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Kettlebell – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To do force-loaded exercises safely and comfortably, it is recommended that you have a kettlebell. Before buying, you should know that there are many designs available, so it is recommended to establish quality indicator parameters that denote good performance, as well as compare the opinion of other users about their experience. Within the user community, the Gorilla Sports Cement model is a dumbbell with a robust and professional finish, suitable for different muscle exercises. Next, Do Your Fitness Power Monster offers ergonomic, easy-grip kettlebells made with high-quality materials.

Opinions on the best kettlebells

There are many kettlebells available, being necessary that as a buyer you can limit your search in the models that fit your requirements, without neglecting quality. To help you with the choice, we present the models that currently lead the preferences of the user community.

kettlebell swing

Gorilla Sports Cement

If you are looking for the best kettlebell on the market, it is prudent that you consider the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Gorilla Sports as one of your options, because it offers high quality standards for training.

Through this kettlebell swing you can exercise safely swinging the weight without injuring yourself, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a resistant and ergonomic handle. This handle has a dimension of 4.5 cm, while the grip handle has a gap of 8 cm.

The structure of this kettlebell swing is made of plastic, filled with sand, so it is used for specialized low-intensity strength training. Depending on your needs, you can do kettlebell swing routines of between 8 and 20 kilos, with the weight that best suits your level. The model is also recognized as a kettlebell workout, because it is used for versatile training.

The best kettlebell of the moment must have a firm structure. Gorilla Sport presents a model that meets this standard.


Materials: It is built with a resistant plastic shell and a sand filling, making it practical for varied training.

Ergonomics: Unlike other models, with this kettlebell you can do exercises with a high level of comfort.

Handle: To hold the weight you will have ample space, being possible to hold it with both hands.

Versatility: According to the level of training, you can select from several weights the one that best suits you.


Volume: It is voluminous in size, making it difficult to perform some exercises and routines.

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Kettlebell exercises

Do Your Fitness Power Monster

If you want to have the best kettlebells of 2022 among your sports equipment, you could consider this model marketed by Do Your Fitness. The brand offers a spherical weight design, making it possible to improve muscle performance through functional training, without having to go to a gym.

Kettlebell exercises are recommended for both men and women, because they are appropriate for strengthening the leg muscles or for physical rehabilitation. This model is 8 kg, but it is available in other weights up to 20 kilos, differentiating between them by colours.

In this way, you can select the one that suits you best for differentiated kettlebell exercises. The dumbbell has a wide grip and is equipped with non-slip feet that prevent it from shifting or damaging the floor.

Do Your Fitness is a manufacturer that offers high quality standards, which is why for many it is positioned as the best kettlebell brand on the market.


Support: To guarantee an adequate grip, the model incorporates a wide handle.

Weight: The 8 kg presentation in which it is offered is of a medium range, suitable for various types of training.

Properties: It is equipped with a non-slip base that keeps the weight firmly on the ground and prevents it from being scratched.

Versatility: The model is suitable both for improving muscles and for use in rehabilitation.


Resistance: For some users, the model has little resistance, because it is not made of cast iron.

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kettlebell snatch

ExtremeFitness 8.0

Determining which is the best kettlebell on the market is not a task that can be taken lightly, but this design from the manufacturer Extreme Fitness has attributes that provide high quality standards.

This weight has a traditional design, it is made from cast iron, without seams or weak points, in addition to having no moving parts, so it has a high degree of durability.

Due to its characteristics, it is a suitable weight for exercises such as Kettlebell snatch, being suitable for low or high intensity training. In addition, it has a wide handle with a soft and textured grip to prevent slipping due to sweat.

The weight is 8 kg, but the model is offered in other weights ranging from four to 32 kilos, each one identified by color. With these weights you can do kettlebell workout exercises such as deadlifts, squats, snatches and other modalities, to increase strength and muscle performance in extremities.

If you don’t know which kettlebell to buy, you may be interested in learning about the pros and cons of this Extreme Fitness model.


Construction: It is made of solid cast iron, being highly resistant.

Versatility: It is suitable because it is used for low or high intensity training for men and women.

Grip: To prevent slippage, it has a wide, textured grip, providing a firm hold.

Weights: According to the level, you can select between several weights from four to 32 kilos.


Structure: This model has a strong structure that can cause damage to the ground if it is not placed carefully.

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kettlebell effect

XQ Max

Cost is usually a feature that many analyze before making a decision, so if you are looking for the best value for money Kettlebell, this XQ Max design may be the one, as it is one of the cheapest weights on the market. market and the lowest cost of our selection of products.

A kettlebell effect is achieved through exercises and training with kettlebells and this model provides sports equipment that meets the standards. It is suitable for different routines because it has a stable core, and is available in four or six kilos, so it is possible to select the weight that best suits the training style.

This bell-shaped dumbbell has been equipped with a handle that provides a better grip as well as less slippage, making it possible to hold it even with both hands for exercises such as squats or deadlifts.

XQ Max offers a quality model at a competitive cost, it is even recognized as one of the cheapest kettlebells on the market.


Weights: Depending on the type of training, you can select the weight of four or six kilos.

Grip: The model has a wide grip system, being possible to hold it with both hands.

Properties: It incorporates a grip mechanism with non-slip and soft-touch properties.

Design: It is bell-shaped, it is available in black and the surface is flat, so it does not slip.


Shape: Although it has a traditional shape, some users find it uncomfortable for leg exercises.

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Kettlebell routine

Training for athletes

If you want to improve your physical condition, gain muscle mass and reduce measurements, you need to exercise. One of the best ways to achieve results is through a kettlebell workout, because it offers a versatile workout.

In this 224-page softcover book, you will have the opportunity to learn about the best exercises for athletes that can be done with the help of a kettlebell. Through a system of training with kettlebells, the author Dave Bellomo offers the multiple benefits that these sports implements can achieve.

All this, through the explanation of more than 50 exercise routines included in a personalized work program according to the objectives, sport and training level of each user. With this regular training, greater strength, muscle volume, speed and resistance are achieved. To make the routine easier, the book offers illustrated routines.

Dave Bellomo presents a book with which he offers the techniques to improve sports performance through the kettlebell. Here its pros and cons.


Illustrations: It is not only a book of text blocks, as it also presents illustrations to achieve the exercises.

Content: The author offers different routines, exercises and personalized programs for specific goals.

Pages: Through 224 pages, the reader will learn in depth the benefits and practices that can be done with a kettlebell.

Cover: You can take the book anywhere because it is a light softcover copy that does not take up much space.


Format: It is not available for Kindle, it is only presented in traditional format.

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Guide to buying a kettlebell

Before buying, it is appropriate that you consider some aspects that could affect the usefulness and quality of a model. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best kettlebell on the market.

Shopping guide


In the comparison of kettlebells, users make it clear that before buying it is necessary to consider the weight according to the objectives set and the level of training that is possessed. However, not just any weight fits the fitness level of all users. In the case of women who seek to develop muscles with low intensity exercises, it is necessary that they use light kettlebells, between 2 and 4 kilos, especially if it is for arms.

In the case of muscular development of the extremities of the lower part such as legs and quadriceps, it is necessary that the weight be greater, being recommended for women between 8 and 16 kilos and for men between 12 and 32 kilos. Selecting the weight will also depend on the purpose, whether it is for training or rehabilitation. Many users even choose to purchase a complete kit with weights of different sizes and weights. Thus, a greater investment is required, but there are kettlebells for all levels and needs.

Design and ergonomics

A good and cheap kettlebell with a striking and functional design is attractive to many users, as it will be a sporting piece that will be used on a recurring basis. Before selecting a model in a hurry, you need to consider the functionality of the design based on the size, volume and proportions of the piece, as well as the number of parts that make it up.

Remember that this is a sports implement that must be comfortable, regardless of its weight, in order to perform the exercises correctly without injuring other parts of the body.


Many users want to know how much a kettlebell costs. To answer the question, it is enough to know what materials the manufacturer used to make the product. These pieces for muscle training can be made of three basic materials: iron, steel or plastic.

The first two options are the traditional kettlebell and its cost is higher because it is made of high-density solid cast iron or steel, with a high level of durability and low wear. They are made for high-intensity exercises and their appearance is rustic, so they can hurt your hands and damage the surface where you stand.

The plastic ones are a less expensive variety whose weight usually comes from a filling of sand or granular material. Although its quality is high, its durability is less. In both cases, it is recommended that they have a neoprene lining.


Different brands and manufacturers offer kettlebells with different types of handles and grips. Before selecting a model, you must confirm that the handle fits the hand correctly and that it is ergonomic, thus avoiding injuries, deformations and calluses.

There are models that incorporate a small handle that can only be held with one hand. This type is impractical for executing exercises that require distributed weight. Therefore, it is recommended that you select a model with a wide and manageable handle.

Likewise, users usually indicate that designs that incorporate handles with rough material are more beneficial, since this allows a better grip and prevents slipping in contact with sweat and friction.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, a kettlebell or dumbbells?

This will depend on the exercise routine you are practicing. Both weights offer benefits that translate into better physical results, if you maintain a regular training. Kettlebells incorporate a grip system that is conducive to distributing the weight, being allies in the execution of squats and deadlifts, but due to their design they are not very suitable for strengthening shoulders and chest.

Likewise, this is a model that leads the preferences of crossfit fans, although many of the users tend to lean towards dumbbells. This leads us to conclude that both weights are favorable depending on the modality that is developed.

Q2: How to use the kettlebells?

These kettlebells are easy to use: you only need to stand in front of them, bend over keeping your back straight and hold them through the handle or grip area. When doing it, you must exert force because they tend to be heavy and when you sit up, try to maintain your balance. Next, you can perform various exercises starting from a stable and straight vertical position. There are users who, prior to gripping, wear gloves to avoid calluses.

Q3: How to do kettlebell swing?

This is one of the most popular exercises that can be performed with a kettlebell. To achieve a good execution of the kettlebell swing, you must maintain a clean technique that generates low impact on the spine. The exercise is achieved through the movement of the kettlebell in a modular trajectory. The legs should be semi-flexed, parallel to the shoulders, the chest erect and the spine straight.

You grab the kettlebell with both hands and pull it in toward the inside of your legs with a gentle swing to lift the weight off your shoulders in an oval motion. The forearms brush the groin and the hips should be back with the torso in front. The extension of the legs and hips will generate the force to drive the weight up.

Q4: What do you work with a kettlebell?

This will depend on the exercises that are performed and the routine that is followed with this sports implement. However, in most cases and exercises, kettlebells are used to work different muscle groups, hence their recent popularity in gyms and training systems. In general, they serve to work the back of the body, femoral, buttocks, lumbar and even abdomen, but to a lesser extent.

Q5: Does the kettlebell burn fat?

The kettlebell alone does not burn fat, this is achieved through consistent and regular exercise routines. To burn fat it is necessary to perform high-intensity aerobic exercises and a proper diet. However, to achieve this goal, it is best to consult a sports advisor who will provide you with a personalized program.

Q6: Which is better, a kettlebell or crossfit?

They both are. A kettlebell is a sports implement with which you can perform different exercises, while crossfit is a comprehensive high-impact training system for the entire body. In fact, kettlebells of different weights are commonly used as part of crossfit training or routines.

So both go hand in hand. This leads us to conclude that according to the objectives, each user can choose to use the weight with specific exercises or with the crossfit system.

Q7: What kettlebell weight to start with?

This will depend on your physical condition, level of training, muscles to work and if you have injuries to the body. What is recommended for beginners in almost all sports is to start with the lowest weight, being one, two or four kilos for women and eight or twelve kilos for men, and gradually increase in a controlled way to avoid injuries.

Thus, as the muscle gains strength, you can increase the weight. Always remember to maintain a clean technique and stop when you feel discomfort.

Q8: Is the kettlebell suitable for beginners?

Of course. The kettlebell is suitable for both beginners and experts, as long as the technique is maintained, the weights are respected and the loads are not exceeded. Otherwise, they could cause injury. Being a free weight with many exercise variants, it provides advantages for exercising and improving the muscles after a short time of training.

How to use a kettlebell

The use of a kettlebell is very versatile, so we have prepared a series of tips and steps that you should take into account for it, knowing that it is a sports implement that is useful for training indoors or outdoors.

Wear the appropriate clothing and footwear

As it is about carrying out physical activity, it is recommended that you have the appropriate clothing and footwear for it, since this improves the total execution of each exercise. In addition, you will have greater capacity for movement, you will be able to test your flexibility, maintain body freshness and avoid damaging clothing that is not designed for training.

Take care of your posture at all times

One of the keys to having a good training session and avoiding injuries with the kettlebell is taking care of your posture, that is, executing each movement in the correct position. The posture will vary according to the exercise, but in general you must take care of the position and flexion of the knees, the height at which you place the elbows, keep your back straight, as well as maintain the position of the wrists.

Choose a flat surface with sturdy flooring

The training surface must have certain characteristics, especially if you work indoors, where there are delicate floors. The use of the dumbbell in this area will depend on its design. If it has a neoprene coating or some type of plastic, it can come into contact with the surface without scratching it, but if the texture of the weight is too rough, you must be careful not to damage the floor.

Hold the weight with both hands

To avoid injury to your shoulder, back, wrist, or arms, you should hold the dumbbell with both hands. Of course, this will depend on the exercise you are doing, because there are some that are done with one hand, but in cases where you use both, make the grip at both ends of the handle, to contribute to a good level of control..

control the movement

There are some movements with the kettlebell where you gain momentum as you go through the exercise. In them you must be careful and try to always maintain control of the movement, since in the long term this can cause an injury or cause an accident in the place, if the weight is expelled from your hands. Hence, control is essential, in combination with a firm grip.

Learn to place and remove the dumbbell from the ground

One of the situations where you are most prone to injury or muscle strain is when placing or removing the weight from the ground. Therefore, you must basically learn to do it without putting your well-being at risk. The recommended thing for both cases is to tilt the legs, instead of just tilting the back, trying to keep it in an upright position.

Keep the kettlebell clean

The kettlebell can also accumulate dirt, especially if its use is sporadic, so it is customary to remove the dust that concentrates on them, as well as the drops of sweat that may fall on them. This will be very important to keep the structure always in good condition.

kettlebell workout

Kettlebell training is one of the most complete that exists, since this type of weights work in a way that generates a greater effort, as if they had a higher weight than they really have. This is called offset weight in relation to the grip point. Here are some tips for the use and proper use of kettlebells.

Surface Selection

It is important that you make a correct selection of the work surface, especially when the weight that you are going to use does not have a coating in materials such as neoprene or another type of plastic. Certainly, most kettlebells are suitable for floors indoors or outdoors, but do not forget that there are very delicate surfaces that could be scratched when they come into contact with the roughness of the weight.

Take a proper posture

It is important that you adopt a proper posture when carrying out the exercises, because this will be the guarantee to avoid injuries. Whether you’re training your upper or lower body, you’ll need to properly angle your legs, watch how high you reach when lifting, and keep your back in a straight position.

Choose the type of exercise you will do

It is recommended that you be clear about the type of exercises you will do, in order not to waste time when starting the day. In this sense, you can make a list of the exercises, number of series and repetitions of each one, in order to follow it in an organized way.

This will help you optimize your training session and get more out of the weight, because you will be able to learn about the variety of training options that exist for each muscle group or for total body conditioning.

Use a weight according to your resistance level

Take care to use a weight that is according to your level of resistance, knowing that if you are a beginner you should not use a weight that is so difficult to manipulate. On the contrary, if you are already used to training, you can choose a load similar to the one you use when using dumbbells.

Be careful when holding or placing the dumbbell on the ground

When you are going to hold or place the weight on the ground, you must be very careful, because in these situations injuries can be caused, especially in the area of ​​the back, which you must keep straight and, instead of leaning, you will have to bend down a little to hold or hold the weight in place.

Control the height of the movement

When performing the movement where the weight is raised, you must control the height of the movement. This is because sometimes a certain momentum is acquired that could end up in the kettlebell detaching and generating an injury or accident on the spot.

Make a balanced grip

The weight grip should be as balanced as possible. To do this, it is recommended to place both hands on the left and right ends of the handle. In case the movement requires only one hand, you should place it in the center of the handle in order to maintain a good level of balance.

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