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Children’s bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Bicycles are one of the favorite toys of children, since in addition to having fun they exercise and develop physical, motor and coordination skills, resulting in an option that many parents select. Those who are interested in acquiring one of these should make a selection among many models and brands, being appropriate that instead of making a hasty purchase, they can establish a comparison of the characteristics and analyze the alternatives in order to choose the one that best suits. Within the number of options on the market, there are two children’s bicycles that currently lead the preferences. As a first option, we have the Chicco Baby Jake model, an ultra-light beginner bike without brakes or wheels, which is used to improve balance. Next, there is the Prometheus 14TM0402 model, a design of just over eight kilos, with a built-in braking system and small rear wheels, being suitable for children from the age of three.



Opinions on the best children’s bicycles

If you have decided to buy a bicycle for your child, you must be able to recognize certain indicators of quality, since despite there being many models, few are recommended as suitable. For this reason, we present a section with the main characteristics of the five models of children’s bicycles that lead the current market.

Chicco Baby Jake

On this occasion, the manufacturer Chicco presents the Baby Jake model, an initiation bike without pedals or brakes, which is recognized by many users as the best value for money child’s bike.

This model has been manufactured with resistant and solid materials, incorporating metal with light properties in its structure. Despite its high quality, it is one of the cheapest bikes on the market.

It has a non-slip saddle and height-adjustable handlebar, which can be adjusted according to the user. It is recommended for children between 36 months and five years old, who do not exceed 9 kilograms in weight and are learning and improving their balance, both to walk and to leave the support wheels.

Among its properties, it stands out for having 10-inch anti-puncture wheels, to increase safety levels, with nothing to envy a larger model, for example, 16 inches. Its design is available in metallic red with black, as well as pink with black.

This design is suitable for children who are learning balance and want to have fun, it is striking and with high quality standards, attributes that lead it to position itself among the cheapest children’s bicycles today. Here are its pros and cons.


Weight: This model has an ultra-light structure, weighing only 2.5 kilograms.

Materials: The bicycle is built with resistant materials, in a metal and plastic structure.

Wheels: Safety is guaranteed with this model, which incorporates puncture-resistant 10-inch wheels.

Saddle: The bicycle is equipped with a comfortable saddle with adjustable and non-slip properties, to provide comfort and safety to the child.


Paint: The metallic paint of this model falls off easily after bumps or falls.

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Prometheus 14TM0402

Being a product for the little ones, you probably want a model that provides a high level of quality and safety and you are looking for the best children’s bike on the market, so it would be appropriate that you consider this Prometheus design as one of your alternatives.

This bicycle has light properties, since its weight is 8.5 kilograms. It is resistant and is equipped with a dual and independent braking system, to provide greater safety. It is recommended for children between 3 and 6 years old, incorporating removable support wheels, so that it serves as an initiation and then they can be removed.

This 14-inch bicycle is made with an aluminum structure, while the saddle and handlebars are ergonomic, made with padded materials, and are also adjustable in height and inclination, to fit the user. It is available in blue and requires assembly, a process that takes about 25 minutes.

Properties such as safety and quality of materials should not be neglected when it comes to children’s products and both attributes are present in this Prometheus model. For this reason, it is considered the best child’s bicycle of the moment. Here are its attributes and drawbacks.


Design: This is a model that is used for initiation, because it is equipped with small removable rear wheels to later walk without them.

Weight: It is a light but resistant model, since its weight does not exceed 10 kilograms and it supports children between 3 and 6 years old.

Brakes: The bicycle is equipped with a dual brake system, front and rear, to provide greater safety.

Ergonomics: The bicycle has an adjustable seat and handlebar. In addition, both are made of padded material to prevent abuse.


Assembly: Although it is armed in 85% of its structure, the remaining 15% can be complicated for some users.

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Bikestar Cruiser Edition

With a weight of just over 12 kilos and a cruiser style, this model from the manufacturer Bikestar is usually recognized by users among the best children’s bicycles of 2022, and it is conducive that you know its attributes.

Available in metallic blue with bright orange accents, this bike is recommended as a practice bike for kids ages six and up. It has 20-inch fat tire wheels with aluminum rims.

It is made with high quality materials and resistance. Additionally, the manufacturer has incorporated solid steel into the frame structure, as well as a coaster braking system.

Within its design, the bicycle has safety reflectors in various parts of its structure, such as pedals and wheels. For greater comfort of the little ones, the bicycle is equipped with an adjustable saddle both in height and in angle of inclination. It has a bell and some vintage elements.

Bikestar is a manufacturer that equips its products with high-end materials and attributes that improve their quality and function, as well as their appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that many consider it the best brand of children’s bicycles. Here you can read the advantages and disadvantages of its Cruiser Edition model.


Design: The model is cruiser style, available in blue with orange touches, it has a bell and a vintage style.

Wheels: The model has 20-inch wheels, equipped with aluminum rims.

Weight: This bicycle has light, but resistant properties, being able to support the weight of children over six years old.

Ergonomics: Children will be comfortable while they enjoy a ride on the bike, because it has a comfortable saddle and handlebars that do not hurt.


Brakes: The bicycle does not have brakes at the rear, due to its design, so the user must get used to stopping with the pedal brake.

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Spiderman 65DI050 

Made with robust materials, this model may be the one for those who are wondering which is the best children’s bicycle on the market, and it is appropriate that you pay attention to its main attributes.

Every kid enjoys action heroes and everyone has their favorite, so if that’s part of their bike, they’ll appreciate it even more. In this design, the bicycle has a Spiderman allusive coating, using the colors red and blue.

The model is equipped with 12-inch stabilizer wheels and high-precision front brakes that provide safety for the little one. The elaboration of the frame is made of steel, so it is resistant and durable, while its saddle is ergonomic.

In addition, it includes a bottle holder, bottle and chain cover, also with a Spiderman theme, also incorporating a small horn. Due to its dimensions and properties, it is recommended to be used by children between 2 and 4 years old.

You may feel overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives and have not been able to identify a suitable model for your requirements, so if you do not know which kid’s bike to buy, you can contemplate the positives and negatives of the Spiderman 65DI050.


Print: If your child is a fan of Spider-Man, he will be delighted with this bicycle, since its entire structure is alluding to this superhero.

Design: The model has a masculine design with a comfortable and height-adjustable saddle, as well as a handlebar that incorporates front brakes.

Wheel: The manufacturer has equipped this bike with 12-inch wheels that maintain balance on different surfaces, as well as support wheels.

Accessory: The bicycle includes a bottle holder on the back, as well as the plastic bottle and chain cover, both from Spiderman.


Style: This model has a style designed for children, being unattractive for girls, so it is an exclusive bicycle for men.

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WST MTB Sniper

Recommended for children over eight years of age and over 1.20 m tall, this model from the manufacturer WST is one of the children’s bicycles that leads user preferences for being made with high-end and resistant materials.

Unlike other models, the Btt Sniper has a mountain and adventure style, being a robust bicycle that is equipped with a Slooping frame and a Shimano manufacturer’s gear system.

In addition, it is equipped with front shock absorbers to reduce impacts and high-precision V-brakes made of aluminum. It is available in black with orange details. It has a comfortable and adjustable saddle, as well as an easel and bell.

The wheels are 24 inches and are equipped with reflective lights that they also have on the front and rear. The bicycle requires to be assembled for its use, since it is 85% assembled from the factory.

The recommended designs usually have quality finishes and have attributes that provide a better experience on wheels, taking care of the safety and comfort of the child. The manufacturer WST has these attributes in its MTB Sniper model.


Age: The bicycle is suitable for children over 1.20 meters tall and over 8 years old.

Design: It has a robust and practical design for mountain and adventure. It is available in black with orange details.

Brakes: The bicycle is equipped with a Shimano brand brake and damping system, being of great precision.

Wheels: The model has 24-inch wheels, equipped with reflective lights and studs for greater grip.


Assembly: For some people, the assembly of this model can be a bit complicated, especially when it comes to adjusting the brakes.

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