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Cap for men – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

A cap is a very helpful accessory to protect your head and face from the sun’s rays, so depending on the model, you can use it for outdoor sports activities or simply to complement your urban clothing style. Whatever use you want to give this product, you will need to check among the main manufacturer brands to acquire the design that best suits you. So if what you’re looking for is a men’s cap with a minimalist, resistant and comfortable design, you can’t leave the Nike Metal Swoosh out of your shopping list, made with cotton and polyester textile fiber. In addition, the model has quality finishes that can be seen in each of the seams. DC Shoes Snappyis another alternative with a sporty and casual style. Its visor is flat and the embroidery of the logo has been worked to offer a 3D effect.



Opinions on the best caps for men

Deciding on a specific men’s hat model can take some time. If you want to make a beneficial purchase, you will have to verify the quality indicators of the designs that catch your attention before making the purchase. In the section that we leave you below, you will find the description of five types of cap belonging to recognized brands.

Nike Metal Swoosh

Getting the best cap for men, although it seems like an easy task, can take longer than you expected, taking into account the many models on the market. The product that we are going to present to you belongs to the Nike house, it has a sporty and minimalist design in blue, suitable for running, baseball practices or for day to day.

Its clothing was made of 30% cotton textile together with 70% polyester, offering softness, freshness and resistance. The cap has a six-panel cut, with a thread-embroidered eyelet on the top of each panel for greater breathability.

Likewise, in the front left area you will find the emblem logo of the small-scale manufacturer. As a final detail, we have the closure system by means of a rear textile strap, with a clip-type metal buckle, with which you can regulate its opening and adjust it according to your taste.

This model has been positioned by some critics as the best men’s cap of the moment, since it has a sporty, simple, light and resistant design.


Panels: The cap is made up of six panels joined with strong stitching, each with a small embroidered hole for ventilation.

Closure: As a closure method, you will find a textile strap with an easy-to-adjust clip buckle at the back.

Textile: The manufacturer selected a combination of polyester and cotton textile material for the construction of the cap, allowing you to enjoy softness, comfort, freshness and resistance.

Design: This is a sports-type cap in dark blue, with a simple aesthetic and incorporates the brand’s logo on one side.


Color: The color of the textile has received negative comments, because it is not uniform and it appears a little faded and opaque.

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DC Shoes Snappy

DC Shoes is a brand synonymous with quality that has a large shopping catalog, so you should review this model that today is positioned among the best men’s caps of 2022.

The textile selected for its preparation is made up of 40% and 60% polyester together with cotton, the finishes are well defined and the outer seams, apart from reinforcement, also serve as decoration.

Regarding the design, the five-panel cut stands out, as well as the respective ventilation holes at the top of each one of them and the front logo of the brand, embroidered in white with a high-relief 3D effect.

Similarly, we cannot overlook the issue of the rear snap closure and the flat brim that gives the cap a casual touch, allowing you to protect your eyes and face from the sun on summer days.

DC Shoes is considered by many buyers worldwide as the best brand of caps for men, since it combines high-quality textile fibres, seams and finishes as in its Snappy model, whose pros and cons we present below.


Textile: The textile fiber used is made up of 40% polyester and 60% cotton, offering durability, rigidity and a soft touch.

Panels: The cap has been made using five panels duly joined by machine and reinforced with external seams.

Design: The design of this flat brim cap is sporty and casual, suitable to be worn during summer days.

Logo: The brand’s logo embroidered in white cotton thread is incorporated in the front area, using a 3D high-relief technique in said design.


Size: There are those who comment that the cap is a bit tight, taking into account the manufacturer’s specifications, where it indicates that it is large.

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Adidas Performance Max Golf

With so many brands and models, you may still not be clear about which is the best cap for men, and it is recommended that you review this design developed and marketed by Adidas, which is suitable for incorporating it into sports activities such as running, baseball, outdoor walks, among others..

The model has a simple aesthetic with well-defined finishes, cuts and seams, which are indicators of quality. Likewise, it highlights the resistance, soft touch and freshness of the textile material, made up of 100% polyester fiber in black, provided with a UV50 protection treatment.

Among other specifications, we must refer to its five-panel construction, small thread-embroidered ventilation holes, lobed visor and rear adjustment method by means of an adjustable Velcro strap, according to your anatomy. In addition, on the front you will find the brand’s logo in white, embroidered with a 3D technique.

Having doubts about which men’s cap to buy is completely valid, even more so considering the large number of existing models. Next, we want to show you the pros and cons of a model with good positioning.


Design: It is a black cap with quality finishes, reinforced seams and a simple design, suitable for use in sports activities.

Logo: The Adidas house logo has been embroidered with white cotton thread on the front area of ​​the cap.

Textile: 100% polyester fiber was used to make this prototype, but unlike other models, it incorporates a UV50 protection treatment.

Adjustment: At the back of the cap there is a textile strap with velcro, designed so that you can adjust the cap and at the same time regulate the diameter according to your convenience.


Quality: The visor of this cap has been criticized for its lack of strength, being considered too flimsy.

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If you want to have the best price-quality cap for men among your clothing accessories, all you have to do is place this Gatsby model on your shopping list, because it is one of the cheapest you will find.

Its design breaks with the patterns of conventional caps, offering a casual and elegant style that will perfectly match your daily outfit. The format of the product is one size, with a diameter between 50 and 60 centimeters, which you can adjust with the help of an internal velcro strap.

For its preparation, 100% cotton textile material with hypoallergenic treatment was used, reinforced seams and symmetrical cuts that define both the sides and the visor area.

It is important to note that this beret-type cap adjusts to the anatomy of your head, is very light, its touch is soft and it will help you enjoy an adequate level of perspiration during summer days, but it can also be used in winter.

This men’s cap offers you a casual design that you can wear during summer days, because it is cool and breathable. But best of all, it is a prominent cap among the cheapest.


Design: The design of the cap breaks with traditional prototypes and innovates by presenting a beret-type model, with an elongated front cut to simulate the visor.

Textile: 100% cotton textile fiber was used for its elaboration, thus offering you a fresh and hypoallergenic cap.

Size: Depending on the adjustment you make, the cap will offer you a diameter of 50 to 60 centimeters, being considered a one-size-fits-all model.

Closure: Inside the cap, you will find a practical closure made with a velcro strap, which you can use to regulate the size and adjust it to your needs.


Flimsy: The body of the cap can be a bit flimsy, since it does not incorporate an inner lining.

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Billabong Walled Trucker

Among the manufacturers of men’s caps there are several brands with trajectories of great positioning, such as Billabong. On this occasion, it presents us with a Trucker-style model, suitable for use during the summer, because it protects you from the sun and is breathable.

The design is made up of a total of six panels, two of them made of robust gray cotton textile fiber and the remaining three in black nylon mesh, thus offering the necessary ventilation. On the front area, a logo patch stands out, created using a screen printing technique for durability.

Likewise, it incorporates a closure method using a pair of plastic straps that adjust under pressure, allowing you to easily regulate the diameter of the opening, according to your anatomy. As the last specification to be defined, we cannot fail to mention the lobular and flexible shape of the visor.

Walled Trucker is a model of caps for men made with high-end materials, casual design and the highest quality standards that the Billabong brand has accustomed us to. These are its pros and cons.


Visor: The design of the visor of the cap is lobular type and due to its elaboration in flexible material you will be able to mold it according to your taste.

Design: The cap has been made with a six-panel trucker design in gray and black.

Ventilation: The rear panels of the cap have been made of synthetic mesh fabric, so you can enjoy greater freshness and ventilation.

Closure: You can adjust the width of the cap to your liking, using a pair of synthetic straps incorporated in the back with snap closure.


Size: The cut of the cap is a bit wide and when adjusting the closure strap the sides bulge, according to some comments found.

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