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Road bike – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

If you are passionate about road cycling and you are a regular practitioner, either professionally or as a hobby, you need a bicycle that allows you to train to improve your times and performance on the road. Before buying, it is necessary that you know that there are many prototypes, being necessary that before making a decision you can objectively contrast the characteristics of the available designs. Despite there being many models, there are few road bikes that meet user standards and only two that lead their preferences. The first model is the SavadecK Phantom 2.0 700C, a bicycle with a T800 carbon fiber structure, 29-inch or 700 C Michelin tires, which is suitable for having 22 speeds, a deflection system and an ergonomic design for the cyclist. The next option is the Cloot Speed ​​Race WH model, designed to develop speed and improve times, with its structure made of light and practical materials.

Opinions on the best road bikes

Road cyclists must have a suitable bicycle, as this will allow them to achieve a higher level of performance for both practice and competition. With so many models out there, selecting one can be a challenge. For this reason, we offer you a list of the five road bikes that are frequently recommended by users, in which we explain the attributes of each of the options.

SavadecK Phantom 2.0 700C

Available in three colors, this is usually the recommended model for those who are looking for the best road bike on the market. The manufacturer SavadecK presents a design that weighs 8.1 kilograms, being considered ultralight.

The bicycle includes a saddle with a suspension system, a set of wheels, handlebars and other elements. It is equipped with 22 speeds that facilitate the ascents and descents on the routes, as well as technology for the control of the transmission and braking, which provides greater driving control and performance on the road.

In addition, it has a pair of 27-inch or 700 C Michelin tires, which provide greater stability and grip. Its design is integrated by a short rear triangle and conical head, qualities that provide torsional rigidity and strength, improving performance through the reduction of wind resistance, with increased aerodynamics.

A lightweight design, made of resistant materials and ergonomic features are some of the qualities that define the SavadecK Phantom 2.0 700C, which is why it is considered the best road bike of the moment. Here are its pros and cons.


Design: With this bike you will have the possibility to select between three colors to reflect your personality: grey, black with orange and black with red.

Weight: It is an ultralight bicycle, since a large part of its structure is made of carbon fiber, which reduces its weight and provides speed.

Gears: The design is equipped with a 22-speed transmission and brake system that provide better performance.

Ergonomics: Riding for hours can be exhausting, but not if you have an ergonomic Italian-made saddle that provides a better feel.


Maintenance: This model stands out for its multiple properties, but it requires periodic maintenance, which implies an additional expense.

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Cloot Speed ​​Race WH

If you are looking for a model that allows you to develop maximum performance, you need to be able to make your selection among the best road bikes of 2022. Therefore, you cannot lose detail of the characteristics of this model. A tripple butted hydroformed aluminum structure has been incorporated into the design made of strong and lightweight materials, making it suitable for speed because it weighs less than 10 kilos.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano Claris drivetrain that offers 24 speeds. In addition, braking is also ensured in this road bike model, since the brakes are from the same manufacturer as the transmission, both being a union that provides better performance, with smooth and precise changes.

It also has a pair of 700 c thick Machs1 CFX tires, along with 32-spoke aluminum that provide grip and optimized displacement on slopes and slopes.

There are many manufacturers, but few are recommended, among them Cloot is usually identified by many as the best road bike brand for offering a balance between speed, precision and comfort. Therefore, it is convenient that you know the attributes and disadvantages of its Speed ​​Race WH model.


Speeds: This model is equipped with a Shimano Claris transmission that offers 24 speeds.

Descent: You should not worry about steep slopes and the braking system, since this model incorporates precise brakes that ensure action.

Weight: Many cyclists value speed to improve competition times and a lightweight model helps to achieve this, this being appropriate when weighing less than 10 kilograms.

Tires: Grip and controlled displacement are some of the characteristics present in the Machs1 CFX 700 c tires of this model.


Modifications: If you want to change the brakes or make modifications to the original structure, you should know that this model does not support this possibility.

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Fotona Aluminum

If you have not yet been able to determine which is the best road bike that can be obtained, it may be appropriate for you to pay attention to the attributes of this classic bicycle model from the manufacturer Fotona. A prototype with a conventional but practical design is presented. It is made with lightweight materials, which provide precision advantages on the road.

Aluminum metal is present in almost the entire structure of this bike, making it light. Parts such as the frame, the handlebars, the pedals, the tires and the seat post are made of aluminum. While the mechanical part, made up of the levers, the gear lever, the derailleur and the speeds, are from the manufacturer Shimano in different versions.

In addition, it is equipped with an 18-speed transmission to improve pace, as well as 700 C tires, suitable for different types of roads. These are integrated with Leekie RC462 brakes, to provide the rider with control and precision.

Road cycling is an increasingly popular sport, hence there are many models and equipment designs with special attributes, so if you don’t know which road bike to buy, you can consider the Fotona Aluminum as an option. Here its most notable pros and cons.


Design: The bike has a red chassis and a classic but functional style, being a size M, which matches the ergonomics of an average number of people.

Weight: Almost the entire structure of this model is made of aluminum, a lightweight metal that reduces weight and maximizes speed.

Mechanics: Shimano accompanies almost all the mechanical functionality of this bicycle model, making it powerful and precise.

Transmission: It has a total of 18 speeds, which are used to improve the pace on steep slopes and slopes.


Pedals: Despite being made of aluminum, the pedals can be a large and heavy piece that reduces agility.

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Chrisson Renrad

With several sizes to choose from, this model is usually the one for those who are looking for the best value for money road bike, because it is one of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost of our selection of products..

The manufacturer Chrisson presents a classic design for men with a vintage style, available in white with details. Despite having a classic bike style, this model is equipped with the latest technology, which provides better performance to the cyclist on the road. This can be seen in parts such as the handlebars, transmission and brakes, as well as chains and tires.

It has aerodynamic tires that provide greater stability, while it has an ergonomic saddle. Its structure is assembled almost entirely in lightweight aluminum. For its use it is necessary to install handlebars, pedals, wheels and saddle, being a simple and fast process.

The Chrisson Rennrad combines price with quality, being considered one of the cheapest road bikes. Therefore, it is convenient to know its pros and cons.


Technology: The manufacturer has equipped this bike with state-of-the-art technology in the brakes and transmission, thus improving performance.

Structure: The quality structure is an attribute that is not left aside in this model, since most of its pieces are made of lightweight aluminum.

Style: This bike has a classic vintage-style design that stands out visually on the road.

Sizes: The bike is available in various sizes, from 53 cm to 59 cm, being suitable for people with heights from 1.60 meters to 1.95 meters, respectively.


Assembly: Although it has a digital instruction manual, it is not very precise about the explanation about the assembly.

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Beiou CB013A-2

Available in two striking color combinations: matte black and red or glossy black and orange, this road bike model is one of the most recommended options by users, as it has a high degree of quality and resistance that provides optimized performance when riding. cyclist on the road.

The bicycle has a modern design, in addition to being equipped with state-of-the-art technological properties. Most of its components and structure are made of carbon fiber, this being an ultralight material and suitable for various modalities. It has several sizes so that the user can select the one that best suits their height and provides comfort.

In addition, it is equipped with a transmission system and brakes for Shimano speed control. The model stands out for having a reduced weight of less than 9 kilograms, thanks to its carbon monocoque with reduced wind resistance.

Beiou CB013A-2 is a bicycle that offers control, speed and precision, in a structure made of carbon fiber, being light and one of the most recommended options on the market. To draw your conclusions, you must know its positive and negative aspects.


Finishes: This bicycle has a frame with modern finishes. It is available in matte black with red, or gloss black with orange.

Size: According to your height and build, you can select between a size of 50 cm to one of 56 cm.

Speed ​​Control: The bike is designed to provide speed control through brakes and Shimano’s precise transmission.

Weight: The monocoque of the model is made of carbon fiber, as well as other parts that together reduce its weight to less than 9 kg.


Price: The quality attributes present in this model make it a high-cost bicycle.

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road bike wheels

Triaero 700C

The Triaero 700C road bike wheels include everything you need to change the way your bike moves, combining both rims and tires. Conventional spoke rims made of carbon fiber with such quality that they even have the UCI certificate. 

The wheels have a weight of 1462 grams, supporting up to 105 kilos of cyclist weight. And for added peace of mind, they’re finished off with sealed hubs and high-quality Japanese sealed bearings for a smooth ride, along with smooth, high-quality tires.

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road bike helmets

Spiuk Rhombus

Road bike helmets are responsible for saving many lives on the road. Helmets such as the Spiuk Rhombus model, which offers us an integral and adjustable construction, in order to obtain greater safety and comfort. 

This product has a comfortable and shock-absorbing interior safely, adjustable in three levels with respect to its size. It also has good ventilation, thanks to its 15 openings and its integral system, which maintains a fresh flow of air inside the helmet, giving you an extra touch of comfort.

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road bike tires

Continental Grand Sport Race

As with car wheels, road bike tires are a key element for our comfort and safety. For this reason, we have highlighted the Continental Grand Sport Race model. These tires have a tough triple-ply construction, with 60 TPI per ply in their weave, giving greater stability and strength. 

They also have an anti-puncture band and a reinforced system, to achieve greater tire durability, even on the most complex terrain. Something that makes them suitable for both dry and wet shooting. They are finished with details such as wear indicators, for greater safety.

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road bike handlebar

FSA Vero Compact

Although it is not a part that we pay much attention to, buying a road bike handlebar may be necessary, either for comfort or due to the deterioration of the one we have mounted. A task in which the FSA Vero Compact model is a good alternative. This handlebar is a suitable product for cyclists with some experience, consisting of an integral aluminum construction, in which we find a light weight, but also the adequate stiffness to ride comfortably. 

Among its technical parameters, we find an ergonomic upper area of ​​34 millimeters in diameter and 120 millimeters in height, also having three measurements from center to center of 40, 42 and 44 centimeters, depending on what suits us.

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road bike shoes

Spiuk Altube Road

The Spiuk Altube Road bike shoes offer you a design that combines efficiency and comfort. Efficiency in an approach in which the shape and grip of the shoes help you achieve better performance with each pedal stroke, making better use of energy. 

And comfort, thanks to its adjustable closure with laces and a velcro strap, as well as the quality of its materials, so you forget you’re wearing them. A mixture of elements that you can also adjust to your style, since these sneakers are sold in various color combinations.

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road bike saddle 

Prologue Kappa EVO Space

Having a quality road bike saddle can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and significant pain after your ride. To avoid this, the Prologo Kappa EVO Space model offers us a design specially designed to take care of the perianal area, with variable foam densities and a format with which to distribute the weight correctly on the seat. Something that reduces stress and discomfort, even on very long routes. 

In addition, it has a nylon base and a microfiber cover, to give you even greater comfort, while also being very easy to mount on your bike.

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