The best gyms in Madrid

When you walk around Madrid, you can see a city full of people who take fitness life very seriously. In this sense, the Spanish capital is a place that offers multiple options for athletes, people who want to lose weight quickly or simply for those who want to keep their bodies toned.

The training options in Madrid gyms in the past were very basic, reduced to machine training and some kind of aerobics, which is why many people got bored and soon began to lose interest in keeping fit. However, today it is possible to find sites that offer multiple training options and trained professionals who motivate people to exercise constantly. In this sense, we offer you a top 10 with the best gyms in Madrid.


Basic-Fit is a fairly large chain of gyms, with offices in Madrid, Malaga, Bilbao, Córdoba and Gijón. However, its largest audience is in the capital of Spain, since it has 24 different branches in the city, so you can choose the one that is closest to you. Among the benefits offered by the Basic-Fit gym are the usual free weights area, cardiovascular machines , virtual classes, group classes with a personal instructor, among many others.


VivaGym is another large company with branches throughout Spain, including a gym in Madrid Sur. In this sense, it has a wide range of cardiovascular and weight machines, as well as the typical weight area. In addition, this chain of gyms stands out for offering a wide range of classes, including aerobics, cardio, instructed cycling, body combat and Zumba. Also, it is worth noting that VivaGym gyms allow you to use their facilities for the first time for free , before making the registration and payment.

3. Gymage

This gym in Madrid is located near the Gran Vía station and is part of the Gymage Lounge Resort club, so it is a luxury gym that is located next to a terrace, a restaurant and a theater that are owned by the club. Although it is one of the most famous modern gyms in Madrid, it also has a somewhat high monthly cost compared to other options on this list. In this sense, the monthly price is €50 plus a registration fee of €19. However, there is the possibility of making an advance payment of 3, 6 or 12 months, where the monthly cost may decrease.

4. David Lloyd Aravaca

Many think that the David Lloyd Aravaca is the best gym in Madrid, as it offers large tennis and paddle tennis courts with activities led by personal trainers . Likewise, it is currently one of the most complete gyms with a swimming pool in Madrid, as it also has a Spa service, nursery and even a restaurant. Also, it has a schedule for Flamenco Fit classes, as well as spinning bikes and spaces for holistic classes.

5. Ritual Gym

The Ritual Gym is one of the best options for high-intensity interval training, so it is a good bodybuilding gym in Madrid to train professionally . Therefore, it is advisable to have a certain level of experience before registering. In this place, they provide you with sportswear and a towel to train in just half an hour and each class is personalized with a maximum amount of 10 people. To ensure good results, Ritual Gym instructors record athlete profiles on tablets to check for performance improvements.

6. Holmes Place Captain Beech

The Holmes Place Capitan Haya is located near the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and has a sophisticated exterior and interior design. In this sense, it offers all kinds of activities, including physiotherapy, personal training, nutrition and even a wellness area for those who want to relax. Also, this spa gym has staff dedicated to the well-being of people , which creates a friendly environment to train. As if that were not enough, it has jacuzzis, saunas and hydromassage pools, so it can be a good option if you are looking for women’s gyms in Madrid.

7.Boutique Gym

This gym is known as the training center of the great celebrities in Spain. Personalities such as Clara Lago and David Bustamante have trained in its facilities. It is run by Martín Giacchetta, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences who focused the concept of this gym on boutique stores in France, where customers were treated with the utmost care.


This training space has a large number of group classes, among which the express session stands out, where various exercises are performed to burn between 700 and 1,000 calories. During this session, treadmills are used for the aerobic part and weights are used to shape the muscles. As a complement to training, the TRIB3 company provides a special shake at the end of the exercises to replenish your strength.

9. Urban Box CrossFit

The Urban Box CrossFit is considered by many to be the epicenter of CrossFit in Madrid, as it offers a wide variety of classes with different levels of training, but with a maximum of 16 people, which guarantees maximum attention from the instructors

10.Hiit Studio

It is a boutique gym in the Chamberí neighborhood, which specializes in personalized training. As for its infrastructure, it has two floors, the upper one for functional training with pulleys, rubber bands and discs, while the lower one is focused on strength with the use of dumbbells, cardio exercises and machines.

Finally, we can see that Madrid has a wide range for fitness lovers, so there are no excuses when it comes to leading a better lifestyle, based on having a healthy body for a healthy mind.

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