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Mountain Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

People who go hiking or who like to enjoy the outdoors know that to perform well in this type of activity it is necessary to have adequate equipment, mainly for the feet, since the terrain is difficult, a good support, ankle protection and even waterproofing for wet days. For this reason, it is important to buy mountain boots, because they are implements with the basic characteristics to provide you with greater stability and protection, preventing you from suffering sprains or injuries to your ankles or feet. In the market you can find a wide variety of brands and models, but we have selected those that we consider the best options, highlighting among them the XPETI Thermator, perfect for outdoor walks, with a waterproof upper mesh and non-slip. Also, you can review the Knixmax M-AM006, because they are made from a waterproof synthetic material and have an EVA and Nylon mesh lining, ideal for keeping your feet warm and dry.

Opinions on the best hiking boots

If you like to go on outdoor excursions or go hiking in the mountains, you have to have footwear that is suitable for all types of terrain and that provides you with comfort. Next, we have prepared a list according to the opinions and recommendations given by Amazon customers, to help you make an intelligent purchase and that you can select among the best mountain boots, the one that fits your expectations and your pocket.

Women’s hiking boots

XPETI Thermator

The XPETI Thermator are women’s mountain boots, designed to comfortably enjoy the sun and the beauties that nature offers through outdoor walks, because they can be used for hiking, mountaineering, trekking, in the city, trips, etc., since they are multifunctional, being considered by many users as the best mountain boots.

This pair of boots combines a waterproof mesh upper with a Hydroshield membrane, which serves to keep your feet dry in wet weather, as well as a Thinsulate insulated lining, ideal for keeping you warm in climates where the temperature can get up to -30.

If you want to hike outdoors with comfortable shoes, capable of keeping your feet dry in humid climates and that you can walk on any type of terrain, then you have to take a look at the pros and cons of the best hiking boots of the moment designed for women.


Function: They are perfect boots for hiking on different terrains, in rocky areas and even on wet or muddy floors, due to their non-slip sole.

Waterproof: These boots feature a waterproof mesh upper, a Hydroshield membrane and a Thinsulate insulation lining, which will keep your feet dry and warm at all times.

Multifunctional: They are boots that you can use for hiking activities, to make tours of the city or travel, for mountaineering or trekking, because they are multifunctional.


Size: This model can be slightly larger than the standard size, so it is recommended to order a half number or lower than your usual size.

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Skechers Synergy Winter Nights

There is a wide variety of women’s mountain boots on the market, manufactured by various brands and with all kinds of models, so it is normal for you to ask yourself the question: What are the best mountain boots?

To help you in your decision, we recommend you review the specifications of the Synergy Winter Nights from the famous sneaker brand Skechers, because they have a sporty high-top style and an outer lining in smooth Trubuck synthetic leather, linings and cuffs with knitted fabric. jersey, with overlay details on the front, sides and heel.

Skechers offers multiple designs of footwear made with the latest technology and always in fashion, and this model is no exception, which is why this house has been recognized by many as the best brand of hiking boots. So, review the positive and negative aspects of this shoe so that you make a successful purchase.


Materials: It has an outer coating of good quality synthetic materials, which guarantees durability and resistance to wear due to continuous use.

Insole: The insoles have Memory Foam Warm Tech technology, which provides a plus in cushioning for greater comfort in the feet and helps you maintain body heat.

Sole: We can highlight that this model has a sole with flexible rubber traction, for greater safety and stability when walking.


Treatment: For best results of use, the manufacturer recommends applying a waterproof treatment for nubuck leather, before wearing them on rainy days.

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Men’s mountain boots

Knixmax M-AM006

If you are a lover of mountaineering and trekking practices, we present the characteristics of one of the best mountain boots of 2022, the Knixmax M-AM006. It is a high-top shoe designed for men, which has an external waterproof synthetic leather lining, as well as an internal mesh lining, ideal for keeping your feet warm and comfortable throughout the day.

These men’s hiking boots are waterproof and breathable, thanks to the membrane construction with sealed seams. In addition to this, it has a membrane with Knixmax technology that makes this shoe waterproof, providing great superior impermeability.

All these aspects make these stand out as the best mountain boots of the moment, according to many opinions of the users who recommend them. Next, we present its pros and cons.


Sole: It has a very robust PVC sole with a good quality non-slip rubber, allowing great adherence to all types of terrain, efficient shock absorption and is highly durable.

Closure: These boots have adjustable laces, to adapt the tightness of the shoe to the size of your foot and provide you with greater comfort.

Material: It is built with a waterproof synthetic leather material on the outer shell and inside it has an EVA and Nylon mesh lining.


Size: The manufacturer recommends that if you have slightly wide feet, select a larger size to avoid inconveniences.

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Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX

This model of men’s mountain boots has a robust and high-top design, which serves to protect the entire foot up to the ankles from sprains and bumps, thanks to its ergonomics and the comfort it provides, so it could be said that they are the best hiking boots

They are made with a synthetic leather material on their outer shell and protective toe cap; Its internal part has a membrane made with Gore-Tex fabric, which provides good protection in different weather conditions, because it is resistant to water and wind, guaranteeing a very high level of waterproofing.

If you are wondering which hiking boots to buy, this model can be an excellent alternative, as they are especially recommended for hiking, although they are also perfect for going for a walk in the park, you can even use them during your work day. Here are its most outstanding advantages and disadvantages.


Vibram technology: The soles were made with Vibram technology, a system that provides maximum traction, does not slip, even with mud or snow, and is highly resistant to wear.

Uses: They are specially designed for hiking, trekking and all outdoor activities, because they easily adapt to different terrains.

Insole: The insoles feature Merrell M technology, which wicks away moisture and has organic odor control, to provide a fresh feeling to the feet.


Size: It is advisable to choose a number more than your usual size, preferably one that is 1 cm above the tip, because otherwise your fingers and toenails will suffer during the descents.

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Salomon hiking boots

Salomon X-Ultra 3 Mid GTX

This model of Salomon mountain boots is another interesting alternative among the best mountain boots of 2022, as it has a new mid-cut design, which provides good stability, optimal grip for technical terrain and provides great protection against the weather.

Its external lining is made from a durable PU-coated leather fabric, which allows greater durability and resistance to wear and tear, and has a secondary fabric that allows the boot to dry quickly.

In addition, its advanced chassis with a moldable and padded midsole provides maximum comfort, ideal for steep terrain, which is why they are other candidates to be considered the best mountain boots of the moment.


Climate protection: This Salomon model has high protection against the effects of the weather, since it is breathable and totally waterproof.

Hiking: They are ideal boots for hiking, thanks to their new descent control technology, which provide better support on technical hikes and during difficult descents, making them more effective.

Cushioning: Its advanced technology chassis incorporates foam pads around it to provide greater comfort and cushioning, connecting directly with the sole to give the heel better stability.


Price: These boots are one of the most expensive in our selection, but their quality is backed by a brand with years of experience in the world of hiking products.

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Chiruca hiking boots


In the case of the Pointer model from the Spanish brand Chiruca, we can mention that it is cutting-edge footwear for hiking or trekking, because it uses technologies such as Gore-Tex, which is the membrane that prevents the passage of water to the feet, but it also allows them to breathe easily, which is why they have been described by many as the best mountain boots.

These Chiruca mountain boots use the Vibram sole to provide better adherence to the terrain, with good shock absorption, resistance to weather changes and stability.

Its exterior structure is made of leather, with selected split or nubuck leathers, with a polished and delicate appearance, which gives it a velvety style. If you still don’t know which mountain boots to buy, we invite you to take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we have analyzed in this model.


Insole: It has polyester insoles that are perforated, to give the shoe better cushioning. In addition, they do not allow moisture to pass through, facilitating perspiration.

Sole: The Vibram brand bi-density polyurethane X-Tra sole guarantees maximum flexibility and grip in any type of movement or impact, to give you greater stability on your walks.

Materials: The outer cover of this footwear is made of waterproof split leather, providing greater resistance and durability to these boots.


Rigidity: It is advisable to use the boots with some frequency, so that they mold to your foot, since at first the footwear may seem somewhat rigid.

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Bestard hiking boots

Bestard Trilogy

Bestard’s Trilogy model are multipurpose boots designed for trekking, which have been improved in aspects such as comfort, aesthetics, lightness, among others, with an external cover made of Superfabric, which is a fabric with small ceramic pieces, which They provide the footwear with greater resistance to abrasion, characteristics that make it presume that it is one of the best mountain boots of 2022.

These Bestard mountain boots include a lacing system with a Quick Lock brake, which is responsible for blocking the lace to allow a precise and differentiated lacing adjustment.

Bestard is a family business founded in Mallorca since 1940, which has grown and established itself in the market, designing boots of the highest quality and cutting-edge technology, which has earned it recognition as the best brand of mountain boots, being known both in Spain and internationally.


Reflective elements: These boots have reflective elements that provide better visibility and safety to the walker in situations of bad weather or darkness.

Materials: Split leather from the Perwanger brand is used for its manufacture, meeting the highest standards of finish, resistance and waterproofing.

Lining: This model includes the Gore-Tex lining, which is a system with a surface of millions of microscopic pores that provide breathability to the shoe, but at the same time prevent water from passing through, making it highly waterproof.


Hardness: For those who are starting with this type of footwear, the sole of this model may seem somewhat hard and robust, while they get used to wearing it.

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high mountain boots

Gomnear Yellow and Black

If you are looking for high-mountain boots, this Gomnear model can be a good alternative, because it has a coating with a unique anti-skid design, which includes multiple layers of firm grip on various rock surfaces and in complex road conditions.

They also offer great wear resistance, thanks to the outsole made from EVA, with a compression molded foot frame providing a cushioning effect. On the other hand, the upper part of the shoe has a waterproof and breathable mesh lining that keeps your feet dry and fresh, so that the route is more comfortable and safe.

In addition, it has a good value for money, being one of the cheapest hiking boots we have seen so far. If you want to know which are the best mountain boots for trekking tours, you should review the pros and cons of this Gomnear model.


Materials: They are made with excellent quality leather, which offers high resistance to wear, aging and great flexibility.

Colors: This model is available in three different but very striking colors, which are: yellow and black, orange and navy blue, gray and blue.

Waterproof: It has an intelligent design in the drainage of the layers, which allows to enhance the waterproof function, offering great protection against humid climates.


Size: Most users agree that the size of the last is quite small, so they recommend choosing an additional number to the one you commonly use.

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Salomon women’s hiking boots

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX W

If you are wondering which are the best mountain boots, in the case of women’s shoes, the X ULTRA MID 3 GTX W model from Salomon could undoubtedly be the answer.

These Salomon women’s mountain boots are specially designed to adapt to the female foot, offering more effective boots for descents, because they have Descent Control technology that responds better to difficult descents.

As for the grip on the surface, we can highlight that this model includes two types of rubber to provide better grip, since the stamped area on the heel allows a more aggressive grip on the ground.

Salomon is among many probably the best brand of mountain boots that you can find on the market, because it cares about designing quality footwear for both men and women. We invite you to review the pros and cons of this female model.


Structure: This model has an asymmetric chassis that works to maximize damping and stability, while minimizing the effect of fatigue with difficult terrain.

Materials: The outer cover has a polyurethane coating that protects the footwear and allows it to be more durable. In addition, it has anti-mud protection to protect the lateral and medial sides of the foot.

Waterproofing: Includes a Gore-Tex membrane that prevents the passage of moisture, allowing you to keep your feet warm and dry.


Laces: One user commented that her shoelaces often come undone, which she found inconvenient during her excursion, but this was an isolated case.

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Boy’s mountain boots

Hi-Tec Hillside WP JR

There are also mountain boots for children that adapt to the shape of their feet, which is ideal for introducing our children to the exciting world of trekking, although due to their resistance and durability, they can be perfect for daily use because they have the stamina needed for little ones.

In the case of these Hi-Tec Hillside Waterproof Jr mountain boots for boys, they have a mid-cut design, which is perfect for protecting your child’s foot up to the ankle and keeping it dry, providing good performance on the trails. In addition, its price is quite affordable, being recognized as the best price-quality mountain boots.

This model has a waterproof upper coating and a Dri-Tec lining to reinforce water resistance. For its part, the outsole is made of carbon rubber with multidirectional traction for better grip and adherence to the surface, making them highly reliable on all terrain. Know its advantages and disadvantages.


Traction: They have an outsole made of carbon rubber with multidirectional traction, which prevents slipping, providing reliability when walking.

Insoles: It has removable insoles made of contoured EVA, which adapt comfortably to the child’s foot, maximizing cushioning.

Waterproof: Its external cover is suede leather with a suede look, highly waterproof, protecting the foot from moisture, adding a high-performance mesh for perspiration.


Weight: At first it may seem that the boots are a bit heavy for children, but in reality they are quite light and once they get used to wearing them they will notice it.

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Waterproof hiking boots

Zarlle Outdoor Black

One of the basic characteristics that determine good mountain boots is their impermeability, because when we hike or hike we are subjected to different weather changes or we pass through rivers or streams, wanting our feet to stay dry and warm. That’s why we look to waterproof hiking boots, to reap the benefits of water resistance at the right time.

These black boots from Zarlle are made with good quality materials and offer a high degree of waterproofing in their outer shell, making them light, breathable and easy to wear. In addition, it is one of the cheap shoes that we find in our selection.

Likewise, it has a coating with a toe and heel resistant to impacts due to abrasion effects, which provides great durability, as well as protection and good traction on the most difficult terrain.

If you don’t have a big budget to buy mountain boots, this model is very interesting, because it is one of the cheapest on this list.


Materials: They are made with good quality materials, which provide softness and comfort to the structure, reducing stress on the joints.

Uses: Because they are light, breathable and non-slip, these boots can be used on the beach, for hiking and mountaineering, at work, in the city, etc.

Design: They have a classic mid-cut ankle boot design that covers the entire foot up to the ankle, keeping it warm, making it ideal for cold or rainy weather.


Sizes: There is a difference in the size chart because they are Asian sizes, so the manufacturer recommends choosing a size larger than usual for your foot length.

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Guide to buying mountain boots

After having made this comparison of mountain boots with the different models that we selected for you, it is important that before deciding which ones you will buy, you look at the following guide to buy the best mountain boots that we have prepared, where the aspects and outstanding characteristics that all boots of this style must have.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to practicing mountain sports, the first thing we think about is the comfort that we should have on our feet, so it is not good to buy cheap mountain boots leaving quality aside, because on those walks you are exposed to multiple conditions., both in the climate and on terrain of different surfaces, you even have to go through streams and streams, the materials with which the boots are made being of great importance.

So if you are one of those who only checks how much the footwear costs, take a better look at the leather that covers the outside of the boot, which is completely waterproof so that it can protect you from moisture and cold, so it is essential that textiles used are water resistant.

There is a wide variety of materials in terms of the type of lining, it can be natural leather or synthetic leather, many include a breathable textile mesh, but keep in mind that in all cases, they are materials that are treated with advanced technologies to offer a waterproof and wear-resistant shoe.

hiking boots design

Another outstanding aspect in this type of product is the design of the mountain boots, since there are two different types: those with a high cane and those with a medium cane. High-top mountain boots are perfect for hiking through very rough or steep terrain, as they provide greater ankle protection and support for your feet, so that you can make any type of movement and always keep them indoors. of footwear.

Those with a medium cane are more comfortable and are appropriate for more level terrain, which is slightly uneven or flat. The good thing about these boots is that they provide greater stability when walking, protecting you at all times from possible slips that can cause a sprain or strain.

Internal membrane and perspiration

Likewise, it is important to check that the appropriate mountain boots have among their specifications microscopic membranes that are porous and that serve to protect the feet during long walks in cold climates or in winter, because they are responsible for keeping them warm and warm during the passage through humid or rainy environments.

On the other hand, you can also find boots without a membrane, which are suitable for those walks in hot climates or in summer, since they offer ample ventilation and breathability to keep your feet cool.

If the boots do not have good breathability, your feet will be damp, they will suffer coldness and they will have problems with your body thermoregulation, in addition to the fact that you will be prone to chafing and blisters. So your best choice, in addition to being a good and cheap boot model, will be those that have a membrane with excellent breathability.

sole and grip

Of course, we cannot stop talking about the sole of the boot, since it must always have studs and be non-slip. The best boots according to the opinions of some users have a Vibram sole, which is a type of sole that provides maximum grip and is highly resistant to the effects of abrasion. Other brands use soles made with their own technology, such as the Contagrip of Salomon boots. But the important thing is that the sole offers good performance on both simple and more complicated terrain.

The best thing will be to opt for those boots that have soles with engravings specially designed to expel the elements that adhere to them, such as mud or small rock particles. In such a way that, on descents, the heel will retain the boot preventing it from slipping, and on ascents you will have better adherence to the surface.

Another important feature is the ability to absorb impacts. Most mountain boots usually have protection on the toe and heel, which help in cushioning impacts against the shocks that our feet could have on the ground.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to enlarge mountain boots?

To enlarge the hiking boots there are several methods, but we explain one of the most effective and ingenious. Use a zip lock bag, fill it with water and insert the bag inside the boot. Then take it to the freezer for a period of 7 hours. Before removing the bag, let the ice melt. You must perform this procedure very carefully to avoid wetting the boots internally. Do it as many times as necessary until you manage to adjust the boots to your comfort.

Q2: How to choose the size of a hiking boot?

To choose the right size for your hiking boots, put on thick socks, place a sheet of paper on the floor that ends against the wall. Stand on top of the paper with your longest foot, place your heel against the wall, and mark a line on the tip of your longest toe. Add 1 cm to this mark, to anticipate the movement of the foot when walking, which will avoid annoying chafing. Measure the distance of this insole and check the size chart that mountain boot sellers have on the web, so you can choose the correct size.

Q3: What are hiking boots made of?

Mountain boots are usually made on the outside of textiles, natural leather or synthetic material, such as polyurethane, fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber, materials that offer resistance, lightness, impermeability and good breathability. On the inside, they usually have various membranes with different textiles such as Gore-Tex, while the sole can be made from rubber, Vibram or EVA.

Q4: How do mountain boots have to fit?

It is important that the mountain boots are loose on your foot but providing good support. For this reason, it is recommended that your fingers do not touch the toe of the shoe and should be at least 1 cm away. That way, your foot will have room to move on the descents, so your toes and nails won’t suffer from pain or blisters.

Q5: How to waterproof mountain boots?

Most of the hiking boots designed today come with a waterproof technology, so they do not need waterproofing. But if your boots have been worn for some time and have lost their waterproof layer, it is best to buy a spray to waterproof shoes according to the material of the boot, which is the right product for it. To apply it, you must clean the boot very well, moisten the footwear enough, apply the spray and let it dry in the open air.

Q6: How to break in hiking boots?

The ideal method to break in hiking bo

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