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Mountain bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To ride safely in the mountains or in the city, it is necessary that the bicycle you select has certain characteristics in its wheels, brake system and suspension. Likewise, its structure must offer an adequate level of support that adapts to your anatomy. That is why before making a final purchase decision, you will have to verify and compare the quality indicators present in each of the equipment that interests you. A mountain bike model that has stability, resistance and great lightness is the Moma Bikes Fat 26″, since its frame has been made with high-end chromed aluminum tubes. Also, it incorporates disc brakes on the front wheel, which slow down progressively but precisely. Another alternative that may interest you is theECOSMO 26SF02W, with a folding design that will not take up much space in your car when transporting it. In addition, its assembly is instinctive.

Opinions on the best mountain bikes

Choosing a mountain bike is a very important decision. You should know that not all models suit you, since each of them is designed to offer different levels of performance. Here are five recommendations with their respective specifications for you to consider.

Moma Bikes Fat 26″

The equipment patented by Moma Bikes is safe, resistant and adapts to the needs of the clients. That is why each of its products has great acceptance in the market, this being the case of the present model considered as the best mountain bike.

Among the main specifications to mention, we have the elaboration of its frame in 7005 aluminum, used to provide stable support, great lightness and durability. The wheels are flat and have a diameter of 26 centimeters, allowing you a correct grip on any type of surface, be it concrete, mud, sand or snow.

The brake system is disc and is incorporated in both the front and rear areas. The speed changes are of Shimano quality, the overall weight of the bike is 14 kilograms and the handlebar is oversize, just like the one used on 29-inch bikes.

This model of mountain bikes offers great grip and precision when braking. Its design is resistant, light and according to the buyers it is the best bicycle of the moment.


Frame: The frame of the bicycle is made of aluminum type 7005, which is characterized by its lightness and resistance.

Wheels: The wheels are flat, wide and have a diameter of 26 inches, being suitable for moving on any type of terrain.

Brakes: The manufacturer used a brake system with a disc design, which will give you precision and efficiency when slowing down, both on the front and rear wheels.

Weight: The bike has a light body weighing only 14 kilograms, as specified by the manufacturer.


Instruction manual: One of the customers indicated that the information in the instruction manual is very scattered, which caused him inconvenience when carrying out the assembly.

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Among the best mountain bikes of 2022 is this model designed and marketed by the ECOSMO house. This is a collapsible outfit for men or women. Its assembly is quick and instinctive, being necessary to adjust the handlebar by means of a quick-release locking mechanism, to secure the front wheel, to finally join the pedals and the seat.

The Hi-Ten steel frame has a 59 centimeter format, offering an adequate level of support and great stability. In addition, it is important to indicate that this material can be welded in case of rupture, since it has a low level of carbon in its components.

Other specifications of interest are the incorporation of 21 speeds, an adjustable saddle from 86 to 100 centimeters in height and wheels with a diameter of 66 centimeters each. It also has a double alloy brake system with V-brake disc, for greater precision and safety when moving.

For those who want the best brand of mountain bikes, they should check the characteristics of this model with the ECOSMO quality seal, which offers resistance, safety and adapts to different anatomies.


Frame: The manufacturer used Hi-Ten steel, which offers stability and the possibility of being welded in case of breakage.

Handlebar: The handlebar of this model of mountain bikes has a quick release mechanism when folding. In addition, its height can be regulated.

Wheels: The wheels of this bicycle model have a diameter of 66 centimeters each, which is equivalent to 26 inches.

Brakes: For this model, an alloy V-brake system with a disc design was used, arranged on both the front and rear wheels of the bicycle.


Saddle: For some of the users, the saddle of this bicycle is uncomfortable due to its rigidity, since it does not incorporate a rubber coating.

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Discovery DP074

The manufacturer Discovery puts at your disposal this model made with high-end materials, light design and pleasant aesthetics. It is the best value for money mountain bike, considered among the cheapest on this list.

It is a women’s bike with a 46-centimeter frame, made of aluminum tubes as well as the seat and front hubs, thus offering stability, strength and the promise of a long life.

In addition, other materials stand out, such as stainless steel on the handlebars and black resin on the pedals. The model also has a pair of wheels with a diameter of 26 inches, alloy spokes and V-Brake type brakes, which provide greater precision when slowing down.

We cannot fail to mention the suspension system, incorporated to cushion the impact during travel, and the Shimano TX30 gear sprocket, for better speed control.

For many buyers, this model is one of the cheapest bicycles you will find, so we present its advantages and disadvantages below.


Wheels: The bicycle has two 26-inch wheels that adapt to uneven surfaces, offering good movement. 

Frame: For the elaboration of the bicycle frame, light aluminum coated with white paint was used, which is resistant to bad weather.

Brakes: This model incorporates a V-Brake type brake system, with a good level of precision when stopping the speed acquired.

Pedals: The pedals have a robust and ergonomic design, for which they used impact resistant resin.


Instruction manual: Users have missed the incorporation of an instruction manual by the manufacturer, for this model of mountain bikes.

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Monty KY8 408

Monty is a manufacturer with a long history in the world of mountain bikes, which is characterized by developing safe models with a long useful life. Each of its products has gone through strict manufacturing processes and quality certifications.

If we talk specifically about this model, we can indicate that it is a bicycle aimed at children with an age range that is between 8 and 10 years old. The painting is painted in fluorescent yellow, has some blue details and water-resistant stickers, offering a striking aesthetic that will please both adults and children.

The frame is made of aluminum with stainless treatment, the spokes are made of alloy and the wheels have a 29-inch format. In addition, it incorporates 21 speeds of change. An important factor is that the handlebars and the seat are adjustable, so they adapt to the growth of the child.

Monty KY8 408 is a mountain bike with striking aesthetics, a resistant frame and a design that adapts to the growth of children. Read the pros and cons of this model below.


Design: The design of this model has a pleasant aesthetic in fluorescent colors, aimed at children between 8 and 10 years of age.

Wheels: The pair of wheels incorporated in this bike have a diameter of 29 inches, which offers good performance on the pavement.

Frame: The manufacturer provided for this model a frame with a geometric design, made with high-end stainless aluminum tubes.

Adjustable : Both the handlebar and the saddle have a height adjustment mechanism, which will allow the child to use the bicycle for a long time.


Tools: One of the users commented that he missed the incorporation of some tools, which are necessary for the adjustment of the pieces at the time of assembly.

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Moma Bikes GTT 26″

If you want to acquire a resistant bicycle that is suitable for riding in the mountains or in the city, then this unisex model in black and gray colors developed by Moma Bikes may be the one for you. With so many positive attributes, this product could very well be the answer to the question of which is the best mountain bike.

Its design adapts to any man or woman with a height between 1.55 and 1.95 meters. The frame is made of 7005 chromed aluminum tubes, which is a stainless material, with an adequate level of support, stability and great lightness. The wheels have a 26-inch format, the spokes are made of alloy and the front and rear brake system is disc.

Likewise, it incorporates suspension forks only in the frontal area, allowing you better cushioning with respect to the irregularities present on the track. The bike reaches 24 speeds, has a comfortable saddle and non-slip grips in the handlebar area.

In the opinion of some of the buyers, this could answer the question of which mountain bike to buy, since it is strong, light, safe and offers good performance no matter what terrain you ride.


Brakes: Both on the front and rear wheels you will find a disc-type brake mechanism, of high quality and precision.

Wheels: The diameter of the wheels of this model of mountain bikes is 26 inches, designed to offer better performance when moving.

Damping: In the frontal area, the manufacturer incorporated suspension forks to improve damping on uneven terrain.

Frame: For the elaboration of the bicycle frame, 7005 chromed aluminum was used. In this way, you will have a high level of resistance, lightness and stability.


Grips: The grips of the bike are a bit stiff, as commented by one of the users on the web.

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Women’s mountain bike 

New Star MTB 26″

For those who are looking for the best value for money mountain bike, they should have this alternative from the New Star brand among their options, which stands out for being one of the cheapest on the market. 

The model has a feminine and delicate design in white, with pink details, so it is considered a women’s mountain bike. It is equipped with 26 rim tires and a six-speed gearbox. Most of the structure is made of metal alloy between aluminum and steel, so its weight is light and convenient to gain speed on the road. 

It has high precision V brakes and has steel hubs with nuts, as well as a rigid fork. In addition, it is an ergonomic bicycle, with comfortable non-slip handlebars, padded and adjustable seat according to the needs and height of the person.

Before making a decision, it is worth analyzing the price and this New Star model is one of the cheapest alternatives. Read their specifications in detail.


Speeds: It has a pinion gearbox with six speeds to select according to the stretch.

Ergonomics: The seat is padded and adjustable in height, in addition to the ergonomic handlebar.

Design: It has an elegant, delicate and feminine design that is available in white, with pink details.

Structure: Its structure is light, made up of a steel frame and an alloy of other metals.


Lighting: The bicycle does not include front lights to illuminate the route.

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mountain bike accessories 

Electric mountain bike kit 

Bafang BBS02B 

Having an electric kit for a mountain bike is necessary when you have an electric kit or want to obtain one with specific specifications, since with these elements it is possible to improve the original factory conditions of a cheap mountain bike.

In the case of this Bafang model, it is made up of a motor, battery, controller, LCD screen and all the necessary mounting accessories to achieve the conversion, through simple assembly and installation.

After that, the bicycle will reach an assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour and, thanks to its battery, it can provide autonomy for up to 40 kilometers.

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mountain bike roller

Elite Novo Mag Force

In the winter, as well as when you have a major injury, it is not recommended to go on the road. However, stopping training is not an option. That is when a mountain bike roller is needed and Elite presents one that stands out for being compatible with wheels between 24 and 29 inches. 

This trainer is equipped with eight levels of magnetic resistance and can be folded for storage or portability. It is made of steel and plastic, so it is light, but resistant. It is easy and quiet to use, with high-quality grip properties and performance. 

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Mountain bike helmets

Shinmax toukui-titanium

In cycling, safety should not be neglected. For this reason, manufacturers such as Shinmax present mountain bike helmets that have been designed with the latest technologies to provide greater safety. 

This helmet is equipped with an LED light on the back and three lighting modes to be noticed on the road, as well as a controller to manage the turning lights. It protects the entire cranial area and has an adjustment strap with a buckle and pads at the height of the chin. In addition, it is designed with several ventilation channels that allow perspiration and the sponge lining is washable. 

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