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Portable Shower – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

A portable shower is a tool with which you can pump water from a tank or reservoir to bathe comfortably away from home. It is very useful to go on a trip or camping, as it will facilitate the task of cleaning and you will feel more comfortable. If you are interested in acquiring one, we recommend a couple of options. First of all, Liebmaya PLLYQ002, an electric portable shower with a 2 meter long hose. Second, you could take a look at the Magiin TEYUCHEZ shower. This can also be connected to the car to pump the water and allows you to regulate the pressure.

Opinions on the best portable showers

There are many alternatives offered by online stores and hardware stores to be able to acquire a portable shower, which is why we have chosen to make a selection with some models that could be of interest to you. They have positive reviews, practical designs and attractive features so you can choose which one will be most useful to you.

12V portable shower

Liebmaya PLLYQ002

If you want to invest in a 12V portable shower, consider Liebmaya’s offer. It works with a spray gun, so you can use it both to clean yourself and to perform various tasks at home. Its energy requirement allows you to connect it to the car socket to pull the water from the reservoir or tank where you have it stored.

This model could be the best portable shower, since it has a 2-meter-long hose so you can move comfortably and also a pressure regulator system with which you can adjust the flow of water.

The purchase of this portable shower includes a hook to hang the shower head and keep your hands free, a water storage bag, a rubber ring and a suction cup. All these elements have been designed to facilitate the use of the equipment, as well as to store it when not in use.

Being considered as possibly the best portable shower of the moment, we have identified its most important pros and cons:


Electric: The shower is electric and can be connected to the 12V socket of the car.

Cable: Its power cable is several meters long so you can connect the pump comfortably.

Settings: The spray head lets you change the water pressure if you want more or less flow.

Use: To use it, you just have to install the ring, place the hose, connect the socket to the lighter and turn it on.


Compatibility: You will need a tank with a mouth of at least 50 millimeters so that the pump can enter.

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Wolfwill WW-CSHOWER50

The Wolfwill WW-CSHOWER50 model is a 12V portable shower, that is, it can work connected to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Its power cable measures 5 meters which, together with the 2 meters of hose, give you a total of 7 meters so that you can move and use it freely.

Being cataloged by some as, perhaps, one of the best portable showers of 2022, it also stands out for being waterproof. If any of its components accidentally gets wet, don’t worry, as they are sealed so as not to be affected.

Your shower head is comfortable and easy to use, plus your purchase includes a portable shower kit so you can hold it from the roof of your car with a hook and simulate a regular shower, as well as a waterproof storage bag in case you need it. to store the shower or any of its accessories.

This Wolfwill model could be the best price-quality shower, which is why you should learn more about it:


Design: This shower is ergonomically designed so you can hold or hang it and also a long power cord.

Waterproof: It is waterproof, so don’t worry if any of its parts get wet.

Kit: In the package you will also find a portable shower kit with very practical accessories.


Leaks: Apparently the connection between jacks is a bit loose causing leaks.

Resistance: It is said that it is not very robust and this affects its durability.

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portable shower van


With Magiin’s portable van shower you can enjoy a bath wherever you are, since it can be connected to the vehicle’s 12V socket, being an electric model. It has a power of 35 W and the tube is 2 meters long, while the cable is 5 meters long.

The equipment has a built-in shower head so you can control the flow of water and also hang it as if it were a regular shower. At its tip you will find the connector for the lighter and a switch with which you will activate or deactivate the bomb.

Regarding its accessories, the Magiin model includes a transport bag where you can store the shower and its accessories to keep everything in order when you go on a trip. You will also find a hook and a suction cup to hold the hose and the shower head and two waterproof rubber rings for the joints and connections.

This option could be attractive if you still don’t know which portable shower to buy, since it has very striking aspects:


Electric: Magiin offers you an electric portable shower that has its own pump for the water tank.

Length: In total, the connection offers 7 meters of length so you can move and use the shower comfortably.

Accessories: Bring varied accessories for use that will allow you to hang the artichoke, store it or place it on a support.


Pressure: Some buyers consider that the shower offers little water pressure.

Leaks: It is advisable to apply Teflon tape on the connections, since they seem to leak.

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Ookle Multipurpose

It is a portable van shower that works with a 3,350 mAh LG battery, with which you can get up to 80 minutes of autonomy for several grooming sessions. It can be charged using the USB cable that is included with the purchase of the shower, connecting it to the car or computer socket. Regarding the charging time, it may require between 2 to 5 hours depending on the source.

It has a compact and ergonomic design. The hose is 1.8 meters long and the pump can be controlled by a small switch to turn it on or off to save battery life.

Its manufacturer announces that the pump will give a water flow of 2.6 liters per minute, enough for a bath. Also, you won’t have to worry about buying a bottle or tank, since the shower comes with its own water storage system.

Ookle could be the best portable shower brand and here we will show you the pros and cons of its model:


Autonomous: It stands out for having a battery with which it can work for up to 80 uninterrupted minutes without problems.

Flow rate: The power of the pump can produce a flow rate of 2.6 liters per minute so you can easily rinse the soap.

Tank: You do not have to buy extra items, since the equipment comes with its own portable water tank.


Diameter: It is said that the pump is very wide in diameter and this makes it difficult to insert drums.

Regulator: It does not have a pressure regulator to adjust the water output.

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camping portable shower

Electric Laser Beak

Laserbeak offers you a portable camping shower that has a 4,800 mAh lithium battery, with which you will enjoy more than 60 minutes of autonomy depending on the intensity of the water flow, which, in addition, can be regulated at two levels: low of 3 liters per minute and high of 4 liters per minute.

This shower comes with a base with a suction cup that you can place on the ceiling of your caravan or even on the wall of the shower to hold the shower head, so that you can keep your hands free to apply soap and shampoo.

Its design is attractive, since it is modern, ergonomic and light. You will be able to use the shower comfortably and you will not have to keep it connected to any outlet, since the shower head connects directly to the pump and the battery system, which you can charge through a 5V outlet with a USB port.

If you are looking for a shower for camping and you do not know which is the best portable shower, take a look at the characteristics of the Laserbeak team:


Design: It has a light weight and an ergonomic design so you can hold the shower comfortably.

Battery: Its battery can keep the pump active for more than an hour.

Base: With your purchase you will get a base with a very practical suction cup for the vehicle and the bathroom.


Length: Its length is 2.1 meters, being one of the shortest among those mentioned.

Button: Some users complained about the button to turn off the water, since it is easier to turn off the pump.

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portable solar shower

Bestway 58224

Bestway’s portable solar shower is one of the cheapest on this list, making it an attractive option for buyers who want to save money. The bag has a capacity of 20 liters, more than enough for you to take a good shower. It measures 41 x 58 centimeters and has a reinforced handle so you can easily hang it.

Since the water in this shower is heated by sunlight, the bag has been equipped with a thermometer that will let you check the temperature before you shower to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. In addition, the thermometer displays the reading in both °C and °F.

Being one of the cheapest models, here we present its most relevant advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide if it is worth it or not:


Simple: It is a simple solar shower that you can transport easily and comfortably when traveling.

Artichoke: It comes with an artichoke that has a button to close or open the flow of water.

Fast: Apparently, it is capable of heating water very quickly when under the sun.


Flow: It is said that the water flow is low compared to other models.

Insurance: It could include clamps to better secure the connections and prevent leaks.

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Guide to buying a portable shower

In order to make a good purchase, you must make an informed decision and what better way than taking into account a buying guide where you can analyze the important aspects when investing in a certain product. Next, you will find those referring to portable showers.

Shopping guide

shower type

The type of shower to acquire is the first thing that we are going to study in this guide to buy the best portable shower. Before becoming interested in how much it costs to acquire a good and cheap one, take into account your needs and what you are going to use the shower for.

Many people can buy it as a travel accessory, either because they like to spend time outdoors without losing certain home comforts, such as, in this case, the shower.

The market offers options specially designed for certain spaces and you can find models for caravans, for domestic use, with rechargeable batteries, electric, manual, etc. It will be up to you to decide which one will be most useful to you, since each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

team design

The next aspect to consider is the design of the portable shower of your interest and in this category we will include aspects such as the size and weight of the shower, its portability, power cable, among others.

When we talk about dimensions, it should be emphasized that they are taken into account in any comparison of portable showers due precisely to that, because they are portable. Therefore, when you choose one, check its characteristics, since, if it is very large, heavy or works with uncomfortable elements, it will be difficult for you to use.

Likewise, another aspect that is also recommended to consider is the length of both the power cable (in case you work with electricity) and that of the shower hose. These details are important in determining how much freedom of movement a particular shower offers, especially if the water reservoir is away from the bathing area.

power and capacity

For some of the regular buyers, one of the most relevant features is the power and capacity of a portable shower. Here the amount of water that can be produced by pumping the equipment is taken into account, either in terms of pressure or liters per minute.

If you do not use a shower with a powerful pump, the water flow will be low and it will cost you more to bathe, in addition to possibly spending more water. On the other hand, its capacity must be in accordance with what is required by the manufacturer, whether it is related to the temperature of the water, compatibility with drums or the size of the shower head.

Installation requirements

The installation requirements are necessary to analyze in order to make a successful purchase. Since we are talking about portable showers, you should know that some work with external water tanks while others include them, as is the case with solar showers. If the one you want needs a tank, you cannot ignore its compatibility with water bottles, since they are one of the most used, safe and practical for transporting liquids in the car.

By reviewing its requirements in detail, you will be able to find information about the temperature levels supported by the shower, the voltage necessary to turn on the pump, whether it can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket or not, among others. If you take into account all its requirements before acquiring it, it will be easier for you to use it when you have it in your hands.

Accessories included

For some, the accessories included in a portable shower are decisive to make a purchase and with good reason. As you know, showering away from home can be a bit awkward if you don’t have the space and tools you’re used to, but this doesn’t have to happen with a portable shower.

If you look carefully, you can find options on the market that come with use kits included. Some of the most popular and useful accessories for portable showers are bases with a suction cup, since this element facilitates the location of the shower head and gives greater freedom of movement to wash your hair, for example.

And, in case you buy a model with a battery, we recommend that you first check the capacity of the battery. This will help you to have a rough idea of ​​the autonomy of the shower and thus decide if it will be practical to meet your needs or not.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade portable shower?

To make a portable shower yourself, you will need a jerrycan, an air pump with its respective hose and an extra one long enough to exceed your height. To make the artichoke you can use a small plastic bottle to which you will open holes with a hot needle.

The first thing you should do is take one of the pump hoses, place it on the nozzle of the drum and seal it with Teflon. Then connect the other end to the pump. Take the hose that you purchased separately and place the shower head in one of its outlets. Seal the joint again with Teflon tape to prevent pressure loss.

Install the hose with the shower head in the small nozzle of the drum and voila, by pressing the pump with your foot, you can increase the pressure that will make the water rise and come out.

Q2: How does a 12V portable shower connect to the battery?

If you do not have knowledge of mechanics and electricity, it is best not to mess with it, since the car battery works with bursts of voltage that can be dangerous. Electric portable showers come with a connector for your car’s cigarette lighter, where you can safely connect them to activate the suction pump. If your shower has suffered a fault in the connector, we recommend that you replace it.

If you still want to do it, you must connect a cable to the positive pole of the battery and another to the negative, and then connect the ends to the receiver of the electric shower and thus turn on the pump.

Q3: How to fix a portable garden shower?

To fix a portable shower in your garden you can echo your creativity, either by building an outside cabin where you can fix it, placing some support to keep it attached to the ceiling or the wall or also placing vertical supports on both sides.

Q4: How does a solar portable shower work?

Portable solar showers designed for camping are basically a special tank that can consist of a bag or backpack in which you will store water before your cleaning time. During the day, the material in the tank will heat up and, in turn, the water will also heat up. Some come with thermometers so you can check the temperature before taking a bath.

When the water is the temperature you want, you simply have to hang the bag or backpack from a support or branch and open the shower head to shower with hot water even in nature.

Q5: Is it safe to use an electric portable shower?

Yes, it is quite safe. In the first place, because the consumer equipment sold in Spain must go through certain quality and safety certification measures that are responsible for reviewing the products to verify that they meet the requirements before being launched on the market. This also applies to portable electric showers, so you can use them with complete peace of mind as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not modify any component.

Q6: Where to put solar portable shower?

Since some portable solar showers are soft storage tanks, you can hang them from a strong enough tree branch or even from the roof of your vehicle if you have a bracket for it. What you should never overlook is to check if the place where you want to hang the tank can support the weight of all the equipment together with the water to avoid accidents.

Q7: Can I leave a portable garden shower outside in winter?

Yes you can, but it is not recommended, especially if you live in areas where temperatures drop extremely low. We say this on the basis that, if the winter temperature is very low, it could freeze the water in the tank and this, in turn, could deform it, which may damage the usefulness of the shower.

Also, if there is stagnant water in any of the hoses, it would also freeze and not allow the water to pass through, so you will have to wait until there is enough heat to melt it.

Q8: How to change the shower head of a portable shower?

To replace this part, turn the old spray head counterclockwise to loosen it off the hose and attach the new one by turning it counterclockwise until tight. Put Teflon tape to prevent leaks and voila.

How to use a portable shower

Now that you have purchased a portable shower, you are probably wondering how you can use it. If you have never had one or if the instruction manual is not very explanatory, we invite you to read the following guide where we will indicate some steps that could be useful for you to learn to master it and take advantage of it.

Assemble your team

The first step to take is to remove all the assembly parts from their packages and identify them. Following the design of some popular models, you are likely to come across some sealing rings. You must place them between the hose and the shower head, since these will be in charge of avoiding water leaks. If you wish, you can also reinforce the connection using Teflon tape.

Installing the pump

Take the shower pump to the water tank. Insert it until it is submerged so that it can suck up as much water as possible. In some cases, you will have to connect the pump to a specific outlet, so you have to pay attention to the indications and design of the product.

Plug the shower into the electrical outlet

Once you have everything ready and ready to use, you should go to the power outlet of your vehicle or your home, it all depends on the voltage supported by the portable shower. Insert the connector into the port and make sure it is locked in position to prevent it from going off in the middle of the bath.

turn on the pump

The next step is to turn on the pump that you have previously placed in the tank. Your shower may have a built-in control panel for it, but others turn on automatically. Of course, they have an artichoke to allow or prevent the exit of water and thus you can take advantage of it.

Attach the bracket to the ceiling

Search among the accessories for a hook or suction cup that you can install on the roof of your vehicle. These will be useful for you to be able to hang the shower head and enjoy the experience of a true outdoor shower.

Regulates the pressure in the head

Now you just have to regulate the water pressure to your liking to be able to wash yourself comfortably. Remember that you must regulate the consumption of liquid to avoid leaving soap on your body and, for this, you must take into account the capacity of the water tank, as well as the amount you are spending every minute.

Care and maintenance

In order to extend the useful life of your portable shower and continue to enjoy its benefits every time you go camping, we advise you to clean all the components after use and let them dry well before storing them.

Also, if the artichoke begins to show signs of dirt, you can place it in a bag with a mixture of hot water, vinegar and a little baking soda. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off with plain water. This will help dislodge any buildup of dirt that may be blocking the water from flowing out, as well as reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.

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