide a better grip and in some cases to prevent the scooter from slipping due to the sweat on your hands.


Before asking yourself how much a certain scooter model costs, check this feature, as there are different compression systems. Some of the most prominent are SCS and HIC. The first is based on a longer clamp, one part being the same width and the other narrow.

On the other hand, there is the HIC or internal compression system. This is made up of bearings, screws, spiders and clamp. When properly installed it offers the freedom to make 360 ​​degree turns. It should be noted that all compression systems serve to join the handlebar to the deck.


Sometimes we put this quality aside, but it is also important, since your safety will largely depend on it when using the scooter. This element is almost always found on the rear wheel of the scooter.

The brakes are not always the same length, so check this aspect before choosing a freestyle scooter model. This is because, if you want it to brake more, its length must be greater than 10 cm.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to disassemble a freestyle scooter?

This question is asked by many users on the Internet and it is easy to answer. Just have a set of allen keys, torque wrench, nut cups and pliers on hand in case you need them.

First, release the wheels from the deck or board; To do this, use the torque wrench and the precise cup. Experiment until you get the right size tool. Turn counterclockwise, as this is how you will loosen the nuts or bolts that hold the wheels. Once the nuts are removed you must remove the wheels. By doing this step you would be removing the tires, wheels and bearings at the same time.

On the other hand, proceed by removing the handlebar with the allen keys. Normally, this process is also easy, but you should remove each part very carefully so that you remember how to install the handlebar in the future. The first part to remove to disassemble the handlebar is the clamp, then you remove the pressure handlebar. Remember to use the pliers or clamp when it is necessary to make a greater force. Finally, you will have the freestyle scooter disassembled to move or store more easily.

Q2: Should a helmet be worn on a freestyle scooter?

Yes, it is recommended to wear a helmet as it will provide you with safety while you are using your freestyle scooter. It is important that when choosing a helmet you do not get carried away by appearance, but that you acquire one that protects you from blows in the event of an accident. You should also take into account the size, choose the right one for you. One aspect that you should consider is that the helmet has ventilation so that you are comfortable during hot days.

Q3: How to paint a freestyle scooter?

One of the most common ways is with a spray. To do this you must disassemble the scooter, this may take a few minutes. Then you must sand and clean each piece to remove dirt and degrease. Also, sandpaper because many scooters have stickers on the tubes, which you must remove if you want to paint the scooter correctly.

After painting, apply another coat to remove imperfections and, if necessary, reapply paint until the surface is completely smooth.

It is important that you paint each piece separately and when you do this task always have a distance of about 15 cm to carry out the work accurately. Later, you apply the varnish or gloss to obtain better results. Again, you should let it dry for approximately 72 hours. And finally, mount the freestyle scooter and voila, you will have it well painted.

Q4: How to make a freestyle scooter?

It is not impossible to make a freestyle scooter, since on the Internet you can find the parts separately and from different brands. First acquire the deck and handlebar, the two wheels with their bearings, in addition to the respective mounting nuts. Next, buy a compression system that fits the dimensions of the handlebar you are going to use.

In this way, only the assembly will be pending, which is simple. First fit the handlebar with the compression system, for which you will mainly need allen keys. Then place the wheels and that’s it, in a short time you will have a scooter made by yourself. Remember to buy the handlebar with the handles included, as well as the deck with the non-slip grip tape. In this way, you will not have to purchase these accessories separately.

Q5: How to jump with a freestyle scooter?

There is a wide variety of tricks to jump with a freestyle scooter. Among the best known we have Bunny Hop, Rewind, Backflip, No Hand, Tailwhip. The first one is very basic and can be done by a beginner, it is based on jumping with the scooter and then moving forward with both wheels on the ground.

The No Hand is done by separating the hands from the handlebars at the moment of doing a trick; jumping at the same time entails greater difficulty.

On the other hand, the Tailwhip consists of turning the board one full turn at the same time as performing a Bunny Hop, catching the deck with the feet before it falls and continuing with the same speed when touching the surface.

How to use a freestyle scooter

It is important to know how to use the freestyle scooter correctly, so that when riding it you get the most out of it. In addition, this way you can perform tricks or stunts with precision. Therefore, in this section we will give you some tips on how to use a freestyle scooter.


The first thing you should know is how to mount the handlebar, since most new scooters come with this accessory separate from the deck.

This process will only take a few minutes, as the tools needed to mount the handlebar are usually in the package. Start the installation by reviewing the manufacturer’s user manual, some books have an easy-to-understand drawing. Place all the pieces according to the image and tighten with force, of course, do not exaggerate, because you could damage the handlebar.

Later, turn the handlebar to check that it is not too tight, that is, to determine that the assembly has been correct, it is best that the direction is quite flexible. This is because in the skate park you will need to make 360 ​​degree turns quickly.


After mounting the handlebars you will be able to slide, for which you will need one foot on the board and the other on the surface of the park, helping you to gain momentum. At the same time you must hold on to the handlebar grips, to control the direction you want to go with the scooter.


Once you have managed to pick up speed on the scooter, the next thing is to learn to brake, for which you will need to step on the small bar that is on the rear wheel with one of your feet. This means that the freestyle scooter has a foot brake.

It should be noted that these types of scooters are specially designed for stunts, so some models may not brake very well. Therefore, try to go at a moderate speed, trying to respect the other people who are in the park.


The jump is known as the Bunny Hop and anyone, even a beginner, can do it. In order for you to make a jump, you must stand on the board and take a little momentum on the scooter. As you do so, place the balls of your feet on the board and jump.

You have to pick up momentum to jump with the scooter, that is, you crouch down and go up. Also, when you are learning, do not let go of the handlebar when jumping. We recommend you practice jumping over and over again, but always wearing a helmet, so that if you fall you don’t hit your head.


The tricks on the freestyle scooter are many and some are inspired by the skateboard. Therefore, you must do each stunt very carefully, because you could hit yourself very hard while learning. For example, a well-known trick is to turn the handlebars while you are in the air doing a jump. In this sense, you will have to turn the handlebars 360 degrees while taking a good jump.


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