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Portable Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Portable radios are electronic objects that will allow you to listen to music without the need for them to be connected to a power source. Therefore, if you have doubts about purchasing a portable radio, perhaps the following options could interest you. The Avantree SP850 has Bluetooth connectivity for connection to different equipment so you can listen to the content on your speaker. Also, it has a micro SD card reader to play your favorite songs. On the other hand, AEG NSR 4377, is a cassette radio that can read CD and USB in WMA and MP3 formats. Additionally, it has several buttons to manage the volume, change tracks and turn on/off. 

Opinions on the best portable radios

In the following space you will find a series of products with their respective advantages and disadvantages so that you can select a portable radio that can meet your expectations.

digital portable radio

Avantree SP850

This model presented by Avantree comes in comfortable dimensions of 13.2 x 3.3 x 6.6 centimeters and weighs 160 grams, so you can easily store it in a pocket. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle so you can carry the digital portable radio while you walk with greater comfort. 

Some buyers indicate that this option could be the best portable radio, since it has a Bluetooth system so you can pair your devices and listen to music on your speaker.

Additionally, this product can read strong FM radio waves and store up to 10 radio stations for easy access and, thanks to its TF card reader with micro SD compatibility, you can play your favorite songs in MP3, WMA and WAV formats. without any problem. It also has a screen that will help you identify radio stations and functions, as well as the remaining battery charge. 

If you plan to acquire the best portable radio of the moment, we invite you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages offered by this Avantree model.


Connection: Can be paired with Bluetooth devices for audio playback.

Compatibility: It has a reader for TF cards, Micro SD and compatibility with MP3, WMA and WAV formats.

Autonomy: It has a lithium battery that recharges in 2 hours for a range of more than 6 hours.

Dimensions: It is compact so that you can store it in a pocket with great comfort and you can transport it without it becoming a burden.


Storage: The order in which the portable radio stations are stored is random. 

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Retekess V115

In order for you to acquire one of the best portable radios of 2022, you need to evaluate each of the characteristics and, for this, we present the following Retekess model. 

This digital portable radio is compatible with MP3 formats, comes in a compact design so you can easily fit it in your pocket, and is made of durable ABS. In addition, it has an AM and FM station recorder and has a 2W speaker so you can listen to music without unevenness. It has a 1000 mAh Nokia lithium battery, which will give it a long lifespan, as well as playing music with stations and other functions.

On the other hand, because it has an LCD screen with backlight and auto-off function, you will be able to make use of its functions, while saving charge. Additionally, this model has a microphone that will allow you to record sounds, stations, songs and store them on a TF card.

If you still have doubts about which portable radio to buy, we advise you to check the pros and cons of the model that we present below:


Materials: Its protective casing is made of high-quality ABS, which provides it with rigidity to withstand different bumps and falls.

Battery: It has a 1000 mAh lithium battery made by Nokia, which will guarantee a longer autonomy time.

Functions: You can tune AM, FM, record audio and play tracks in MP3 format.


Interference: During charging, electromagnetic waves may interfere with broadcast stations.

Auto power off: The auto power off function must be configured each time it is going to be used.

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portable radio with CD

AEG NSR 4377

If among your plans you plan to acquire the best portable radio of 2022, this option presented by AEG has dimensions of 22 x 29.5 x 14 centimeters and weighs 1.2 kilograms, so you can place it on a table or on a shelf to listen to music comfortably.

In addition, this portable radio with CD with cassette comes in a vintage-style white color, which will allow you to place it in any area so you can give an elegant and retro touch to the place without interfering with the decoration. Additionally, it includes a USB port so you can play your favorite songs and its CD player recognizes CD, CD-R and CD-RW/CD-RW and MP3 formats.

Its orange LCD screen will help you visualize the selected tracks at night and, in addition, it has 11 buttons so you can manage each of the functions of the portable radio.

If you like portable radios that have a vintage style, this model, in addition to being decorative, can play different CD formats, so you may be interested in it.


Design: Its vintage design and white color will provide a striking decoration in the area where you decide to place it.

Screen: Its orange LCD screen will prevent your eyes from being affected by the brightness.

Versatility: This portable radio can play music tracks on USB, cassettes and CDs.


Batteries: The autonomy of this radio is based on placing 6 type C batteries or connecting it directly to the current.

Format: This option does not play WMA and WAV audio formats.

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If among so many options you don’t know which is the best portable radio, we invite you to check the features offered by this THOMSON model.

It comes in a black, oval-shaped design with smooth tips, giving it a neutral look so it can blend in with your venue’s décor. Plus, this portable CD radio plays and records songs so you can listen to them later. It has resistance to dust and scratches, so its structure and components will not be affected.

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 23 x 13 x 13 centimeters and weighs 1.5 kilograms. It has an LCD screen so you can see the tracks and the remaining charge. Additionally, this model uses 6 type C batteries to work, it can tune in stations on AM and FM frequencies. In addition to this, its speaker has a power of 5W that will allow you to clearly hear your songs.

This portable radio has many useful features, which is why many users agree that it could be the best portable radio that the THOMSON brand presents.


Speaker: The speaker has a power of 5W, so you can clearly hear music tracks with good quality.

Protection: It has protection against dust and scratches, being useful to keep it in good condition.

Functions: Plays AM and FM frequencies, CDs, cassettes and can also record songs and stations.


Weight: It has a weight of 1.5 kilograms, so you may have problems when carrying it with you.

Size: Its dimensions are larger than other portable radios that we mention in this list.

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sony portable radio

Sony ICF-M780SL

One of the products that stands out in this list is this Sony portable radio, since it is made with good materials and has several useful functions and large buttons so that grandparents and people with low vision can use it easily.

It has a smooth edged design in gray and black, giving it a stylish look to blend in with any setting. In addition, you can also buy it in white. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that this option is capable of tuning FM, AM, short, medium and long distance frequencies so that you can listen to many stations and even store up to 20 of them.

Additionally, it has a small screen with backlight that will allow you to observe the stations and functions of the equipment. It includes an auto-off and alarm system to help you wake up at the same time every day. On the other hand, it uses LR44 batteries so you can use this portable radio while walking or going for a walk.

Sony produces products of a high quality standard, so it may be the best brand of portable radios in this comparison. Here are the pros and cons of one of their models.


Tuning: Tune in FM, AM and short, medium and long range frequencies, so you can listen to stations from inside or outside the country.

Versatility: Uses batteries and an AC cord. 

Storage: You can store up to 20 radio stations and have them with direct access.


Distortion: The sound from the speaker becomes distorted when the volume is turned all the way up.

Batteries: It uses LR44 batteries, so the life time of the charge will be shortened if it is used excessively.

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Bluetooth Portable Radio


This portable radio with Bluetooth is one of the cheapest and, according to the opinion of many users, it is considered as the best value for money portable radio.

It is presented in a green silicone cover that gives it a youthful appearance, while protecting the structure from bumps and falls. It has a built-in subwoofer so you can experience good sound quality, even if you are in open spaces. In addition to this, the speaker has a power of 5W, so you can enjoy your favorite music in good quality.

Additionally, it has a remote control so you can manipulate it from a distance and you can also pair it with electronic equipment via Bluetooth 3.0, auxiliary cable, TF card, MicroSD, USB or by switching to FM radio waves.

On the other hand, it includes a rechargeable 1800mAh Li-ion battery, which will allow you to enjoy 8 to 10 hours of autonomy to play music.

If you want to buy a quality product, while saving a few euros, we recommend you take this option into account, since it is one of the cheapest on the list.


Materials: It has a silicone casing that will keep the radio protected from bumps and falls.

Multifunctional: You can play content via auxiliary cable, TF cards, USB, Bluetooth or AM / FM.

Battery: The autonomy of the battery allows you to enjoy music for more than 8 hours approximately.


Stations: Stations cannot be stored in the preferred order and its automatic mode deletes those that had previously been saved.

Charging: The volume is capable of affecting the battery life of this model.

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portable radio with rechargeable battery


The aspects presented by the J-01 option compared to the other portable radios in this comparison make it stand out, since it is presented in a compact design and with measurements of 4.8 x 20.4 x 10.2 centimeters that They will allow you to store it in any pocket without it becoming a burden. In addition, its speaker will allow you to listen to the sounds in good quality and without interference.

This rechargeable battery-powered portable radio is capable of picking up AM, FM and SW radio waves, as well as playing MP3 and WMA content from a Micro SD card, so you’ll have plenty of entertainment available for jogging or riding.

On the other hand, it has a 2200 mAH rechargeable battery so you can enjoy up to 20 continuous hours of autonomy. In addition, you can charge it with any USB cable.

If you have doubts about which portable radio to buy, we invite you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this product offered by PRONUS.


Autonomy: You can enjoy up to 20 hours of autonomy with its rechargeable battery and charge it with a 5V USB connector cable in any electronic equipment.

Format: Captures AM, FM and SW radio waves so you can tune in to your favorite stations.

Design: You can carry it comfortably in your pocket thanks to its compact dimensions.


USB: It does not have a USB port for connecting mass storage devices.

Automatic: It does not have an automatic tuning system for stations.

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Guide to buying a portable radio

In the following section you will find a guide to buying the best portable radio, where we will take into account the most outstanding features so that you can select an option that is practical, good and economical.

Shopping guide


One of the most important characteristics to make a comparison of portable radios is the autonomy of the equipment. That is, if the portable radio model you intend to select has Bluetooth connectivity and high speaker power, this could drastically reduce the total battery charge to a lower percentage than is normally used for basic functions and radio stations. AM or FM.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that the autonomy of portable radios is based on the type of battery or battery used, since Li-Ion batteries have a longer lifespan and autonomy compared to alkaline batteries. or rechargeable, so we advise you that if you want to get a portable radio that you can use for many hours and make use of its functions without being left halfway, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are the best alternative.

station tuner

The tuning of the stations in a portable radio is another of the characteristics that you should take into account so that you can choose a quality portable radio, since, depending on the model, they will be able to perceive local electromagnetic waves, AM or FM. However, there are also other products that are capable of having a greater range to receive MW, LW and SW radio waves, which will allow you to listen to stations even from nearby countries. Being SW for short range, MW for medium and LW for long distances.


Additionally, the types of antennas that radios have is a factor that should not be overlooked, since there are models that have retractable, fixed antennas and others with the possibility of rotating 360 degrees to improve signal reception.

However, the main function of retractable antennas is to lengthen as much as possible so that the radio can reach more waves and reproduce them correctly on the equipment.


Before you evaluate how much a portable radio costs, it is important that you verify the connectivity that the equipment has. Among the models mentioned in this comparison you can find products that include a CD player, cassettes, USB, auxiliary ports, even Bluetooth technology. However, the connectivity between various electronic devices can be useful, since, if you connect a mobile phone to a portable radio, you can transmit the sound to enjoy it at its best. The same happens with other electronic devices; they can improve the audio and adapt to the equipment depending on the model.

On the other hand, the auxiliary ports, which are mostly 3.5 mm Jack, are used to connect headphones and other playback devices that will allow you to play the audio to listen to it on the speaker of the portable radio, which will allow you to hear more clarity.


If you want to buy a practical portable radio, we recommend that you consider its functions.

Normally, radios have the basic options; play, pause, stop, forward and rewind, but there are other models that include Bluetooth connectivity among its functions, so it is a useful feature to be able to link another electronic device to play content, without the need to use AM waves, FM or some wired system.

On the other hand, there are portable radios that have an auto-off function, which will allow you to listen to your music before going to sleep in peace.


The design of the portable radio that you intend to choose will depend on what use you intend to give it, since some users do not take into account its dimensions because they simply leave it at home, but other buyers need compact dimensions and a sophisticated design to be able to store it. in a pocket while jogging, walking or adventuring in the mountains, rivers or on the beach. In addition to this, there are also models that present vintage-type designs, which will provide your home with a retro-style decoration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is a portable USB radio for?

A portable radio with a USB port is used to connect it with a mass storage device, mobile phone or other compatible device to listen to the audio tracks that are stored in the internal storage of the equipment. Therefore, you will be able to use any electronic device, as long as it has a female USB port or the ability to connect them to each other using an adapter cable.

Q2: How to repair the battery of a portable radio?

Most portable radios use Li-ion batteries and these have a limited life time and, when damaged, cannot be repaired, so it is recommended to replace it immediately and apply the safety regulations to dispose of or recycle the damaged battery.

On the other hand, if the portable radio model you selected uses alkaline batteries, these are also non-repairable and the same safety standards should be followed for battery recycling or disposal.

Q3: Who invented the portable radio?

Guglielmo Marconi is the one who is said to have invented the radio, but making use of Nikola Tesla’s patents, for which the United States Congress, by vote, granted the radio rights to Nikola Tesla after having carried out the pertinent investigations. 

On the other hand, the portable radio was created in 1957, but the exact manufacturer is not known, since several companies claim to be the ones who launched the first portable radio and these are Sony, Texas Instruments and Intermetall. Therefore, it is not currently known which of these companies has created the portable radio, but it is based on the principles and patents of Nikola Tesla’s radio.

Q4: What range does a portable radio have?

It should be noted that the range will depend on the model of portable radio that you select, since there are devices that have a short, medium or long range, allowing an effective connection with different types of radio waves to be able to listen and the portable radio can play the content without any interference.

Additionally, it should be noted that portable radios with medium and longer range can tune in to stations that are kilometers away, being effective equipment for when you go for a walk.

Q5: Which is better, portable radio with batteries or rechargeable battery?

In order for you to know if a portable radio with batteries or rechargeable batteries is better, you need to keep some factors in mind. 

First, conventional batteries will allow you to use the radio for a certain time with the possibility of changing them. That is to say, you will have to acquire new ones and place them on the computer so that you can fully enjoy the functions that it can offer you. However, if you have rechargeable batteries at home you can use them to use your equipment and thus avoid additional expenses, while taking advantage of the functions of the radio.

On the other hand, rechargeable batteries provide longer autonomy than batteries and this is because they have a greater charge storage capacity, which will allow you to listen to the radio and have the functions it has. Additionally, these also have the ability to recharge and you will be able to use the radio when its battery is charging.

Therefore, between a portable radio with batteries or batteries, we recommend that you choose the model that uses rechargeable batteries.

Q6: Is it reliable to use a portable CD radio?

It depends, since some users make use of portable CD radios to listen to audiobooks, novels, English courses and other types of audio that are stored on a Compact Disc. Therefore, it is a great advantage for those buyers who have large CD collections at home and want to listen to them at any time, even if they are traveling or walking.

Q7: What does the battery life of a portable radio depend on?

It depends on several factors, among them are: the capacity of the battery, the range of the antenna, the functions that the portable radio has and the use that is given to it. Therefore, if you use the portable radio for many hours and make use of the functions it brings, such as Bluetooth, tuning stations or playing music through mass storage, it causes the battery autonomy time to decrease little by little..

However, some models can last up to 8 hours continuously and without additional charges, so it is vitally important that the portable radio you select has a battery with enough capacity to withstand the hours of use you intend to give it and so on. can meet your expectations correctly.

How to use a portable radio

Portable radios are electronic equipment that work with a battery that gives them autonomy so that they can be used anywhere. Therefore, if you have purchased a portable radio, in the following space you will find a guide where we will teach you how to use your equipment so that you can get the most out of it.

Charge the battery

The first thing you should do for your portable radio to work is to charge the battery, so after unpacking it, you have to locate its charging cable and connect it to a power source for as long as the manufacturer recommends. In addition, it should be noted that the duration of the first charge will be longer, since it is completely without power.

However, there are also other models that do not require plugs to the mains, since their autonomy is based on the energy absorption of several batteries, so if the format you require is AA, AAA, D or C, Find the indicated compartment and insert the designated number of batteries.

Turn on the portable radio and set it up

After completing the previous step, the next thing is to turn on the computer. Press the corresponding mechanism for the radio system to start. Evaluate the position of the antenna and move it from one side to the other to find the best signal quality and the radio can scan the channels. In addition, you can save those frequencies you want to have direct access, as long as the model you purchased has this option.

Play audio tracks

Another outstanding feature that some portable radios have is that they can play music from different media. That is, by means of cassettes, CDs, USB or SD Cards, so depending on the model, select the corresponding option, insert the product to be played and press “PLAY” to start playing the music. Then, adjust the volume to prevent it from affecting your ears.

Manage other connection types

Some models of portable radios present in this comparison have the possibility of being able to connect with other devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or through the auxiliary port through a wired system for sound reproduction, allowing you to listen to the tracks with the speaker of the portable radio.. Therefore, if the equipment you purchased has the function of connecting via Bluetooth, follow these steps:

First, turn on Bluetooth on both the portable radio and the device you want to connect to. Then, it proceeds to link them and accepts the pairing on the second device so that the connection is made successfully.

If the model you purchased has an audio connection through an auxiliary port, you must do the following:

Take the cable and plug it into the audio out port of the first device (sender). Then insert the other end into the portable radio’s auxiliary port. Additionally, you must have an audio cable that is compatible with both ports so that you can make the connection correctly.

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