The best Nike football boots

Nike Football Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

If you enjoy playing soccer or train professionally, you need to have the necessary equipment to have maximum sports performance. Part of these implements are the boots, being more notable those of the Nike brand. Therefore, if you are going to buy some, you need to be able to compare the available options, since the offer is wide. Although there are many designs available for Nike football boots, there are two that lead the preferences of buyers. The first model is the Nike Mercurial Victory V Cr7 AG-r, boots inspired by the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, which have been made with a synthetic upper, with a layer of micro texture, in addition to a sole with traction. The next option is Nike Magistax Finale II IC, shoes available in bright colors, with a polyurethane and mesh surface for better flexibility.



Opinions on the best Nike football boots

For those who play soccer on the field and enjoy making passes on the field of play, it is necessary that they have a pair of boots that allow them to generate better performance, with controlled movements and without the risk of injury. Hence, if you are going to buy some Nike football boots and you do not know about the models, we present a list with the most recommended prototypes by users, in which we explain the properties of each one.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots 

Nike Mercurial Victory V Cr7 AG-r

To access quality shoes, it is necessary to be able to select among the best Nike football boots of 2022. Thus, it is appropriate that you do not neglect the attributes of the Mercurial Victory V Cr7 AG-r football boots.

They are made with a sole that provides traction and speed, indicated for artificial grass. They have a sporty design in various colors and sizes, inspired for the 15/16 season by one of the great stars of the Spanish league: Cristiano Ronaldo. They’re made with synthetic material and a light layer of micro texture, which provides cushioning.

In addition, the Nike Mercurial football boots are equipped with an anatomical and contoured midsole that provides a fit and supports quick movements. They have a closure mechanism through laces, so the player can adjust them to their requirements. They are recommended to boost speed in users of all sports levels, being convenient for practices and matches.

Nike is a manufacturer with years of experience and the Mercurial model is an example of its quality, which is why it can represent the best brand of Nike football boots. Here are its pros and cons.


Control: The model is made of synthetic microfiber, a texture that increases ball control.

Midsole: The boots have contoured insoles that provide comfort. These work as a midsole and have an anatomical design to achieve cushioning.

Sole: The model has a rubber sole with studs on the front that provides traction for more speed.

Weight: Speed ​​is paramount, so they have a light and low weight structure.


Last: This model has a narrow last that fits the foot, but this feature can work against it and create instability in some players.

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Nike futsal boots 

Nike Magistax Finale II IC

If you are wondering which are the best Nike football boots, the Magistax Finale model may help you answer the question, since it has a comfortable design in two colors and several sizes. This is a model made of synthetic leather, with fabric covering that is recommended for the futsal modality.

It has an upper with patented NikeSkin technology, which involves a layer of polyurethane, along with a mesh that provides a three-dimensional texture, soft and flexible in the shape of a honeycomb, to create better contact with the ball.

In addition, these Nike futsal boots have a tongue and collar area made of neoprene, providing fit and comfort. On the other hand, the sole is made of rubber with three flex lines in the front area and concentric lines in the toe and heel, making these boots suitable for providing traction and controlled movements on low-abrasive indoor and outdoor courts.

With so many models on the market, you need to consider the quality indicators.

If you are still confused and do not know which Nike football boots to buy, it is convenient that you know the positive and negative aspects of the Nike Magistax Finale II IC.


Technology: This design incorporates patented technology such as NikeSkin that provides a soft, three-dimensional honeycomb texture.

Cut: They are made in one piece, being a suitable cut to improve coupling with the foot.

Sole: This is a model with a rubber sole and shapes that provide traction for controlled slides on low-abrasive surfaces.

Materials: The boots have microfiber, fabric lining and materials such as neoprene, so they conform to the shape of the foot.


Tongue: They have a neoprene tongue, with an impractical mechanism that is difficult to accommodate once they are on the feet.

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Nike football boots with ankle support

NIKE Jr Phntom Vsn Academy

This is usually one of the most frequently recommended models because it has features that make it suitable for both matches and training boots. These are Nike football boots with ankle support, which are available in white with a gray detail at the ankle. They also have a modern style for men.

The structure of these boots is made of synthetic leather, with a fabric coating, which provides durability to the shoe and provides a convenient fit to improve ball control.

They have a sole made of rubber, with studs distributed in the areas that tend to wear out frequently and which in turn provide a better grip on grass surfaces. They also have a textured external surface that improves contact with the ball and rebounds, for greater comfort and cushioning.

All the boot models stand out for some notable feature within their composition, with the NIKE Jr Phntom Vsn Academy being one of the most recommended. Therefore, we present its pros and cons.


Structure: This is a high-end resistant model because its structure is made of synthetic leather and is covered with fabric, which increases its durability.

Sole: This model is equipped with a rubber sole and studs, being suitable for any terrain, be it sand and natural or artificial grass.

Ankle: The adaptation to the foot of these boots is planned with a dynamic collar made of fabric, which will exert the appropriate pressure to maintain a balance between fit and mobility.

Donning: They are easy to put on and take off, since the putting on mode only requires inserting or extracting the foot, a quick process that will allow you to be ready to play in no time.


Size: Before buying, it is necessary to take a look at the size chart, as this model has a small last that does not correspond to the conventional size.

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Nike Hypervenom football boots

Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG

If you want to stand out for your movements and style, then you will need the Nike Hypervenom football boots, which have been designed to provide the player with maximum performance in speed and control on the pitch. 

These shoes have a unisex sporty style for kids and are available in several bold colours. They have a modern design with a rounded toe, with adjustment through black laces. Meanwhile, its structure has two colors and has the brand’s logo, as well as the name of the model on the back of the boot. 

As for its materials, this model has been made with a synthetic lining and exterior, with a comfortable and ergonomic midsole, which provides cushioning to the foot, also being considered as cheap Nike football boots. On the other hand, the sole is made of rubber and is equipped with studs to play on artificial or natural grass.

To select a model, it is necessary to know the positive and negative properties that stand out from it.


Design: It has a modern, sporty, anklet design and is available in bright colors.

Cushioning: To guarantee better cushioning of the foot after shocks, they have an ergonomic midsole.

Sole: They have been designed to play on natural or third-generation artificial grass because they have special studs.

Materials: They are made with quality materials, with a synthetic exterior and lining.


Last: Some users have expressed that the last of the model can be narrow and become tight.

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Kids’ Nike Football Boots

Nike Jr Bravata II FG

For those who are looking for the best value for money football boots, they should consider the properties of the Jr Bravata II FG, as they are the cheapest in our selection. They are Nike football boots for children, with a modern design, available in various sizes and striking colours. This model is made with a synthetic leather structure with 88% polyester, 12% elastane and micro texture, which provides better touches against the ball for fast pace control.

They are also equipped with a contoured insole that improves cushioning, reducing pressure and increasing comfort. In addition, they have a sole made of non-slip rubber, with traction and stability properties for controlled skidding on different playing fields, whether artificial grass, natural grass or sand, being convenient because they improve control. The model has a lace-up closure system that facilitates adjustment.

The price can help to select a certain model of shoes and this option is usually considered as the cheapest football boots. Here its pros and cons.


Control: Thanks to the fact that they are equipped with a micro-texture coating that provides touch, the control of the ball at high speeds is improved.

Sole: The high-density and traction rubber are characteristics that stand out in the sole of this model, made for acceleration in movement.

Design: These boots have a modern and striking design with an asymmetrical shape to provide more style and control on the plays.

Insole: This model has perforated insoles that reduce pressure and provide comfort.


Size: It is necessary to be guided by the size table to obtain a number that corresponds to the conventional size.

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Nike Magistax football boots

Nike Magistax Onda II

This brand presents different lines with interesting attributes to analyze, which provide the player with maximum performance on the field, such is the case of the Nike Magistax football boots. It is a model designed for men, with an upper part made of soft and resistant synthetic leather, as well as textured in precise areas, to provide controlled touches to the ball. 

They have a Dynamic Fit technology structure that adjusts to the foot to provide greater support in case of fast movements. They have an EVA foam insole, with a textile lining that provides cushioning. In addition, these boots are equipped with a Turf sole, to be used on cement or fields with first generation artificial turf. 

This sole has been designed so that the player has traction, with comfort, cushioning and durability, because its material is slow to wear. Its design is modern and its adjustment is through laces. 

Magistax Onda II has quality standards. We invite you to learn more about its properties.


Construction: They are made with soft synthetic leather and 3D zones for controlled touches on the ball.

Sole: The model is equipped with a Turf sole with studs for firm ground such as cement or first-generation artificial grass.

Technology: Its body has Dynamic Fit technology that adjusts to the foot to provide support.

Wear: Being made of quality materials, wear is slow, with a high level of performance.


Size: Some users have specified that the sizes vary according to the foot, so it is necessary to review the size table.

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Nike Tiempo football boots

Nike Tiempo Legacy III FG

The Nike Tiempo Legacy III football boots are the favorite model of many users for this season, as they have attributes that promote better player performance. These shoes have been redesigned from a classic, in a modern style for men, with state-of-the-art features to provide better grip on firm ground. 

The new Nike football boots are made with an upper in natural kangaroo leather, with 3D relief and a lining in textile material, in addition to incorporating sports technologies into their structure for better touches and flexibility. They have a light weight for greater speed in movements. 

In addition, they have adjustment through flywires that gives the player the possibility of applying the tension they want between the foot and the shoe. It has a hyper stability sole plate that improves the reaction in lateral flexions. 

If you want to acquire a quality model, you need to know its pros and cons. Here we present those corresponding to this model.


Materials: They are made with resistant materials, such as kangaroo leather, synthetic and textile that improve performance.

Design: They have a modern and aggressive design, to which sports technologies have been added for adjustment and control.

Adjustment: They have flywires closure that gives the player the possibility of adjusting the pressure.

Sole: Its sole is made of rubber, with hyper stability to control movements, as well as with studs for firm ground.


Sizing: Some users have had problems with sizes because they tend to be tight.

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Black Nike football boots

Nike Legend 7 Academy FG

If you want classic shoes, you cannot miss these black Nike football boots known as Legend 7 Academy FG. This model is adaptable to the foot because its structure is made of flexible materials such as genuine leather, with a textile material coating that gives it greater durability and touch for ball control. 

In addition, it has an inner lining in mesh and leather, which prevents skin deformation and provides a better fit, with breathability and cushioning, as well as a preformed insole that provides comfort when passing. 

The boots have an adjustment system through braided laces, with elastic pins on the sides of the tongue that provide greater stability. On the other hand, the sole of this Nike model is made of rubber, with a flat heel and stud base, which have been designed to step on firm ground surfaces on natural or artificial pitches.

Before making a hasty purchase, it is convenient to know more about the models and their attributes.


Materials: They are made of resistant and durable materials, with an exterior in natural leather and textile.

Adjustment: To achieve a correct fit, the boots have a lace-up closure system, with elastic pins.

Sole: The sole is made of rubber and is designed with studs to improve movement on firm ground.

Interior: The interior is made of leather and mesh, for better breathability, as well as an ergonomic insole.


Size: They can be adjusted, so it is convenient to check the size based on the size of the foot.

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Nike football boots for artificial grass

Nike The Premier II FG

If you are looking for the best Nike football boots, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of The Premier II FG model. They are black boots for professional use and with a modern design that are available in various sizes and dark-toned colors.

This model stands out for being made of authentic kangaroo leather, with a fabric coating that provides greater durability and quality to the shoes. Also, the boots have a stabilizer plate in TPU that provides better touches against the ball.

In addition, these Nike football boots for artificial grass have a non-slip rubber sole with adequate traction to play on short and wet grass pitches, having a flat heel. They are equipped with a lace-up closure system and incorporate tongues that cover them, protecting the foot from shocks. They are light in weight and incorporate a soft insole that provides cushioning and comfort to the foot.

There are a large number of shoe models available on the market, but the Nike The Premier II FG are often considered the best Nike football boots of the moment due to their quality. Thus, it is convenient that you know its main advantages and disadvantages.



Cushioning: These boots are equipped with tongues that cover the laces, providing greater shock absorption.

Closure: The model has a lace closure, so that the player can adjust it according to their convenience.

Traction: The boots are equipped with a rubber sole and studs that provide traction on wet short-grass terrain.

Materials: Comfort is one of the benchmarks of this model that is made of durable materials, combining kangaroo leather with fabric lining.


Last: The model has a small last that does not correspond to the dimensions of a conventional size.

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Guide to buying Nike football boots

Also known as the king of sports, soccer is a popular sports discipline that has spread throughout the world. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur, to play it you need boots. Among the brands, Nike is listed for its quality. However, this manufacturer has many models and lines, so when making the selection, you should look for attributes that fit the way of playing and the taste of each one. To make the choice easier, we present a guide to buying the best Nike football boots.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

There are some users who, in order to make a purchase decision, first want to know how much Nike football boots cost. If you are from this group of people, then it is recommended that you analyze the materials that the manufacturer has used to make the different parts of the shoes. On the one hand, the boots that are usually the cheapest are those made of synthetic material. These have an adequate level of quality, but their level of wear can be rapid. 

Secondly, there are the boots that have been made with dual materials, incorporating synthetics, textiles and leather in their external and internal structure. Unlike the previous ones, these shoes have a higher degree of quality, with slower wear because they have additional coatings, which protect the surface of the boots. 

Finally, there are some alternatives that are made with a genuine leather structure, a material that has also been incorporated into the interior. Among the alternatives, there are some that are made with kangaroo leather, as well as others in bovine leather. These boots are the ones with a higher degree of quality and less wear. In addition, they are usually models with a high degree of cushioning and adjustment, since genuine leather tends to give way. On the other hand, they usually incorporate mesh films on the inside and outside, for better breathability.  


If you look at a comparison of Nike football boots, you can see that although it is the same brand, each design and line has a different sole that adjusts to different pitches, as well as to the players. In this sense, it is recommended that the soles be made of rubber or rubber, be flat and with a high level of traction. 

Another characteristic that must be analyzed in the sole is what type of terrain they have been designed for. The boots in general have a type of sole that fits on firm ground, whether it is artificial or natural grass, first, second or third generation. Other models have been designed for soft terrain. The difference between both shoe models are the studs. Generally, Nike boots for firm ground are identified with the acronym FG, while those for soft ground are identified with SG.


Nike football boots can be good and cheap, but since this sport is a discipline of movement and speed, it is necessary that the shoes have a low weight and are light, so that in this way the player has better response capacity in the balls. aggressive movements on the field of play. 

In general, the weight is given by the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated into its structure, as well as the technologies that the brand has added to the particular model. 


Today, technology is also present in sports equipment. In this sense, Nike is a brand that has made an effort to advance developments applied to its boots, so that they provide better player performance on the pitch.

 Sometimes, each model can include a single technology, for which it stands out. However, there are some Nike boots that include several technologies in one piece. These are applied on the surface, with 3D textile touches to improve hitting the ball through controlled shots. 

Other technologies are focused on better breathability, as well as a proper fit. Some of these technologies are flywires, hyper stability, dynamic fit, Nikeskin, among many others. Each of these technologies has been added to the shoe to provide a better gaming experience and better performance on the pitch.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which football boots are better, Adidas or Nike? 

This is a dilemma that has been maintained for years. First of all, it is necessary to know a little about both brands. On the one hand, the Adidas company is of German origin and has years of experience in the market. This brand covers different sports fields, in which it has presented a variety of equipment for high competition. In this discipline, he is a sponsor of several clubs and great stars such as Lionel Messi.

On the other hand, Nike is a North American sports company that, like Adidas, has been in the market for years and provides its teams to big clubs and stars. Both manufacturers have made an effort and compete with different models. Similarly, both are a guarantee of quality and high performance. In general, Nike boots tend to incorporate more modern designs, while Adidas boots tend to be a bit more classic. This leads us to conclude that neither is better than the other, only different, and it is this competition between both houses that benefits the athlete. 


Q2: How to customize Nike football boots?

There are different ways to personalize Nike football boots, from some that can be done at home, to others that only require paying an additional amount to the company, to add extra content to the boots, such as a name or number. However, an easier way to make alterations and personalize your boots is to swap out the laces for ones in a contrasting color. Also, there are those who use markers and add drawings, as well as signatures and other elements to make them look more striking. 


Q3: How are Nike football boots made?

Making Nike football boots requires a time-consuming process of planning and design. For each model in particular, it is a project in which different departments participate, ranging from the design area to the engineering area applied to the development of textile and sports technologies that will be added to the product.

In addition, before going to market, each of these pieces is tested in different environments, so their quality is unquestionable. For manufacturing, Nike has automated plants in different parts of the world, where they manufacture boots with the highest quality standards.

Q4: How to clean Nike football boots? 

Cleaning Nike football boots will depend on a few factors including the lining materials. If the game has been played on muddy or rainy ground, it is necessary to dry the boots so that the materials do not rot and a bad smell is not generated.

To clean them superficially, you can pass a damp cloth to remove impurities. Then, it will be necessary to pass a dry cloth to remove excess water. On the other hand, if it is a deep cleaning, they can be put in water with laundry liquid and then removed. It is necessary that the boots dry in the sun and that there is no moisture left.

Q5: How should Nike football boots fit?

The sports shoes, regardless of the brand, should be adequately attached to the foot, but without putting too much pressure on the instep. For no reason should the shoe be tight, because it will not allow adequate mobility of the foot. In fact, it is likely to cause discomfort and be unusable. In the case of Nike boots, it is necessary that they adapt to the foot, with a proper fit. 

How to wear Nike football boots

In order to play soccer, it is necessary to have the equipment, which ranges from shirts, to socks and boots, these being an important part to have a better performance on the field. Even though soccer is a sport that has spread all over the world, there might be some people who don’t know how to wear Nike soccer cleats. Therefore, below we will give some indications and keys that will help you get the most out of them.

Take the boots out of the box

When purchasing Nike football boots, the first thing to do is take them out of the box. To do this, take the box and open it. Then he takes out the boots one by one. These may be wrapped in paper, so you should remove this material. Also, it is prudent that you check the inside of the boots. On many occasions, these sports implements include molding materials inside, which will prevent the foot from entering properly. All of these items will need to be removed. Once that’s done, the Nike boots should be placed on the ground.

wear sports socks

Not wearing socks can cause friction between the internal materials of the boot and the foot, causing lacerations. Therefore, before using the boots, the sports socks must be put on. To do this, take the socks with your hands and separate them. Then, you must sit in a chair and place one foot on the opposite knee, take a sock with your hands and insert your fo

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