The best inline skates

Inline Skates – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Skating is an activity that, when mastered, everyone enjoys for its various benefits. However, in order to have the most fun you need to purchase quality inline skates that offer the comfort and fit needed for best performance and a positive experience. A model like the Roces Compy 8.0 stands out because it serves to initiate the little ones in this activity, giving them a beautiful white and pink design and an anatomical fit. While models like the Fila Skates Madame Houdini LB/Mg skates provide excellent support, with strong and lightweight wheels for faster movement and less wear.

Opinions about the best inline skates

Buying the best skates requires viewing many options until you choose the one that has everything you need. Although it may take a bit of time, comparing among the top models can make the buying process easier.

girl inline skates

Rods Compy 8.0

If you are looking for cheap inline skates for little ones, this is one of the best alternatives. These inline skates for girls stand out, first of all, for their beautiful white color with pink details on both the wheels and the boot, creating a magnificent contrast, together with a floral pattern with a sweet design. They come with the quality of being extensible, so their size will adapt to the girls’ feet as they grow and you will not need to buy more skates by having this practical model.

The wheels have a diameter of 7.2 centimeters and a hardness of 82A, ideal characteristics for this type of inline skate. The insole is adjustable for greater comfort and the anatomical padding of the liner gives the foot desirable ergonomics to skate with ease without forcing movements. The micrometric closure provides an incredible fit so that your daughter is always safe when skating.

What are the best inline skates for girls? Those that can serve for a long time offering the same quality, as is the case with this model.


Extensible: Its extensible quality allows the skate to “grow” with the girl’s foot.

Ergonomics: The padding offers stability to the foot with comfort and ergonomics, as it adapts to it.

Closure: The micrometric closure provides the security that your little girl needs when skating, to avoid imbalances.

Wheels: The wheels have been praised for their speed and durability.


Colour: White is easy to get dirty and this can be a disadvantage, as the skates may need constant cleaning.

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Njidam 52SR

These gray inline skates for girls with fuchsia details are not only one of the cheapest and most modern alternatives on the market, but they can also be considered the best value for money inline skates. It is a model with semi-soft ankle boots that provide both safety and adaptability to the foot, with a structure made of polyester and artificial leather that provides long-lasting durability, quality and comfort due to its ergonomics. To be easier to use, they have a quick lock closure on the adjustment straps.

The button included in the heel will serve to adjust the sizes in 4 sizes, since it is an extensible model that will adapt to the growth of the girl’s foot. The ABEC 5 wheels alternate between pink and a semi-transparent model with dimensions of 6.3 x 2.4 centimeters together with a hardness of 82A, the most common in children’s models.

These skates will accompany girls on their fun afternoons with safety, comfort and ease of movement. In addition, they will give a unique touch to your appearance, as it is a very fashionable model.


Extensible: They are extensible skates, so they can accompany the girl at various times of her growth.

Boots: The semi-soft boots adapt to the movement of the foot, without compromising the safety of the skater.

Straps: The straps are quick fastening to facilitate the process of putting on the skates and removing them.


Sizing: These skates are a small fit so it may be possible to order a size up.

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women inline skates

Fila Skates Madame Houdini LB/Mg

Blue in color with black and white details, these women’s inline skates are ideal for those who enjoy rollerblading or are just starting out in the art of skating, as it is a fitness model from Fila, a sports company so well known that could be crowned as the best brand of inline skates. Its structure combines support straps with laces to give a better fit to the foot and a different style.

The lightness of the skates makes sliding with them easier and the speeds reached are higher as well, while their synthetic material gives comfort to the feet so you don’t tire quickly. The skates come with 4 ABEC 7 wheels, each 8 cm in diameter and with a hardness of 82A. The white wheels match perfectly with the rest of the structure.

These inline skates stand out for their mixed and modern design so that, in addition to moving around comfortably, you can move around with style all day long.


Fitness: This model is ideal for walking and also to become familiar with skating. Ideal for an afternoon of fun.

Fastening: Its fastening with laces and straps offer a secure and adequate fit.

Lightweight: Their lightness makes wearing them more comfortable and moving at high speeds much easier to achieve.


Professional: Being walk and initiation models, those who wish to perform professional skating must buy other skates.

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professional inline skates

Roller blades LDM Adult

These professional inline skates are definitely one of the best inline skates of 2022 and, fortunately, young people and adults who practice skating professionally will be able to benefit from them. This model comes with a thickened support to give the stability and security you deserve when moving. Its structure is made of sponge lining with a breathable design to prevent sweat accumulation.

The cushioning system implanted in the heel absorbs impacts well and this is complemented by the double hardness of the boot that protects the feet from shocks. The buckle provides an excellent fit, as it comes with automatic memory to adapt to your foot. The design is black and unisex to serve those who want to combine their skates with any outfit. The model comes with aluminum alloy in the support and 7.2 centimeter wheels, with 85A hardness, which will take you everywhere.

Choosing the best inline skates can be difficult, but this model is so practical that it may be the best alternative for many people who are looking for this type of product.


Versatile: This is a unisex model that is suitable for youth and adults.

Comfort: The breathable structure will keep you comfortable and your feet dry, preventing bad odors and sweat accumulation.

Safety: The thickened support, heel cushioning and hardness of the boot are features that increase the safety level of the product.


Weight: These skates are not the lightest on the market and using them requires a little more effort, which can be a disadvantage.

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inline hockey skates

KRF The New Urban Concept New Angel

Standing out in sport is possible with these inline hockey skates, with 8 x 3.2 centimeter wheels and 84A hardness that will give you the best performance, with a fluid, fast and stable movement. The ABEC-9 bearings and the 24.3-centimeter aluminum frame are key to the long durability of these skates and the great quality of movement they offer, ideal for playing hockey without worrying about your performance.

Its black and white design with blue details stands out anywhere, and its shock absorption system provides safety, comfort and minimizes the risk of injury. The micro-adjust closures along with the laces offer maximum adaptation and despite being made for hockey, you will also have adequate movement in your freestyle freestyle sessions. This model stands out for being 100% customizable, since you can change its accessories whenever you want. With brake included.

These are the best inline skates of the moment for those who want to stand out in the world of hockey, since the positive comments guarantee their quality.


Adjustment: The micro-adjustment closures next to the laces will allow you a unique adaptation and support.

Versatility: The fact that they can be used in hockey as well as freestyle gives them incredible versatility.

Impact: The cushioning of the skates is something that your feet will appreciate, since it means less fatigue and discomfort.


Templates: The templates are not of the best quality, as reported by certain buyers.

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men inline skates

KRF XR-180

Among the cheapest models on the market, these inline skates for men are one of the most sought after and this is because, like most children’s models, this purchase offers you extendable skates that can be adjusted in 4 sizes, ideal for teenagers or for multiple people to use. The boot is breathable for comfort and the 6.4 x 2.4 cm wheels with 82A hardness will give you a fast and fluid movement.

Its ABEC-5 bearings together with the included TPR brake offer incredible security, while the laces, the velcro strap and the clasp strap give you a correct hold, taking the best of the 3 adjustment systems. The guide is made of aluminum, a material resistant to impacts and constant friction with the ground for less wear, and its black design with blue details stands out at all times for its serious but modern style.

With an incredible design, great fit and excellent performance, these inline skates are an alternative that is sure to give you what you need when it comes to skating.


Extensible: Being extensible, these inline skates adapt to feet of different sizes.

Insurance: Between the aluminum guide, the brake and the fastening, safety is something remarkable about these skates.

Adjustment: The triple adjustment is one of the most outstanding features, as it offers 3 different systems for better adaptability.


Insole: The insole can shift, which is a drawback, according to buyers.

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adult inline skates


If you don’t know which inline skates to buy, remember that buying a Fila product is always a good option. This model proves it, because with these adult inline skates, people will be able to enjoy exceptional quality, with a structure suitable for the initiation of beginners in the world of freeskate. The plastic material with which they are made provides a better adaptation to different terrains and also an optimal shock absorption.

The micro-adjustable aluminum closure allows you to adapt each skate to your foot properly to ensure better performance. This together with the laces provides a very good support. The bearings are of the ABEC 7 type and the hard shell of the boots provides better safety when moving, with protection against shocks. The design is all black to match anything and comes with 7.2cm 82A hardness wheels for fast movement.

These traditionally designed skates are ideal for adults who want to start skating and want to start with equipment that has the highest safety and quality.


Materials: The combination of plastic and aluminum provides the best of both elements. Shock absorption, terrain adaptability and durability.

Closure: The micro-adjustable closure gives a better adaptation to the shape of the foot, which will give you greater performance.

Initiation: Being an initiation model, it offers professional quality for beginners in skating.


Color: The skates are completely black, which can be a drawback for those who like colorful details.

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Inline Skate Accessories

inline skate wheels

Hyper Wheels 72800

Good inline skate wheels will be responsible for excellent, fluid and long-lasting movement. This specialized model in men’s inline skates brings smooth bearings and a special structure for skidding. Therefore, you will not have to worry about them wearing out due to rubbing.

White wheels have contrasting black accents for added style and an easy match to inline skate colors. Its hardness is 84A to adapt to different surfaces, while its diameter of 76 mm gives the wheels the ideal size to move at a good speed.

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inline skates backpack

SFR Black/Mint

Buying a backpack for inline skates is one of the best ways you have to keep your equipment in good condition and be able to move it easily. This SFR model has an additional compartment so you can carry everything you need when skating, as well as a small zippered pocket on the inside for valuables.

The padded straps will give you the comfort you need for transport, with an included handle that will make mobility easier. Your two skates will be safe in the outer pockets with mesh material for better breathability.

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How to choose the best inline skates?

Acquiring the perfect pair of this product requires a comparison of inline skates between various models. If you don’t know where to start, here are some things you should keep in mind to make your purchase and acquire skates that can accompany you for quite some time without wearing out easily.

Shopping guide

Type of skates and wheels

When it comes to skating, regardless of talent, you have to have a great team. The quality of the skates influences how much it costs, however, before letting yourself be carried away by the cheapest product, you should consider that your performance will depend almost exclusively on the type of skates you are wearing, not only because of their quality, but also because they do not all have been manufactured for the same activities.

The most expensive skates, for example, are usually professional hockey skates. However, it is necessary to acquire them to be able to practice this sport. If this is the case for you, don’t buy any other type of inline skates and stick to the options created for hockey. In addition, there are other activities that require specific skates.

In your guide to buying the best inline skates you should also consider the hardness and size of the wheels, as these change depending on the skates in order to adapt to the activity you are going to do.

Harder wheels offer higher speed and less wear, but softer wheels provide less vibration when walking. In the case of size, the larger ones also offer greater speed but the smaller ones give better stability to skate safely. Everything will depend on what skates you use and what type of skating you do.

Finally, the bearings, classified with the ABEC modality, indicate the sliding capacity of the wheels. The higher the number, the more scroll sensitivity you will have. For children, ABEC-3 is recommended, to offer sufficient resistance to facilitate stability. For non-professional adults, bearings from 3 to 5 are recommended and from 7 onwards, strictly professional use is recommended, because although the bearings give better sliding and speed, they can be damaged more easily if they are misused.

Size and fit

There is nothing more dangerous when skating than poorly fitted skates. For that reason, acquiring the correct size is something that cannot be missed when making the purchase. Children can get children’s skates, while adults can get skates suitable for their size. You must choose the models that share a size with the shoes you use.

You can choose, if you want more space, half a size more than what you normally use, however, if you exceed it, you may not be able to fit the skate well. Your skate should be held very well at the instep, leaving you a little space in the foot. This will prevent your foot from moving around inside the skate.

Also remember that having skates that are too tight can be problematic. If your foot is very tight and mobility is limited, a sudden movement can cause a sprain very easily, since your foot will not have the space to follow the movement smoothly.

You may feel that the skates are a little tight at first, but this does not mean that you have purchased the wrong size. The skates will give and adapt to your foot as you use them.

The fastening is normally done with two straps, one located on the instep and the other on the cane, finished with snaps. Make sure that the brooches are made of quality materials, to avoid easy deterioration. There are other forms of fastening such as velcro and laces, the latter used more than anything in figure skating.

Technical details

A good and cheap structure of an inline skate is made up of several details, beyond just the wheels and the boot. For example, if you want your child to use the same skates for years, then it is advisable to purchase an extendable model that can cover several sizes at the same time and adapt to children as they grow.

When it comes time to stop skidding, a heel brake can be a very handy accessory. Sometimes it is not included and you must make an additional expense, so it is better to buy skates that already come with it.

The chassis is also an important detail. Do you want good shock absorption or adaptation to irregularities in the ground? Get a plastic chassis. Do you want a long life with little risk of deterioration? An aluminum chassis is your ideal option. As for boots, carbon fiber is one of the most recommended materials for a resistant sole.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to brake with inline skates?

When skating, lift the toe of your brake foot and brush the back of the skate with the ground. This will slow you down and you will be able to brake progressively, slowing down until you stop.

For more experienced people, it is possible to brake with sudden lateral movements, with turns, etc. This is especially convenient when you want to brake at high speeds. You can also brake with an inverted V or T position, placing a skate at 90 degrees behind the front skate.

Q2: How to spin with inline skates?

There are several ways to turn, but the easiest is the A-turn technique. This involves spreading your legs until you achieve a full-body position that resembles an “A.” By putting the weight on one foot, you will rotate to the opposite side.

This technique is famous because you maintain stability on both feet when turning, minimizing the risk of falling.

Q3: Which skates are better: inline or 4 wheels?

Depending on what the skater is looking for. If you are looking for quicker and easier maneuvers and tricks then inline skates are better as they give you a fairly fluid motion.

However, for better stability, especially for beginners, 4-wheel skates may be better alternatives, as they serve as a base and balance is much easier.

However, if you know that your ultimate goal will be to use inline skates, then immediately getting used to inline skates is the best option. Although 4-wheel skates help you with movement and safety, when you make the change you will have to go through the process of practicing stability, balance, etc. again.

Q4: How to change the wheels of the inline skates?

Get an Allen key or, if necessary, two of them. Fit one of them in the screw that holds the wheel axle, while with the other you loosen it until you can extract it, together with the axle and the wheel. Clean the bearings and guide line to keep your skates pristine.

Extract the wheel bearings with the Allen key, being careful not to lose the spacer. Put them on the new wheel as they were on the old one and make sure these are snug, otherwise the wheels can become unstable. Place the new wheel in the empty space.

Go doing the process with each wheel, instead of removing all at the same time, so you don’t lose order. Install the bolt and tighten using the wrench until the wheel is snug on the axle just enough to maintain good spin without slipping.

Q5: How many brakes do inline skates have?

Depending on the model, skates can have one or two brakes. Usually, only one brake is added to the rear of the right skate, however, there are some that have two cleat brakes, one on each skate.

If your skates do not have any, it is possible to buy the additional parts and install them, without difficulty.

How to use inline skates

Skating is an activity that, in addition to serving as exercise and also as a means of transportation, will give you hours and hours of fun. You will be able to go quickly to all the places you want while enjoying the way, however, to be able to do it, it is necessary to practice until you move without fear and without errors. If you don’t know how to use inline skates, you shouldn’t worry, because there is no age limit to learn. In this small guide you can start step by step to master the art of skating.

Put on your safety gear

Before you start skating, you should pay attention to your safety. It is inevitable that at some point you will fall while you are learning, therefore, you must prevent the impact from affecting you more than necessary.

The way to do this is by protecting yourself with a security team. A helmet will keep your head safe, while knee and elbow pads will take care of protecting your knees and elbows.

put on your skates

Inline skates are put on just like sneakers. You must loosen the front clasps and insert your foot until the sole of it is completely on the insole of the skate. When you are in a good position, lace up the skates until you get the fit you need so that your foot has a good grip and does not slip.

Begin with standing balance

Before skating, try to master your setup stance so you can skate with stability. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and with a slight bend in your knees, you’ll be able to achieve balance. At first it may be difficult, but later it will be an easy activity. Do this near something you can use for support in case you lose your balance, like a wall, chair, or table.

start to slide

Start taking small steps to get used to keeping your balance. Do not push yourself to skate, keep a movement similar to that of walking. Try doing this on different surfaces. Also experience the difference between dry and wet surfaces.


If you already know how to keep your balance when standing and walking, start pushing yourself and sliding. A step with one foot, accompanied by the impulse of the other, sliding. Switch between one foot and the other and maintain a constant movement between them, balancing your weight and managing to move by alternating feet correctly.


If you still don’t have great mastery of the skates, practice in places with nearby walls so that, when sliding towards them, you can brake by touching them with your hands.

As you get better, move on to using the brakes on your skates. As you slide, raise the ball of one foot and let the back of the skate lightly brush the ground to act as a brake. If you are a more experienced skater, a sudden lateral movement or a turn can cause you to stop when you are going at high speed.

fall the right way

Bend your knees as you land and extend your arms, trying to slide on your skates to land on top of your knee pads. Hopefully, you will only suffer from scratches on your hands.

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