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Kettlebell – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Some training routines require the use of kettlebells, to achieve results that are reflected in better muscles, being suitable because they take up little space and can be used at home. Although they have a similar design, there are many models on the market, each with different characteristics, so it is appropriate that you can compare the options that are most attractive and suitable for you, looking at the opinions of the buyers and the properties that differentiate each weight.. Currently, there are two models that are frequently recommended. First, there is Proiron Black, a weight made of cast iron, indicated for strengthening muscles and toning, which has a non-slip base, an ergonomic grip and a finish to protect the structure from contact with other implements. Next up is the DoYourFitness Kylon, an aesthetically striking spherical-style model that’s built with strong materials and a smooth coating.



Opinions on the best kettlebells

If you have decided to buy some kettlebells, you should know that there are many designs available on the market, but not all of them have the endorsement of buyers. Therefore, before making a hasty choice, it would be convenient for you to know the main options that lead the current market.

Proiron Black

It is made of solid cast iron, a material of high quality and resistance, this being one of the qualities that leads it to be considered the best kettlebell on the market.

Proiron offers the market this kettlebell available in several presentations with weight levels, starting from 4 kilos to 24 kilos, each one aimed at increasing muscle strength, agility, movement and speed.

It has an ergonomic design with a wide handle that allows a good grip, providing greater safety while exercising. In addition, the manufacturer has designed this weight with a non-slip flat base, which improves stability and prevents the ball from rolling on the surface. It is easy to store and its finishes have been carefully made.

Considered by many users as the best kettlebell of the moment, the Proiron Black meets high quality standards for its solid construction. Here you can read its pros and cons.


Weights: According to the physical requirement, the user can select a presentation from 4 to 24 kilos.

Ergonomics: The weight has a wide grip diameter, which diversifies its use and allows a comfortable grip.

Base: The weight has been designed with a flat and wide base that prevents it from rolling or sliding on the surface.

Finishes: Although it has a rustic design, the finishes of this weight are delicate and careful.


Coating: This model does not have a soft material coating that protects the surface where it sits.

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DoYourFitness Kylon

So that your purchase is assured, you should be able to make your choice among the best kettlebells of 2022. If you are interested in this, it may be convenient for you to consider this DoYourFitness model as one of your alternatives.

The weight is made of cast iron, with the particularity of having a neoprene coating that prevents it from slipping from the hands and protects the structure. This model is 4 kg red, but it is also possible to select a model from 2 to 20 kilos, for those who want more personalized options.

In addition, each color identifies a weight. All the weights have been designed with an anatomical and ergonomic shape so as not to cause injuries during use. They are recommended for different physical activities, training and rehabilitation.

To train you need quality equipment that prevents injuries and has ergonomic properties that facilitate its use. Therefore, DoYourFitness is considered a strong contender to become the best kettlebell brand. Read the pros and cons of your Kylon model.


Coating: To prevent it from sliding on the surface or slipping from your hands, this weight has a soft neoprene coating.

Weights: According to the needs of each user, you can select between five different weights.

Materials: The dumbbell is constructed of solid cast iron, which provides a high degree of durability.

Ergonomics: The spherical design is made with a wide handle that allows a secure grip during movements.


Paint: The enamel it has falls off easily, it can even stain your hands.

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Gorilla Sports Stylish

It is likely that you want to train and define your muscles without making a large investment, so it is convenient for you to know the properties of this model, which is considered one of the lowest cost and cheapest alternatives on the market, possibly being the best kettlebell of relation price quality.

This design has a granular fill that has been reinforced with a vinyl plastic coating, plus it has a non-slip base that prevents it from rolling on the floor.

According to the training needs, the prototype that best fits the force can be selected from various weights, being able to select between 2 and 20 kilograms. The structure of the weight is gray, in contrast to other shades, varying according to weight.

Gorilla Sports Stylish is a kettlebell that offers versatility and functionality. With it you can do different training routines. In addition, it has a competitive price, being one of the cheapest on the market.


Materials: The model differs from the conventional ones, since it is made of plastic, with granulated filling.

Design: It has a classic design, with a gray structure combined with another tone that varies according to weight.

Base: The dumbbell is equipped with a flat base and small studs that prevent it from slipping.

Weight: According to the training needs, you can select a model among different weights, from 2 to 20 kilograms.


Grip: The grip handles can be a bit thick, being uncomfortable to support weight.

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AmazonBasics KB-12KG

If you’re still wondering which is the best kettlebell on the market, then you should know the attributes of this AmazonBasics model, which is made of high-quality solid cast iron, which has been varnished to prevent corrosion.

In addition, the design is endowed with a wide embossed handle that provides a comfortable grip, even with room for both hands, while its non-slip flat base is secure and provides stability when placed on the ground.

This kettlebell model is 12 kg, but it is also available in other presentations, so you can select the ones that suit you according to your training routine and lifting capacity, with a range between 4 and 20 kg.

If with the number of designs that you have reviewed so far you are not convinced and do not know which kettlebell to buy, you should choose to identify one that is attractive to your interests, being necessary that you know the pros and cons of the AmazonBasics.


Grip: The manufacturer has incorporated a wide handle to facilitate grip, even with both hands.

Weight: Whether for high or low muscle impact exercises, with this weight you can exercise efficiently, thanks to its 12 kg weight.

Construction: If you want a durable model, remember that this weight is made of solid cast iron.

Paint: The surface of the model is varnished with paint to improve resistance to corrosion.


Base: Although it has a flat non-slip base, the weight may damage the floor.

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Fitness House FH

If you are looking for a model that meets high quality standards, this Fitness House design may be the right option, since it is a versatile and multifunctional kettlebell design, with which you can tone and sculpt muscles through various exercises.

This alternative is practical and adjustable throughout its structure. It is equipped with an adjustable handle and six 2.27-kilogram metal plates, making it possible to add or remove weight as needed, simply and quickly.

The structure of this dumbbell has a modern design that allows the weight to be adjusted through a lock and turn mechanism. Thanks to this design, space can be saved, since the plates are built into the kettlebell.

There are many weights available, with very few being recommended, and this Fitness House model stands out for its versatility and functionality of use, making it convenient for you to know its attributes and disadvantages.


Versatility: This model is suitable for different routines because with a single kettlebell the weight can be adjusted by up to 18 kilograms.

Weight: You can add or remove weight, since it is equipped with six 2.27-kilogram discs.

Ergonomics: The weight has a wide and adjustable handle where you can hold it without hurting your hands.

Security: The discs are added and removed, but have a locking system that secures them to the frame while in use.


Materials: The model is not made of cast iron, being a little less resistant.

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